Company Details Tefcold are based in Denmark manufacturing a range of display and storage chillers together with many different types of hotel mini bars.

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Tefcold Parts
2-Partition Basket - Tefcold IC7SCE Ice Cream Freezer
Basket - Tefcold IC100SC Chest Freezer
Basket - Tefcold IC200SCE Ice Cream Freezer
5 Litre Basket - Tefcold - Ice Cream Freezer - IC200SC
Freezer Basket - Tefcold IC200SC IC300SC Freezer
Narrow Basket 194mm - Tefcold - Ice Cream Freezer - IC200
Hinge Bush - Tefcold
Castor (non-locking) - Tefcold RK500 Fridge
Castor (locking) - Tefcold RK500 Fridge
Castor Base - Tefcold UR600 Fridge
Wheel - Tefcold - Fridge - SLDG725
Castor - Tefcold GM500 Fridge
Compressor- Tefcold BA5H- Bottle Chiller
Compressor - Tefcold - Fridge - UR200
Compressor EMYE70CLP - Tefcold TFW375
SUPERSEDED Compressor Tefcold FS1380
Compressor - Tefcold LGNA72HAEP Fridge
Compressor - Tefcold
Compressor -Embraco Compressor - Tefcold FS1380
Compressor - Tefcold SD1380 FS1380 Fridge
Compressor - Embraco Compressor - Tefcold - Fridge - CF400
Condensate Pan - Tefcold FS1380 SD1380
Condensor Coil - Tefcold FS1380
Condensor - Tefcold FS1380 fridge
Condenser - Tefcold - Fridge - RK710
Condenser - Tefcold - Fridge - NF2500G
Condenser - Tefcold - Fridge - CK7310
Controller - Tefcold TFW375 Fridge
Dixell X-Cool Single Probe Controller - Tefcold SA920 Fridge
Controller - Tefcold - Fridge - UR200S
Circuit Boardl - Tefcold TFW370 - Wine cooler
Digital Thermometer - Tefcold BC85/UK Fridge
Controller - Tefcold BLC10 BLC3 Blast Chiller
Controller REK33 - Tefcold RS710 Freezer
Thermometer - Tefcold FSC1450 Chiller
Temperature Display - Tefcold IC200SC Freezer
SUPERSEDED REK31ED Controller - Tefcold Fridge
Controller - Tefcold PT920 Dixcel Controller XR60
Digital Controller - Tefcold Fridge SAB910
Controller - Tefcold CK7410 Fridge
12v Controller - Electric PTC Ektron 230V REK33-1021 -Tefcold
Temperature Controller - Tefcold IC300SCEB Fridge
Core Sensor Connector - Tefcold BLC-14 Blast Chiller
Solid Door- Tefcold UR200S- Fridge
Glass Door- Tefcold UR200GS - Fridge
Solid Door -Tefcold UR200S - Fridge
Door - Tefcold UF200 Counter Freezer
RH Hinge - Tefcold SS7200
LH Hinged Door - Tefcold - UF1380
R/H Sliding Door - Tefcold BA20 Bottle Cooler
Hinge - Tefcold GM500 Chest Freezer
Bottom Hinge - Tefcold - Fridge - FS1380
Door Roller Wheel - Tefcold SLDG725 Chiller
Lid Hinge - Tefcold GN500SS Chest Freezer
R/H Lockable Door - Tefcold - Display Fridge - FS1380
Lower Hinge Bracket - Tefcold BLC10 - Chiller
Door - Tefcold BLC10 - Chiller
Top Hinge Bracket - Tefcold BLC10 - Chiller
