Company Details The Waters Genter Company invented the worlds first automatic pop-up toaster in 1926. Toastmaster Inc. was formed from these beginnings and now manufacture counter-top ovens, griddles and breadmakers

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Toastmaster Parts
Lamp - Toastmaster Oven
Thermostat Knob 150-450F - Toastmaster Oven
Timer Knob - Toastmaster Oven Range
Timer - Toastmaster Oven Range MH36D4
Door Spring - Toastmaster Oven Range
Switch Knob - Toastmaster Oven Range
Green Signal Light 480V - Toastmaster Oven
Hotplate 2600W 480V - Toastmaster Oven
Element 480V - Toastmaster Oven Range
Thermostat Knob - Toastmaster Oven Range
Eyebolt - Toastmaster Oven Range MH36D4
Amber Signal Light 480V - Toastmaster Oven
Switch 3HT - Toastmaster Oven Range
3 Pole Terminal Block - Toastmaster OvenRange
Thermostat - Toastmaster MH36D4 Oven Range
Thermostat, Deck Oven - Toastmaster Oven
Bracket for RFI Filter - Toastmaster TCO2114
RFI Filter - Toastmaster TCO2114 Toaster
Energy regulator - Toastmaster TC17 TC21A
Cooling fan 115V - Toastmaster TC14 Toaster
Motor fuse - 0.25A - Toastmaster TC14 TCO2114
Motor fuse - 0.5A - Toastmaster TCO2114
Element (top or bottom) - Toastmaster TCO2114 Toaster
Dual heating element 1200W/250W - Toastmaster
Dual heating element 1060W/250W - Toastmaster
Fuse 5A/600V - Toastmaster TCO2114 Toaster
Fan guard - Toastmaster TC14 TC17A TC21A
Toggle Switch - Toastmaster 19811A
Pilot Light Toastmaster TMGE48 Griddle
Thermostat Knob Toastmaster TMGE48 Griddle
Thermostat Toastmaster TMGE48 Griddle
Long Element Clamp Toastmaster TMGE48 Griddle
Short Element Clamp Toastmaster TMGE48
Heating Element Toastmaster TMGE48 Griddle
Hotplate 2600w/240v - Toastmaster
Retainer Ring - Toastmaster- Toaster
3 Position Power Switch Toastmaster Toaster
Brush & Cap Kit - Toastmaster TC17D Toaster
Bottom Heat Switch Toastmaster
Element for Toastmaster - TP424 c/w leads
Element - Toastmaster TRE36C3M Oven
Knob Assembly for Hotplate - Toastmaster
Transformer - Toastmaster TC02
Controller Menu - Toastmaster TC02
Knob - Toastmaster
Outer Element - Toastmaster
Axel - Toastmaster- Toaster
Toggle Switch - Toastmaster 19811A
Timer Knob - Toastmaster TRE361C1M Range
Switch - Toastmaster MH36 Oven
Hotplate - Toastmaster MH36 Oven
3-Heat Switch - Toastmaster Oven
Control Knob - Toastmaster Oven
Solid State Relay - Toastmaster TC02
Oven Control Knob - Toastmaster TRE36D1M
Cable Assembly - Toastmaster
Plate Latch - Toastmaster
Stepped Spacer - Toastmaster
Sheave - Toastmaster
Door Bushing - Toastmaster
Inner Element - Toastmaster - Oven - RH36
Outer Element - Toastmaster - Oven - RH36
Element - Toastmaster