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Universal Parts
37mm x 385mm Universal Drain Plug - Colged LP105 Dishwasher
Simmerstat Control Knob
Digital Fridge Controller 230v - REK31ED
Tubing - 5mm x 8mm - 2 metre length
Insert for glasses 400mm x 400mm
500mmx500mmx106mm Universal Plate Basket
1/2" Gas Hose Quick Release
SUPERSEDED Simmerstat/Thermostat 220-250v 16
Universal Thermocouple 1200mm
Neon 10mm 240v Red
Regrit / Reliner Kit Potato Peeler
Slicer Sharpening Stone
Universal Stone Coarse - Meat Slicer
Sealing Ring - Water Softener - LT12
SUPERSEDED Bain Marie Heat Lamp Power Regulator
1/2" Yellow Gas Hose 1 mtr Quick Release
3/4" Commercial Gas Hose 1 Metre
3/4" Flex Gas Hose 1500mm long
500mm x 500mm Open Dishwasher basket
Simmerstat Control 41ER110B1 41ER110B1
QVR/S-RFI-TB Energy Regulator for Heat Lamps & Elements
Open Riser (glasses rack) - Electrolux WT37
Silicone Rubber Heater Mat 450x350mm
Drain Tap 1 1/2" Boiling Kettle
Thermostat 130-190C 830G 117/6
500mm x 500mm x 100mm Flat d/w basket
Hi-limit Thermostat - Market Forge Braising
Operating Capacitor - Capacity 8µF 400v tolerance 5%
Booster Pump Inlet ø 3/8" IT Outlet ø 3/8" IT Type
Rinse Aid Tubing - 2m 4mm ED ø 6mm
Universal Drive Belt - ISORAN PIRELLI 220XL037 G4
SUPERSEDED Total Regrit 28LB Peerler
Fryer Basket (310mm x 210mm x 130mm)
Fryer Basket L=290mm x W=330mm x H=120mm
Fryer Basket
SUPERSEDED Fryer Basket 200mm x 280mm
SUPERSEDED 3/Pole Limiter 295C 1770 128/4
Pasta Basket - L 295mm x W 100mm x H 150mm GN2/8
SUPERSEDED 500mm x 500mm x 100mm with pegs
SUPERSEDED Halogen Infrared Heat lamp 120mm
500 Wt Double Jacketed Halogen Heat Lamp 118m
Halogen Heat Lamp 500w High Pressure 120mm
Halogen Quartz Infra Red Heat Lamp - X6-CC533
300wt Push In Halogen Heat Lamps 219mm
1000wt IR Lamps with leads
1000wt IR Double Jacket Heat Lamp 345mm
Copper Heat Shade - Food Use
Solenoid Valve 351 220/240V
Askoll 40w 240v Drain Pump 40wt 240v - Universal
22mm Round Pin Piezo Ignitor
SUPERSEDED Simmerstat/Thermostat 220-250v
30amp Porcelain 3 way Connector
Gas Spring - Hackman Viking Kettle
Ceramic Long Wave Infrared Heating Element
Hewigo Frying Range - Temperature Probe
Dimmer Switch- A13202E QVR Energy Regulator
Silicone Rubber Heat Mat 280mm x 400mm
450mm x 450mm 600wt 240v Heat Mat
330mm x 550mm 400wt Heat Mats2 Meter leads f
500mm x 400mm - 1 Kwt Leads from short end
Heat Mat 950 x 425 600wt
SUPERSEDED Detergent tube 1 meter length
Sleeving 400mm - 1 metre Length
Detergent Pump - New Number OS0705
Universal 40wt Fan Assembly - Zanussi 134740
Gas Control Valve
Universal Thermocouple c/w interuptor
Split Nut for Thermocouple
Fryer Basket - 11.5" x 13" - Silko Fryer
Glasswasher Detergent Pump - Seko
Balloon Whisk - Benbo U624 Mixer
300 Wt Halogen Reflector c/w Jacketed Heat Lamp 118mm
Halogen Heat Lamp 150wt 240v 120mm
Dishwasher Detergent / Rinse Aid Pump Hose
Universal Dishwasher Detergent Peristaltic
Insert- Universal Wash Jet Insert
LT12 Dishwasher External Water Softener DVA
Lid - Vogue S/Steel 1/1 Gastronorm
SUPERSEDED Lamp 500w 219mm Clip Fitting
500/300 Heat Mat 500w leads on short side no
490mm x 440mm Heat 500Wts Mat C/W centre lead
FM-25W 25 Watt Universal Fridge Motor
1400mm x 400mm 800Wt Heat Mat
Universal Fryer Basket - 235mm x 130mm x 105mm
SUPERSEDED Electrode - Universal
Thermocouple Universal - 1800mm
Knife/Blade - Size 12 - 4 Bladed St/St Knife
