Company Details Silko is an Italian company manufacturing a range of products for the catering industry including refrigerators, tables, cupboards, sinks, boiling pans, ovens, salamanders, self-service equipment and dishwashers.

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Silko Parts
265mm x 265mm Pan Support Reducing Piece - Silko Oven
Green Signal Lamp - Silko CGE7021 700 series
Heating Element - Silko CGE7021
Inlet Tap - Silko CNG70160 Pasta Boiler
Electromagnetic Switch - Silko 700 series fryer
Control Panel PCB - Silko Cooker
Thermocouple Support Silco CCG7001
Electrode - Silko Oven Electrode CCG7001
Oven Thermocouple - Mareno NC7FG-12G44 Cooker
Safety Thermostat - Silko FSE70 30
Working Thermostat - Silko FSE70 30 700series fryer
SUPERSEDED On/Off Switch - Silko
Orange Signal Lamp - Silko CGE7021 700series Fryer
Fryer Basket - Silko FSE 9112 Fryer
LPG Injector - Silko CCG7045 Oven
Oven Thermocouple- Silko CCG7001
Ignitor Plug - Silko Oven
SUPERSEDED Gas control valve - Silko FSG7030 Fryer
SUPERSEDED Silko CE74EPT Oven Hot Plate Element
Hi Limit Thermostat - Silko FSG9140 Fryer
Thermocouple - Silko FSG7030 Fryer
Oven element - Silko 15AK878302 CCQ7046
Control Knob - Silko ECG92A Cooker
High Limit Thermostat - Silko FSG7015 Oven
Shut Off Valve Connection Silko Oven
Switch Silko FSE7030 Fryer
Single Phase 360c Safety Thermostat - Silko CGE6040C Hotplate
55.19052.843 Single Phase Thermostat - Silko
AEG Contactor LS7K 18amp 230v 7.5kwt - Silko
Flame Spreader - Silko Oven
Burner Cap - Silko Oven
Drain Tap - Firex
Handwheel - Silko
Thermostat Knob - Silko
Heating Element - Silko
Control Board - Silko ABM023S Freezer
Defrost Sensor Silko ABM023S Freezer
Pressure Switch - Silko EDG92142 Pasta Cooker
Drain Tap - Silko Boiling Pan
Touch Pad - Silko RDM1215 AB Freezer
Basket Hook Bar - Silko FSG7030 Fryer
Rear Base Plate Silko Oven
Front Base Plate Silko Oven
Fryer Basket 240mm x 285mm120mm - Silko
Fryer Basket 120mm 285mm x 120mm - Silko
6kw Boiler Element - Silko - Boiler - MME/5
SUPERSEDED Electrode - Silko CCG7001
Gas Tap (Hob) - Silko CCCG7001 Oven
Oven Ignitor Lead - Silko CCG7001 Oven
Oven Electrode - Silko CCG7001 Oven
Gas Pipe Fitting - Silko
Pilot Burner - Silko
SIT M9x1 400mm Thermocouple - Silko
Fan Motor - Silko
Burner Bar - Silko BG62TLL Grill
Angled Burner Bar - Silko CG74FPS Oven
Pilot Tube - Silko CG74FPS Oven
Oven Control Knob - Silko EGT74F Oven
Heating Element 1500w 230v - Silko ECE94E Oven
Chrome Wire Grid - Silko GN2/1 Oven
Element Silko CNE72160 Fryer
Front Panel Lainox RCM121SBF121+P/DX Blast Chiller
Front Plate Lainox RCM121SBF121+P/DX Blast Chiller
Gas Valve - Silko DG72128 DG74228 Pasta Cooker
Solid Top Control Knob - Silko EGT74F Oven
Element - Silko CNE6230 Pasta Cooker
Drain Tap Connection - Silko
Connecting Bow for Thermostat - Silko
2kwt Heating Element - Silko - CGE90-0/1/2/3
Pressure Gauge - Silko
Safety Valve - Silko
Safety Thermostat - Silko
R/H Door Hinge - Silko CCG7001 Oven
L/H Door Hinge - Silko CCG7001 Oven
Glass Gasket - Silko Oven
Inner Door Glass - Silko Oven
Nozzle - Silko SFG0800 Salamander Grill
On/Off Switch - Silko BR1E Oven
Switch - Silko Oven
3PH Radient Element - Silko ETE74G - Griddle
Knob - Silko ETE74G - Griddle
Knob spring - Silko ETE74G - Griddle
Screw Connection for Thermocouple - Silko - CCG 70653
Oven Electrode - Silko - CCG 70653
Hi Limit Thermostat - Silko
Steam Pressure Switch - Silko Boiling Pan
Relay - Silko Rice Boiler
Heating Element 10500w 440VAC - Silko
Solenoid Valve - Silko Rice Boiler
Black Control Knob - Silko Oven
Oven Selector Knob - Silko Oven
Black Control Knob - Silko Oven
Pilot Burner LH - Silko
Grill 357 x 371 - Silko - Oven