Company Details Sharp microwaves offer top quality with economical running. Sharp commercial microwave ovens can be used for cooking, reheating and defrosting foods in a wide variety of catering outlets.

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Sharp Parts
High Voltage Rectifier - Sharp MW1600
Fuse 10 amp - Sharp Microwave R21ATP
Switch - Sharp R7200K microwave
Shaft - Sharp Microwave
Coupling - Sharp R1330S microwave
SUPERSEDED Oven Lamp Screen inside - Sharp R24AT
SUPERSEDED Stirrer Cover - Sharp R-24AT Microwave
Choke Cover - Sharp R24AT R22AT Microwave
Lever - Sharp R22DV microwave
SUPERSEDED Inner Door Choke - Sharp R24AT
Lead Wire- High Voltage Rectifier
LED Unit - Sharp Microwave
Antenna Shaft - Sharp Microwave / Sanyo EMC1900
SUPERSEDED Bulb - Sharp R21ATP NE1440 NE1856 CM1900 Microwa
Control Panel - Sharp R23AM microwave
Air Filter - Sharp Microwave Air Filter Strip
Latch head - Sharp R-86STM-A Microwave
Motor - Sharp Microwave
Temperature sensor/probe - Sharp 1900W
Magnetron - Sharp Microwave R24AT
HV Fuse - Sharp R24AT Microwave
Inner Door Panel Assembly - Sharp R24-AT Microwave
Bottom Plate for Sharp Microwave R-21 ATP
Internal Door Film - Sharp R-21ATP Microwave
Magnetron - Sharp R21-ATP Microwave
Control Frame & Touch Pad - Sharp R-24AT R22AT Microwave
Main PCB - Sharp R-24AT Microwave
Capacitor - Sharp R21ATP Microwave
Main PCB Sharp R21-ATP Microwave
Oven Thermister Sharp R-23AM Microwave
Mag Thermister Sharp R-23AM Microwave
Oven thermistor - Sharp R23AM Microwave
Ceramic base plate - Sharp R21AT Microwave
Diode - Sharp R22-AT Microwave
25wt Oven Lamp - Sharp Microwave
Oven Lamp- Sharp Microwave Oven lamp - R-2370
Main control board - Sharp R22AT Microwave
SUPERSEDED HV Fuse - Sharp R21ATP Microwave
Base Plate/Oven Tray Assy - Sharp 1900WR24AT Microwave
Latch Switch Lever B- Sharp
Obsolete Latch Switch Lever C- Sharp
Switch - Sharp - Door Micro Switch A
Switch - Sharp - Door Micro Switch B
Obsolete Switch - Sharp - Door Micro Switch C
Latch Switch Lever A - Sharp
Door Catch - Sharp R-21ATP
Obsolete Switch Lever- Sharp
Latch Hook Nut- Sharp
Latch Hook Screw- Sharp
Obsolete- Latch Hook - Sharp - Latch Hook
Obsolete Latch Lever Spring- Sharp
Inner Door Assembly - Sharp 1900M Microwave
High Voltage Transformer - Sharp R-24AT
SUPERSEDED Magnetron Sharp R21-ATP Microwave
Complete Door and Hinges - Sharp R24-AT Microwave
Back Panel - Sharp R24-AT Microwave
SUPERSEDED Touch Control Assembly - Sharp R-24AT Microwave
Main PCB - Sharp R24AT Microwave
Screw - Sharp - Microwave - R24AT
Rotary Encoder - Sharp - Microwave - R23AM
Outer Door Glass - Sharp R22AT Microwave
Door Handle - Sharp R-21ATP Microwave
Capacitor - Sharp R22-AT Microwave
Knob (1-12) - Sharp R2340H Microwave
Touch Pad Membrane - Sharp Microwave
Switch - Sharp R2230K Microwave
Main PCB - Sharp R23AM Microwave
Stirrer Cover - Sharp R24AT R22AT Microwave
SUPERSEDED Film Sealer - Sharp Microwave R24AT R22AT
High Voltage Capacitor - Sharp Microwave
Control Panel - Sharp R21AT Microwave
Lamp Screen - Sharp R23AT Microwave
Inner Door Film - Sharp R24AT R23AT Microwave
Blower Motor (metal) - Sharp - Microwave - R23AM
Touchpad PCB - Sharp R24AT Microwave
Magnetron - Sharp R24AT Microwave
Magnetron Sharp Microwave
Monitor Switch - Sharp Microwave - R21ATP
Interlock Switch & Latch - Sharp Microwave - R21ATP
SUPERSEDED Keypad - Sharp - Microwave - R24AT
Control Panel PCB - Sharp R23AM Microwave
Light Bulb Plastic Cover - Sharp - R22AT
Filter c/w Clips - Sharp R22A R24AT Microwave
HV Capacitor - Sharp R21ATP Microwave
Diode - Sharp R21ATP Microwave
Foot - Sharp R-21ATP Microwave
Capacitor - Sharp - Microwave - R-24AT
Shaft - Sharp R24AT Microwave
Motor - Sharp R24AT Microwave
Door Lever - Sharp R24AT Microwave
Joint Lever - Sharp - R24AT
Main control board - Sharp R22AT Microwave
Latch Fixing Angle - Sharp - R-24AT
Fuse 2.5a 50v - Sharp R23AM Microwave
Back Casing - Sharp - Microwave - RT24AT
Main PCB - Sharp R-24AT Microwave
Touchpad Transformer - Sharp R24-AT Microwave
Magnetron & Exhaust Thermistor - Sharp Microwave
Choke Cover - Sharp R21APT
Complete Door - Sharp - R-21
Power Cable - Sharp R-22AT Microwave
Cavity Liner - Sharp - Microwave - R2297
Handle Lever - Sharp - R21ATP Microwave
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