FIR 2211.1410 Universal Rinse Pump
Universal Control Knob
Red Bipolar Rocker Switch 250V 16A (30x22mm)
Standard Riser for Dishwasher Basket
Fryer Basket - 260x130x100
Fryer Basket - 220mm x 260mm x 100mm
Fryer Basket - 200x230x110(H)
Fryer Basket 200mm X 200mm x 270 mm x105(H)
Chrome Plated Fryer Basket 185mm x 270mm
Universal Fryer Basket 160 x 340mm
SUPERSEDED 4 x 6mm Detergent Tube per metre
Caster 125mm - Non-Brake
Heavy Duty Tap Spring - Water Boiler
Control Knob - 1-8 Minisit
SUPERSEDED Water Softener Unit 8 litre
Wire Plate Rack ( 500 x 500 ) square plastic coated wire
Glass Divider (16 section) - 105mm
3/4" Water Softener Valve Tap - Maidaid DVA6 LT12
Universal Rinse Jet Clamp - Dishwasher
12" 300mm High 1.5" Waste Upstand Complete
SUPERSEDED 3/4"""" Gas Hose Quick Release 1 Metre Long
3/8 Flare Drier - Vanstock
Pizza Oven Stone
Interruptor Thermocouple M9 x 600mm
Thermostat - Market Forge Braising Pan
QVR/S Electronic Energy Reg
Size 32 Mincer Plate 3mm Hole
Stainless Steele Knife/Blade For A Salvvador MINCER 42
SUPERSEDED Thermostat 30-93C 1730G 92/6
30amp Porcelain Connector 2 Way
Porcelain 2 way Connector 15amp
Control Knob 30-110c
SUPERSEDED Three Phase Thermostat 95-185
1/2" Commercial Gas Hose 1.5 Meter
500wt Push In Halogen Heat Lamps 219mm
Piezo Ignitor - Imperial - CIR-6
300W Single Jacket Heat Lamp - HH188
Lamp Holder for 1000Wt Push Fit Heat Lamp
1000wt Halogen Heat Lamp - Jacketed - Push Fit 350mm
500 Wt Halogen reflector & heat lamp
Heat Lamp Reflector 150mm x 90mm - 120m Bulb
Quartz Gantry Lamp - 200W IR JKT
High Pressure Lamps/Bulb 200 Watt 120mm
300Wt High Pressure Lamp 120mm
Heat Lamp - 120mm Long 300wt Moffat VGN299
SF Model Tap 1/2"" Complete Tap
SUPERSEDED Minisit Valve 1.75 metre
Heated Gantry 500w Halogen Lamp Holder 217mm
5mm Holed Grater Plate
100mm Castor - Unbraked, bolt through
Halogen Lamp Holder suitable for 300 & 500wt
Flat Fibre Gasket
Universal Fryer Basket 290mm x 165mm x 120mm
Fryer Basket 255mm x 230mm x 120mm
Glasses Rack - Electrolux WT37 Dishwasher
Glasses Rack - Dishwasher
Roller Strike Offset 19 to 38.1mm
Roller Srike Offset 44.5 to 63.5mm
SUPERSEDED Temperature Sensor
Universal Air Chamber - Falcon DH18E C50 Dishwasher
Dishwasher Basket 500x500x106mm
Cutlery Insert - Dishwasher Basket
Fryer Basket - 160mm x 360mm
Pizza Oven Stone Base Plate
Drain Tap 1¼" - Boiling Pan
Fryer basket - 130mm x 310mm x 120mm
Fryer Basket - 190mm x 245mm
Complete lid - LT12 LT16 LT8 Water Softener
300W Jacketed Heat Lamp 217mm
Cylinder Locking Body, Heavy Spring -
Bespoke Element - 73"" 240V Pan Shape
SUPERSEDED Universal Control Simmerstat - 50.59070.04
DPVRF Power regulator - (clip in wires )
Size 8 Mincer Plate With 8mm Holes
SUPERSEDED Heat Lamp - Double Jacket 120mm Long 300wt
500W Jacketed Heat Lamp 217mm long HH210
Hose Connector
Universal basket - 290mm x 215mm x 120mm
10" 250mm High 1.5" Waste Upstand Complete
Oven Door Handle Latch Mountin Distach 133mm
217mm 500W Single Jacket Heat Lamp - HH188
Silicon Heat Mat 300mm x 300mm 250wt 90 Deg
100w High Pressure Lamp 120mm
350Wt 240v 8mm U Bend Element
Dishwasher Glass Rack
Fryer Basket 250x200x100 Chrome-Plated Steel
Fryer Basket - Fri Fri Eco 6 Fryer
Lamp Holder - Suitable for 120mm long Lamp
Element 96"" 2.5kwt 240v 8mm U Shape
Element 96"" 2.3kwt 240v 8mm U Shape
350wt 240v 390mm x 340mm Self Adhesive 2mtr
