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Universal Parts
Teflon Tape Per Metre - Vacuum Packing
Universal Heater Tape/Drain Heater - 230v - 1.0 Metre - 50w
50ml Loctite 620 Glue Adhesive (medium/high strength)
Universal Air Chamber - Falcon DH18E C50 Dishwasher
Dishwasher Basket 500x500x106mm
Cutlery Insert - Dishwasher Basket
Fryer Basket - 160mm x 360mm
Fryer basket - 130mm x 310mm x 120mm
Fryer Basket - 190mm x 245mm
Universal basket - 290mm x 215mm x 120mm
Dishwasher Glass Rack
Fryer Basket 250x200x100 Chrome-Plated Steel
Fryer Basket - Fri Fri Eco 6 Fryer
Fryer Basket - 160mm x 310mm x 120mm
Fryer Basket 200 x 295 x 105mm
Fryer Basket 210x300x115mm
Universal Fryer Basket L1 290mm W1 230mm
Pasta Cooker Basket - 290mm x 98mm
Pasta Cooker Basket - 135mm x 180mm
Universal Plate Rack - 400mm x 400mm
Circular dishwasher basket - Universal
Fryer Basket 325mm x 140mm x 140mm
Fryer Basket 255mm x 230mm x 110mm
Universal glass basket - 25 Glasses (78mm h)
Dishwasher Basket 500x500x100mm for glasses
Fryer Basket - L235mm x W210mm x H105mm
Universal Fryer Basket - 280mm x 200mm x 105mm
Fryer Basket 295 x 200 x 125mm Hooks Below
Insert for glasses 400mm x 400mm
SUPERSEDED 500mmx500mm Universal Plate Basket
500mm x 500mm Open Dishwasher basket
500mm x 500mm x 100mm Flat d/w basket
Fryer Basket (310mm x 210mm x 130mm)
Fryer Basket L=290mm x W=330mm x H=120mm
Fryer Basket
SUPERSEDED Fryer Basket 200mm x 280mm
Pasta Basket - L 295mm x W 100mm x H 150mm GN2/8
SUPERSEDED 500mm x 500mm x 100mm with pegs
Fryer Basket - 11.5" x 13" - Silko Fryer
Universal Fryer Basket - 235mm x 130mm x 105mm
Standard Riser for Dishwasher Basket
Fryer Basket - 260x130x100
Fryer Basket - 220mm x 260mm x 100mm
Fryer Basket - 200x230x110(H)
Fryer Basket 200mm X 200mm x 270 mm x105(H)
Chrome Plated Fryer Basket 185mm x 270mm
Universal Fryer Basket 160 x 340mm
Wire Plate Rack ( 500 x 500 ) square plastic coated wire
Glass Divider (16 section) - 105mm
Universal Fryer Basket 290mm x 165mm x 120mm
Fryer Basket 255mm x 230mm x 120mm
Plastic Plate Basket - Universal - 400mm x 400mm x 110mm
Fryer Basket 280mm x 200mm x 100mm Chrome-Plated Steel
Pasta Basket - Universal - 300mm x 200mm x 155mm
Fryer Basket - 250mm x 145mm x 120mm
Cutlery Insert - L-105mm W-105mm H-140mm
Universal Pasta Basket - 140mm x 140mm x 200mm
Fryer Basket - Universal L290xW115mmxH120mm
Fryer Basket 360mm x 130mm x 135mm
Universal Fryer Basket - 450x135x150mm
Universal Cutlery Basket - L 150mm x W 130mm x H 110mm
Fryer Basket
Universal Fryer Basket 290x220x140mm
Fryer Basket - 360 x 160 x 120mm
Dishwasher Basket c/w spikes in plastic
Fryer Basket - 275mm x 160mm x 135mm
Fryer Basket - 330mm x 220mm x 140mm
Mix Basket (Wide Meshed) - 500x420x170mm
Fryer Basket - 215mm x 300mm x 160mm
Fryer Basker L290mm x W110mm x H 110mm
Universal dishwasher cutlery insert
Universal dishwasher cutlery insert
Universal compartment cutlery basket
Fryer Basket L315 x W185 x H115
Fryer Basket L290 x W180 x H100
Universal Glass Basket 4x4 - 385mm by 385mm
Universal Glass Basket 5x5 - 385mm by 385mm
Fryer Basket 320mm x 160mm x 120mm
Plate Insert (12 plates) - 290mm x 90mm x
