Rollagrill & Roller Grill

Company Details Created in 1947, Roller Grill is the European leader for the production of catering equipment with the widest range of products: toasters, multifunction ovens, fryers, bains marie, ventilated heated and refrigerated displays, contact-grills, griddle plates, crepe machines, waffle irons, salamanders, smokers, kebab & gyros grills, rotisseries, refrigerating fountains etc

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Rollagrill & Roller Grill Parts
Fryer Basket - Roller Grill - FD8 - Oven
Bearing for Conveyor - Roller Grill CT540
Top Plate Guide - Roller Grill Majestic Lissi Panini Grill
NG Injector - Rollergrill SMG10B Salamander Grill
NG Pilot Jet - RollerGrill SGM600 Salamander Grill
Burner - Roller Grill RBG-30 Rotisserie
Burner Assembly - RollerGrill
Burner Assembly Rollergrill SMG10B Salamander
Chain - Roller Grill CT540
Speed Controller - Rollergrill CT540S CT540 Toaster
Ceramic spacer - Rollergrill SEM60QT Grill
Contactor - Rollergrill Bakery Oven FC110E
Contactor - Rollergrill Bakery Oven FC110E
Opposite Hinge Support - Rollergrill Oven
Outer Door Glass - Rollergrill FC60 Grill
Inner Door Glass - Roller Grill FC60
Door Hinge With Lever - Rollergrill Oven
Internal Hinge Holder - Roller Grill FC110E
Door Closing Mechanism - Rollergrill FC110E
Door Frame - Roller Grill - FC340CN
Power Cable and Plug - Rollergrill MajesticR Panini Grill
Element Rollergrill CFE400 Crepe Machine
Upper Element - Rollergrill CT540 Toaster
Bottom Element - Roller Grill PANINI R Panini Grill
Element - Roller Grill FC260
Top Element - Roller Grill PANINI-L Panini Grill
Heating Element - Roller Grill HE6101 Bain Marie
Lower Element - Roller Grill 330
Bottle Heating Element Holder - Roller Grill
Bottle Heating Element Holder - Roller Grill
Element Assembly - Roller Grill - Grill - TS3270
Coiled Spring Element - Rollergrill RBE12TC Rotisserie Oven
Quartz Tube for Element - Rollergrill RBE12TC Rotisserie Oven
Bottom Heating Element - Rollergrill CT540
Bottom Heating Element - Roller Grill GES10
Heating Element - Roller Grill GES10
Heating Element 6400watt - Roller Grill FD120R Fryer
Ceramic Heating Element- Rollergrill SEM800PDS
Bottom Element - Roller Grill CT540
Top Element - Roller Grill CT540
Quartz Heating Element - Rollergrill RST1270 Grill
Heating Element - Roller Grill GR60E Kebab Grill
Bottom Element- Roller Grill- Bar100- Grill
Quartz Tubular Element Holder - Rollergrill CT540S SEM600Q Grill
Circular Element 3 ring - Rollergrill FC340 FC340A Oven
Heating element 2 ring - Rollergrill FC34A Oven
3kwt Element - Roller Grill Griddle
Element - Roller Grill FC110 Convection Oven
Round Element - Rollergrill FC60TQ Oven
Bottom Element - Roller Grill CT540S SEM600Q
Top Element - Rollergrill CT540S CT540 Toaster
1.5kwt Element - Rollergrill Panini Oven
Element - Rollergrill HVC60GN FC260 Oven
Element Circular - Rollergrill Hot Plate 350E
Element Bottom - Rollergril Panini Majestic R
Round element - Rollergrill FC26 Grill
Rear Heating Element 3000w 240v
Element - Rollergrill SEM60TQ Grill
Top element - Roller Grill Lissi Panini Grill
Upper Griddle Plate Element - Rollergrill
Upper Casting Plate - Rollergrill
Element - Roller Grill FC100E Oven