White Hinge - Tefcold FS1380 Fridge
Lower LH Hinge - Tefcold - Fridge - TFW375
Door- Tefcold- SD1380- Fridge
Door - Tefcold SD1380 Chiller
Right Hinged Door - Tefcold - FSC1000H
Door-Soild - TefcoldSD1280
Large Hinge Cover - Tefcold GM600
Small Hinge Cover - Tefcold GM600
Door - Tefcold - Fridge - BC145
Cover hinge axis - Tefcold SS7300 Prep
Holding open clip - Tefcold BA202 Bottle
R/H Cover Hinge - Tefcold SS7300 Prep Counter
L/H Cover hinge - Tefcold SS7300 Prep
Strengthening board - Tefcold SS7300 Prep
R/H Door - Tefcold - Fridge - SS720
Door Lock & Keys - Tefcold BC85/UK Fridge
Complete Door - Tefcold TFW360-2
Fridge Lock - Tefcold BC60
Hexagonal Key - Tefcold BA5H Fridge
Door (RH Hinged) - Tefcold UFFS370SD Freezer
Door c/w Moulded Seal - Tefcold SDU1375 UFSC370SD Fridge
Door Mechanism String Tefcold SLDG700 Fridge
Top Hinge Pin - Tefcold UFFS370SD
Base For hinge Top Right Tefcold UFFS370SD
Lower Hinge Pin Tefcold UFFS370SD
Upper Hinge - Tefcold
Lower Hinge - Tefcold
Black Solid Door - Tefcold TM40
R/H Spring Hinge - Tefcold - Fridge - FSC1200H
L/H Spring Hinge - Tefcold - Fridge - FSC1200H
Bottom Hinge - Tefcold TFW160S Wine Cooler
Door Roller/Wheel - Tefcold Fridge
Top/Bottom Hinge Pin - Tefcold UF600
White Door - Tefcold UF600
RH Upper Door Track - Tefcold SLDG725 Chiller
Upper LH Door Track - Tefcold SLDG725 Chiller
Glass Door - Tefcold TFW160S Wine Cooler
Lock & Key - Tefcold IC300SC Freezer
Bushing Tefcold PT1310 Fridge
Lower Hinge Plate - Tefcold RK1420 Fridge
Plastic Hinge Bush - Tefcold RK1420 Fridge
Door Pin - Tefcold RK1420 Fridge
R/H Door Runner - Tefcold SLDG1000 Fridge
Top Sliding Door for Tefcold Freezer
Bottom Sliding Door For Tefcold Freezer
SUPERSEDED Door Lock & Key - Tefcold FS1380 Fridge
Lock & 2 Keys - Tefcold UFG1380 FCU1375 Fridge
SUPERSEDED Tefcold SD1380 Fridge Door
SUPERSEDED Door Runner (Single) - Tefcold RK710 Fridge
SUPERSEDED Complete Door - Tefcold Fridge SDU1375
Hinge- Tefcold SD1380 Chiller - Door hinge assembly
Black Plastic Door Hinge Bush -Tefcold FS1380
Spring hinge - Tefcold DL240 Chest freezer
Lock & Keys - Tefcold UF600 Freezer
Lock Assy - Tefcold SCU1375 FS1380W Chiller
R/H Bottom Hinge - Tefcold CK7210 Fridge
SUPERSEDED Top Door Pin - Tefcold CK7210 Fridge
Door - L/H, S/S - Tefcold CK7210 Fridge
Lock Mechanism - Tefcold BA20H Bottle Cooler
Stainless Steel Lid - Tefcold GM600 Freezer
White Lid Tefcold GM600 Freezer
Key - Tefcold FS1380 FS1380W FSC1380 Fridge
Right-hand Stainless Steel Middle Door - Tefcold
Glass Door - Tefcold BC85-UK Fridge
SUPERSEDED Fridge Door - Tefcold SD1380 UF1380 Chiller
Top Hinge Pin - Tefcold FS1380 Fridge
