True Refrigeration

Company Details True Refrigeration manufacture a line of refrigeration products for all requirements. For over 65 years True has been an industry leader in commercial refrigeration.

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True Refrigeration Parts
Evaporator Fan Blade - True GMD-45
Evaporator Blade - True - Fridge - TSSU48-12
White Shelf Stand Off - True T19 Fridge
Pack of 4 Shelf Clips - True TSSU278 TSSU4812 TAC-27K
Condensor Grill (back cover) - True - Fridge
Grill Plate - True T-19FZ Freezer
Kit c/w Start Capacitor and Relay True TAC48
Capacitor - True TSSU72-18 Fridge
Capacitor - True T-23 Chiller
Start Capacitor - True GMD-45 Fridge
Start Capacitor - True T19EFZ Freezer
Front Castor - True T19E Fridge
Unbraked 5"" Castor - True TSSU-72-18
Braked Castor 5" - True - Pizza Prep Table - TPP-67
Un-Braked Castor - True TPP67 Fridge
2.5"" Castor Unbraked - True TGU-2 Chiller
2.5"" Braked Castor - True TGU-2 Chiller
4"" Castor Unbraked - True TGU-2 Chiller
4"" Braked Castor - True TGU-2 Chiller
Set Of 4 Castors - True T19F TWT-60 Fridge
Compressor - True - TGU-2F
Compressor - True T19FZ Fridge
Compressor - T-49F - KAJB-010E-CAG - True
Compressor - True T-35F Fridge
Compressor - True T19FZ Freezer
Compressor AE820JT- 1/3 HP Gas404 - True
Compressor - True T49 Fridge
Compressor - True T19E Fridge
Compressor - True TSSU-48-18MB
Condensor Coil True TSSU-60-16 Fridge
Condensor Coil - True Fridge
Condensing Unit - True - Fridge - TSSU4812
Digital Controller Kit - True Fridge
Temperature control - True TRCB52 Fridge
SUPERSEDED Temperature Display - True TSSU-40-12
Digital Controller - True GDM49F T-49FZ T-23 Freezer
Round Temperature Display - True T49 T-19E
Temperature Display - True TSSU-48-12
SUPERSEDED Round Temp Display - True - Fridge - T49F
Overload Protection - True - T23FZ
Temp Display Assembly - True TSSU-48-12 Chiller
Thermostat - True T-49 T-19E Fridge
Temperature Display & Sensor - True T19E T19FZ Fridge
Evaporator Drain Nozzle - True NE6160Z Fridge
Top R/H Centre Door Hinge - True TGU-3 Fridge
Bottom R/H Centre Door Hinge - True TGU-3
L/H Door c/w hinges and bushing - True
Top Hinge Kit - True T-49 Fridge
Door (Right Hand Hinged) - GDM35 Fridge - True
Door (Left Hand Hinged) - GDM35 Fridge- True
Door Locator Pin - True T-49 Fridge
Bottom Hinge True GDM23 Fridge
Thermostat - True T49 Fridge
Door Key - True T-49 Upright Fridge - Door Key (Set of 2)
Bottom Right hand Door Hinge -True TSSU-48-12
Top Right Hand Door Hinge - True TSSU-48-12
Top Left hand Door Hinge Kit - True TSSU-48-12 TSSU-60-116
Bottom Left hand Door Hinge - True TSSU-48-12
Top Hinge - True GDM-23 Fridge
Bottom L/H Hinge - True TGU2 Fridge
L/H Door - True TSSU-60-24M-B-ST Fridge
R/H Glass Door - True - Fridge - GDM-72F
Bottom Hinge Kit - True T-49 Fridge
R/H Hinged S/S Door - True T-23 Fridge
L/H Door - True T-23 Fridge
L/H Hinged Door Grill Kit - True T-19E Fridge
Top L/H Door Hinge - True - Fridge - TSSU7218
Left Hinged Centre Door - True - Fridge - TSSU-72-18
