Company Details Rosinox is a manufacturing leader of quality ranges and ovens. Rosinox produces Royal Chef ranges which utilize steam cooking, turbo-steam ovens, pulsed air systems etc and the ranges of Rosinox Grandes Cuisines for washing and cooking.

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Rosinox Parts
HT Lead - Rosinox PCF75+PLMIJDRT Oven
Spark Electrode - Rosinox PCF75+PLMIJDRT Oven
Insert for knob - Rosinox 121GFNDRF Oven
Knob fixing screw - Rosinox 121GFNDRF Oven
Coal Support Grid - Rosinox GR20 chargrill
Overflow Pipe - Rosinox
Thermocouple - Rosinox PCF75+PL Oven
Oven Heating Element - Rosinox Salamander
Thermostat control seal - Rosinox R/C
Tripolar stat - Rosinox R/C Modulaire Bain
Thermostat control - Rosinox R/C Modulaire
Insert screw - Rosinox 121GFNDRF Oven
Hob gas tap - Rosinox 121GFNDRF Oven
Control Knob - Rosinox 121GFNDRF Oven
Spark Electrode - Rosinox GRREV15GRCM Oven
Thermocouple (80mm) - Rosinox Salamander
Oven Thermocouple - Rosinox PCF75+DL FOUR GAZ EURO RCM Oven
Pilot assembly - Rosinox GRREV15GRCM
Pilot tube (per metre) - Rosinox GRREV15GRCM
Flexible hose for drain - Rosinox Cuisa-Pates
LPG Pilot Assembly Rosinox Grand Cuisine
LPG Gas Jets - Rosinox Salamander SPM25G
Burner Assembly - Rosinox SPM25G Salamander
Legend Plate Rosinox
SUPERSEDED Thermocouple- Rosinox SPM25E Salamander Grill
Door Gasket - Rosinox Oven
Ignition Button Assembly - Rosinox GRREVISGRCM Grill
Hi-Limit Thermostat - Rosinox FR30EHP Fryer
Fascia - Rosinox FR30EHP Fryer
Hi-Limit Thermostat - Rosinox FR30EHP Fryer
Temperature Probe - Rosinox FR30EHP Fryer
Electronic PCB Thermostat - Rosinox FR30EHP Fryer
Gas Valve - Rosinox
Pilot Burner 3 Flame - Rosinox Oven
Drain Tap - Rosinox ROYALCHEF MBM250G
Green Neon Light Rosinox SPM25E Grill
Heat Resistant Cable Rosinox SPM25E Grill
Rotary Switch Rosinox SPM25E Grill
Prbe Support Thermostat - Rosinox FR15EHPRC8 - Fryer
Assembly Probe - Rosinox FR15EHPRC8 - Fryer
Thermostat - Rosinox FR15EHPRC8 - Fryer
Temperature Probe - Rosinox FR15EHPRCV Fryer
HT Lead - Rosinox
Large Fryer Basket - Rosinox
Mesh Filter - Rosinox 112H3+
Basket - Rosinox - Fryer
Spark Cable - Rosinox
Heating Element - Rosinox CUISERA30ERC8 Pasta Boiler
Oven Thermostat - Rosinox AR1705
Griddle Plate - Rosinox GRREV15GRCM Grill
Hinge for Grill - Rosinox GRREV15GRCM Grill
Black Section of Handle - Rosinox GRREV15GRCM Grill
Burner Complete - Rosinox - Oven
Tubing - Rosinox - Oven
Flame Speader - Rosinox - Oven - 041G-RF
Large Burner Cap - Rosinox - Oven - 041G-RF
Temp Probe - Rosinox - Fryer - FR15EHPRC8
Element - Rosinox - Fryer - FR15EHPRC8
Black Sealant - Rosinox
Ceramic Top (690x370mm) - Rosinox
Insulated Electronic Sensor Wire - Rosinox FR15EHPRC8 - Fryer
HP Element- Rosinox FR15EHPRC8 - Fryer
TH Ego Cut Out - Rosinox FR15EHPRC8 - Fryer
Nut & Cap for Thermostat - Rosinox FR15EHPRC8 Fryer
Basket - Rosinox - Fryer - FR30E-HP
Assembled Grill - Rosinox GR20 chargrill
2kwt Element - Rosinox FR-15-EHPRC Fryer
Coal Support Grid - Rosinox Chargrill