Company Details The first Valentine fryers were introduced to the UK market by Mr Tilley and Mr Adams, founder's of Valentine Equipment Limited in 1956. Tilley who was working for Crypto Peerless at the time was visiting an overseas trade exhibition that was being held in Basel, Switzerland. A Swiss company called Valentine Fabrique SA were exhibiting a range of “table top” electric fryers. Tilley saw a niche in the UK market that he thought he could exploit. The fryers proved to be very popular with the developing UK market and business flourished. Valentine Equipment Limited was officially registered for business in 1956.Valentine concentrate on designing and manufacturing commercial fryers. By concentrating on one product and not diversifying Valentine are able to continually research and develop new technology within this field keeping Valentine fryers the first choice for the professional.

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Valentine Parts
Safety Thermostat 4mm - Valentine Fabrique SA
Rod - Valentine - Fryer - PENSION1-94
SUPERSEDED Valentine Fryer Pension 2 Working/Security
Working Thermostat - Valentine V2200 V250 V200 Fryer
Black feet - square push in - Valentine Fryer
Fryer Basket - 6.5" x 11" x 5" Valentine
Thermostat- Valentine 31A29371 Fryer Thermostat
Contactor LC1 D0901P7 006133- Valentine Fryer
Bulb - Valentine Pension 1-94 Fryer
Element 7.2kwt 3 phase - Valentine V2000 - 415v
Heating Element 7.2kw - Valentine V2200MS
Safety Thermostat - Cantine P2-94 Valentine Fryer
Colourless Control Lamp - Valentine Fabrique
Yellow Lamp - Valentine Fabrique SA Fryer
Resistor - Valentine Fryer
Melt Fry Button - Valentine Fabrique SA Fryer
SUPERSEDED Resistance for Security Circuit - Valentine
Resistor - Valentine Fabrique V2200MS EVO
Fryer Basket - Valentine V2200 V400 Fryer
Fryer Basket - Valentine B2525 V250 EVO
Drain Valve Retaining Boss - Valentine VS600MS- Fryer
Safety Thermostat Valentine Pension Fryer
Working Thermostat Sensor Diam.4mm - V2525TMS
Lamp Holder - Valentine Fryer Canteen 1.83
Lens Cover - Valentine Fryer Canteen 1.83
Element - Valentine Pension 2 Pension 1 Fryer
Safety Interlock Switch - Valentine P2-94 Fryer
SUPERSEDED On / Off switch - Valentine Zeneth Fryer
SUPERSEDED Working Thermostat - Valentine Cantine 1
SUPERSEDED Valentine Working Thermostat Pension 2-9
SUPERSEDED Valentine Pension 2 - 94 Safety Thermostat
Single Phase Element - Valentine Pension 2 Pension 1 Fryer
Mechanical 15 minute Timer - Valentine Fryer
Amber Bulb Cover - Valentine Pension 2-BS
Red Ignition Light- Valentine Fryer
White Control Knob - Valentine Fryer
Safety Switch - Valentine C94TX Fryer
Thermostat Control Knob - Valentine
Safety Thermostat - Valentine Fryer
Oval Fryer Basket - Valentine P1 & P2 Fryer
Drain Slide Valentine Pension Fryer - P294
Drain Block and Spring Valentine Pension - P294
Timer & Knob - Valentine C94 EVO Fryer
Timer 15 Minutes - Valentine Fabrique SA EVO Deep Fat Fryer
Acoustic Alarm Solas AC300 - Valentine Fabrique
Thermostat Knob - Valentine Fabrique SA
Red Control Lamp - Valentine Fabrique SA Deep Fat Fryer
Green Lamp - Valentine Fabrique SA Fryer
Main Switch 16A.43.34832.003 - Valentine Fabrique SA Deep Fat Fryer
On/Off Switch - Valentine V2000 EVO Series
Element - Valentine Fabrique SA
Basket - Valentine BB7 Fryer Basket 11" x 9" x 4 Deep
Amber/Yellow Lens - Valentine Maxi-94 P294 Fyer
Clear Lens - Valentine Pension 2-94 Maxi-94
Thermostat knob - Valentine Zeneth
Control Working Thermostat - Valentine C93 C94 Pension2 Fryer
440v Element - Valentine Pension 1-94 Fryer
Element (3ph, 440v) - Valentine Pension 2/94 Pension 9-14
Safety Thermostat - Valentine P2-94 Fryer
Green lens - Valentine P294 Maxi-94 Fryer
Control Thermostat - Valentine Fryer
SUPERSEDED Safety Thermostat - Deep Fat Fryer
Drain Valve - Valentine 2000 Series Fryer
Fryer Basket - Valentine Zenith Single
Amber Lamp & Holder - Valentine Fryer
Safety Thermostat - Valentine V2525T EVO Fryer
Contactor - Valentine V2200MS Fryer
Terminal Block - Valentine V2200MS Fryer
Fuse Holder - Valentine V2200MS Fryer
5 Core Mains lead - Valentine Pension Fryer
Feet to Suit V200 Series Valentine Fryer