FS-11 Starter for Fluorescent Lights - Autonumis JH
300Wt Quartz Heat Lamp ES
Heat Resistant Cable - 1.5mm x 10m Roll
T-piece - Dishwasher
Tap cartridge - Water Boiler
Detergent & Rinse Aid Non Return Filter ( Foot Valve )
Halogen 500w Food Heat Lamp
1000wat Halogen Lamp Holder 345mm
38mm x 287mm Universal Drain plug - Maidaid D1010 Dishwasher
Thermocouple fixing nut
Fryer Basket - 160mm x 310mm x 120mm
Thermocouple - 90cm
Burner Cap - Euro 975
Universal rocker switch
Infrared lamp - Short wave 1kw - 240v - 280mm
Red rocker switch - Universal
Plastic T-piece - Dishwasher (Universal)
Splashguard for backflow guard - Universal
Fryer Basket 200 x 295 x 105mm
Heating element 1000 W 230 V L248mm W36mm Bain Marie
SUPERSEDED 10W Fan motor - Universal
16W Fan motor - Universal
Fryer Basket 210x300x115mm
Manual water softner 8L 3/8""
2-contactor with aux 110kw 400v LC1-F225
Knob Black for Thermostat 0-90 / TR/2
Protecting cover for rocker switch 30 x 11mm
Differential Air Pressure Switch - Universal
3/4"" Gas Solenoid Valve - Universal
Rotary Switch for Element
3/4" Inlet Gas Regulator for Stott Benham
PEL Gas Valve - PEL22S/V
Thermocouple - L-900mm 6-Piece
gas connecting M20x1,5 tube ø 12/10mm for PEL
Water softener- DVA - 12 Litre Dishwasher Water softener (3/8)
Dishwasher Basket 500x500x100mm for glasses
Calpeda pressure set electrical cover
SUPERSEDED Heat lamp UCI Energy Regulator 15amp 230v
Universal compressor - GL60TG
Steam Oven Water Softner 18 ltr CTU
Fryer Basket - L235mm x W210mm x H105mm
Universal Fryer Basket - 280mm x 200mm x 105mm
Green Rocker Switch - Universal
Super universal thermocouple interupter 900mm
SUPERSEDED Compressor - NEK2150GK
Jeavon 3/4" gas governor J78R
Red rocker switch - Universal
SUPERSEDED Axial fan - Universal 120 x 120 x 38mm
25W Fan motor Elco N25MFI NET5T25P - Universal
SUPERSEDED Evaporator 10 Watt Universal Fan Motor
3/4"" Cater Hose - Bayonet Fitting Connector
Compressor GD30MB Alternative Danfoss TL4F
Thermocouple Sit M9X1 100 cm
System 2650 nightblind with Solid Grey Out,
Door Hinge Roll Holder - mounting distance 94mm
Gas Valve Two Port
Compressor CAJ4511Y
G.I.S Gas Interlock System - G02R & G02
Probe - PT100 -50°C - 200°C
Thermometer - LTS12PTE 230V
Airguard Type 4 Stainless Steel Mesh Filter
Fryer Basket 295 x 200 x 125mm Hooks Below
System 2650 Slow Rise Nightblind hook, Handle
12" 300mm High 1.5" Waste Upstand Complete
Solenoid Valve - 319 220/240v 50/60Hz
Green Bipolar Changeover Switch
NTC Silicone Probe 1500mm
Display Module LAE BIT25B1S3EA Controller
Ribbon Cable LAE BIT25B1S3EA Controller
Drive Belt 559J8, 559mm Long, J Type Ribs,
300 Watt Halogen Low Pressure Jacketed - Lamp
Rear pan support - Universal 350mm x 400mm
Halogen heat lamp - 110V 300W Jacketed 220mm
Shower head - Universal Pre-rinse unit
Controller - 230V 8/15A - Compatible with PTC
Jeavon gas govenor 1/2 inch
Slim Infra Red Halogen Heat Lamp 220-240v
Heat Mat - Non Adhesive Wire Wound Heater
NTC Probe To Suit Dixell XW260L Controller -40 up to +110°C
Universal Plate Rack - 400mm x 400mm
Digital thermometer - Universal - -40 - +70°C
Circular dishwasher basket - Universal
Controller Every Control EVK411JSVHBS
Sealing Wire Per Metre - Vacuum Packing
Teflon Tape Per Metre - Vacuum Packing
Cut Off Wire Per Metre - Vacuum Packing
Universal Fryer Basket L1 290mm W1 230mm
Spark Generator 2 Outlets 220/240V 50/60Hz
Pasta Cooker Basket - 290mm x 98mm
