Company Details Delfield Sadia have a refrigeration product range which extends from refrigerators and freezers to display equipment to suit all needs. We can supply spares for Sadia refrigerators, freezers, display cabinets and fridges.

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Sadia Parts
Defrost Heater - Sadia S41270ALCPHS
Power Cord - Sadia - Fridge - RP20700-RHL
Gasket - Sadia Delfield RS1015U RMS/S Door Gasket
R/H Top Hinge Bracket / Plate
Top L/H hinge - Sadia S2700
SUPERSEDED Evaporator - Sadia 560 S40560 ALP H5 Fridge
Door Gasket - Sadia L221 Fridge
RH Spring Loaded Bottom Hinge Assy - Sadia RS10400C-R RS20550C-R
Door Gasket (407mm x 566mm) - Sadia 400PP Fridge
Fan Motor - Sadia Fridge 1270
Door Lock - Sadia 1270
Black probe - Sadia
Drier - Sadia Freezer Sterling S503
***OBSOLETE*** Heater Cable Defrost Door SADIA 560 1270
Runner Right Hand - Sadia Sterling Fridge
Hinge Assembly RH Bottom - Sadia Senator 550R
Controller - Sadia 230120SSF Controller / Display
Door Gasket - Sadia Fridge
Evaporator & Capillary Line - Sadia - OBSOLETE
SUPERSEDED 635mm x 1620mm Door Gasket Sadia Glass
Shelf - Sadia 550 Fridge 541mm x 663mm
Door Seal - Sadia Delfield RS10700-R RS11400-FMDS Fridge
Door Gasket - Sadia PL150/W151/RL150 Fridge
Door Seal - Sadia L220 L221 Freezer
SUPERSEDED Retainer Door Gasket Sadia 450R
Evaporator Fan - Sadia 530120SSF Freezer
Gasket Retaining Strips - Sadia 560R Fridge
Thermostat - Sadia R12/80ZS RH22
Fan Guard - Sadia S2850ALR Fridge
SUPERSEDED Complete Hinge - Sadia SP700SP Fridge
Shelf Clip - Sadia 52850AL RS10550-R Fridge
RH Power Pivot Hinge - Sadia S2560RP Fridge
Evaporator fan Motor blade - Sadia Sterling
Left hand top hinge - Sadia Fridge
SUPERSEDED Dixell XR60CX Controller - Sadia S400CR Fridge
Solenoid Coil - Delfield RS1350-F Chiller
Evaporator Fan Motor - Sadia Sterling
Door Gasket - Delfield Sadia Fridge
Shelf Runner (up & down) - Sadia SE0550ASR
Defrost Heater Element - Sadia 450SS 450
Condensor Coil - Sadia Fridge 1270 850ALRP
Compressor - Sadia Upright Fridge
Push In Door Seal - Sadia Fridge-1533mm x 600mm
Door Seal - Sadia Fridge 560R S560
Gasket - Sadia RH125 Freezer Gasket 1492 X 695mm
Gasket for Sadia Senetor 2000 Series
Moorwood Vulcan MV24H/Sadia Sterling
SUPERSEDED Fridge Door Gasket - Sadia Delfield RS10260C-
Drip Tray & Heat Mat - Sadia 550 RS10550F
Defrost Heater Element for Sadia Freezer
SUPERSEDED Door Hinge Sadia 452SS S40700
Lock Assembly - Sadia S40560 Fridge
Hinge Insert - Sadia S40700 Fridge
Door Gasket - Sadia/Viscount S30122SS S30120 Fridge
Hinge Assembly LH Bottom - Sadia Senator
Top R/H Hinge Assembly - Sadia Senator
Runner Left Hand - Sadia Sterling Fridge
Digital Controller Only S350FP
Condensor Fan Motor- Sadia S2850ALR Fridge
Evaporator Fan Assy - Sadia S3560 ALCP
Defrost heater - Sadia S3560CP fridge
Lock and Key Sadia S405 Fridge
Thermostat- Sadia 1270R Fridge Ranco Thermostat
