Company Details Silver King has over 50 years of experience and expertise serving the needs of the foodservice industry. Silver King focus on quality, functionality and energy efficiency in their range of commercial refrigeration equipment. Silver King equipment is intelligently engineered to provide the highest quality at the most competitive price possible. Silver King test every unit manufactured before it is shipped to ensure reliability.

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SilverKing Parts
Door Gasket ( Silver King SKTT R7F )
Fan Blade - Siverking SKUCF7F Freezer
Evaporator Fan Motor - Silverking SKUCF7F Freezer
Door Seal- Silver King SKTTR7F SKUCF7F Fridge
Door Seal - Silver King SKTTR7FG Fridge
Thermostat - Silverking SKTTR7F Fridge
Top Hinge SilverKing SKTTR7FG
Lid Seal Silver King Freezer, will require x4
Lid Silver King Freezer
Lid c/w Seal - Silver King SKCTMDI Freezer
Temperature Plate Control - Silver King -
115V Fan Motor - Silverking SKTTR7F SKDC84 Fridge
Defrost Stat - Silver King - Fridge - SKUCF7F
Defrost Heater - Silver King - Fridge - SKUCF7F
Thermostat - Silver King - Fridge - SKUCF7F
SUPERSEDED Door seal - Silverking SKTT57FG
Door Seal - Silver King - SKTTR7FG
Door Seal - Silver King SKCTMDI Freezer
Door Gasket - Silver King SKR48
Control - Silverking SKFSM - Fridge
Probe - Silverking SKFSM - Fridge
Compressor - Silver King - Freezer - SKMF34
Thermometer - Silver King - Freezer - SKMF34
Lower Lid Assembly - Silverking - Freezer - SKMWF34-CEC2
Upper Lid Assembly - Silverking - Freezer - SKMWF34-CEC2
Condenser Fan Motor - Silverking SKITR7FG/CEU3
Fan Blade - Silverking SKITR7FG/CEU3
Capillary - Silverking - Fridge - SKP4812
Evaporator - Silverking - Fridge - SKP4812
Castor - Silver King - Fridge - SKSFM
Door Gasket - Silver King
Compressor - Silver King
Door Seal - Silver King SK1MP
Hinge Pin Pan Cover - Silver King SKP4812/CUK2
Set of Castors - Silver King
Condensate Drip Tray & Heater - Silver King SKP4812
Rivnut for Castor - Silver King
Evap C/W Lines- Silver King SKTRR7F - Fridge
Hinge Plate ( Silver King SKTTR7FG )
Hinge Glass Door Bottom RH ( Silver King SKTTR7FG )
Front & Back Wheels Complete Kit - Silverking - Fridge - SKTTR7FG
Door Assembly - Silverking - Fridge - SKTTR7FG
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