Regrit Kit

Company Details A S Catering Supplies Ltd can supply potato peeler regrit kits. Reliner kit is available in 14lb, 28lb and 56lb which can be used for the following manuafacturers: Metcalfe, IMC, Sammic and Electrolux. Contents of kit: Grit Wooden stirrer , Resin Brush, Hardener, Gloves, Mixing cup. Potato peeler instructions for use: Stage 1-Preparing peeler, Remove chamber and plate from peeler, Remove any loose material (rust, soil peelings etc) from all areas to be regritted. On bare metal, the use of emery paper or wire wool will help ensure a good key. Ensure that the peeler is clean and dry. Use the masking tape provided to ensure straight lines to create a professional finish. Put the plate and chamber on clean paper prior to regritting so that excess grit can be collected and reused Stage 2-Examining the peelers condition: Examine the plate and chamber overall condition. In some instances the peeler may have patches of excess ware, if this is the case; these areas will need to be built up prior to overall regretting. This is achieved by mixing proportionately less resin and hardener and following steps 3-5. Stage 3-Mixing resin and hardener. The resin must not be used until the hardener has been added. To mix a full cup of resin add approximately 64 drops of hardener (32 for ½ cup and proportionately less for smaller amounts) Mix thoroughly for 30 seconds with stick provided. Use only cup provided, plastic or PVC cups will react adversely with mixture. Stage 4-Regritting: Paint on mixture onto plate and chamber. Pour over grit to painted area. Tip off excess grit and return to grit bag. Leave to dry and repeat process if necessary. Once dry carefully remove masking tape and remove any loose grit with wire brush then reassemble peeler. Stage 5-Cleaning. Clean brush and mixing cup immediately after you have finished. Uses a strong neat detergent to work into the bristles then with caution add hot water. Repeat until brush and container are clean, then rinse and dry prior to reuse. If mixture comes into contact with skin wash off with detergent and water, if mixture comes in contact with eyes, rinse with lots of clean cold water and seek medical advice. Stage 6-Setting time. Once the adhesive and hardener are mixed they will harden in a few hours in a normal fry atmosphere, but will harden quicker in warmer conditions. Approximate hardening times are 2 hours at 15deg c, 1 hour at 20deg c and 1/2 hour at 25deg c. Stage 7-Using regritted peeler. The peeler should not be used until completely hard. Thoroughly rinse inside of peeler to remove any remaining loose grit prior to first use.

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