SUPERSEDED ST45R Door Gasket - Sadia Sterling Fridge
Power Hinge - Sadia SC45R S3560SSRP Fridge
Condensate Drip Pan assy - Sadia S212170
Capillary - Sadia Freezer Sterling S503
Fan Baffle - Sadia Fridge 1270
Door seal - Sadia Delfield RP12240-R-RIPTM Fridge
Shelf Clips - Sadia Sovereign 450 Fridge -
SUPERSEDED Sadia Senator 450 Fridge Door Seal
Door Seal Sadia 450R Fridge 1456 x 533
Main PCB - Sadia 1270 FCJC0148960198 S/N S3C
L/H lower hinge - Sadia RS10400CR Fridge/
Complete Evaporator - Sadia Fridge S3560ALCP
SUPERSEDED Sadia Fridge 550 Door Fan Switch
Filter Dryer - Sadia S2560ALRP
Evaporator Coil - Sadia S2450FF Fridge
Fan Motor Only - Sadia RS10350F RS10100UR Fridge
Door/Fan Microswitch - Sadia 1270SS RS100550-F Fridge
Door Switch - Sadia Sovereign 450 Fridge
Grey Probe (evap) Temperature - Sadia 53560ALRP 560 Fridge
Main PCB - Sadia 1270
Rubber Door Gasket - Sadia Sterling S40450WHRPHS Fridge
Clips- Sadia Shelf Support Clips
Evaporator Coil - Sadia RS10260C-RNS fridge
Door Assembly - Sadia 550 Fridge
Condensate Tray - Sadia Fridge RS10400C-R
Condenser Fan Motor - Sadia RS102602-R
Shelf - Sadia 82452H Fish Fridge
Evaporator coil - Sadia Delfied RS101
Evaporator Coil - Sadia Fridge
Gasket (420mm x 630mm) - Sadia S400CR RS10400C-R RS20550C-R RS10260CF
Compressor - Sadia Delfield AB1RESS1300GB AB1CHSC0900JS
Guard for Ceiling Fan - Sadia Fridge SE0550
Condensate Drip Tray 400mm x 325mm - Sadia Delfield RP10700RF
Condensate Coil - Sadia S4045055RPHS Fridge
Complete Evaporator With Coil Sadia S4045055RPHS
Evaporator- Sadia Delfield RS10700F Freezer Evaporator Assembly
Shelf - Sadia Fridge S3 1270 ALCP
Evaporator Drip Tray - Sadia Delfield Fridge - RP10420CRP
Fridge Door Gasket - Sadia RP10340C
Shelf - Sadia S40450WHRPHS Fridge
Door Lock & Key - Sadia 550 Fridge
Centre evaporator - Sadia 400SF Fridge
Compressor - Sadia SE0550ASFDHS RS10550-F Freezer
Compressor Relay - Sadia 550 freezer
Evaporator Assembly Sadia Fridge RS10550RSS
Door Seal (1400mm x 555mm) - Sadia RS1080R IFS40
Right Hand Tray Slide Sadia Soveriegn 700
Left Hand Tray Slide Sadia Soveriegn 700
Condensor Fan Motor - Sadia RS11400F
Shelf Clip Sadia 454 Fridge
Shelf Sadia 454 Fridge
Relay - Sadia RS11400-F Freezer Compressor Relay
Bottom hinge - Sadia Delfield RS10700 Fridge
SUPERSEDED Fan Microswitch - Sadia 450ss Freezer
Front Shelf Rack Sadia RS35200RMS Fridge
Rear Shelf Rack Sadia RS35200RMS Fridge
Air/Evap Probe 3000mm - Sadia RS20700 RS10350-R Freezer
Door hinge c/w screws - Sadia Delfield
Evaporator fan motor - Sadia 550SS Fridge
1/3 Drawer Seal 420x190mm Sadia RS10400C
SUPERSEDED Hinge Power Unit - Sadia
Lamp Assembly 16w - Sadia - Bottle Cooler -
Shelf Sadia Sovereign3 560 Fridge
Control PCB, Display and Probes - Sadia RS10700-F RP10280C
Condenser Fan - Sadia Delfield T5/20 Blast Chiller
Door Seal - Sadia - Fridge - 560R/F
Hinge - Sadia 900 Self Service
