Company Details Ubert has been serving the catering industry since its inception in 1965. Ubert utilises the latest technology in design, development and testing, manufacturing a range of fryers, rotisseries and food cabinets.

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Ubert Parts
Crossflow Fan Motor - Ubert DHT51C DHT31C Hot Cupboard
SUPERSEDED Ubert MP205 Grill Fan Motor
Contactor Ubert Bain Marie DHD31
4.5kwt Element - Ubert RT307DE Oven Range
Relay- Mareno Relay
Lamp Socket - U-Bert DHT-51 Hot Food Counter
Thermostat controller c/w probe - U-Bert
1kwt Infrared Lamp - Ubert RT303/305 Rotisary
Bulb - CR40 Ubert Rotisserie
Ceramic Heater Ubert DSHST-51 Hot Counter
Element Ubert DSHST-51 Hot Counter
Digital Controller - Ubert DHT31 DHT41 Heated Display Unit
Top guide bar - Ubert DHT-51 Hot Counter
Bottom Guide Bar for Sliding Doors - Ubert DHT-51 Hot Counter
Bottom Rear Door Clamp Profile c/w Castors - Ubert DHT-51 Hot Counter
Probe - Ubert DHT-51REL Oven
Left Hand Sliding Door Ubert DHT31 Heated
Right Hand Sliding Door Ubert DHT31 Heated
Bottom Door Runner Ubert DHT31 Heated
Top Door Runner Ubert DHT31 Heated
SUPERSEDED Halogen Bulb (Food Grade) - Ubert Rotisserie
SUPERSEDED Probe - Ubert DHT-51 Hot Display Cabinet
SUPERSEDED Controller - Ubert DHT-51 Hot Display Cabin
Fan Motor w/Blade - Ubert Chicken Rotisserie
Fan Blade - Ubert Chicken Rotisserie
Thermostat - Ubert CD Combi Ego Thermostat - 55.13254.040
155mm x 130mm Heating Element 2Kwt - Ubert Oven
Runner Wheel - Ubert DHT-51 Hot Counter
Side Glass Panel - Ubert DHT-31 Hot Food Counter
Dew Basin - Ubert DKT-51 Oven
Sliding Door Assembly - Ubert - Heated Display - DHT31
Heating Element - Ubert Hot Counter
Left Door - Ubert DHT-51 Hot Cupboard
Right Door - Ubert DHT-51 Hot Cupboard
Silicone Clamp Profile (per meter) - Ubert DHT-51 Hot Cupboard
Element - Ubert - Chicken Rotisserie - RT-305S
150W Halogen Bulb - U-Bert DHT-51 Hot Food Counter
Outlet Tap Headwork c/w Handle - Ultima Water Heater
Hotplate - Ubert PF600SGES-0710-124
Green Neon - Ubert RT-306 Rotisserie
Thermometer - Ubert DHT31 Heated Cabinet
Digital Control - Ubert DKT-71 Oven
Element - Ubert - Rotisserie - CR40
Wired Basket - Ubert - Grill - RT305
Amber Neon - Ubert RT-306 Rotisserie
Blower Motor - Ubert RT-306 Rotisserie
Knurled Nut for Fan Cover Assy - Ubert RT-306 Rotisserie
Control Panel - Beta 250/251
Door Glass 565mm x 528mm - Ubert Rotisserie
Heating Element 2kw - Ubert - Oven - RT505E
L/H Sliding Door - Ubert DHT-41 Hot Cupboard
RH Side Sliding Door - Ubert - Hot Cupboard - DHT-41
Seal - U-Bert DHT-51 Hot Food Counter
Rubber Door Stopper - Ubert DHT-41 Hot Food Counter
Gas Valve - Ubert D-46348 - Griddle Plate
Shaft Assembly 540x14mm - Ubert RT-304 Rotisserie
Heating Element 2200W 240V Bent Version - Ubert Bain Marie
Rocker Switch 4 Postitions - Ubert Rotisserie
Front Glass Assembly - Ubert - Deli Cabinet - DHT51BJ2015
Guide Bar Top - Ubert Hot Cupboard
Guide Bar Bottom - Ubert Hot Cupboard
Wheel (Slding Doors) - Ubert Hot Counter
Thermostat - Ubert RT-306 Rotisserie
Over Current Release - Ubert RT-306 Rotisserie
Control Knob - Ubert RT-306 Rotisserie
Grease Guid Plate Assy(Single) - Ubert RT-306 Rotisserie
Terminal Block 4QMM 4-Pole - Ubert RT-406
Rail Terminal Block, Dual, Isolated - Ubert RT-406