Company Details In 1946 Ugolini was formed producing the world's smallest cold drinks dispenser. At the forefront of technology Ugolini continued to invent the first Granita machine, the hot drinks dispenser, the Sherbet machine and the Bag in Box dispenser and carries on pushing the limits of drink dispensing.

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Ugolini Parts
Pump Housing - Ugolini HT 11-20 Juice Machine
Tube- Ugolini HT 11-20 Juice Dispenser Spray Tube
Faucet Cover - Ugolini HT 11-20 Juice Machine
Push Handle - Ugolini HT11-20 Juice Machine
Bush - Ugolini
Bush - Ugolini Slush Machine
Red Faucet Cover Arctic - Ugolini Juice Dispenser
Perspex bowl - Ugolini Minigel Ice Cream
Bowl - Ugolini Juice Machine
Bowl Lid - Ugolini Juice Machine - Arctic Deluxe
20L Bowl - Ugolini Juice Dispenser
3 Litre Bowl - Ugolini Hot Chocolate Machine
5 Litre Bowl - Ugolini Hot Chocolate Machine
Motor Bracket - Ugolini
Capacitor - Ugolini Drinks Dispenser
Compressor GD40MB
Plastic Container - Ugolini MT2GL Slush Machine
12L Tank/Container - Ugolini Drinks Dispenser
Condensor - Ugolini Minigel Drinks Dispenser
Evaporator Drip Tray - Ugolini MT2 Slush Machine
Drip Tray- Ugolini Arctic Compact 12/2
Drip Tray - Ugolini Juice Machine
Drip Tray Cover - Ugolini Juice Machine
Drip Tray Cover - Ugolini NT Slush Machine Drip Tray Cover
Delay Electric Device 1-2-3 BOWLS L/UL - Ugolini MT2GLF Slush Machine
Gasket - Ugolini Cold Drinks Dispenser Bowl Gasket
Rubber Seal for Hopper - Ugolini Slush Mach.
SUPERSEDED Container Gasket - Ugolini MT2GL Slush Machine
Gear Motor - Ugolini MINIGEL/16 Ice Cream Machine
2nd Gear - Ugolini MT2GLS Slush Machine
1st Gear - Ugolini MT2GLS Slush Machine
Faucet Handle - Ugolini Minigel Ice Cream
Black Handle - Ugolini
Faucet Push Handle- Ugolini 12/2 AA - Juice Machine
Push handle - Ugolini HT10 HT11 HT20 Drinks
Tap Lever - Ugolini HT11-20 Juice Dispenser
Red Tap Handle 'Pull' Ugolini Slush (Twin)
Push Handle - Ugolini Juice Machine
Red Push Handle - Ugolini Drinks Dispenser
Bend Tube - Ugolini Drinks Dispenser
Spray Tube - Ugolini
Arm - Ugolini
Hose - Ugolini HT 20/2 Cold Drinks Dispenser
Rubber Pinch Tube - Ugolini HT20/3W Juice Machine
Spray Tube for 12L Bowl - Ugolini
Outlet Pipe for 20l Bowl - Ugolini Juice Dispenser
Push Handle for Pinch Tube - Ugolini
Impellor - Ugolini Arctic Compact 12/2
Pump Impellor - Ugolini Juice Dispenser
Pump Impeller - Ugolini HT11-20 Juice Machine
Pump Impeller - Ugolini HT11-20 Juice Machine
Pump Impellor - Ugolini Drink Machine
12/20L Bowl Cover - Ugolini Juice Dispenser
Motor Magnet - Ugolini
Outer Spiral/Paddle - Ugolini MT2GL Slush Machine
Top Cover - Ugolini - Minigel Plus
Magnetic Drive - Ugolini MT2 Slush Machine
Central Pivot - Ugolini Juice Dispenser
Paddle - Ugolini 03N09
Motor Gear Box Complete Ugolini MT2GL
Pump Motor - Ugolini Juice Dispenser
Motor - Ugolini HD105 Hot Drink Dispenser
Gear Motor - Ugolini Juice Machine
230v Gear Motor - Ugolini MT2GL Slush Machine
240v Gear Motor - Ugolini MT2GL MT29L Slush Machine
Motor 115v 60hz 55w - Ugolini
Fan Motor 220-240v 50-60hz - Ugolini ARTIC COMPACT12/1
Pump Motor - Ugolini
Pump/ Fan Motor 25W 220-230V 50/60Hz - Ugolini Drinks Dispenser
Pump Motor 220v 60hz - Ugolini
Silicone Gasket - Ugolini Juice Dispenser
Bowl Gasket - Ugolini Juice Machine
Bowl Gasket - Ugolini Juice Dispenser
O-Ring - Ugolini juice dispenser
Faucet Piston O-Ring - Ugolini MT2GL Slush Machine
Cover for Draining - Ugolini Minigel 1 Ice Cream Machine
Opposite Faucet Side Panel - Ugolini Minigel 1 Ice Cream Machine
Main Relay Board Ugolini MT3GLS Slush Machine
Main Relay Board Ugolini MT3GLS Slush Machine
Pump Housing - Ugolini Drink Machine HT11
Pin - Ugolini
Shaped Nut - Ugolini MT29L Slush Machine
Cover for Bush - Ugolini
Density Adjustment Screw - Ugolini MT29L Slush Machine
Bolt - Ugolini
Pin Faucet Handle- Ugolini Minigel Ice Cream
Faucet Spring - Ugolini Juice Dispenser
Faucet Spring- Ugolini Minigel Ice Cream
Spring - Ugolini MT29L Slush Machine
Push Handle - Ugolini Juice Dispenser
Handle Spring - Ugolini
Tap / Faucet Spring - Ugolini HT 11-20 Juice Machine
Switch 3-position - Ugolini
Switch Cover - Ugolini Juice Dispenser
Thermostat - Ugolini Juice Dispenser
Rocker Switch - Ugolini Juice Dispenser
On/Off Switch - Ugolini Juice Machine
Faucet Cover - Ugolini
Faucet Piston - Ugolini
Tap Assembly - Ugolini HT10/1A
Faucet Piston- Ugolini Minigel Ice Cream Machine
Thermostat - Ugolini MT2GL - Slush Machine
Thermostat - Ugolini HT11/2 Drink Dispenser
K50L3218 Thermostat - Ugolini Juice Machine