SUPERSEDED Lock - Tefcold Bottle Cooler BA20 Hinged Do
Door Lock c/w Spring Clip - Tefcold BA20S Bottle Cooler
SUPERSEDED Door Lock and Key Tefcold FS1380 Bottle
Condensate Drain Pan for Tefcold RK1420
Drip tray - Tefcold FS1380 Fridge
Condensate drip pan - Tefcold RK1420 Fridge
Condensate Drip Tray - Tefcold SA910
SUPERSEDED Plastic Vaporizer Tray- Tefcold FS1380 Fridge
Drip Tray Heater - Tefcold - RF1010
Drip Tray - Tefcold - Fridge - ASBA20H
Drip Tray - Tefcold - Freezer - NF5000G
Drip Tray Heater - Tefcold NF5000G Freezer
Drip Tray - Tefcold CK7310 Chiller
Evaporation Tray - Tefcold
Drip Tray - Tefcold - Fridge - UR200
Drip Tray - Tefcold RF1420 Freezer
Condensate Tray - Tefcold BLC14 Chiller
Condensate Drip Tray - Tefcold HDG1200 Chiller
Vaporiser Drip Tray - Valera/Tefcold SC1375 Fridge
Condensor Drip Tray - Tefcold RF505 Freezer
Top LED Power Supply Tefcold UF50G Fridge
Mains Cable - Tefcold BA20H Fridge
Evaporator Heater - Tefcold NF5000G Freezer
Defrost Heater - Tefcold RF710 Freezer
Defrost Heater Tefcold CF7310 CF7410 Freezer
Element - Tefcold SM40 Fridge Heater Element
Drain Line Heater - Tefcold RF505 Freezer
Drain Line Heater - Tefcold - Fridge - NF5000G
Water Pan Heater - Tefcold NF2500G NF5000G Fridge
Evaporator Heater - Tefcold RK1010 RF1010 NF5000 Fridge
Evaporator Heater - Tefcold NF5000G Freezer
Evaporator Plate - Tefcold
Evaporator Drip Tray - Tefcold HDG1200 Fridge
Evaporator - Tefcold RF1420 Freezer
Filter Drier - Tefcold CK7210 Chiller
Evaporator Coil - Tefcold RK505 Fridge
Evaporator Coil - Tefcold CK7310 CK7210 CK7410 Fridge
Evaporator Panel - Tefcold FS1380 Fridge
SUPERSEDED Evaporator Panel C/W Lines - Tefcold
Evao Coil- Tefcold CK7210 Evaporator Coil
SUPERSEDED Evaporator Assembly - Tefcold Fridge
Evaporator Plate - Tefcold SCU1375 Fridge
Evaporator Coil Defrost Heater - Tefcold
Evaporator Scroll Fan-Tefcold FSC1430 Chiller
Evaporator - Tefcold Fridge UR400S
Evaporator Tefcold RF710 Fridge
Evaporator - Tefcold RK1420 Fridge
Evaporator Shelf System - Tefcold UF200S
Evaporator shelf system - Tefcold UF1380
Evaporator - Tefcold UR550 Fridge
Evaporator - Tefcold - Blast Chiller - BLC3
Evaporator Plate c/w Capillary Tefcold FSC1450 Fridge
Foot - Tefcold FS1380 Fridge
Condensor Filter Tefcold TP1310
Condenser Filter - Tefcold SA910 Fridge
Door Seal - Tefcold RK500 Fridge
Door Gasket - Tefcold Fridge
Door seal - Tefcold TFW160S Chiller
SUPERSEDED Rubber Door Gasket for Tefcold Fridge
Door Seal - Tefcold UR200S QF200S Fridge
Door seal - Tefcold UF50G Fridge/Countertop Freezer
Door Seal - Tefcold ST160 Fridge
Door Seal - Tefcold UF600 UR600S Fridge
