Company Details Precision has launched the first commercial catering refrigeration company to use a new foam insulation based around vegetable oils rather than petrochemicals. The new foam, called Envirofoam, has been hailed as a major advance in environment-friendly solutions on two fronts. Not only because it is based on renewable resources, but also because it actually requires less energy to produce than conventional polyurethane foams. The new foam’s insulating properties and strength are every bit as good as a conventional foam.

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10" Condenser Fan blade - Precision LPT601
12" Condenser Fan Blade - Precision LPT601
Capillary Dryer - Precision - MCU311
Capillary Tube (per metre) - Precision MCU311 Fridge
Capillary Tube (per metre) - Precision MPT1401 Fridge
Braked Castor - Precision - LPT600
Unbraked Castor - Precision - LPT600
Compressor - Precision - Fridge - LPU150SS
Condensor Coil - Precision MCU211SS Chiller
Condensor Cover Clip (Striker) Precision
Condensor Cover Clip (Latch) Precision
18w Motor Condenser Fan - Precision LPT601 Freezer
Condenser Coil - Precision MCU311 Fridge
Condenser 3x11x264 7.2mm - Precision HPT1400
Back Board Controller - Precision PCF10 PCF35 Blast Chiller
Front Board Controller - Precision PCF10 PCF35 Blast Chiller
Digital Display - Precision HCU211 PPC307SS Salad Prep Counter
Digital Controller - Precision MCU311 Fridge
LAE AD2-28C1S4E-A Controller - Precision LPT601 Fridge
LAE LCD Screen - Precision
Main Controller - Precision
Display - Precision
Nightblind Pre 2010 - Precision PPC307 Display Chiller
Hinge Assembly - Precision LPT600 Fridge
LH Bottom Hinge Assembly - Precision HCU311
RH Bottom Hinge Assembly - Precision HCU311
Hinge Pin - Precision HCU311 Fridge
Hinge Pin Retainer - Precision HCU311 Fridge
Spring Loaded Door Hinge - Precision HPT1400 Fridge
Hinge Pin - Precision HPT1400 Fridge
Hinge Plate - Precision HPT1400 Fridge
Pin Retainer - Precision HPT1400 Fridge
Spring Loaded Hinge - Precision HCU311 Fridge
Vaporiser Tray Plastic (258x136x60.5mm) - Precision
Heater Vap Tray - Precision - Fridge - PPC307SS
Condensate Heater - Precision - Fridge - PPC307SS
Vaporising Tray - Precision - Fridge - MCU311
Vapourising Tray - Precision MCU311
Connecting Cables (for Main Controller & Display) - Precision
Ribbon Cable - Precision LPT601SS
Connecting Cable (new style) - Precision PCF15 PCF40 Blast Chiller
Evaporator Drip Tray Heater Element -
Defrost Heater - Precision - MCU211SS
Rod Heater - Precision - Fridge - VSS121SS
Heater Element - Precision MCU311 Fridge
Evaporator - Precision - Fridge - PCF351
Evaporator Coil - Precision HCU323 -Fridge
Evaporator Coil - Precision MCU211SS Fridge
Evaporator - Precision MPT1401 Chiller
Evaporator - Precision - Fridge - LPU150SS
Evaporator Tray- Precision PCF351SS- Blast Chiller
Evaporator Coil - Precision HPT1400
Capillary Line - Precision - MCU311
Evaporator - Precision MCU211 Fridge
Evaporator - Precision LPT600
Levelling Foot Chrome/Plastic - Precision HPU150
Drawer Gasket (744mm x 171mm) Precision UBC412SS Chiller
SUPERSEDED Door Seal - Precision MCU211- Fridge
Drawer Seal (214x574mm) - Precision - HUC150SS
Door Seal (657x559mm) - BBS600 - Precision
Door Seal (624x624mm) - Precision - CU221
SUPERSEDED Door Seal - Precision MCU311
Door Gasket 692x409mm - Precision BBS900
Door Seal - Precision - Fridge - PCF103
Door Seal - Precision MCU411 PPC307 Fridge
Drawer Seal 390 x 174 centreline - Precision - Fridge - MCU311
Door Gasket (684x511mm centres) - Precision LPU150
Door Seal 747x409mm - Precision BBS600 BBS900 Fridge
Door Seal (614x465mm) - Precision - RBUC364
Door Seal - Precision - Fridge - BBS600
Gasket - Precision MPU401SS Fridge
Door Seal - Precision - BBS1150
Door Seal - Precision - Fridge - PWC210
Door Seal - Precision LPU150SS Fridge
Door Seal - Precision HUC15055 Chiller
Door Gasket 1446x626mm - Precision HPT601 PT601 PTC70
SUPERSEDED Door Seal - Precision MCU 311 Fridge
1/3 Size Drawer Seal 419x171mm - Precision MCU311 HUBC411 MCU411
1/2 Size Drawer Seal - Precision MCU311 Fridge
Door Seal - Precision HPT600 Fridge
Door Seal 419x623mm - Precision MCU311 HCU323 MCU323SS Fridge
Door Seal - Precision HPT600 PU600 PT600 MPU600
Door Gasket - Precision LPU150
Drawer Gasket (763x273mm) - Precision - VUBC121
Drawer Seal 390 x 286 Centreline - Precision - Fridge - MCU311
Door Seal 647x409 - Precision BBS900 Fridge
Door Gasket 453x381mm - Precision HSS300 LS5300 HSS150 LSS150
Drawer Gasket 764x296mm - Precision VSS121
Door Gasket 713x535mm - Precision GFS600
Drawer Seal (368x213mm) - Precision SS150 SS300
Door Seal- Precision LPT601- Fridge
Door Seal - Precision - Fridge - PCS35155
Door Seal - Precision HSS300 LSS300 Fridge
Door Seal (746x532mm) - Precision - BBS600-900
Gasket 684 x 553 - Precision - Fridge
Handles for Counter Doors- Precision MCU323SS- Chiller
Suction Line (2 mtrs) - Precision MCU311 Fridge
Copper Tube 1/4" - Precision - LPT601
Door Lock And Key Assembly - Precision MPT601
Door Lock Assembly - Precision - Fridge - HPU153
Accumulator - Precision MPT1401 Fridge
Fan Guard (Grid Metal Chrome) 254mm - Precision HPT1400
Evaporator Fan Motor - Precision VUBC121 Fridge
Fan Motor Ring Mount 8Inch 10 Watt Motor Assy - Precision - MCU411
Front Panel Cover - Precision - Fridge - MCU223
Display Overlay - Precision
Roller Blind - Precision SPPC307 saladette
Metal Condenser Guard 3x11x264 - Precision HPT1400
Air Probe 1.5M - Precision MPT601 Chiller
Air Probe 2m - Precision MPT601 PCF351 Chiller
Temperature Probe - Precision HPT600 Fridge
S/S Shelf Clips - Precision HPU150
Shelf - Precision - LPT600
Pair of Runners - Precision - Fridge - UBC422
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