Company Details Based in Ascoli Piceno in central Italy, Sagi Spa has been a respected leader in professional refrigeration for over 30 years. Sagi's philosophy of outstanding build quality, high performance, energy efficiency and unique design can be seen throughout the product range.

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Sagi Parts
Gasket - Sagi Chiller HD70OP64 HD150OP64 MD130 AX120 VD60-OP64v
Evaporator Fan Guard - Sagi HD1508-0P64
Probe - Sagi HD70B-0P64 Freezer
Thermostat - Sagi HD70B-0P64 Freezer
Evaporator - Sagi E60SP Fridge
Door seal - Sagi GX130 OP6E Fridge
Fan Motor - Sagi AS140 Chiller
Evaporator Fan Motor - Sagi AM3FR Blast
Digital Controller - Sagi HD70B0P64 Fridge
Digital Controller Sagi HD70B0P64 Fridge
Capillary Lines Sagi HD150B Fridge
Controller Sagi HD150-0P64 Fridge
Pump - Sagi - Ice Machine - KG210
Condensate Tray - Sagi HD150B0P64 Freezer
Pump Sleeve Sagi KG210 Ice Machine
Door Seal - Sagi - Fridge - K1A2A/OP64
Drawer Seal - Sagi - Fridge - K1A2A/OP64
Evaporator - Sagi - Fridge - KFSD2B
Evaporator Fan Guard - Sagi HD150BDP64
Evaporator Sagi KG210 Ice Machine
Evaporator Drip Tray Sagi F40CP-0P14 Fridge
Shelf 550mm x 530mm - Sagi GX130 Fridge
Evaporator - Sagi - KMRD8914
SUPERSEDED Door Seal - Sagi KMRBM Chiller
Fan Motor - Sagi IR51C-OP64 IS51H Blast Chiller
Top Door Hinge - Sagi - Fridge - KBS21/OP64
Bottom Door Hinge - Sagi - Fridge - KBS21/OP64
Condenser Fan Motor - Sagi KFSD2B-0P64 Fridge
Timer - Sagi - Ice Machine - KG23
Controller - Sagi - Fridge - KBS21-OP64
Door Switch - Sagi - Fridge - VD60-0P64
L/H Door - Sagi - Fridge
Evaporator - Sagi KG120 Ice Machine
Compressor - Sagi KGC40 Ice Machine
Gasket - Sagi - Fridge - AX55
Control PCB - Sagi - Fridge - KP12Q2-0P64
Evaporator 480x355x150mm - Sagi IR51M-0P64
Evaporator - Sagi - Fridge - AX55
Drain Connection - Sagi - Fridge - AX55
Drain Hose - Sagi - Fridge - AX55
Water Sensor - Sagi KS70230/50/1 Ice Machine
PCB Assembly - Sagi KS70230/50/1 Ice Machine
Conveyor- Sagi AX55-OP64- Fridge