Door Seal - 1610mm x 580mm Tefcold SD1380
Door seal - Tefcold CK7210 fridge
Door Seal - Tefcold RK1420 RK710 Fridge
SUPERSEDED Tefcold BC80G Door Gasket
SUPERSEDED Tefcold SCU1375 - Door Gasket
Door Seal 485x680mm - Tefcold BC85LM
Seal - Tefcold RK710 Fridge Door Seal
Door Seal - Tefcold CK7210 SS7300 SH3000 CK7130 Fridge
SUPERSEDED Door Gasket - Tefcold CK7410 Fridge
SUPERSEDED Tefcold PT1200 Fridge Door Seal
SUPERSEDED Tefcold PT1200 Fridge Door Seal
SUPERSEDED Door Seal - Tefcold PT1310 Pizza Prep Table
Door seal - Tefcold BC145
SUPERSEDED Rubber Door Seal - Tefcold FS1380 Fridge
Door gasket - Tefcold SLDG725
Seal - Tefcold Wine Cooler TFW 80S Door Seal
Door Seal - Tefcold PT1300 PT1310 Fridge
Door Seal 755mm x 480mm - Tefcold BA20H Bottle Cooler
SUPERSEDED Door Seal - Tefcold SAS10 Fridge
Door Seal Tefcold CK7210 Fridge
Door Gasket - Tefcold RK505
Door Seal - Tefcold BA10H Bottle cooler
Door seal - Tefcold TFW375S TFW370 TFW375 Wine cooler
Door Gasket - Tefcold PT1200
Door Seal - Tefcold UR400S Fridge
Gasket - Tefcold BLC10 Fridge
Door Seal 575mm x 1610mm - Tefcold FS1380 UF1380 Bottle Cooler
Door Seal - Tefcold - Fridge - BC60
Door Seal - Tefcold - Fridge - UR550
Door Seal - Tefcold - Bottle Cooler - FS1280
Door Seal - Tefcold - Fridge - UF200VS
Door Seal - Tefcold - NF2500G
Door Seal - Tefcold - Fridge - BA5H
Gasket - Tefcold BLC3 PREM1 Fridge
SUPERSEDED Door Gasket - Tefcold UR600S Fridge
Door Seal - Tefcold UF100G Fridge
SUPERSEDED Door Seal- Tefcold- SD1380- Fridge
Gasket- Tefcold FS1220 - Chiller
Door Seal - Tefcold BC30 340 x 400 mm - Fridge
Glass Set - Tefcold IC7SCE Serve Over Counter Freezer
Front Glass Fixing Kit - Tefcold - Freezer - IC300SCE
Front Curved Glass - Tefcold IC7SCE Ice Cream
Door handle - Tefcold SC1375 Fridge
Handle - Tefcold FS1380 Drinks Cooler
Handle L Shape Plastic - Tefcold FS1380
SUPERSEDED Handle - Tefcold Chest Freezer CF500S
Door Handle - Tefcold GM500 Freezer
Left Hand Complete Door- Tefcold CK7210
SUPERSEDED Door Handle - Tefcold FS1380
Door Handle - Tefcold Chiller TFW160S
S/S Door Handle (fixes from rear) - Tefcold UR400S Fridge
Door Handle (Short) - Tefcold FS1380 Fridge
Handle - Tefcold SDU1375 Standup Fridge
Handle - Tefcold BA10H Fridge
Lid Handle - Tefcold CF500 CF400S Fridge/Freezer
Plastic Door Handle - Tefcold HDG1400 Fridge
Metal door handle - Tefcold HDG1400
Handle - Tefcold BA28 BA20H BA5H Fridge
S/S Door Handle - Tefcold Undercounter Fridge
SUPERSEDED Door Handle - Tefcold BA20H Bottle Cooler
Door handle - Tefcold fridge
Door Handle - Tefcold - FSC1450/WISEMAN
Full Length Handle - Tefcold SD1380 Fridge
Door Handle (160mm holes) - Tefcold - FS1380
