Company Details BGL Rieber delivers the Optimum Solutions for today's professional caterers with equipment from their factories in Germany. BGL Reiber manufacture Gastronorm Containers, Food Transport Containers, Foodservice Distribution Equipment and Metos Combi Cooking Kettles. BGL Rieber is a major supplier to the European healthcare market, with its vast range of Thermoport insulated food transport containers and other mobile food transport and serving equipment.

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Rieber Parts
Door seal - Rieber Hot Box - Per metre
Temperature Controller - Rieber Stork Tronic
Element w/ Fan - Rieber Hot Box
Probe - Rieber Mobile Hot Cupboard 2-TURIG 2x
Thermostat - Rieber Mobile Hot Cupboard 2-TUR
Stork Controller - Rieber Mobile Hot Cupboard 2-TURIG
Hinged Door Bearing Block -Reiber Hot Trolley
Rod Holder - Rieber RRV-U2 Plate Warmer
Rod Holder - Rieber - Plate Warmer
SUPERSEDED Rieber ZUB 3xGN 1/1 Bain Marie 30-110 Deg
Cut-off - Rieber Plate Warmer
Controller - Rieber
Heating Element - Rieber Plate Warmer
Digital Temp Controller - Rieber Thermoport 3000U Beheizt Hot Cupboard
Fan & Element assembly - Reiber Hot box
Heating Element - Rieber RRV-H/2 Plate Warmer
Leads without plug - Rieber - Hot Cupboard
Mains Lead - Rieber - Hot Cupboard - Thermoport 3000
Main Rocker Switch Green Illuminated - Rieber - GERATE-NR0000585
Seal for Main Rocker Switch - Rieber - GERATE-NR0000585
On/Off Switch - Rieber 1/1-CR3500 Hot Plate
Main Connection Cable 2.5m - Rieber 1/1-cr 3500 Hotplate
Temperature limiter Duoclic 160 - Rieber Plate Warmer
Swivel Castor/Wheel with Brake - Rieber
Heating Element - Rieber RRV-H/2 Plate Warmer
Green On/Off Rocker Switch - Rieber
Temperature Control 1pol Type 716 R 9430 - Rieber
Door Insert with Thermometer & Venting Ring - Rieber
Plate Fixed Wheel/Castor - Rieber
Temp Probe - Rieber - Hot Cupboard - THERMOPORT 3000
10a Mains Lead - Rieber - Hot Cupboard - THERMOPORT 3000
Fan unit w/ Element - Rieber Hot Cupboard
Sealing Frame 1234mm x 386mm - Rieber Food Warmer
Hot Air Vent - Rieber Hot Cupboard
Interlocking Device/Handle - Rieber BANKETTWAGEN 1-TURIG 1X2/1 SICKENABSTAND70
Fan Motor- Ebmpapst EM3010L Fan Motor - Rieber Trolley
Fan Blade - Rieber Trolley
Hexagonal Nut - Rieber Trolley
Foil Heating Element 500w 230v - Rieber
Lid - Rieber
Door Hinge - Rieber
Control Stat- Rieber 1/1-CR3500 - Hot Plate
Sealing Frame - Rieber - Hot Trolley - STW NORM 11.22 HL
Digital Tempature Control - Rieber
Control Knob - Rieber
4M PTC Probe (2 wire connection) - Stork Tronic - ST64-31.10
Circular Heating Element 1700w 240v - Rieber
Door Gasket 864x386mm - Rieber
Door Gasket 1234x386mm - Rieber
Pin Strip 12-Pole - Rieber Hot Cupboard
Spring Loaded Terminal 12-Pole - Rieber Hot Cupboard
Spiral Cable (British Plug) - BGL Rieber