Top Right Door Hinge- True TSSU-48-12- Fridge
Top Left Door Hinge - True TSSU-48-12- Fridge
Door Jamb w/ screws - True - GDM37HL
'V' Roller Kit - True - GDM37HL
'V' Track - True - GDM37HL
Top LH Door Hinge - True TBB-4 Chiller
Top Right Hand Hinge - True TBB-4 Chiller
Top Centre Door Hinge - True TBB-4 Chiller
Right Door - True TBB-4 Chiller
Left Door - True TBB-4 Chiller
Right Hinged Door - True TUC-27F Freezer
Lock & 2 Keys - True T-19E T-19FZ Fridge
Set of 2 Keys - True T-19E
Door (no lock) - True TPP-60
Drain Elbow - True TSSU60-16 Chiller
Drain Pan Heater - True TGW-2F T-19EFZ Fridge
Evaporator Drip Tray - True T19E
Wicking Kit (for Condensate Tray) - True T-19 Fridge
Absorbant Pads for Tray - True TSSU-48-12 Fridge
Condensate Drip Tray - True TUC-24-HC
Condensate Tray/Pan - True TSSU-60-16 TWT-60 Fridge
Condensate Drip Tray - True T-23 T-19FZ Fridge
Evaporator Drip Tray - True T23
600w Heater True T-19FZ Fridge
Element - True - Freezer - T-19EFZ
Drain Line Heater - True - T-49FZ
Defrost Heater - True - Freezer - T-23DT
Defrost Heater Element - True T-19FZ Freezer
Drain Line Heater - True T-19FZ Freezer
Door Frame Heater - True GDM-72F 3 Door
Door Frame Heater - True GDM-72F 3 Door
Capillary - True TSSU-48-12 Fridge
Evaporator Coil - True - TRCB-52
Evaporator Coil - True TGU-2 Fridge
Evaporator Coil - True TM-52 Fridge
Evaporator - True T19E
Evap Coil - True - Fridge - TNT36
Evaporator Coil - True TPP/93
Evaporator - True T35 Fridge
Evaporator Coil - True TSSU-60-16 Fridge
Evaporator Coil - True T-19 Chiller
Evaporator Coil - True TSSU-48-8 fridge
Evaporator - True TSSU-72-18 Fridge
Evaporator - True TSSU278 Chiller
Evaporator - True T-23 Fridge
Capillary - True TSSU-72-18 Fridge
Evaporator Coil - True T-49
Foot - True T-23 Chiller
Door Seal - True - Model: T72
Drawer Seal - True TSSU-48-D2 Chiller
Drawer Seal - True TUC93D6 Fridge
Door Seal - True TM24 Freezer
Door Seal - True T-49F Fridge
Door Seal - True TPP-44 Fridge
Door Gasket - True T12
Door Seal - True - TUC-24
Small Door Seal - True - TPP-60
Door Seal - True - TSSU-16-60
Door Seal - True TSSU-27-08 Chiller
Door Seal Kit - True - GDM37HL
Door Seal - True - Fridge - TPP44
Gasket - True TUC-36 Fridge
Door Seal - True - Fridge - T-15
Door Seal - True - Fridge - TUC-27G
Seals - True GDM/69 - Chiller 3 door unit
Drawer Seal True TSSU-60-16D-4 Fridge
Door Gasket - True T12F
Drawer Seal True TRCB/79 Fridge
Top Door Gasket - True TS-23G-2
Bottom Door Gasket - True TS-23G-2
Door Seal - True Fridge 2 door T-52-TM
Door Seal 723 x 657mm - True TSSU6016 Fridge
Door Gasket 571 x 657mm - True TSSU-72-18 TSSU-48-1PM-B Fridge
Door Seal - True TPP67 TPP93 Chiller
SUPERSEDED Door Gasket - True TSSU7218 Refrigeration
Door Gasket - True TSSU278 TDI-27-8
Door Gasket - True T35 Fridge
Door Seal - True TSSU36-8 TWT36 Fridge
Door Seal - True GDM-35F Fridge
Door Gasket (1378mm x 676mm) - True T-23 T19
Door Gasket - True TSSU-60-16 TSSU60-15 T56U-60-16
Door Gasket - True TSSU-48-12 TWT48 TWT72 Salad Bar
Door Gasket 650mm x 1375mm - True T-49 Fridge