Basket - Unversal Pasta Basket - H = 200mm W = 140mm
Fryer Basket - 220mm x 300mm x 110mm
Fryer Basket - 220mm x 300mm x 110mm
Glass Basket 396mm x 396mm number of
Fryer Basket - 350mm x 200mm x 110mm
Mesh Mix Basket - 382mm x 382mm
Universal Fryer Basket- 365mm x 265mm x 120mm
Universal Fryer Basket L- 310mm W- 160mm H- 115mm
Fryer basket L1 375mm W1 215mm H1 120mm chrome-plated steel
Pasta basket L1 160mm W1 96mm H1 180mm stainless steel
Pasta Basket L1 160mm W1 290mm H1 175mm size GN 1/3 H3
Fryer Basket - 295mm x 215mm x 120mm
Universal Tray Rack - 500x500x100mm
Bush - Fab Slush Machine
Size 8 Mincer Plate With 8mm Holes
Size 32 Mincer Plate 3mm Hole
Stainless Steele Knife/Blade For A Salvvador MINCER 42
Knife/Blade - Size 12 - 4 Bladed St/St Knife
Size 8 Mincer Plate with 10mm Hole
Slicing Disc DF4 Ø205mm, Seat Ø19 Slicing
Slicing Disc DF4 Ø205mm, Seat Ø19 Slicing
Size 8 Mincer Plate With Holes 6MM
Slicer Sharpening Stone
BMKS Mouting Kits - Polestar Fan Motor 105FM150R
Burner Cap - 95mm ø 7Kwt with Central Hole
Rear pan support - Universal 350mm x 400mm
Operating Capacitor - Capacity 8åµF 400v tolerance 5%
Capacitor with Cable 4µF
Capacitor 12.5åµF - 450V 50/60Hz - 35xh71mm Centre Bolt Fitting
Capacitor - CH86-252130B
Capacitor 16uF
Capacitor - FF12 Compressor
Operating Capacitor capacity 5µF 450V tolerance 5% 50/60Hz
30g 1/4 Capillary Drier
Capillary Tube 0.042" or 1.066mm
Capillary Tube 0.036" or 0.90mm
Capillary Tube 0.026" or 0.66mm
Capillary Tube 0.031" or 0.79mm
Capillary Tube 0.047" or 1.193mm
Capillary Tube 0.052" or 1.32mm
Capillary Tubing 0.6mm Bore 30 Meters
Capillary line - Ø 0.047" - 1.2mm - 3240mm
100mm Castor - Unbraked, bolt through
Caster 125mm - Non-Brake
Breaked Swivel Castor - Grey Rubber/Nylon
Unbreaked Swivel Castor - Grey Rubber/Nylon
Swivel Unbraked Castor Wheel
Roller Chain 34 links
Compressor - ZF18K4E-TFD-551
SUPERSEDED Compressor - ZEL OF1350A R134A
Compressor - Danfoss MTZ40JH4EVE R404A Compressor
Compressor - ACC Compressor R134a AS75AA
Relay and Overload for EMT40 Compressor
Compressor- Tecumseh AE4440YS Compressor - R134A
Compressor - SC18/18CL
Compressor - ZS7516S1
Compressor - 2CS4Y
EMT50HDP Hermetic Compressor
Compressor AEX4430Y
Set Of Electrics CAJ4461Y Compressor
Compressor - Hermetic/L'Unite CAE4448Y
Compressor CAJ4511Y
Universal compressor - GL60TG
SUPERSEDED Compressor - NEK2150GK
Compressor GD30MB Alternative Danfoss TL4F
Embraco Compressor NEK1118Z
Alternative Compressor - Zel OF1033A
Compressor NJ9238GS R404a 3 Phase
Alternative Compressor- CAJ45192 R404a
Compressor AE4430Z
Tray -Vogue S/Steel 1/1 Gastronorm Tray - 150mm Deep
Thermostat ID970 -30-70°C 12V
Thermostat ID PLUS 971 - 230V
Controller - G.I.S Gas Interlock System - G02R & G02
Digital Thermometer ST9281D WH
SUPERSEDED Electronic Controller (Obsolete - replaced by
Calibrated Digital Temp Controller
66PT100 Digital Controller - Universal
681T/C Controller - Universal
8820 - Digital Temperature Controller - Universal
N322 PID Digital Controller - Universal Fridge & Heating
QVR/S-RFI-17A Energy Regulator for Heat Lamps & Elements
Electronic controller - Type AKO 14724
Controller - AKO-CHILL- Range -50° to +99°C