Door Handle (long) - Tefcold FS3180 Fridge
Handle- Tefcold SDU1375- Fridge
Grey Door Handle (front fixing) - Tefcold UR400S Fridge
Thermostat Housing Base - Tefcold - Fridge - UF100G
Thermostat Housing - Tefcold - Fridge - UF100G
Evaporator Fan Motor Housing Tefcold
Tube holder - Tefcold FS1380
Lamp Cover Tefcold NF2500 Fridge
Lamp Cover Tefcold NF5000G Fridge
320mm Light Strip - Tefcold BA25H/ALU UF50G Cooler
Internal Light Cover - Tefcold TM50G/BLACK
Light Cover - Tefcold FSC1000S Chiller 990x240mm
Lamp Holder - Tefcold SLDG725 Lamp Holder
PCB Strip- Tefcold UR200G - Fridge
LED Light Assy Complete - Tefcold UR200G
Diffuser - Tefcold - Fridge - BA10H
Light Tube Holder - Tefcold FSC10008
UR200 Led Light Assembly Complete - Tefcold UR200G- Fridge
Internal LED/Canopy - Tefcold - Fridge - UF50G
LED - Tefcold - Fridge - UPD60
Complete Light Fitting With Tube - Tefcold BC85LM Fridge
Vertical Light Diffuser - Tefcold FSC10008 FS1200S
36W / 840 1200mm Triphos Tube - Tefcold - Chiller - SLDG725
Plain logo Panel - Tefcold - Fridge - FSC1200
Internal LED 445mm - Tefcold - Fridge - UF100GCP
LED Power Supply - Tefcold BA20H Fridge
LED Light - Tefcold BA20H Fridge
Fluorescent Tube Holder - Tefcold SCDG725
25w Light Bulb - Tefcold RK710 Fridge
Green Indicator Light - Tefcold GM500SS Chest
15w Fluorescent Tube - Tefcold FS1380
Lamp - Tefcold BA20H
Lamp Starter - Tefcold BA20H
Lamp - Tefcold BC145
Light Tube 14W T5 - Tefcold BA20HAL Chiller
Green Mains Light - Tefcold - Bottle Cooler - FS1380
Light Tube - Tefcold BA10H Bottle Cooler
Light Kit Flourescent (Complete Kit) Tefcold
Lamp Cover - Tefcold SLDG725 Fridge Lamp Cover
160mm LED Light (Top) - Tefcold UF50G Freezer
Standard Lamp - Tefcold UF50G Freezer
445mm LED Light (Side)- Tefcold UF50G Freezer
Upper lid - Tefcold IC200SD Freezer
Lower lid - Tefcold IC300SD Freezer
Upper lid - Tefcold IC300SD Freezer
Lower lid - Tefcold IC200SD Freezer
Lid (White) - Tefcold - Fridge - GM500
Lower Sliding Lid - Tefcold IC300SC Ice Cream Chiller
Lower Lid - Tefcold IC300SCEB Chest Freezer
Upper Lid - Tefcold IC300SCEB Chest Freezer
White Lid For Tefcold CF500
Stainless Steel Lid - Tefcold CF700S Chest Freezer
Lower Lid - Tefcold IC100SC Chest Freezer
Upper Lid - Tefcold IC100SC Chest Freezer
Lid for Evap Section - Tefcold RF710- Freezer
Lower Flat Glass Lid - Tefcold IC7SCE Freezer
Top Flat Glass Lid - Tefcold IC7SCE Freezer
White Lid - Tefcold FR405 GM400 Chest Freezer
Lower Lid - Tefcold - Chest Freezer - IC500SC
Upper Lid - Tefcold - Chest Freezer - IC500SC
White Lid - Tefcold - Fridge - GM500
Lock Assembly - Tefcold TFW365-2 TFW360-2 Fridge