SUPERSEDED Door seal - True GDM35 T-35 Fridge
SUPERSEDED True Refrigeration Door Gasket TSSU6016
SUPERSEDED True Refrigeration Door Gasket TPP93
Door Gasket True TPP60 Fridge
Door Gasket (1362mm x 670mm) - True T23 T19E T49
Drawer Seal True TRCB-52 Fridge
Door Gasket - True GDM-23RF
Rubber Door Seal - True 3 Door Fridge/ 2 Door Fridge
Door Gasket - True TB-3G-S Chiller
Drawer Seals - True TSSU 2708 D2 Fridge
Door Gasket - True TBB-24-48G-S-LD Fridge
Handles (set of two) - True - T19F
Door Handle Kit - True T23 T19SZ TSSU72-48 Fridge
Cold Well Lid Handle - True TPP-60 Fridge
Door Handles (set of 3) - True TSSU-72-18
S/Steel Handle - True TSSU72-18 Fridge
Hose - True - T-19FZ
Condenser Shroud - True - Fridge - TGU3
Fan Motor Shroud - True T-35 Chiller
Lamp Holder - True GMD-45
Lamp Holder - True GMD-45
Internal light cover - True T23 Fridge
Internal light cover - True T23 Fridge
Lamp Holder - True GDM-35 Fridge
Lamp Holder Sleeve - True GDM-35 Fridge
Light Holder (Bottom) - True GDM-35
Lamp 20v8 - True TR1R-1S
Lamp Holder - True GDM35+5 Chiller
White Light Cover - True GDM-9E Fridge
Silver Light Cover - True GDM-9E Fridge
Light Bulb - True T35 Fridge
Light Switch - True - GDM19
Light Cover - True GDM-35 Fridge
Lamp Cover - True - T23F
Lid - True TSSU-27-8
Bracket - True GBM-23
Grommet - True T-19E Fridge
Elbow - True Fridge
Chopping Board - True TSSU-72-18 Fridge
Chopping Board Holding Pin - True TSSU-60-16 Fridge
Front s/s Grill - True - Fridge - T-23F
White Cutting Board - True TSSU 27-8 Fridge
Condensate Tray- True TGU-3-HC- Chiller
Crankcase Regulating - True T35FZ Fridge
Plain White Canopy - True - Fridge - GDM-9
Plain Black Canopy - True - Fridge - GDM-9
Canopy - True Stripe Canopy - True - Fridge - GDM-9
Black Right Side Cap - True - Fridge - GDM-9
Black Left End Cap - True - Fridge - GDM-9
Chopping Board True TPP-60 Fridge
Pin Head Pane - True TSSU278 Fridge
Cutting Board - TSSU278 True Fridge
Overload - True T19EFZ Freezer
Chopping board (white) - True TSSU-60-16 fridge
Chopping board - True TSSU/48/12 Chiller
Condenser Grill Cover (black) - True GDM35
Line Set - True TSSU 4812 (goes with 914920 -
5 Amp Breaker - True - TF19FZ - Fridge
Start Component Kit - True - TF19FZ - Freezer
Condenser Fan Motor 9w - True Freezer T19EFZ T-19E T23
Evaporator Fan Motor - True T-23 Fridge
Accumulator - True T35 Fridge
Condensor Fan Motor - True TGU-2F Fridge
Evaporator Motor Fan Blade - True T-19EFZ
Condensor Fan Motor Guard True T-19E Fridge
Evaporator SP-B9HBA26 Fan Motor - True T-19FZ T-12F
Evaporator Fan Motor - True T23 T49 Fridge
Condenser Fan Motor Blade - True T49-F Freezer
True Fridge T23 Evaporator Motor Fan Blade
Condenser/Evaporator Fan Motor - True T49-F T-49FZ Fridge
SUPERSEDED True TWT27 Evap Fan Motor
Condenser fan motor - True T35FZ Freezer
Condensor Fan Motor Blade - True Fridge
Evaporator Fan Motor - True TGU-2 Fridge
Condenser Motor - True TGU3
Fan Guard - True - TPP-60
Fan Blade - True T35FZ
Condensor Fan Blade - True GDM-33 Chiller