Pasta Cooker Basket - 135mm x 180mm
External rinse booster pump - PEDRELLO PKM60
Reducing Sleeve - 3/8 to 3/4 Water Softener
Power Regulator - Bain Marie
Bush - Fab Slush Machine
180mm Tangential Evaporator Fan Motor 25w Assembly - Klimason
Universal thermocouple - 1500mm length M9x1
Fryer Basket 325mm x 140mm x 140mm
Drain hose - Dexion/Clenaware LP101-98-000 71B Dishwasher
Universal glass basket - 25 Glasses (78mm h)
Hot air fan - EBM 120/240V 45W RRC/B45
SUPERSEDED Evaporator Drip Tray - Blue Version
Fryer Basket 255mm x 230mm x 110mm
34 Watt Elco Universal Fan Motor
Shelf 530mm x 650mm Plastic Coated
Stainless Steel Shelf - 530mm x 650mm
Shelf 530mm x 650mm Grey Plastic Coated
Digital Control Probe
Calibrated Digital Temp Controller
Capillary line - Ø 0.047" - 1.2mm - 3240mm
Mini Sit Gas Valve 0.710.702
Compressor - Hermetic/L'Unite CAE4448Y
Fan Blade Ø170mm 28° Angle
Fryer Basker L290mm x W110mm x H 110mm
Knob- Ego Knob - To Suit 50.57071.010
Rinse Aid Peristaltic Pump - Alternative
E14 300c 230v Lamp - Oven
Rinse Booster Pump Reducer 1"-3/4"
Safety gas valve - Front fixing M12x1 1/4mm
Universal nut - M12x1
SUPERSEDED Wash Pump - Winterhalter GS501 Dishwasher
Universal thermocouple set - L 1200mm 6-Piece
Universal dishwasher cutlery insert
Universal dishwasher cutlery insert
Filter Pan Plastic Ø190mm internal Ø1, 173mm
Solenoid valve - EVR6
Orifice to fit ALCO 404 Expansion valve
ALCO 404 Expansion valve
Universal Pizza Stone - 60cm x 30cm x 2cm
Universal pizza stone - 60cm x 30cm x 15cm
Baby Sit Valve 0.660.190 - Universal
Lamp spring connector - 3mm Ø fixing hole
Ignitor 18mm flat - Universal
Shraeder valve for Compressor GP14BB
Pre-Rinse/ Single Deck Mount/ Std Spray
Capillary Tube 0.026" or 0.66mm
Capillary Tube 0.031" or 0.79mm
Capillary Tube 0.047" or 1.193mm
Capillary Tube 0.052" or 1.32mm
Finder 16amp Power Relay - 62.83 16A 230V 50/60Hz
Capillary Tube 0.042" or 1.066mm
Capillary Tube 0.036" or 0.90mm
Universal compartment cutlery basket
Universal Fridge Shelf Grey Plastic 530x325mm
Universal Steel Grid GN 1/1 530x325mm Stainless
16 Litre Water Softener
100mm x 3m (Tecflex 500) Flex Duct
Wash Arm Support - Upper Mounting Pos.
Single phase thermostat
Electrics for compressor - Universal parts
Capacitor - FF12 Compressor
6mm Sealing Wire - Vacuum Pack Machine
Back Right Hob Thermostat - Universal New World
Waste Outlet 2" NPT (no overflow) Twist Handle
Waste outlet 2" NPT, with Overflow, requires Head & Elbow
Overflow Elbow (356mm x 457mm / 14" x 18")
Overflow Head
3" Diameter twist handle drain
Pizza Stone 500mm x 500mm x17mm
Condensate tray 300w 220v 1.5L c/w 450mm cord
Steel plastic coated grid shelf
Eurosit valve - Max 340°C 100-340°C Gas input
Universal Stainless Steel Grid/Shelf
Detergent Pump Kit LP120 230V c/w foot filter
Gear Motor Kelvin Type K80640
Capacitor 16uF
Detergent pump hose c/w connections
Re-build Repair Kit - Waste outlet-Universal
Set Of Electrics CAJ4461Y Compressor
Slicing Disc DF4 Ø205mm, Seat Ø19 Slicing
Slicing Disc DF4 Ø205mm, Seat Ø19 Slicing
Drain hose Elbow 29mm - Universal - 180cm
SUPERSEDED Thermopile 820mm, 750mV 3/1" NEF Thread
Steam Control Switch Ø34mm,
Front Door Sheave Roller - Hot Cupboard Door Track
Rear Door Sheave - Hot Cupboard Door Track
Double Sliding Rail- 2 Metre Length Aluminium
Bipolar Switch with Indicator Lamp
Thermocouple L 1500 mm 6-piece