G.I.S Gas Interlock System - G02R & G02
Thermometer - LTS12PTE 230V
Display Module LAE BIT25B1S3EA Controller
Ribbon Cable LAE BIT25B1S3EA Controller
Controller Every Control EVK411JSVHBS
Digital thermometer - Universal - -40 - +70°C
Controller - 230V 8/15A - Compatible with PTC
Digital Fridge Controller 230v - REK31ED
Hewigo Frying Range - Temperature Probe
Controller AKO 0-999°C AKO-D14727 Controller
Electronic Controller 12v SHANGFANG type SF-104S-2
Replacement Kit for BIT20 c/w slave/PCB, LCD Display, Probe &
30amp Porcelain Connector 2 Way
Porcelain 2 way Connector 15amp
Reducing Sleeve - 3/8 to 3/4 Water Softener
Plastic T-piece - Dishwasher (Universal)
Splashguard for backflow guard - Universal
T-piece - Dishwasher
Plastic T Fitting - Dishwasher
15a Double Connector
Mixing Valve Thread 1/2"ET - 1/2" IT - 1/2" ET
Power Contactor Resistive Load 25a 230v
Power Contactor Resistive Load 25a 400v
2-contactor with aux 110kw 400v LC1-F225
Door Seal - Profile 9010 - 670x1560mm (outside edge)
Single Polar Grade Pole PVC Strip 200mm W x 2m H
System 2650 Slow Rise Nightblind hook, Handle
System 2650 nightblind with Solid Grey Out,
2 x 2650 manual night blinds 1875mm x 2000mm drop (combined
2650 Manual Night-Blind 1280mm (Wide) x 2000mm (Drop)
Bi-Directional High Voltage Diode 2X062H
Door Catch With Wedge For Headed Units
Pivot Spring Hinge Square
Front Door Sheave Roller - Hot Cupboard Door Track
Rear Door Sheave - Hot Cupboard Door Track
Double Sliding Rail- 2 Metre Length Aluminium
Door Pin Guide - Universal Hot Cupboard
Door Catch - MTH Door Catch - Universal - Coldroom
Door Catch **only 2 at this price**
N6000 Square Door Strike - Walk In Cold Room
Handle Latch - Universal - Mounting distance 150mm
Door Hinge Roll Holder - mounting distance 94mm
Hinged Kit & Strike - MTH Cold Room
Evaporator Drain Assembly - Marstair X50 - Chiller
12" 300mm High 1.5" Waste Upstand Complete
10" 250mm High 1.5" Waste Upstand Complete
38mm x 287mm Universal Drain plug - Maidaid D1010 Dishwasher
37mm x 385mm Universal Drain Plug - Colged LP105 Dishwasher
Standpipe Size 1 1/2" Usable Height 310mm
Drain Fitting Size 1 1/2" Overall Height - Waste Disposal
Condensate tray 300w 220v 1.5L c/w 450mm cord
SUPERSEDED Evaporator Drip Tray - Blue Version
Condenser Drip Tray & Element - 220V 225W
Drive Belt 559J8, 559mm Long, J Type Ribs,
Universal Drive Belt - ISORAN PIRELLI 220XL037 G4
Poly-v belt - Profile TB2 L 480mm W 22mm
Belt - A42 - Length 42"
3mp Flex Cable 2600mm
Plug With Cable To Suit Novasit 0.820.018
6mm Sealing Wire - Vacuum Pack Machine
30amp Porcelain 3 way Connector
Cut Off Wire Per Metre - Vacuum Packing
Heat Resistant Cable - 1.5mm x 10m Roll
HT Lead (1200mm) - Fage - 67/2G
2m Connecting Cable, Connection F2.8, 7.9mm Connection Distance
EGO Hot Plate - 300x300mm 4KW 440v
Heating Element- Dishwasher
50" 1000W 230v U BEND WET ELEMENT 610x80mm
Self Adhesive Wire Wound Heater
350Wt 240v 8mm U Bend Element
Heating element 1000 W 230 V L248mm W36mm Bain Marie
Silicon Heat Mat 300mm x 300mm 250wt 90 Deg
Element 96"" 2.5kwt 240v 8mm U Shape
Element 96"" 2.3kwt 240v 8mm U Shape
350wt 240v 390mm x 340mm Self Adhesive 2mtr