Condenser Fan Motor 60hz 115v - True
Condensor Fan Motor - True GDM-23 Upright Display Chiller
Motor, Blade, Bracket, Shroud - True - Fridge - TAC-27K
Grill Fascia - True - Fridge - TUC93D6
Grill Fascia - True - Fridge - T-23
Lower Vent Grill Panel (w/ clips) - True T49 Fridge
Chopping Board True TSSU-72-18 Fridge
Back Screen Kit - True TWT48 Fridge
Kick Plate (Grill) - True NEK6160Z T-19E Fridge
Shroud - True - Fridge - TSSU-72-18
Bracket for condenser Motor - True TSSU-48-12D-2 Fridge
Heater Safety - True T-19FZ - Freezer
Relay - True T-49FZ
Relay - True TSSU72-18 GDM35 Fridge
Overload - True T-23 Chiller
Relay - True T-23 Chiller
Relay - True T19EFZ Freezer
Female Clips to hold the grill - True T19E
Male Clips to hold the grill - True T19E
Lid Liner / Thermostat Screw - True - Pizza Prep Table - TPP-67
Defrost Heater Clip - True T19FZ Freezer
Screw for Fan Guard - True - TPP-60
Narrow Gap White Wire Shelf w/ clips - True GDM19 Fridge
L/H Shelf - True TPP67 Fridge
Shelf & 4 Clips - True T-35 Fridge
Shelf (with 4 clips) - True - T-23DT
Slides - True T23 - Upright Chiller
Shelf (w/ Clips) - True - T35
White Wire Shelf C/W Clips - True GDM23 Fridge
White Shelf c/w Clips - True - T-49
Shelf with Slides - True - T49
Standard White Shelf w/ clips - True T-19EFZ Fridge
Shelf - True T19-FZ Chiller
Shelf Racks c/w Screws - True T-19 Fridge
Shelf - True GDM33 Chiller
Shelf - True TUC-27 Chiller
Grey Shelf - True T-19E Fridge
Stand Off - True T-19E Fridge
Shelf & 4 Clips - True T49 Fridge
SUPERSEDED Pack of 4 Shelf Clips - True T19-E Fridge
Shelf Kit - True T19-E Fridge
Shelf- True T-23 Fridge Shelf - Held by x 4 Clips
R/H Shelf - True TSSU7218 TSSU4812 Fridge
Centre shelf - True TSSU7218 Fridge
L/H Shelf - True TSSU7218 TSSU4812 Fridge
Shelf & Hooks - True GDM/35 Fridge
R/H Shelf - True - Fridge - TSSU6016
Shelf Kit - True T19E Chiller
Side Shelf Runner/Ladderrack - True T19E Fridge
Shelf - True Fridge - GDM-19T
Shelf Kit (c/w 4x clips) - True T19FZ Fridge
Shelf Kit - True Fridge - T49
Shelf - True GDM-23 Fridge
Grey Shelf c/w Clips - True - T-49
Spring for Hinge - True T49 GDM-23 Fridge
Fan Light Switch - True T19Z Freezer
Switch, Defrost termination & Fan delay -
Fan Delay Switch - True T-19FZ TGU3F Fridge
Rocker Switch - True T-23 Fridge
Defrost Termination Switch - True TGU-2F Freezer
Defrost timer - True T19EFZ Freezer
8 Hour Defrost Timer - True T-19FZ Freezer
Defrost Timer - True T23F T35FZ Fridge
Defrost Timer - True T49F T49FZ Fridge
Transformer - True - Chiller - TSSU-48-12
Thermostat - True TSSU-48-12 Fridge
Thermostat - True GDM-23RF GDM23 Fridge
Thermostat - True T-35FZ T-19FZ Freezer
Thermostat - True TSSU 4812 Fridge
SUPERSEDED Thermostat - True T35 T49 T19E TS23 Fridge
Thermostat - True T/19EFZ Freezer
Thermostat - True T49F Freezer EN60730-2-9
SUPERSEDED Thermostat - True GDM-9E Fridge
Thermostat - True TSSU-72-18 Fridge
Thermostat - True T-60 TSSU-48-12 Fridge
Thermostat - True T23F Fridge
Thermostat - True T49 T-19E Fridge
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