Super Universal Thermocouple set 600mm 12-piece
Thermocouple set 1200mm 12-peice
Thermocouple set 900mm 12-piece
Thermocouple set L 600 mm 6-piece
Adjustable Stainless Steel Foot - 93-130mm
Gas Set - Testo 310 Flue Gas Set with Printer
Lamp 6Watt 9" T5-225mm - UV Insect Light Tube
Fryer Basket 320mm x 160mm x 120mm
Size 8 Mincer Plate with 10mm Hole
Fryer Basket L315 x W185 x H115
Fryer Basket L290 x W180 x H100
Universal Rinse Aid Pump - Microdos MP3-T
Universal Water Solenoid Valve - 12mm Outlet
Universal Glass Basket 4x4 - 385mm by 385mm
Universal Glass Basket 5x5 - 385mm by 385mm
Oven Mini-Sit Valve - 100-340°C
Bronze Lamp Shade - Gantry
Flourescent tube - T5 14w 549mm Cool White
Plate Insert (12 plates) - 290mm x 90mm x
Electronic controller - Type AKO 14724
Controller - AKO-CHILL- Range -50° to +99°C
Basket - Unversal Pasta Basket - H = 200mm W = 140mm
Green Bipolar Switch - 250v 16A
Solenoid valve - 350 220/240v 50/60Hz
Pizza stone - 400mm x 400mm x 170mm
Plug With Cable To Suit Novasit 0.820.018
Gas Valve Novasit 0.820.018
Emergency Stop Button - Universal
1/2" Gas Solenoid Valve - Universal
230v/12v 3VA Transformer
Fan Motor Nicotra AFK 315-30/4M-B 680738
Braided Hose - 1/2 Inch - 1 Metre
Calpeda Electropump - CTM61 0.45HP 230V
Fryer Basket - 220mm x 300mm x 110mm
Fryer Basket - 220mm x 300mm x 110mm
Pizza Stone - 990mm x 330mm x 14mm
Caged Condenser Fan Motor 330mm
Glass Basket 396mm x 396mm number of
Sunon Fan KDE2408PTS1-6
Universal Fridge Straight Handle Non Locking
Universal Fridge Straight Handle Non Locking
Fryer Basket - 350mm x 200mm x 110mm
Motor (Convection Blower) Blodgett - BG2136// PS5
Universal Amber Rocker Switch 230V 16A
Bi-Directional High Voltage Diode 2X062H
LH Tangential Fan 230V 90mm Blade Length
Mesh Mix Basket - 382mm x 382mm
Universal Fryer Basket- 365mm x 265mm x 120mm
Door Catch With Wedge For Headed Units
LPG Gas Regulator - Maxitrol 1/2" Hose
PTC PVC Probe 3000mm
Momentary Green Rocker Switch - 230v 16a
Orange Rocker Switch - 250v 16a 30mmx22mm
Pizza Stone - 900mm x 300mm x 18mm
Energy Regulator - PA310
Breaked Swivel Castor - Grey Rubber/Nylon
Unbreaked Swivel Castor - Grey Rubber/Nylon
Motor - UDS11NE1LHZ 230V ø 48mm Turn Direction Left SAIA for Timer
Digital Thermostat ATR111-B 230v - Pixsys
66PT100 Digital Controller - Universal
681T/C Controller - Universal
8820 - Digital Temperature Controller - Universal
N322 PID Digital Controller - Universal Fridge & Heating
Poly-v belt - Profile TB2 L 480mm W 22mm
Universal Fryer Basket L- 310mm W- 160mm H- 115mm
Green Rocker Switch 30 x 11mm
Inlet Water Solenoid Valve - Universal
Oven Fan Motor - EMB PAPST R2K150-AA21-13 230/240v
Slicer Oil (50cl bottle) - Sirman Mirra PLD330AUTMVVNET Slicer
Motor holder set
SUPERSEDED 500W Jacketed Heat Lamp - Infrared SK15 (216mm)
Pivot Spring Hinge Square
Compressor - ACC Compressor R134a AS75AA
Burner Cap - 95mm ø 7Kwt with Central Hole
1.5m NTC Probe 10KOhm - Suits Dixell XW20LS Controller
QVR/S-RFI-17A Energy Regulator for Heat Lamps & Elements
Universal Inlet Elbow Water hose 2000mm - Dishwasher
Universal Evaporator Fan Motor - GMA1-315B-1
Universal Chrome Tap Asssembly - Lever Action 1/2"
Condensor Fan Motor - (diameter of blade - 400mm)
Food Warmer Quartz Element - 240v 750w 26.5"
Food Warmer Quartz Element - 240v 1100w 44.5"
Handle Latch - Universal - Mounting distance 150mm
394mm x 394mm x 45mm Mesh Grease Extraction