Bespoke Element - 73"" 240V Pan Shape
Heat Mat - Non Adhesive Wire Wound Heater
Ceramic Long Wave Infrared Heating Element
Silicone Rubber Heat Mat 280mm x 400mm
450mm x 450mm 600wt 240v Heat Mat
330mm x 550mm 400wt Heat Mats2 Meter leads f
500mm x 400mm - 1 Kwt Leads from short end
Heat Mat 950 x 425 600wt
Silicone Rubber Heater Mat 450x350mm
1400mm x 400mm 800Wt Heat Mat
500/300 Heat Mat 500w leads on short side no
490mm x 440mm Heat 500Wts Mat C/W centre lead
Food Warmer Quartz Element - 240v 750w 26.5"
Food Warmer Quartz Element - 240v 1100w 44.5"
Hot Plate 300mm x 300mm 3000W 400V with cast edge connection
3/8 Flare Drier - Vanstock
Adjustable Stainless Steel Foot - 93-130mm
Filter Pan Plastic Ø190mm internal Ø1, 173mm
390Hx490Wx42mm Type2 St/Stl Baffle Filters – Tested &
394mm x 394mm x 45mm Mesh Grease Extraction
Galvanised Steel Mesh Grease Filter - 430x430x40mm
395Hx395Wx45mm Type2 St/Stl Baffle Filters – Tested &
Water Filter - 3M-HF15MS
Airguard Type 4 Stainless Steel Mesh Filter
Detergent & Rinse Aid Non Return Filter ( Foot Valve )
Stainless Steel Mesh Filter C/W Handles No Drain Holes 454 x 454 x 40mm
375mm X 375mm X 45mm Mesh Galvanised Steel
Type 4 Mesh Filter - c/w handles, no drain holes
Delay Fuse - Pack of 10
Fast Blow Fuse - Pack of 10
Shears for Gaskets
Thermostatic Tap - Colged/Dexion/Elettrobar/Gico/Mareno
Gas Valve - Giga/Modular/Lotus/Rollergrill/Silko
Thermostatic Tap - Colged/Dexion/Elettrobar/Hobart/MBM
ALCO 404 Expansion valve
Safety gas valve - Front fixing M12x1 1/4mm
Baby Sit Valve 0.660.190 - Universal
Shraeder valve for Compressor GP14BB
Eurosit valve - Max 340°C 100-340°C Gas input
Oven Mini-Sit Valve - 100-340°C
Gas Valve Novasit 0.820.018
LPG Gas Regulator - Maxitrol 1/2" Hose
3/4"" Inlet Gas Regulator for Stott Benham
PEL Gas Valve - PEL22S/V
gas connecting M20x1,5 tube ø 12/10mm for PEL
Gas Valve Two Port
Jeavon 3/4"" gas governor J78R
Jeavon gas govenor 1/2 inch
Mini Sit Gas Valve 0.710.702
Gas Control Valve
1/2" Yellow Gas Hose 1 mtr Quick Release
3/4" Commercial Gas Hose 1 Metre
3/4" Flex Gas Hose 1500mm long
1/2" Commercial Gas Hose 1.5 Meter
Gas Hose 1" Unbraided BS669 With Quick Release Connection 1500mm
Piezo Ignitor - Imperial - CIR-6
SUPERSEDED Electrode - Universal
22mm Round Pin Piezo Ignitor
Spark Generator 2 Outlets 220/240V 50/60Hz
Ignitor 18mm flat - Universal
Pilot Ignition Spark Electrode
SUPERSEDED HT lead 1000mm - Universal
7x44mm Electrode - Universal
Ignition Electrode
Edgemount Latch and Strike - Kason - Universal Coldroom
Universal External Sliding Handle - Coldroom
External Non-Locking Handle - Universal Coldroom
Handle- MTH External Sliding Handle
External Cold Room Handle - Carter Walk In Cold Room
Internal Cold Room Handle - Carter Walk In Cold Room
Roller Strike Offset 3.2 to 6.4mm -
Internal Unlocking Device - Universal Cold Room
Universal Coldroom Complete Handle
External Coldroom Handle (5000 Handle)
Universal Fridge Straight Handle Non Locking
Universal Fridge Straight Handle Non Locking
Roller Strike Offset 19 to 38.1mm
Roller Srike Offset 44.5 to 63.5mm
Cylinder Locking Body, Heavy Spring -
Oven Door Handle Latch Mountin Distach 133mm
