Company Details Techfrigo are a long established manufacturer of high quality catering and restaurant display equipment. They offer a diverse range of models from solid wood hot and cold buffet display cabinets to rotating glass shelf display cabinets.

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Tecfrigo Parts
Evaporator Fan - Tecfrigo Snelle 350R Fridge
Door Seal (1323mm x 585mm) - Tecfrigo Fridge
Evap Fan Motor - Tecfrigo Bottle Cooler 3
Condenser fan motor - Tecfrigo Micron 3
Float- Techfrigo Isola 4M Float ILMP5P
Evaporator - Tecfrigo Snelle 350 Glass Display Cabinet
Thermostat - Tecfrigo Micron 2 Fridge
Sliding Glass Stop - Tecfrigo Monterrey
Evaporator Fan - Tecfrigo Snelle 350R Fridge
Light Switch Techfrigo 350 Fridge
Rear Flap - Tecfrigo STACARISMA4T4BIANCA
Evaporator Fan Motor- Tecfrigo Carrettino 250
Evaporator - Tecfrigo - Fridge - BR10135
Circular mirrored shelf - Tecfrigo Snelle 350
Digital controller - Tecfrigo PLANET4COLD
Back Sliding Door Tecfrigo CARRELLINO240
Filter Drier - Tecfrigo Isola 06 Fridge
Round Plain Glass Shelf Techfrigo Snelle350
Condenser - Tecfrigo Brio135 Fridge
Evaporator - Tecfrigo Carrellio 240Q Fridge
Plastic Light Tubes Tecfrigo Snelle400GBT
Bottom Glass Track - Tecfrigo Monterrey ECOS
Door Wheel Stop - Tecfrigo Monterrey
Evaporator - Tecfrigo ISOLA4M
Door lower profile - Tecfrigo - Fridge -
Canopy Drive Motor - Tecfrigo ISOLA6M Fridge
Condensor Fan Motor - Tecfrigo PROXIMA6-LW Fridge
Lift Up Door - Tecfrigo Orizont 200 Chilled
Evaporator - Tecfrigo Prisma 400 Evaporator
TLZ20 Controller - Tecfrigo ISOLA 4M Cold Display
Canopy Drive Motor - Tecfrigo ISOLA 6M 4M
Thermostat - Tecfrigo Isola 4M Fridge
Rotary Shelf Motor B4509UI-025 - Tecfrigo SNELLE350R Cake
Tangential Fan Motor - Tecfrigo ORIZONT200SS
Thermostat - Tecfrigo ORIZONT200SS
Door Seal - Tecfrigo PRISMA400TNV-PG Fridge
Interior Tube - Tecfrigo - Fridge - SNELLE350
Door Seal 654mm x 654mm - Tecfrigo - Fridge - KUB500
Digital Controller - Tecfrigo DOMINANTE100 Fridge
Front Glass Alu Profile - Tecfrigo TAPAS8GN
Front Glass - Tecfrigo TAPAS8GN
Evaporator - Tecfrigo ISOLA6 Fridge
Metal Container - Tecfrigo CHARISMA 4 Ice Cream Display
R/H Front Curved Glass - Tecfrigo VERONA200 Fridge
Gasket - Tecfrigo Prisma 400- Cake Display Unit
Door Seal - Tecfrigo Snelle350G/Q Cake Display
Heater - Tecfrigo CHEF3DRY Heater Display
FIME C20XOE01/73 Fan - Tecfrigo CHEF3DRY Heater Display
Front Curved Glass - Tecfrigo BRIO185
Canopy Drive Motor isola pre 2014 - Tecfrigo Islla 4M - Chiller
Controller Housing - Tecfrigo Isola
Condenser (c/w Fan) - Tecfrigo - PRISMA 400 TNV-PF
Red On/Off Switch - Tecfrigo AZZURRA3