Company Details Polestar Cooling are a manufacturer of specialist refrigeration equipment. They offer a design and manufacturing service for your unique cooling requirement. Polestar have experience in industrial, laboratory and medical refrigeration as well as solar powered vaccine refrigerators, low temperature cabinets and bespoke cooling systems with their own polyurethane foam insulation equipment

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Polestar Parts
Fan / Blade - Dbl Scroll Fan Motor 182x182x60
Fan / Blade - Single scroll 122mm x 60mm left
Fan / Blade - Single scroll 122xx 60 mm right
Fan / Blade - Single scroll 242mm x 600mm Left
Fan / Blade - Single Scroll 242mm x60mm right
Fan/Blade - Single Scroll 272mm x 60mm right
Fan / Blade - Single scroll 272mm x60mm left
SUPERSEDED Evap Fan / Blade - Single scroll 182 x 60mm
Fan/Blade - Single scroll 182mmx60mm left
Fan / Blade - Dbl scroll fan motor 302x302x60
Fan / Blade - Dbl scroll fan motor 242x242x60
Fan / Blade - Dbl scroll fan motor 272x272x60
R/H Fan Motor - QL4-3000 2124 - 45mm Wheel Ç?
Fan Motor - 120mm Square, 38mm Deep w/ Leads
SUPERSEDED Fan motor - GMA1-450S-1 - 240v
Fan motor - GMA1-450S-2 - 240v
Universal fan motor - ECFA12-R200-34S
Polestar Motor GMA3-450S-1
Evaporator Fan Motor - Fergas 710076-50568
Polestar Fan Unit - GMA1-500-S1
Oven Fan Motor 56W Clockwise 150mm Blade
Lemac Oven Motor 125w 240v 1425 Rpm
Motor - Polestar
Polestar Fridge Fan Motor - NET2T072VN002
Fan motor - 105FM150R 130/240V 50Hz 1.3A
Extractor Fan 220V 50/60Hz
Extractor Fan 220V 50/60Hz
Fan Motor - BP1-2-133/60-1
Fan Motor 120w 1ph c/w 4mfd capacitor
Complete Fan Motor - 25 Watt 230v 50/60Hz
Rewinding Electric Motor - PSC - 220/240v 50hz
25w Multi-fit Fan Motor 230/240v 50/60hz 1300/1550rpm
230/240v Multi Fit Motor - 1300RPM, 0.7A, 50/60Hz
Fan Motor - 230v 1300/1550rpm
Fan Motor - Blade Diameter 300mm
Flat Guard for GMA1-450S-2 Fan Motor - Polestar
Blower Fan - 50/60hz, RPM 1400/1620 - PSC
Speed Controller for Blower Fan
Fan Motor - 220v - 50/60Hz - 380/480 PowerIn/Out (W)
Fan Motor - 450mm Blade - Universal - 220V - 50Hz
3ph Condenser Fan Motor - 145SM1100R-3P
Mounting Arm Kit
Fan Motor- Polestar
Circular Fan Motor no blades - 15W, 1300rpm.
Fan Motor 1300RPM, 330mm blade - 220v, 50hz
Pcb Board - Polstar - GL193
Fan Motor
Multifit 5w Motor - 220/240v - 1300/1550rpm