Complete Locking Handle - MT Cold Storage
Door Handle Walk In
921 Replacement Barrel & Keys
Compressor Hose
Stainless Steel Overflow Pipe - KC53 10230
Nylon Hose 5m length
Hose Connector
Drain hose - Dexion/Clenaware LP101-98-000 71B Dishwasher
3/4"" Cater Hose - Bayonet Fitting Connector
SUPERSEDED Detergent tube 1 meter length
Sleeving 400mm - 1 metre Length
Tubing - 5mm x 8mm - 2 metre length
1/2"" Gas Hose Quick Release
Rinse Aid Tubing - 2m 4mm ED ø 6mm
Dishwasher Detergent / Rinse Aid Pump Hose
SUPERSEDED 4 x 6mm Detergent Tube per metre
12" 300mm High 1.5" Waste Upstand Complete
SUPERSEDED 3/4"""" Gas Hose Quick Release 1 Metre Long
Universal Inlet Elbow Water hose 2000mm - Dishwasher
Braided Hose - 1/2 Inch - 1 Metre
Detergent pump hose c/w connections
Drain hose Elbow 29mm - Universal - 180cm
100mm x 3m (Tecflex 500) Flex Duct
PVC Hose 2m length
1.5m 3/4 Female/ST 90° Bend x 3/4 Female Food Safe Hose
Universal Drain Hose (long)
Universal Drain hose - ATA AF61 V45DP Glasswasher
SUPERSEDED 1/4" Ali Tubing x 3 Meter
Wall Mounted Retractable Hose (3 Metres)
Pre Rinse Hose 1000mm Stainless Steel 1/2" Female Connections
S/Steel/Brass Hose - 1000mm - 1/2" Connection - Op. Pressure 10bar
1.5m 3/4 Female/ST x 3/4 Female Food Safe Hose
Detergent Hose Mounting Set - Type 4x6MM
Rinse Aid Hose Mounting Set - Type 4x6MM
Pump Housing - FIR 2274 2275
Impellor - Diameter 90mm Height 27mm Rotation Direction - Right
Complete Wash Jet Holder Kit & Clamp - Dishwasher
Universal Rinse Jet Clamp - Dishwasher
Insert- Universal Wash Jet Insert
Universal Control Knob
Control Knob - 1-8 Minisit
Control Knob 30-110c
Simmerstat Control Knob
Knob Black for Thermostat 0-90 / TR/2
White Control Knob for Stat
Knob- Ego Knob - To Suit 50.57071.010
Knob Dial Plate 7 Postions - Universal
Lamp 118mm
Lamp Holder 118mm
Lamp spring connector - 3mm Ø fixing hole
Bronze Lamp Shade - Gantry
ObsoleteLamp Holder 118mm - Suitable for Lamps with R7S ends
Heat Lamp - 120mm Long 300wt Moffat VGN299
Heated Gantry 500w Halogen Lamp Holder 217mm
300W Single Jacket Heat Lamp - HH188
Lamp Holder for 1000Wt Push Fit Heat Lamp
1000wt Halogen Heat Lamp - Jacketed - Push Fit 350mm
500 Wt Halogen reflector & heat lamp
Heat Lamp Reflector 150mm x 90mm - 120m Bulb
Quartz Gantry Lamp - 200W IR JKT
High Pressure Lamps/Bulb 200 Watt 120mm
300Wt High Pressure Lamp 120mm
500wt Push In Halogen Heat Lamps 219mm
300 Wt Halogen Reflector c/w Heat Lamp
Halogen Heat Lamp 150wt 240v 120mm
SUPERSEDED Lamp 500w 219mm Clip Fitting
Neon 10mm 240v Red
SUPERSEDED Halogen Infrared Heat lamp 120mm
500 Wt Double Jacketed Halogen Heat Lamp 118m
Halogen Heat Lamp 500w High Pressure 120mm
Halogen Quartz Infra Red Heat Lamp - X6-CC533
300wt Push In Halogen Heat Lamps 219mm
1000wt IR Lamps with leads
1000wt IR Double Jacket Heat Lamp 345mm
Copper Heat Shade - Food Use
Halogen 500w Food Heat Lamp
1000wat Halogen Lamp Holder 345mm
Infrared lamp - Short wave 1kw - 240v - 280mm
100w High Pressure Lamp 120mm
217mm 500W Single Jacket Heat Lamp - HH188
FS-11 Starter for Fluorescent Lights - Autonumis JH
300Wt Quartz Heat Lamp ES
Lamp Holder - Suitable for 120mm long Lamp