Accumulator Sadia S41270ALCPHS Fridge
Hot Gas Solenoid Valve - Sadia Freezer
Tangential Evaporator 180mm 22wt 50Hz L/H Fan Motor - Sadia Delfield
Door - Sadia Delfield RS10100U-RMS Fridge
Power Hinge Cartridge -Sadia S40452SS Chiller
SUPERSEDED Control Panel Slave Module- Sadia ST14 Fridge
Evaporator Assy c/w Lines - Sadia Delfield
Compressor- Aspera Compressor - Sadia S700F Fridge
SUPERSEDED Door Seal - Sadia 1200S Chiller
2/3 Drawer Gasket - Sadia RS10400C
1/2 Drawer Gasket - Sadia Fridge RS10400C
Evaporator Fan Motor Sadia 54CO250RDSF1D1TH
Shelf Runner - Sadia RS10700-R Fridge
Condensor Sadia RS20700FLH Freezer
Condensor Fan Motor - Sadia 550 Freezer
Suction line - Sadia Delfield RS10700-R
Evaporator - Sadia Delfield RS10700-R Fridge
Castor - Sadia 550SF0550ASRDHS
Evaporator Fan Cover - Sadia - Fridge -
Drawer Runners - Sadia RS10550C-R Fridge
Front Glass Conversion Kit - Sadia - Fridge
Evaporator Drip Tray - Sadia Sovereign Series
Door Heater Cable - Sadia Sovereign Series
Drip Tray Element/Hot Gas Tube - Sadia Delfield
Condensate Tray - Sadia T14/65A
Obsolete Evaporator Coil - Sadia Delfield UC4048 Fridge
S/S Shelf Guide - Sadia SE550R RS20550CR RN10260CRNS Fridge
Evaporator Heating Element - Sadia - RS20700-FLHM&S
Condenser Housing - Sadia - Freezer
Shelf - Sadia RS100400C-RVS RN10260CRNS Fridge
PCB, Controller, Cable Assembly - Sadia - Fridge - RP10280CRP
Perspex Front Screen - Sadia Delfield AB1CHSC0900JS Fridge
Fan Motor - Delfield RP20700-RCH
Ribbon Cable (temp control) - Sadia S41270WHRPHS Fridge
Digital Controller (rectangle) - Sadia S41270WHRPHS Fridge
Door/Drawer Handle - Sadia RS10150U-YO-RM&S Chiller
Drawer Guide - Sadia RS10150U-YO-RM&S Chiller
Suction Line with Capillary - Sadia - Fridge - RS10260C-R
Evaporator - Sadia - Fridge - RS20700R
Evaporator - Sadia RS10100UR
Lower L/H hinge - Sadia RS10400CR Fridge/
Door Seal - Sadia ST45R ST20R Fridge
SUPERSEDED Door Seal - Sadia Under Counter Fridge
Relay On Control PCB - Sadia 550 SE0550ASFGHS
4 Row Condensor Sadia 1270AL
Condensor Coil - Sadia 1270AL
Evaporator - Sadia RP10280CRP
Evaporator Fan Motor - Sadia Delfield RS21400-R
Compressor - Sadia TS/20 Blast Chiller
Drip Tray - Sadia - Fridge - S30120SSF
Evaporator Fan Motor - Sadia Delfield - RS10550R
Evaporator Heater - Sadia SC0310ALRHS Fridge
Full Door Gasket - Sadia 6425-SE Fridge
18" Door Seal - Sadia ST4260 Fridge
24" Door Seal - Sadia ST4260 Fridge
Fridge Shelf Clip - Sadia Delfield
Side Glass - Sadia - Fridge AB1CHSC0900JS
Door Insert - Sadia - S3560ALRP
Capillary - Sadia S31270ALRP Fridge
Hinge (Black Plastic) - Sadia
Door Seal - Sadia Delfield RP10420CRP Fridge
Compressor - Sadia - Freezer - S40560ALFPHS
Condensor Coil - Sadia 1270AL
Temp Probe - Sadia - Fridge - SE0550ASRDHS
Shelf- Sadia T5- Chiller
Evaporator Trough / Drain Fitting - Sadia RS10800-R
Suction Line for Evaporator - Sadia RS10350-R Fridge