Heating Element - Valentine Fryer Pension 194 Pension 9-14
Pan Union - Valentine Fryer Pension 1 94
Timer Plate - Valentine Zeneth Fryer
Fascia Label - Valentine Fryer
Heating Element Cable- Valentine Pension 1-94
Thermostat Probe Clip - Valentine Pension
Element Set - Valentine - Fryer - P2-94
V200 Bucket Filter (Oil) - Valentine Fryer
Fuse for Transformer - Valentine EVO V2200MS V400 V400T V600 Fryer
Timer Knob - Valentine Fryer Control Knob
Heating element - Valentine V2200MS Fryer
SUPERSEDED Main switch - Valentine V2200MS Fryer
Element lead (3-phase) - Valentine Pension 2
SUPERSEDED Marine Heating Element (440v) - Valentine
SUPERSEDED Control Thermostat - Valentine V2200T Fryer
Element Lead 3ph Valentine Cantine1BS Fryer
SUPERSEDED Solenoid Valve - Valentine AT-110 Dishwasher
Contactor - Valentine V400T V2200MS 60hz
Safety thermostat - Valentine TT3 Fryer
Red lamp assy - Valentine TT3 Fryer
Cable gland assy - Valentine TT3 Fryer
Green lamp assy - Valentine TT3 Fryer
Control thermostat - Valentine TT3 Fryer
Lamp holder - Valentine Fryer BB55D
Element - Valentine Fryer BB55D
High Limit Thermostat - Valentine Fryer BB55D
Thermostat control knob - Valentine BB55D
On/Off Control Knob - Valentine Fryer BB55D
Control Thermostat - Valentine EVO-2200M EVO-2525
Element Valentine C94 Fryer 1Phase
Element - Valentine C94 Fryer 3Phase
Fryer Basket Hook - Valentine V250 Fryer
SUPERSEDED Valentine Fryer V400 Fryer Basket
Element Cover - Valentine V250 Fryer
Oil mesh filter - Valentine V400 Fryer
Retainer Plate - Valentine Fryer V2200
440-380 Down to 230v Transformer - Valentine
Element Valentine VMC2 Pasta Boiler
Fryer basket - Valentine M94PD1 Fryer
Microswitch - Valentine VMC3T
Fish Plate Element Covers - Valentine V250
SUPERSEDED - Fryer Basket Valentine Fryer
Drain Valve With Valentine VMC3 Pasta Boiler
Basket - Valentine Maxi 24 BS Fryer Basket
1 PH Element - Valentine - Fryer - V250
Fryer Basket - 265mm x 160mm x 120mm
Lamp Holder - Valentine Pension1F94 Fryer
Element 480v 8.5kw - Valentine V2000 Fryer
Main Power Cable (Single Phase) - Valentine Pension1F94 Fryer
EATON Contactor - Valentine Fryer V2000 EVO
Fryer Basket - Valentiine Zenith Fryer
Contactor Valentine Fryer
Bucket Filter - Valentine Fryer- V250
Large Round Basket - Valentine SUPER1 Fryer
Element - BB10 - 3phase - Valentine
Oil Bucket - Valentine - Fryer - V2200
Contactor 32 Amp/Relay Switch - Valentine EVO Fryer
Microfilter with Support - Valentine EVO Fryer
Fuse 0.5Amp - Valentine EVO Fryer
Element 440v - Valentine EVO Fryer
Contactor Security 24v 3x20Amp - Valentine EVO Fryer
Transformer / Power Supply - Valentine EVO Fryer
White Lamp - Valentine EVO Fryer
Amber Heat Lamp - Valentine EVO Fryer
Red Lamp - Valentine EVO Fryer
Green Immerse Lamp - Valentine EVO Fryer
Blue Pump Lamp - Valentine EVO Fryer
Pump Motor - Valentine EVO Fryer
Basket Lift Motor - Valentine EVO Fryer
Thermostat Knob - Valentine EVO Fryer
Proximity Switch Type B c/w Magnet - Valentine EVO Fryer
Basket Large (One Per Pan) - Valentine EVO Fryer
8.5kwt 480V Element - Valentine Fryer
Basket Hanger - Valentine EVO400 Fryer
Element 11kwt 415v 3ph - Valentine EVO
On/Off Switch - Valentine Maxi94LP Fryer
440v Element c/w l/o Stat - Valentine Fryer
Basket Hanger- Valentine EV02200T- Fryer
Filter Pump Cloth - Valentine - Fryer - EVO250
Bucket Filter (Oil) - Valentine P294 Fryer
Resistance Evo Security Thermostat - Valentine Fryer
Evo New Element Latch Assembly - Valentine Fryer
Extension Rod (for drain valve) - Valentine EVO-400M Fryer
Knob Evo On/Off- Valentine EVO-2525M- Fryer
Knob for Timer 15 Mins - Valentine EVO-2525M- Fryer
Element - Valentine EVO-2525M- Fryer
On/Off Switch - Valentine BB55D Fryer
Switch - Valentine Fryer
On/Off Switch - Valentine
Fresh Water Tap - Valentine - Boiler
Tap Mounting Plate - Valentine - Boiler
Oil Bucket - Valentine - Fryer - V600
Twin Basket - Valentine - Fryer - V600
Element Spring Ret Plate- Valentine Pension 220- Fryer
Power Supply - Valentine EVO2200M Fryer
Fuse Holder - Valentine EVO Fryer
Contactor - Valentine - Fryer - V250
192c Control Thermostat - Valentine Fryer
Overflow Pipe - Valentine