Halogen Lamp Holder suitable for 300 & 500wt
SUPERSEDED Heat Lamp - Double Jacket 120mm Long 300wt
500W Jacketed Heat Lamp 217mm long HH210
300W Jacketed Heat Lamp 217mm
Halogen heat lamp - 110V 300W Jacketed 220mm
300 Watt Halogen Low Pressure Jacketed - Lamp
Slim Infra Red Halogen Heat Lamp 220-240v
300Wt Halogen R7s Infrared Heat Lamp 240V 117mm x 10mm Clear
SUPERSEDED Quartz Jacketed Lamp R7 Screw Cap 300W Clear 240V
Amber Neon Cuppone PA/29S_C Oven
200W Jacketed Push Fit Quartz Lamp 120MM
200watt 230v Double Jacket Heat Lamp 118mm
Light Tube - T8 36W
Flourescent tube - T5 14w 549mm Cool White
Lamp 6Watt 9"" T5-225mm - UV Insect Light Tube
SUPERSEDED 500W Jacketed Heat Lamp - Infrared SK15 (216mm)
E14 300c 230v Lamp - Oven
Lamp Holder For 300wt Push In Halogen Heat Lamps 219mm
Complete lid - LT12 LT16 LT8 Water Softener
Lid - Vogue S/Steel 1/1 Gastronorm
Universal Stone Coarse - Meat Slicer
Burner Cap - Euro 975
Calpeda pressure set electrical cover
Orifice to fit ALCO 404 Expansion valve
3" Diameter twist handle drain
Slicer Oil (50cl bottle) - Sirman Mirra PLD330AUTMVVNET Slicer
Gas Set - Testo 310 Flue Gas Set with Printer
Ticket/EPOS Strips
Balloon Whisk - Benbo U624 Mixer
FM-25W 25 Watt Universal Fridge Motor
Universal 40wt Fan Assembly - Zanussi 134740
SUPERSEDED Axial fan - Universal 120 x 120 x 38mm
25W Fan motor Elco N25MFI NET5T25P - Universal
SUPERSEDED Evaporator 10 Watt Universal Fan Motor
180mm Tangential Evaporator Fan Motor 25w Assembly - Klimason
34 Watt Elco Universal Fan Motor
Fan Blade Ø170mm 28° Angle
Hot air fan - EBM 120/240V 45W RRC/B45
SUPERSEDED 10W Fan motor - Universal
16W Fan motor - Universal
Fan Motor 10W 230V 50/60Hz L3 87mm W 67mm Cable Length 400mm
Gear Motor - KENTA type K9115153 28W 230V 50Hz 5RPM
PS0825BL 230V Evaporator Fan Motor
Motor Kit - SAIA 15 24v AC 50/60hz clockwise
Fan Motor - 220/240v - Power In/Out 39/36W
Tangential Fan 300mm Impellar
Universal 7 Wt Motor
Condensor Fan Motor - (diameter of blade - 400mm)
Universal Fan & Motor - 220/240v Blade ø 165mm
Sunon Fan KDE2408PTS1-6
Fan Motor Nicotra AFK 315-30/4M-B 680738
Caged Condenser Fan Motor 330mm
Motor holder set
Universal Evaporator Fan Motor - GMA1-315B-1
Oven Fan Motor - EMB PAPST R2K150-AA21-13 230/240v
Motor (Convection Blower) Blodgett - BG2136// PS5
LH Tangential Fan 230V 90mm Blade Length
Motor - UDS11NE1LHZ 230V ø 48mm Turn Direction Left SAIA for Timer
Gear Motor Kelvin Type K80640
Axial Fans Fan Wheel 230v
Fan - 80x80x38mm - 230v, 14W w/ leads
Hindria Fan Motor
Motor - Essedue TM300T Slicer
Copper Gasket ED ø 37,7mm ID ø 32,5mm thickness 2,7mm for thread 1"
Re-build Repair Kit - Waste outlet-Universal
Sealing Ring - Water Softener - LT12
SUPERSEDED Bain Marie Heat Lamp Power Regulator
Pilot Assy NG/LPG - c/w 2 Jets
Pizza Stone 615mm x 610mm x18mm
Fire Brick - Universal
Pizza Stone 500mm x 500mm x17mm
Universal Pizza Stone - 60cm x 30cm x 2cm
Universal pizza stone - 60cm x 30cm x 15cm
Pizza Stone - 900mm x 300mm x 18mm
Pizza Stone - 990mm x 330mm x 14mm
Pizza stone - 400mm x 400mm x 170mm
Pizza Oven Stone
Pizza Stone 913x606x25
Pizza Stone 330mm x 330mm x 30mm
Pizza Stone - L-695mm x W-350mm x H-14mm
