Company Details Smeg manufacture a large variety of domestic kitchen units for all your cookery and laundry needs. Passion and entrepreneurial vision are the elements that have always guided the Italian company. In over 60 years of history Smeg has evolved, creating distinctive domestic products and becoming internationally recognised for quality appliances with an eye for even the smallest of detail.

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Smeg Parts
Thermostat - Smeg Fridge - FAB30P4
Top Oven Seal - Smeg DUCO4SS Oven
Bottom Door Gasket - Smeg DUCO4SS Oven
590mm x 340mm Door Seal Smeg Alfa135XV Oven
Element Smeg Alfa135XV Oven
Controller Contactor Smeg Alfa135XV Oven
Controller Relay Smeg Alfa135XV Oven
Bulb c/w Plastic Cover Smeg Alfa135XV Oven
Thermal cut in/out for fan - Smeg UK810MFX1
Selector switch - Smeg A1 Oven
PCB - Smeg
Hinge Spacer - Smeg Oven
RH Stainless Steel Shelf Support Smeg
230v Power Contactor - Smeg 135XE Oven
Terminal Block - Smeg 135XE Oven
Probe Thermostat Smeg ALFA135VE Oven
Electric Card (10 Program) Smeg ALFA135XE
Flat Cable - Smeg ALFA135XE Oven
Display Board Smeg ALFA135XE Oven
Electric Card (15 Program) Smeg ALFA135XE
Door Lock Mechanism - Smeg DF410SDX
PCB Control Board - Smeg DWI612C Dishwasher
Push Button - Smeg DWI710E1 Dishwasher
Thermostat - Smeg ALFA31XE Oven
Programmer Knob - Smeg ALFA31XE Oven
10-Programme Electrical Unit - Smeg ALFA31XE Oven
Door Hinge - Smeg ALFA135XT Oven
Smeg Magnetron 2M107A-825
Thermostat - Smeg - Oven - ALFA43UK
Thermostat (Ranco K59-P1761) - Smeg FAB28LNE Fridge
Silicone Black Door Seal 450mm x 340mm - Smeg ALFA43UK Oven
Oven Function Switch - Smeg - Oven
Door Gasket 430x320mm - Smeg ALFA41 Oven
2700w 230v Heating Element - Smeg ALFA43UK Oven
Upper Door Seal - Smeg - APCR321
Compressor Tray - Smeg FAB28QNE Fridge
Fridge Thermostat - Smeg - S28STRP4
Door Seal 590x350mm - Smeg SPA42016 Oven
Control Knob for Timer - Smeg ALFA43UK Oven
Main Oven Door Hinge - SUK91CMX5
Door Seal - SUK91CMX5
Push Button for Timer - Smeg SUK91CMX5 Oven
Timer - Smeg SUK91CMX5 Oven
Temperature Control Knob - Smeg ALFA43UK Oven
Timer Knob - Smeg ALFA43UK Oven
Potentiometer - Smeg - Oven - ALFA31XE
1.5kw Element - Smeg SE32X Hot Plate
2kw Element - Smeg SE32X Hot Plate
80w Cooking Fan Motor- Smeg ALFA43UK Oven
Drain Pump - Smeg CWG521SDUK Dishwasher
Heating Element 4KW 230xv - Smeg - ALFA144XE1
Thermostat - Smeg FAB28QUJ1 Fridge