Keys - Tefcold BA10H BA20HAL Fridge
Pair of Keys - Tefcold RK1420 RK710 Fridge
Key - Tefcold FSC1380 Freezer
In-Line Charging Valve - Tefcold SDU1375
Front Cover for Canopy Tefcold FSC1380 Fridge
Front Curved Canopy Glass - Tefcold - Freezer - IC300SCE
Side Cover Grill - Tefcold GM600 - Chiller
Bottom Grill - Tefcold - FS1380
IC Side Glass Holder Rear- Tefcold IC30SCE- Fridge
Screw for IC Side Glass Holder Rear- Tefcold IC30SCE- Fridge
White Canopy Cover - Tefcold - FSC1380
LED Light Power Supply - Tefcold - Fridge - UF50G
Evap Fan - Tefcold - Fridge - UR200S
Evaporator Fan Motor 100x100mm - Tefcold CK7210 Chiller
Evaporator Fan - Tefcold - Blast Chiller - BLC10
Evaporator Fan - Tefcold BC60- Chiller
Fan Motor Guard - Tefcold FS1380
SUPERSEDED Tefcold UF600 Fridge Condensor Fridge Motor
SUPERSEDED Fan Motor- Tefcold UR200 Fridge Condensor Fan Motor
SUPERSEDED Evaporator Fan Motor
Fan Motor - Valera/Tefcold FS1380 SCU1375 SDU1375
Evaporator Fan Cowling - Tefcold FS1380
SUPERSEDED Evaporator/ Condensor Fan Motor SCU1375
SUPERSEDED Evaporator/Condencer Fan Motor
SUPERSEDED Evap & Cond Fan Motor Assy (internal) -
Condensor fan motor - Tefcold BA20H
Evaporator Fan Motor - Tefcold CK7310 Chiller
Evaporator Fan Motor - Tefcold Fridge
Evaporator Fan 12v - Tefcold - Fridge - TFW160S
Evaporator Fan Motor - Tefcold CK7210 Fridge
Evaporator Fan Motor - Tefcold CK7310 CK7210 Fridge
Condenser Fan Motor - Tefcold CK7310 Fridge
Evaporator fan motor - Tefcold TFW375 Bottle
Evaporator fan motor - Tefcold VOC100BHS
Canopy Profile Washer - Tefcold - Freezer - IC300SCE
Canopy Rubber Washer - Tefcold - Freezer - IC300SCE
Bottom Vent Grill - Tefcold - Fridge - SC381
Canopy Frame - Tefcold UF200S
Logo Panel - Tefcold UF200S
Fascia - Tefcold - Fridge - UR200S
Sticker for control panel - Tefcold - Fridge - UR200S
Bottom Panel - Tefcold TFW360-2 Fridge
Grill - Tefcold
Top cover for Tefcold SA 920 fridge
Perspex White Cover - Tefcold SLDG725
Inner Control Panel - Tefcold FS1380
Fascia Panel - Tefcold UF200S
LH Top Glass Canopy Tefcold IC500SC
Bottom Plinth Tefcold URZ00S Fridge
Logo Panel - Tefcold - Fridge - FS80CP
Side Glass - Tefcold - Fridge - VK33
Logo Panel - Tefcold - Fridge - SLDG725
Grill - Tefcold SD1380 Fridge
Front Panel - Tefcold FS1380
Lower Glass - Tefcold Ice Cream Freezer
Fascia/Outer Control Panel - Tefcold UFFS370SD FS1280 Fridge
PCB Tefcold BC145-W Fridge
PCB - Tefcold SLDG700 GBO.6L6
SUPERSEDED Main controller - Tefcold RK710 Freezer
PCB - Tefcold TFW160S Wine Cooler
Circuit Board Tefcold TFW375 Fridge
PCB - Tefcold - TFW365-2
RCO420 - 3 in 1 Capacitor, relay starter complete.