Refractory Stone - 696mm x 349mm x 11+3mm
Firebrick L 660mm W 307mm H 14mm
Pizza Oven Stone Base Plate
Strain Plate Self Sharpening
Universal Peristaltic Rinse Aid Pump
Calpeda Electropump - CTM61 0.45HP 230V
Universal Rinse Aid Pump - Microdos MP3-T
Rinse Booster Pump Reducer 1"-3/4"
Rinse Aid Peristaltic Pump - Alternative
SUPERSEDED Wash Pump - Winterhalter GS501 Dishwasher
Detergent Pump Kit LP120 230V c/w foot filter
External rinse booster pump - PEDRELLO PKM60
FIR 2211.1410 Universal Rinse Pump
Universal Dishwasher Detergent Peristaltic
Booster Pump Inlet ø 3/8" IT Outlet ø 3/8" IT Type
Glasswasher Detergent Pump - Seko
Detergent Pump - New Number OS0705
Askoll 40w 240v Drain Pump 40wt 240v - Universal
Peristaltic Detergent Dosing Pump - MICRODOS
Green Cap - Universal Coldroom
Emergency Stop Button - Universal
SUPERSEDED Total Regrit 28LB Peerler
Regrit / Reliner Kit Potato Peeler
Electrics for compressor - Universal parts
Finder 16amp Power Relay - 62.83 16A 230V 50/60Hz
Overload Klixon for CAJ2446Z
Relay and Overload - ACC GL45AN Compressor
Filter for use with PA300/PA310 Energy Regulator
Univeral Potential Relay - For Compressor
Omron Relay (Mains Coil Version) - G3NA-220B-UTU
Universal Relay / Overload - ZEL - OF1350A
Omron Relay - G3NA-220B - 20A, 24-240VAC
Universal nut - M12x1
Flat Fibre Gasket
Thermocouple fixing nut
SUPERSEDED Minisit Valve 1.75 metre
NTC Probe To Suit Dixell XW260L Controller -40 up to +110°C
Digital Control Probe
NTC Silicone Probe 1500mm
Probe - PT100 -50°C - 200°C
PTC PVC Probe 3000mm
1.5m NTC Probe 10KOhm - Suits Dixell XW20LS Controller
Temperature probe PTC 8400
Black PTC Thermoplastic Probe 3000mm 2-wire
PTC Temperature Probe -50 up to + 150°C
Shelf Runners - Pair
Universal Fridge Shelf Grey Plastic 530x325mm
Universal Steel Grid GN 1/1 530x325mm Stainless
Universal Stainless Steel Grid/Shelf
Steel plastic coated grid shelf
Shelf 530mm x 650mm Plastic Coated
Stainless Steel Shelf - 530mm x 650mm
Shelf 530mm x 650mm Grey Plastic Coated
Open Riser (glasses rack) - Electrolux WT37
Glasses Rack - Electrolux WT37 Dishwasher
Glasses Rack - Dishwasher
Shower head - Universal Pre-rinse unit
Solenoid Valve - 319 220/240v 50/60Hz
3/4"" Gas Solenoid Valve - Universal
Solenoid Valve 351 220/240V
Waste Outlet 2" NPT (no overflow) Twist Handle
Waste outlet 2" NPT, with Overflow, requires Head & Elbow
Overflow Elbow (356mm x 457mm / 14" x 18")
Overflow Head
Solenoid valve - EVR6
Inlet Water Solenoid Valve - Universal
1/2" Gas Solenoid Valve - Universal
Solenoid valve - 350 220/240v 50/60Hz
Universal Water Solenoid Valve - 12mm Outlet
Solenoid Valve - Invensys DN10EATON 230v 50/60Hz
Gas Thermostat SIT type MINISIT - 0.710.647
Solenoid Valve 230V
Blanking Disc - Wasteoutlet
Spring Ø 19x147mm
Gas Spring - Hackman Viking Kettle
Heavy Duty Tap Spring - Water Boiler
Red Bipolar Rocker Switch 250V 16A (30x22mm)
Dimmer Switch- A13202E QVR Energy Regulator
QVR/S-RFI-TB Energy Regulator for Heat Lamps & Elements
Rotary Switch for Element
Protecting cover for rocker switch 30 x 11mm
Differential Air Pressure Switch - Universal
Universal rocker switch
Red rocker switch - Universal