Quartz Heat Element - Roller Grill FC60TQ
Circular Heating Element - Rollergrill FC101E
Evaporator Coil - Roller Grill - Fridge - RD160T
Foot - Roller Grill Panini Grill PS600E
Lamp/Fuse with Holder - Rollergrill
Door Seal (445mm x340mm) - Roller Grill FC60 Oven
Door Seal - Roller Grill FC110E
Door Seal - Roller Grill FC34 FC340 Grill
Gas Tap - RollerGrill
Tap - Rollergrill RGB-30 Rotisserie
Plug Socket - Rollergrill GR60E- Grill
Handle Assembly - Roller Grill Majestic L Grill
Handle Strap - Roller Grill
Handle Assembly - Roller Grill MAJESTIC VCL Panini Grill
Handle Protection Rollergrill DW110 Hotplate
Handle - Roller Grill SGM60 Salamander
Metal Spacer for Handle - Rollergrill SGM60
Casing - Roller Grill FD120R Fryer
Top Plate Knob - Roller Grill Griddle
Control Knob - Roller Grill 400FE Hot Plate
LED Light Neon - Rollergrill 400FE Hot Plate
Switch Neon Green - Roller Grill/Lockhart
Halogen Bulb - Roller Grill BMV3
Glass tube - Rollergrill SEM60QT Grill
Red/Orange Neon - Rollergrill Majestic Class
Halogen Bulb - Rollergrill - RBE25
Setting Stick & Fluorescent Tube - Rollergrill RD60T Display Chiller
Quart Tube Assembly - Roller Grill - Oven - FC380TQ
Microswitch - Roller Grill Fryer
Skewer for Chicken Rotisserie - Roller Grill - RBE12
Skewer Clamp Set for Chicken Rotisserie - Roller Grill - RBE12
Fire Brick - GR40 - Roller Grill Kebab Machine
Base - IGF - Dough Roller - L30
Insulation Roller Grill Savoye Contact Grill
Fire Brick for GR80E Kebab Grill
Main Supply - Rollergrill RGB-30 Rotisserie
Motor Assembly - Roller Grill FC60
Motor - Roller Grill RBG30
Motor - Roller Grill RD60TI Cake Display
Rollergrill Turbo Quarts FC110E Fan Motor
30wt 50hz Fan Motor Assy - Roller Grill FC34
SUPERSEDED Fan Motor - RollerGrill Convection Oven SC6
30w 230v 50Hz Motor for GR80E Kebab Grill
Motor - Roller Grill RBE120Q Rotisserie Oven
Pilot Light - RollerGrill SGM600 Salamander Grill
Lower Grooved Cast Plate - Roller Grill
Cast Iron Plates Assembly Brussels - Roller Grill GES10
Cast Iron Plates Assembly Liege - Roller Grill GES10
Cast Iron Plates Assembly Stickers - Roller Grill GES10
Push Switch - Roller Grill HVC120GN Hot Cupboard
Main On/Off Switch - Rollergrill Panini DL Grill
Safety Thermostat - Roller Grill FD120R Fryer
Spring Girdle - Rollergrill Double Panini Grill
Roller Grill Majestic R Grill Springs
Double Spring - Roller Grill
Commutator - Rollergrill RST1270
Operation switch - Rollergrill RST1270
Thermostat Switch - Rollergrill PSR600E
Terminal Block - Roller Grill
Terminal Block (2 hole) - Rollergrill PSE600 Panini Grill
6 Hole Domino Terminal Block - Roller Grill PS600E Panini Grill
Mechanical Timer - Roller Grill FC34 Oven
Timer with Bell - Roller Grill International
Timer Switch - Roller Grill FC110E
Timer control - Rollergrill PANINI DR Panini
Timer - Rollergrill BAR2000 Grill
Timer 120min - Rollergrill FC60 Grill
High limit thermostat - Rollergrill FD50D
Thermostat - Roller Grill FD120R Fryer
SUPERSEDED Roller Grill Panini Control Thermostat
Control Thermostat - Roller Grill VVC1200 Bain Marie
Thermostat - Rollergrill FC110E Oven
Hot Plate Thermostat - Roller Grill 400FE
Regulating Stat - Roller Grill
Control Thermostat - Roller Grill Griddle
Thermostat - Roller Grill Oven