Relay and Overload for EMT40 Compressor
Fire Brick - Universal
Universal Cutlery Basket - L 150mm x W 130mm x H 110mm
3mp Flex Cable 2600mm
Dishwasher Basket c/w spikes in plastic
Roller Strike Offset 3.2 to 6.4mm -
Fryer Basket
Universal Fryer Basket 290x220x140mm
Fryer Basket - 360 x 160 x 120mm
Size 8 Mincer Plate With Holes 6MM
Thermocouple Universal - 900mm
Red Rocker Switch - 2 pole 250V 16A
Plastic T Fitting - Dishwasher
Fryer Basket - 275mm x 160mm x 135mm
Universal 7 Wt Motor
Pilot Ignition Spark Electrode
Thermocouple - Universal
200watt 230v Double Jacket Heat Lamp 118mm
SUPERSEDED Electronic Controller (Obsolete - replaced by
Universal Drain hose - ATA AF61 V45DP Glasswasher
SUPERSEDED HT lead 1000mm - Universal
7x44mm Electrode - Universal
Universal Peristaltic Rinse Aid Pump
External Cold Room Handle - Carter Walk In Cold Room
Internal Cold Room Handle - Carter Walk In Cold Room
Compressor- Tecumseh AE4440YS Compressor - R134A
Light Tube - T8 36W
Complete Wash Jet Holder Kit & Clamp - Dishwasher
Fryer Basket - 330mm x 220mm x 140mm
Belt - A42 - Length 42"
Door Catch **only 2 at this price**
EMT50HDP Hermetic Compressor
Universal Drain Hose (long)
Compressor AEX4430Y
15a Double Connector
Assortment Case Uninsulated Terminals and Porcelain Clamp
Single Solenoid Valve
PVC Hose 2m length
Compressor - 2CS4Y
External Coldroom Handle (5000 Handle)
Strain Plate Self Sharpening
Water Filter - 3M-HF15MS
Mix Basket (Wide Meshed) - 500x420x170mm
Galvanised Steel Mesh Grease Filter - 430x430x40mm
395Hx395Wx45mm Type2 St/Stl Baffle Filters – Tested &
Compressor - ZS7516S1
1.5m 3/4 Female/ST 90° Bend x 3/4 Female Food Safe Hose
Wall Mounted Tap - 130-170mm Adjustable Centres
N6000 Square Door Strike - Walk In Cold Room
Thermocouple - 72" (1825mm) - ASA 11/32
Pizza Stone 615mm x 610mm x18mm
Overload Klixon for CAJ2446Z
Fryer Basket - 215mm x 300mm x 160mm
Pilot Assy NG/LPG - c/w 2 Jets
Bi-Metal Safety Thermostat
Shelf Runners - Pair
Internal Unlocking Device - Universal Cold Room
Universal Coldroom Complete Handle
Green Rocker Switch 30mm x 22mm Mounting - Dishwasher
Delay Fuse - Pack of 10
Fast Blow Fuse - Pack of 10
Universal Fan & Motor - 220/240v Blade ø 165mm
Water Softener LT16 16 Litre Manual Water Softener, 3/4" Connector
390Hx490Wx42mm Type2 St/Stl Baffle Filters – Tested &
Drain Fitting Size 1 1/2" Overall Height - Waste Disposal
Compressor - Danfoss MTZ40JH4EVE R404A Compressor
Fan Motor 10W 230V 50/60Hz L3 87mm W 67mm Cable Length 400mm
Capacitor 12.5µF - 450V 50/60Hz - ø 35xh71mm Centre Bolt Fitting
Capacitor - CH86-252130B
Thermostat ID970 -30-70°C 12V
Thermostat ID PLUS 971 - 230V
Pre Rinse Hose 1000mm Stainless Steel 1/2" Female Connections
White Control Knob for Stat
SUPERSEDED Quartz Jacketed Lamp R7 Screw Cap 300W Clear 240V
Amber Neon Cuppone PA/29S_C Oven
Fryer Basket 280mm x 200mm x 100mm Chrome-Plated Steel
Door Catch - MTH Door Catch - Universal - Coldroom
External Non-Locking Handle - Universal Coldroom
Pasta Basket - Universal - 300mm x 200mm x 155mm
Fryer Basket - 250mm x 145mm x 120mm
Mixing Valve Thread 1/2"ET - 1/2" IT - 1/2" ET
Ticket/EPOS Strips
Solenoid Valve - Invensys DN10EATON 230v 50/60Hz
Tray -Vogue S/Steel 1/1 Gastronorm Tray - 150mm Deep
Standpipe Size 1 1/2" Usable Height 310mm
Wall Mounted Retractable Hose (3 Metres)
300Wt Halogen R7s Infrared Heat Lamp 240V 117mm x 10mm Clear