Green Bipolar Changeover Switch
Red rocker switch - Universal
SUPERSEDED Heat lamp UCI Energy Regulator 15amp 230v
Green Rocker Switch - Universal
QLC Heat Switch 230v
Green Rocker Switch 30mm x 22mm Mounting - Dishwasher
Red Rocker Switch - 2 pole 250V 16A
Steam Control Switch Ø34mm,
Green Bipolar Switch - 250v 16A
Green Rocker Switch 30 x 11mm
Momentary Green Rocker Switch - 230v 16a
Orange Rocker Switch - 250v 16a 30mmx22mm
Universal Amber Rocker Switch 230V 16A
Bipolar Switch with Indicator Lamp
Green Bipolar Switch - 250v 16A
momentary rocker switch mounting measurements 34.2x12.6mm orange 2NO 250V
Pre-Rinse Unit with Pillar Tap Ceramic Tap Head w/ Swivel Tap
Pre-Rinse/ Single Deck Mount/ Std Spray
Universal Chrome Tap Asssembly - Lever Action 1/2"
Wall Mounted Tap - 130-170mm Adjustable Centres
Tap cartridge - Water Boiler
Drain Tap 1¼" - Boiling Pan
Drain Tap 1 1/2" Boiling Kettle
3/4" Water Softener Valve Tap - Maidaid DVA6 LT12
SF Model Tap 1/2"" Complete Tap
Interruptor Thermocouple M9 x 600mm
Split Nut for Thermocouple
Thermocouple Universal - 1800mm
Universal Thermocouple 1200mm
Universal Thermocouple c/w interuptor
SUPERSEDED Temperature Sensor
Thermocouple - 90cm
Thermocouple - L-900mm 6-Piece
Super universal thermocouple interupter 900mm
Thermocouple Sit M9X1 100 cm
Universal thermocouple - 1500mm length M9x1
Thermocouple - 72" (1825mm) - ASA 11/32
Thermocouple - Universal
Thermocouple Universal - 900mm
Universal thermocouple set - L 1200mm 6-Piece
Thermocouple L 1500 mm 6-piece
Super Universal Thermocouple set 600mm 12-piece
Thermocouple set 1200mm 12-peice
Thermocouple set 900mm 12-piece
Thermocouple set L 600 mm 6-piece
SUPERSEDED Thermopile 820mm, 750mV 3/1" NEF Thread
Assortment Case Uninsulated Terminals and Porcelain Clamp
Timer CDC 7804F1 / 34402 engines 1 chambers 4 operation time
230v/12v 3VA Transformer
Energy Regulator - PA310
Digital Thermostat ATR111-B 230v - Pixsys
Single phase thermostat
Back Right Hob Thermostat - Universal New World
Bi-Metal Safety Thermostat
Thermostat 110° temperature range 32-110°C 3-pole 3CO 16A
Bi-Metal Thermostat - Hole distance 23.5mm - Switch off temp 122°c
Power Regulator - Bain Marie
SUPERSEDED Universal Control Simmerstat - 50.59070.04
DPVRF Power regulator - (clip in wires )
SUPERSEDED Simmerstat/Thermostat 220-250v
Simmerstat Control 41ER110B1 41ER110B1
Thermostat 130-190C 830G 117/6
Hi-limit Thermostat - Market Forge Braising
SUPERSEDED 3/Pole Limiter 295C 1770 128/4
SUPERSEDED Simmerstat/Thermostat 220-250v 16
Thermostat - Market Forge Braising Pan
QVR/S Electronic Energy Reg
SUPERSEDED Thermostat 30-93C 1730G 92/6
SUPERSEDED Three Phase Thermostat 95-185
Sealing Wire Per Metre - Vacuum Packing
5mm Holed Grater Plate
Wash Arm Support - Upper Mounting Pos.
16 Litre Water Softener
Water Softener LT16 16 Litre Manual Water Softener, 3/4" Connector
LT12 Dishwasher External Water Softener DVA
SUPERSEDED Water Softener Unit 8 litre
Steam Oven Water Softner 18 ltr CTU
Water softener- DVA - 12 Litre Dishwasher Water softener (3/8)
Manual water softner 8L 3/8""
Universal Part Types
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