Nut for cover hinge axis - Tefcold SS7300
Hinge Pin - Tefcold CK7410 Fridge
Shelf Clips - Tefcold BA20S Fridge
Control Panel Screw Cover - Tefcold FS1380
Corner Bracket - Tefcold - Freezer - IC300SCE
Canopy Screw Cover - Tefcold - Freezer - IC300SCE
Canopy Profile Screw - Tefcold - Freezer - IC300SCE
Range Probe (Internal Sensor) - Tefcold BLC10 - Chiller
Food Probe - Tefcold BLC14 Chiller
Lower Compartment Probe Tefcold TFW375 Wine
Probe for Controller Tefcold Fridge CK7210
Fridge Coil Probe - Tefcold CK7210
Wine Shelf - Tefcold FS1380W Fridge
SUPERSEDED - Tefcold SCU1375 Shelf 497mm - 485mm x 400mm
Wire Shelf - Tefcold SCU1375 Fridge
SUPERSEDED Large Wire Shelf (498 x 405mm) - Tefcold
Shelf c/w Supports - Tefcold CF7210 CK7310 SA920 Saladette
Shelf Brackets (pair of) - Tefcold Gastroline SA910 Fridge
Shelf - Tefcold FS1380 SS1380 Fridge
Shelf - Tefcold RK710 Fridge
SUPERSEDED Shelf 498x405mm - Tefcold FS1380
Evaporator Coil - Tefcold RK710 Chiller
Shelf - Tefcold RK500 Snack Unit
Shelf Support - Tefcold RK500 Snack Unit
Shelf- Tefcold Double Door Drinks cabinet - Shelf
SUPERSEDED Tefcold Fridge Shelf Runner - Pair ( Set x 2
Large Shelf - Tefcold UR200G
Bottom Shelf - Tefcold UR200G
Pair of Shelf Runners - Tefcold RK710 Fridge
SUPERSEDED Tefcold RK710 - Shelf with Runners
Small Shelf - Tefcold - Fridge - TM40 BLACK
Large Shelf - Tefcold - Fridge - TM40 BLACK
3 x 500L Tub Frame Support - Tefcold IC300SCE Freezer
4 Tub Frame Support - Tefcold IC300SCE Freezer
Shelf - Tefcold UR600 Fridge
Shelf - Tefcold Fridge SD1380
Shelf For Door - Tefcold TM40BLACK Chiller
Shelf c/w Clips - Tefcold - Fridge - UR550
Cond. Clip - Tefcold FS1380
Shelf Clip - Tefcold - Fridge - SLDG725
Shelf - Tefcold - Fridge - FSC1450
Shelf & Clips - Tefcold - Fridge - BA20S
Shelf - Tefcold - Fridge - TFW370
Shelf - Tefcold - Fridge - BA10H
Door Spring - Tefcold FSC1200S Fridge
Sliding Door Spring Tefcold BA30S Bottle
On/Off Switch 16amp 230v - Tefcold CK7310 BLC3 Fridge
Switch - Tefcold BA3053 Fridge Red Light Switch
Light switch - Tefcold FS1380 Fridge
Door Switch - Tefcold Blast Chiller
Thermostat PCB - Tefcold TM42G - Fridge
Controller Transformer DB48-C31 -Tefcold bottle cooler
Transformer - Tefcold - Fridge - UFSC370G
Transformer - Tefcold - Bottle Cooler - BA30
Temp Control Thermostat - Tefcold FS1380 Bottle Cooler
Thermostat - Tefcold UFG1380 UFSC370 Fridge
Thermometer - Tefcold FS1380 UFSC370SD Bottle Cooler
Thermostat - Tefcold IC300SCE IC200SCEB/MARSH Fridge
Thermostat - Tefcold - Fridge - SLDG725
1200mm Thermostat - Tefcold FS1380 SCU1375 Bottle Cooler
SUPERSEDED Tefcold SCU1375 Fridge - Thermostat
SUPERSEDED Internal thermostat - Tefcold FS1380
Thermostat - Tefcold BA20H
Thermostat - Tefcold CF400 Fridge
SUPERSEDED Thermostat - Tefcold SCU1380 Freezer
Thermostat - Tefcold SLDG700 Chiller
Thermostat - Tefcold
Thermostat Complete - TefcoldIC200
Thermostat - Tefcold UF100G Fridge