SUPERSEDED 1/4" Ali Tubing x 3 Meter
Hot Plate 300mm x 300mm 3000W 400V with cast edge connection
Gear Motor - KENTA type K9115153 28W 230V 50Hz 5RPM
Bi-Metal Thermostat - Hole distance 23.5mm - Switch off temp 122°c
Universal Heater Tape/Drain Heater - 230v - 1.0 Metre - 50w
Omron Relay - G3NA-220B - 20A, 24-240VAC
Spring Ø 19x147mm
Universal Relay / Overload - ZEL - OF1350A
S/Steel/Brass Hose - 1000mm - 1/2" Connection - Op. Pressure 10bar
Handle- MTH External Sliding Handle
PS0825BL 230V Evaporator Fan Motor
Plastic Plate Basket - Universal - 400mm x 400mm x 110mm
ObsoleteLamp Holder 118mm - Suitable for Lamps with R7S ends
Omron Relay (Mains Coil Version) - G3NA-220B-UTU
Detergent Hose Mounting Set - Type 4x6MM
Rinse Aid Hose Mounting Set - Type 4x6MM
Controller - G.I.S Gas Interlock System - G02R & G02
Fan Motor - 220/240v - Power In/Out 39/36W
Power Contactor Resistive Load 25a 230v
Power Contactor Resistive Load 25a 400v
SUPERSEDED Compressor - ZEL OF1350A R134A
Thermostat 110° temperature range 32-110°C 3-pole 3CO 16A
Motor Kit - SAIA 15 24v AC 50/60hz clockwise
Gas Thermostat SIT type MINISIT - 0.710.647
Door Pin Guide - Universal Hot Cupboard
Ignition Electrode
Cutlery Insert - L-105mm W-105mm H-140mm
Universal Pasta Basket - 140mm x 140mm x 200mm
200W Jacketed Push Fit Quartz Lamp 120MM
1.5m 3/4 Female/ST x 3/4 Female Food Safe Hose
Fryer Basket - Universal L290xW115mmxH120mm
Digital Thermometer ST9281D WH
Capillary Tubing 0.6mm Bore 30 Meters
Univeral Potential Relay - For Compressor
Condenser Drip Tray & Element - 220V 225W
Compressor - ZF18K4E-TFD-551
2 x 2650 manual night blinds 1875mm x 2000mm drop (combined
2650 Manual Night-Blind 1280mm (Wide) x 2000mm (Drop)
Edgemount Latch and Strike - Kason - Universal Coldroom
Fryer Basket 360mm x 130mm x 135mm
Universal External Sliding Handle - Coldroom
Universal Fryer Basket - 450x135x150mm
QLC Heat Switch 230v
Controller AKO 0-999°C AKO-D14727 Controller
Pizza Stone - L-695mm x W-350mm x H-14mm
Refractory Stone - 696mm x 349mm x 11+3mm
Capacitor with Cable 4µF
Roller Chain 34 links
Tangential Fan 300mm Impellar
Filter for use with PA300/PA310 Energy Regulator
Compressor AE4430Z
Hinged Kit & Strike - MTH Cold Room
Black PTC Thermoplastic Probe 3000mm 2-wire
Pasta basket L1 160mm W1 96mm H1 180mm stainless steel
Gas Hose 1" Unbraided BS669 With Quick Release Connection 1500mm
Pre-Rinse Unit with Pillar Tap Ceramic Tap Head w/ Swivel Tap
Timer CDC 7804F1 / 34402 engines 1 chambers 4 operation time
Pizza Stone 330mm x 330mm x 30mm
Pasta Basket 160mm x 290mm x 175mm size GN 1/3 H3
Self Adhesive Wire Wound Heater
Hindria Fan Motor
Green Bipolar Switch - 250v 16A
momentary rocker switch mounting measurements 34.2x12.6mm orange 2NO 250V
Complete Locking Handle - MT Cold Storage
Single Polar Grade Pole PVC Strip 200mm W x 2m H
30g 1/4 Capillary Drier
Shears for Gaskets
Pizza Stone 913x606x25
Axial Fans Fan Wheel 230v
50ml Loctite 620 Glue Adhesive (medium/high strength)
Replacement Kit for BIT20 c/w slave/PCB, LCD Display, Probe &
HT Lead (1200mm) - Fage - 67/2G
Fan - 80x80x38mm - 230v, 14W w/ leads
Electronic Controller 12v SHANGFANG type SF-104S-2
Fryer basket L1 375mm W1 215mm H1 120mm chrome-plated steel
Compressor NJ9238GS R404a 3 Phase
Door Handle Walk In
Alternative Compressor- CAJ45192 R404a
Lamp Holder For 300wt Push In Halogen Heat Lamps 219mm
