Company Details Sanyo was established in 1978 in San Diego, California. Sanyo is a manufacturer of compact and mid-sized refrigerators and freezers, commercial refrigeration products and robotic vending machines. Products are distributed under both the Sanyo brand name and private labels.

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Sanyo Parts
Sanyo Microwave Fuse Holder
Anntena Bearing - Sanyo Microwave
Sanyo Microwave Door Handle
Door Assembly - Sanyo EMS1000UK2 Microwave
Sanyo Microwave Roof Liner / Stirrer Cover
Sanyo Door Handle
Door Handle - Sanyo Microwave
Sanyo Microwave Door Handle
Roof Lining - Sanyo EMC1900 EM1900 Microwave
Touch Pad PCB - Sanyo EMC1900
Sanyo Microwave Diode (EMC1800)
Sanyo Atena Shaft (EM1500)
Main PCB Assmebly - Sanyo Microwave
Inner Door Assembly - Sanyo EMC1800 Microwave
Ceramic Base Plate - Sanyo EMC1900 EMC1901 Microwave
SUPERSEDED Ceramic Base Plate - Sanyo Microwave
Roof Liner - Sanyo EM1800 EM1802 Microwave
SUPERSEDED Sanyo EMC1900 Ceramic Tray
Digital control - Sanyo EMC1900 CM1900
Fan motor - Sanyo EMC1400 Microwave
Interlock relay PCB - Sanyo EM-C1900
Shelf - Sanyo Microwave
SUPERSEDED Roof Liner / Stirrer Cover - Sanyo EMC1800
Antenna with Bearing - Sanyo EMC1800 EMC1900
Sanyo EMC1800K 10amp Microwave Fuse
Sanyo Compressor - RHN11OE5A-3/4HP-R404A
Door handle - Sanyo EM-S1000UK2 Microwave
Diode Harness - Sanyo EMC1901 Microwave
Sanyo EMC1901 Response Switch
Clip - Sanyo EMC1900 Microwave
Sanyo EMC1900 Microwave Stirrer Motor Upper
SUPERSEDED Antenna bearing - Sanyo EMC1901 Microwave
Stirrer Cover - Sanyo Mircowave EMC1901
SUPERSEDED Touch Control Pad - Sanyo EMC1900 CM1900
SUPERSEDED - Ceramic Base Plate - Sanyo Microwave Oven
Inner Door Film - Sanyo EM1900 Microwave
Magnetron - Sanyo EM1800 Microwave
Sanyo Microwave Capacitor 1.2 MFD
SUPERSEDED Roof Liner - Sanyo EMC1901 Microwave
Packing strip - Sanyo EM1900 Microwave
Cavity Cover - Sanyo Microwave EMC1901
Magnetron - Sanyo EMC1900 Microwave
Plastic Door Mesh Cover Sanyo EMC1800
Magnetron Sanyo EMC1900 Microwave
Inner Door Assembly - Sanyo EMC1800 Microwave
PCB - Sanyo EMC1900 Microwave
PCB Power Board Sanyo EMC1900 Microwave
PCB Control Board Sanyo EMC1900 Microwave
Door Latch - Sanyo EMC1900 Microwave
Control Base - Sanyo EMC1900 Microwave
Fuse - Sanyo EMC1901 Microwave
Sanyo Compressor - CRHN110ESA
Switch Base Assy - Sanyo 1800K Microwave
Spring - Sanyo 1800K 1900K Microwave
Light Film - Sanyo EMC1900 Microwave
Display PCB - Sanyo EMC1901 Microwave
Latch Arm Pin - Sanyo EMC1900 Microwave
Touchpad membrane - Sanyo EMC1901 Microwave
Display PCB - Sanyo EMC1900M Microwave
Door Choke - Sanyo EMPD9500 Microwave
Stirrer Motor Sanyo EM1800C Microwave
Antenae/Fan Sanyo EM1800C Microwave
Drier Sanyo MDF-U332 Freezer
Compressor Sanyo MDF-U332 Freezer
Battery Sanyo MBR-305GR Fridge
Stirrer Motor - Sanyo - Microwave - EMC1901
Display Panel Fascia - Sanyo EMC1800K
Transformer (HV) - Sanyo EMC1900 Microwave
Inner door latch assembly - Sanyo MDF-U72V
Magnetron - Sanyo - Microwave - EM-C1900
Grommit for Filter - Sayno Microwave - EMC1901
Clip for Filter - Sanyo Microwave - EMC1901
Compressor - Sanyo RHN11055A
Ceiling Plate - Sanyo - Microwave - EMC1900
Defrost Sensor - Sanyo Fridge - MPR1013
75ml Sealant for Base Plate - Sanyo EMC1901 Microwave
Glass (Door) - Sanyo EMC 1800K Microwave
Sanyo High Voltage Capacitor - Microwave
Glass Tray - Sanyo-Sharp Micro Wave
Complete Door - Sanyo EM-C1900 CM1900 Microwave
Door Choke - Sanyo EMC1900 Microwave
Thermostat - Sanyo SRR499DMEDE Medical Chiller
Door Latch - Sanyo EMC2001 Microwave
Stirrer Cover Guide - Sanyo EMC2001 Microwave
Runner Clip - Sanyo EMC2001 Microwave
Timer Knob - Sanyo EMC2001 Microwave
Roof Liner - Sanyo - Microwave - EM1802
Relay - Sanyo - Microwave - EMC1900
Door Key - Sanyo - Microwave - CM1929
Door Catch/Choke - Sanyo CM1929 Microwave
High Voltage Diode - Sanyo Microwave
Packing Tape - Sanyo Microwave - EMC1900
Door Cover - Sanyo Microwave - EMC1900