Company Details Sirman was established in 1969 by Nereo Marzaro in Italy producing professional slicing machines. Sirman has been a leader in the professional catering equipment sector for over 30 years. The range is now universally recognised as a name that stands for quality, safety and professional expertise. The Sirman range includes slicers, panini grills, vegetable cutters, stick blenders, blast chillers and induction hobs.

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Sirman Parts
Perspex Blade Guard 87mm Hole Centre - Meat Slicer CEX250 H/D
Perspex Guard - Sirman / Stresa 300HD Meat Slicer
SUPERSEDED Contact - Stresa 300HD
SUPERSEDED Switch - Stresa 250 S
On/off switch for Sirman Slicers
Button Housing/Push Button Panel - Sirman PLD30OP Galileo350 Slicer
Washer Sirman Canova 300 Slicer
Slicing Disk - Sirman - Veg Prep - TM1
Slicing Disk - Sirman - Veg Prep - TM1
Spindle - Sirman - Veg Prep - TM1
Slicing Disk - Sirman - Veg Prep - TM1
Foot - Sirman Toaster
Heating Coil - Sirman Toaster
Switch - Sirman Toaster
Switch - Sirman Toaster
Quartz Tube - Sirman Toaster
Blade Screw Sirman Mirra 250 Slicer
Emergency stop button - Sirman PP4 INOX
Door seal - Siman PP4 INOX Peeler
Green push button c/w protective cover -
Red push button c/w protective cover - Sirman
On/Off Switch Sirman Galileo350 Slicer
Main Shaft Assembly Sirman TM1 Veg Prep
Gasket - Sirman Palladio 300
Switch Assembly - Sirman Palladio 300
Door Gasket - Sirman PP4 Peeler
Timer Switch - Sirman PP4 Potato Peeler
On/Off Rotary Switch - Sirman
Stud Bolt for Knob - Sirman MIRRA250CAF 220A.I.C Slicer
SUPERSEDED Knob - Sirman Slicer - MIRRA250CAF
Control Board PCB - Sirman TC32COLORADO Meat Grinder
On/off Switch - Sirman GP10F01089 Grater
On/Off Button - Sirman Galileo350 Slicer
Fan Motor - Sirman Aliseo4 Oven
Door Gasket - Sirman Aliseo4 Oven
Transparent Lid - Sirman - Potato Peeler - PPJ-10
Cheese Grater Lever Sirman GPMICROFRA Slicer
Insert - Sirman Slicer
Nut - Sirman Slicer
Insert - Sirman Slicer
Foot - Sirman - Pizza Oven - STROMBOLI 2
Insert - Sirman Slicer
Control Stat - Sirman - STROMBOLI 2 - Pizza Oven
End Cap - Sirman Slicer - Mirra300 Y09
Element (top oven) - Sirman - Pizza Oven - STROMBOLI 2
Blade Cover/ Guard - Sirman Canova 300HD MIRRA300 Slicer
Tie Rod - Sirman Canova 300HD Slicer
Sharpening Stone - Sirman Perla220 Slicer
Deburring Stone - Sirman Perla220 Slicer
Sharpener Kit - Sirman Perla220 Slicer
Locking Spindle - Sirman - Slicer - TC22 DAKOTA
Locking Knob - Sirman - Slicer - TC22 DAKOTA
Drive Shaft - Sirman C6VV Food Processor
Lever - Sirman
Gasket - Sirman
Support Bar - Sirman Slicer - Mirra300 Y09
PCB Kit- Sirman PP20J Potato Peeler
Drive Belt - Sirman C6VV Food Processor
Lid - Sirman C6VV Food Processor
Drive Belt - Sirman C9VV Food Processor
Meat Press - Sirman PLD300 Slicer
Blade Cover - Sirman PLD300OP Slicer
Meat Thickness Adjusting Knob - Sirman - Slicer - MIRRA300Y09AF
Microswitch - Sirman
Large Bottom Flat Plate - Sirman PD RR-RR T Contact Grill
Terminal Block - Sirman TDRRRR Panini Grill
Belt - Sirman PP20J Potato Peeler
Green Switch - Sirman Pizza Oven - Stromboli 2
Grinding Head - Sirman TC8 Mincer
Cap Nut - Sirman GLLTOP350 Slicer
Screw - Sirman GLLTOP350 Slicer
Washer - Sirman GLLTOP350 Slicer
PCB Casing - Sirman CNV300A Slicer
Controller - Sirman ABB/SURG CERV 5T Y11 Blast Freezer
Blades (box of 10) - Sirman - Bonesaw - SO1650F2
Rocker Switch - Sirman - Mincer - TC8 VEGAS
Switch - Sirman Mincer
Bearing - Sirman Mincer
Gasket - Sirman Mincer
Stud Bolt - Sirman Mincer
Flange - Sirman Mincer
Rubber Seal 1500mm - Sirman W830EASYBXP08 Vac Pack Machine
Spacer - Sirman PLD300 Slicer
Drive Shaft - Sirman Hand Blender
Nylon Drive - Sirman Hand Blender
Female Coupling - Sirman Hand Blender
Head Mounting Shaft - Sirman - Mincer - TC8 VEGAS
R/H Handle Springs- Sirman- CORT- Pinini Machine
L/H Handle Springs- Sirman- CORT- Pinini Machine
Drive Shaft (450mm) - Sirman Vortex Asta 45
Block - Sirman - Slicer - Galiteo 350HD
Shredding Disc (DT4) - Sirman Vegetable Cutter
Shredding Disc (DT7) - Sirman Vegetable Cutter
Power Lead - Sirman PALLIDO300 Slicer
Cutting Blades (Box of 10) - Sirman Bone Saw
Bottom Heating Element- Sirman Cortlr- Grill
Meat Press- Sirman GLL TOP 350 - Slicer
Screw for Magnet - Sirman - Mincer - TC.32.B.IND.BUF.T.GX
Magnet - Sirman - Mincer - TC.32.B.IND.BUF.T.GX
SUPERSEDED 62mm Knife/Blade - Sirman Mincer
Seal - Sirman Easy Vac 25 Vacuum Sealer
Slicer Blade - Sirman 350 Galileo Hd - Slicer
Black Blade Remover - Sirman 350 Galileo Hd - Slicer
Worm Pin - Sirman TC22EVENT Mincer
Worm - Sirman TC22EVENT Mincer
Whisk - Sirman Mixer
Thermostat - Sirman - Panini Grill - PD RR-RR
Thermostat - Sirman CORTRR Panini Grill