Copper Gasket ED ø 37,7mm ID ø 32,5mm thickness 2,7mm for thread 1"
Stainless Steel Mesh Filter C/W Handles No Drain Holes 454 x 454 x 40mm
PTC Temperature Probe -50 up to + 150°C
Peristaltic Detergent Dosing Pump - MICRODOS
Door Seal - Profile 9010 - 670x1560mm (outside edge)
Nylon Hose 5m length
2m Connecting Cable, Connection F2.8, 7.9mm Connection Distance
Pump Housing - FIR 2274 2275
Alternative Compressor - Zel OF1033A
Temperature probe PTC 8400
921 Replacement Barrel & Keys
Operating Capacitor capacity 5µF 450V tolerance 5% 50/60Hz
Type 4 Mesh Filter - c/w handles, no drain holes
Thermostatic Tap - Colged/Dexion/Elettrobar/Gico/Mareno
375mm X 375mm X 45mm Mesh Galvanised Steel
Compressor Hose
Solenoid Valve 230V
Firebrick L 660mm W 307mm H 14mm
Motor - Essedue TM300T Slicer
Heating Element- Dishwasher
Gas Valve - Giga/Modular/Lotus/Rollergrill/Silko
Thermostatic Tap - Colged/Dexion/Elettrobar/Hobart/MBM
Swivel Unbraked Castor Wheel
Fryer Basket - 295mm x 215mm x 120mm
EGO Hot Plate - 300x300mm 4KW 440v
Universal Tray Rack - 500x500x100mm
BMKS Mouting Kits - Polestar Fan Motor 105FM150R
50" 1000W 230v U BEND WET ELEMENT 610x80mm
Knob Dial Plate 7 Postions - Universal
Lamp 118mm
Lamp Holder 118mm
Embraco Compressor NEK1118Z
Blanking Disc - Wasteoutlet
Stainless Steel Overflow Pipe - KC53 10230
Impellor - Diameter 90mm Height 27mm Rotation Direction - Right
Green Cap - Universal Coldroom
Red Stop Button - Gas Interlock System G02R
Pizza Stone 610mm x 305mm x 17mm - Pizza Oven
Control Thermostat - 55.19035.010
Compressor - L'Unite AE2410Z
Wiring Loom for M9947 Ignition Module
Compressor(R290) - Embraco NEK6213U
Suction Rota Lock Valve - Compressor NT2210GK
On/Off Switch
O-Ring - MH100288
Bottle Weight and Filter - MH104325
Universal Pre Rinse Spray Gun - Pre Rinse Unit
Universal Part Types
Adhesives / Sealants & Glues
Air Chambers
Baskets - Dishwasher / Fryer / Refrigeration & Pasta
Bearings & Bushes
Blades & Knives
Blade Sharpeners & Abrasive Stones
Bracket & Supports
Burner / Pan Supports & Solid Tops
Castors & Wheels
Containers & Drawers
Electrical Controllers & Digital Displays
Connectors and Couplings
Conveyor Parts
Curtains & Shutters
Doors / Door Fittings & Hinges
Drain Assemblies & Fittings
Drain Plugs / Stand Pipes / Overflows
Drip Trays & Pans
Electrical Cables / Wiring / Leads & Fittings
Elements / Heaters / Hotplates & Heat Mats
Feet & Legs
Fuses & Circuit Breakers
Gaskets & Seals
Gas Taps / Valves / Governors & Flame Failure Devices
Gas Hoses and Fittings
Gas Ignitors / Leads & Electrodes
Handles / Levers & Catches
Hoses / Hose Clips / Pipes / Tubes & Fittings
Impellors & Fan Wheels
Wash / Rinse Arm Water Jets
Control Knobs / Dials
Lamp Reflectors / Shades & Fittings
Lamp Bulbs / Lights
Mixer & Food Processor Attachments
Motors & Fans
O-Rings / Washers & Spacers
Pressure Gauges & Regulators
Pilot Burners & Injectors
Pizza Stones & Fire Bricks
Pumps - Water / Wash / Detergent / Rinse Aid Rinse Booster & Drain
Push Buttons
Regrit Kits
Screws / Nuts / Bolts & Fasteners
Safety Devices
Sensors & Probes
Shelves / Trays / Racks & Runners
Sink Accessories & Pre-Rinse Units
Solenoid Water Valves & Coils
Switches & Microswitches
Taps & Drain Valves
Thermocouples & Thermopiles
Terminals / Cable Connectors
Timers & Controllers
Thermostats / Simmerstats & Energy Regulators
Veg Prep Plates & Grids
Wash/Rinse Arms
Water Softeners