Company Details Scanfrost by Caravell is a range of durable and economical products designed to refrigerate and freeze for the commercial industry. Scanfrost products are used for soft drinks and beverages, ice cream and frozen food.

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Scanfrost Parts
1 Meter Drain Heater - Scanfrost Freezer UGF580
Evaporator Drip Tray - Scanfrost SSC400
Digital Display (Front Door) - Scanfrost
Tangental Evaporator Fan Motor - Scanfrost
Door handle - Scanfrost FC1382 Fridge
Evaporator Fan Motor- Scanfrost UGS580 Fridge
Drain line heater - Scanfrost/Coolpoint
Scanfrost SSC400S Freezer Evap Motor
Door Frame Heater - Scanfrost UGF1270 Freezer
Gasket - Scanfrost Fridge UGS580
Handle - Scanfrost Fridge CDL501 CSF401
Lamp & Defuser - Scanfrost CN700B Freezer
Thermostat Scanfrost CBB600T Fridge
Complete Lid - Caravell CM60 Chest Freezer
Fan Motor - Scanfrost CBB902SLV
Evaporator Coil - Scanfrost CCC305 Fridge
Condensate Tray - Scanfrost CBS901BK CBH901BK Fridge
Handle (with lock & key) - Scanfrost CM60
Controller - Scanfrost CCC305 SSC400 Fridge
Bottom Right Hand Hinge Scanfrost UGR580
Hinge Bush Scanfrost UGR580 Fridge
Controller- Eliwell Controller IWC720 - Scanfrost Fridge
Condensor Scanfrost CCC305 Fridge
Door Seal - Scanfrost CCC305 Fridge
Sliding Acrylic Door Scanfrost LDG03
L/H Fan Motor - QL4-3000 2124 - 45mm Wheel Ø
Defrost Heater - Scanfrost - CM700 - Fridge
Handle Assy (c/w Lock) - Caravell/Scanfrost CM50 Chest Freezer
Condensor Fan Motor Blade Scanfrost CN1400
Condensor Fan Motor Scanfrost CN1400 Fridge
SUPERSEDED Danfoss TL5G Compressor - Scanfrost MV250P
Door Handle - Scanfrost MV250P
Hot Gas Valve Scanfrost UFG.580
Large Switch on Control Panel Scanfrost
Door Seal - Scanfrost - Freezer - UGF1270
Upper Hinge Scanfrost UGF580 Freezer
L/H side stopper aluminium panel - Scanfrost
Set of 2 rear sliding doors - Scanfrost
R/H side stopper aluminium panel - Scanfrost
L/H End Panel (Grey)- Scanfrost SSOF200CV
R/H End Panel (Grey)- Scanfrost SSOF200CV
Fan Blade Scanfrost CBH1351BK Fridge
RH Door Scanfrost LDG03/2.0 Display Fridge
Thermostat - Scanfrost CM50 Chest freezer
Compressor Scanfrost UGR1270 Fridge
Door Seal - Scanfrost TS912 Chiller
Condensor Fan Motor Scanfrost UGF1270 Freezer
Door seal - Scanfrost - Freezer - CSF501
Door Switch Scanfrost CN700 Fridge
Lamp - Caravell CM60 Fridge
Temperature Display - Scanfrost SSC165-S
Thermostat - Scanfrost CSF401 Fridge
Door seal - Scanfrost CL3575 Fridge
Door Seal - Scanfrost LBB502 Fridge
Float - Scanfrost BWRD80/68 Chilled Display
Evap Coil - Scanfrost - Fridge - CCC205
Hinges - Scanfrost - Fridge - CSF401