Company Details Simag have been producing quality ice machines for over 30 years from their base in Italy. Simag ice machines are designed and manufactured with continuous innovation and severe quality control. Simple and reliable, Simag’s products represent the best ratio quality/convenience today available on the market. The Simag range has got a model for every need; bars, restaurants, hotels, discos, pubs, fishmongers, hospitals, industries, food and chemicals production processes. A simple hydraulical and electrical connection is all that is needed to have high quality ice production always available.

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Simag Parts
Ball Bearing - Simag - Ice Machine - SPN255
Ball Bearing - Simag - Ice Machine - SPN255
Starting Capacitor - Simag SV145A Ice Machine
Run Capacitor - Simag SV145A Ice Machine
Condensor Coil - Simag SCN125AS Ice Machine
Water Sump / Tank - Simag SV215 Ice Machine
Contactor - Simag SV145A Ice Machine
Right-Hand Splash Curtain Clip - Simag SC20 AC86 ACM86
Left-Hand Splash Curtain Clip - Simag SC20 AC86 ACM86
Water Curtain - Simag SC70ASF Ice Machine
Curtain - Simag Ice Machine - SCN45
Door Frame (Plastic) - Simag Ice Machine
Storage Bin Door - Simag - Ice Machine - R85
Surround for Door - Simag R85 Ice Machine
Door Frame - Simag R85 Ice Bin
Evaporator - Simag SC70 Ice Machine
Evaporator Assembly- Simag SV535A Ice Machine
Evaporator - Simag SD80 Ice Machine
Evaporator Assembly - Simag Ice Machine
Evaporator - Simag - Ice Machine - SD40AS-F
Support Feet Each- Simag 45- Ice Machine
Filter Drier - Simag SV145A Ice Machine
Water Filter Simag SCN25AS Ice Machine
Bin Gasket - R155 (SV215)
Hot Gas Valve - Simag SD210
Bottom Gear Assembly SPN605AS Ice Machine
Lubricant - Simag - Ice Machine - SPN255
Lubricant - Simag - Ice Machine - SPN255
Spray System - Simag SV145A Ice Machine
Spray Jet - Simag SD23 Ice Machine
Spray Nozzles Cap - Simag SD40 SD60 Ice
Water Spray Arm Distributor - Simag SV130 SV145 Ice Machine
Universal Stand - Simag - Ice Machine - SDE34
Magnet - Simag SV135 Ice Machine
Magnet - Simag SV125 SV315 SV135 MV1000 Ice
Microswitch - Simag SV210 Ice Machine
Microswitch - Simag SV210 Ice Machine
Ice Sliding Grid - Simag - SD22
Fan Pressure Controller - Simag SC70-AS Ice
Crusher Motor & Gearbox Assy - Simag SPR165 Ice Machine
Condenser Fan Motor - Simag Ice Machine - SV135-A
Crusher Motor & Gearbox Assembly - Simag -
Shaft Seal - Simag - Ice Machine - SPN255
Snap Ring - Simag - Ice Machine - SPN255
O-Ring - Simag - Ice Machine - SPN255
Shaft Seal - Simag - Ice Machine - SPN255
O-Ring - Simag - Ice Machine - SPN255
PCB - Simag Ice Machine SV135A Ice Machine
Condensor Senor Probe - Simag SV315A Ice
SUPERSEDED Water Level Sensor - Simag SV315A
SUPERSEDED- Ice Thickness Sensor - Simag SV1235A Ice
Infra Red Controller/Bin Level Probe - Simag
Evap Sensor - Simag SV135A Ice Machine
Water Level Sensor - Simag SPN255 Ice Machine
Water Regulator Pressure Valve - Simag SV145A
Water Pump - Simag SD125 SC120AS Ice Machine
Relay - Simag SV145A Ice Machine
Magnetic Contactor (Ice Sensor) - Simag
Water Level Sensor - Simag SV145A Ice
Magnet Sensor - Simag SV135 Ice Machine
Hall Sensor - Simag SP405ASE Ice Machine
Hall Effect Sensor - Simag SP405 Ice Machine
Water Inlet Solenoid Valve - Simag SC210AS
Water Inlet Valve -Scotman Ice Machine NICM45
Drain Valve - Simag SV135A/ Scotsman Ice Machine
Hot Gas Valve and Coil - Simag S70 Ice Machine
Water Drain Valve - Simag SV135A Ice Machine
SUPERSEDED Water Solenoid & Coil - Simag Ice Machine
SUPERSEDED Water Inlet Valve - Simag SC120AS Ice Machine
Fan Pressure Switch - Simag Ice Machine
On/Off timer Switch - Simag SD215 Ice Machine
On/Off Switch - Simag - SD23
Timer - Simag - Ice Machine - SC30ASF
SUPERSEDED Defrost Timer - Simag SD40
Cam Timer - Simag SB125 Ice Machine
Mechanical Defrost Timer - Simag Ice Machine
SUPERSEDED Defrost timer - Simag SC70AS Ice machine
SUPERSEDED Evap Stat - Simag SC70AS ICOU145MA SCN215 Ice Machine
Ice Thickness Stat - Simag SD22 Ice machine
Evaporator Thermostat - Simag ST80 Ice Machine
Ice Thickness /Evaporator Thermostat -Simag SC/F/50 SD60 Ice Machine
Evaporator Thermostat - Simag SC120
Evap Stat - Simag - Ice Machine - SC30ASF
Expansion Valve - Simag SV145A Ice Machine
Water Inlet Valve -Simag Ice machine
SUPERSEDED Single Electric Water Valve - Simag SD80F