Company Details Charlie Papadinis founded Univex in 1948 in Massachusetts America making potato processing equipment, in 1948 their first mixer was added to their product line. Univex have stayed true to their roots staying with the production of mixers, peelers, slicers and food processing equipment.

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Univex Parts
Rod End - Univex M30 Mixer - Rod End RH
Screw Set - Univex SRM30 Mixer - Collar and set screw
Paddle Beater - Univex M20 Paddle beater
Wire Whip - Univex SRM30+ Mixer
Connecting Rod - Univex SRM30 Mixer - Connecting Rod
Batter Beater - Univex SRM30+ Mixer
Dough Hook - Univex SRM30+ Mixer
Nut - Univex SRM30 Mixer - Hex Nut
Socket - Univex SRM30 Mixer - Screw Hex Socket
Starter/Contactor - Univex CRM30+ Mixer
SUPERSEDED Drive Belt ( 1020501 ) Univex Mixer SRM20
Drive Belt ( 1020502 ) Univex SRM20
Transformer - Univex CRM30+ Mixer
Spacer Nylon 3/8 - Univex
4 Wing Whip - Univex SRM30+ Mixer
Detent Disk - Univex
Cam Timer -Univex SRM30 Mixer - Cam Timer
Dough hook - Univex M12B Mixer
Dough Hook Univex MF20 Mixer
Drive Belt for Gearbox - Univex SRMF20 Mixer
Bowl Lift Safety Switch - Univex
Stop Switch - Univex
Start Switch - Univex
Detent Disk - Univex SRM30+ Food Mixer
Spring - Univex SRM30+ Food Mixer
Driven belt for Gearbox - Univex Mixer M20
Motor Drive Belt - Univex M20 SRMF20 Mixer
Speed Control Bearing - Univex Mixer M30
Speed Control Assembly - Univex Mixer M30
Bearing - Univex Mixer M30
Spur Gear - Univex Mixer M30
Spur Gear - Univex Mixer M30
Input Shaft - Univex Mixer M30
Pulley - Univex Mixer M30
Bearing (both sides shielded) - Univex M30
Rod End - Univex M30 Mixer - Rod End LH
Balloon Whisk 20qt - Univex M20 SRMF20 SRM20
Knife - Univex MG22 Mincer
1/4" Plate - Univex MG22 Mincer
Cog Belt - Univex - M30
Cog Belt - Univex - M30
12Qt Whisk - Univex SRM12 Mixer
60 QT Whisk - Univex Mixer - SRM60+
Univex Equipment Types
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Mixer Spares