Company Details Vestfrost are based in Esbjerg, Denmark and was founded in 1963. Vestfrost manufacture a range of refrigerators and freezers and wine coolers for all types of commercial premises.

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Vestfrost Parts
Battery - Vestfrost SZ362C Fridge
Drawer Bottom Freezer Vestfrost CFS344
Condenser - Vestfrost FKG371
Rubber Fan Axel Holder - Vestfrost FKG370
Thermometer - Vestfrost CFS344 Fridge
Thermometer - Vestfrost SZ362CSTS Freezer
Electronic Controller - Vestfrost CFKS471
Thermometer - Vestfrost Chest Freezer
Thermometer Vestfrost FKG371 Bottle Cooler
Temperature Control Unit (Electrical) - Vestfrost FZ365W Fridge
Thermometer - Vestfrost SZ362C Fridge
Dixell XR70CX Controller - Vestfrost SZ365W Chiller
Digital Thermometer - Vestfrost CFKS471
Electric Plate W185 - Vestfrost SZ365W Chiller
Thermometer - Vestfrost NFG309
Thermometer w/ Battery - Vestfrost - SZ464C
Thermometer - Vestfrost - Fridge - FKG371
Lid Hinge - Vestfrost - Fridge - SZ362C
Door Hinge Bush - Vestfrost CFS344
Hinge Without Spring- Vestfrost SZ248C- Chest Freezer
Glass Door - Vestfrost FKG371 VKG571
Adjustable Door Stop - Vestfrost - FF68520
Upper Hinge & Screw - Vestfrost - CFKS471
Lower Door - Vestfrost - Fridge - CFS345
Top RH Hinge - Vestfrost FKS471G CFS344 Fridge
Door - Vestfrost FRYSP600 SZ310M SZ311M Freezer
Lock & Key - Vestfrost IKG203 IKG405 Fridge
Slide Bar - Vestfrost IKG203 Fridge
RH Hinge For Flap Vestfrost CFS344
LH Hinge For Flap Vestfrost CFS344
Cover for Bottom Hinge - Vestfrost SZ464
Cover for Top Hinge - Vestfrost SZ464
Chest Freezer Lid - Vestfrost - SZ282
Stainless Steel Door - Vestfrost CFS344 Fridge/Freezer
SUPERSEDED Hinge&Screw Upper Vestfrost CFS344Steel
Lock Assembly Vestfrost FKG371 Fridge
Lock - Vestfrost - Fridge - FKG371
Keys (Pair) - Vestfrost - Fridge - FKG371
Lock for Lid - Vestfrost SZ464CSTS Chest
Glass Door Vestfrost FKG371 Fridge
SUPERSEDED Drawer flap - Vestfrost CFS344 Freezer
Middle Hinge for Door - Vestfrost - SW311M
Drawer Front Cover 197mm - Vestfrost CFS344 Freezer
White Door - Vestfrost CKFS471 CFS344
Door Hinge - Vestfrost SZ464C
Hinge c/w screws - Vestfrost CFKS471 fridge
SUPERSEDED Door c/w Seal. Post 2000 - Vestfrost FKS471
Door Lock Complete - Vestfrost FKG371
Door - Vestfrost FKS471G
Hinge Bottom Right Hand White -
Pair of Keys - Vestfrost SZ464C HF506/G
SUPERSEDED White Door - Vestfrost CFS344 Freezer
Upper LH Hinge - Vestfrost W185/FZ365W-SILVER
Solid Door (1655mm x 590mm) - Vestfrost
Curved White Door - Vestfrost CFKS471
Keys- Vestfrost CFKS471 Freezer - Set of Keys
Door c/w Seal. Pre 2000 - Vestfrost FKS471
Hinge suitable for top & bottom - Vestfrost
Drip Tray - Vestfrost CFKS471
Drip Tray (on top of the Compressor) - Vestfrost CFKS471
Evaporator Assembly Vestfrost CFKS471 Fridge
Evaporator - Vestfrost FKS471
Door Gasket - Vestfrost Model FKG311G
Door Gasket - Vestfrost CFKS471 Fridge
Door Gasket - Vestfrost FKG371G Fridge
Cover for Lamp - Vestfrost - Freezer - SZ248C
SUPERSEDED Door Seal - Vestfrost Fridge model CFS344
Door Gasket - Vestfrost MK1-FKG371G NFG307
Door Gasket - Vestfrost mk2 (Flanged ) 371
Gasket Lower & Upper Vestfrost Freezer FS34SG
Door Gasket - Vestfrost CKS385
Seal - Vestfrost HF506 Chest Freezer Door Seal
SUPERSEDED Door - Vestfrost CSKS471 Stainless Steel
Lid Seal - Vestfrost Chestfreezer SZ464C
Lid Gasket - Vestfrost - Fridge - SZ248C
Door Gasket - Vestfrost FKG370
Door Seal Vestfrost FKG371G Fridge
Lid Gasket - Vestfrost SZ362C Fridge
Gasket for Lid - Vestfrost - Chest Freezer -
Door Gasket - Vestfrost SZ362 Freezer
Door seal - Vestfrost KS250G Fridge/Freezer
Glass Door Seal - Vestfrost - FKG311
Door Gasket - Vestfrost FKS471G Fridge
Door Seal - Vestfrost - Fridge - W45
Door Gasket Vestfrost FKS471 Fridge
Lid Seal - Vestfrost SZ181C Chest Freezer
Lid Gasket - Vestfrost SZ464C Chest Freezer
Gasket - Vestfrost KS315G FS205G Fridge
Gasket for the Lid - Vestfrost SZ282C - Chest Freezer
Lid Gasket - Vestfrost
Door Seal - Vestfrost SW311M Fridge
Door Seal - Vestfrost - Fridge - CFS345
Lid Seal - Vestfrost - AB6-271
Gasket - Vestfrost M85 Fridge
Lid Gasket - Vestfrost SZ464C Chest Freezer
Door Gasket - Vestfrost W45
Upper Glass Lid Vestfrost IKG275 Chest Freezer
Lower Glass Lid - Vestfrost IKG203 Fridge
Upper Glass Lid - Vestfrost IKG203 Fridge
Glass Door - Vestfrost FKG371G
Door Handle - VESTFROST Fridge FKS471
Handle - Vestfrost FKG371G
Handle - Vestfrost HF396STS Chest Freezer
SUPERSEDED Door Handle - Vestfrost Freezer HFG96G,
Handle - Vestfrost SZ464C SZ362C SZ248C Freezer
Door Handle - Vestfrost KF315G
SUPERSEDED Handle - Vestfrost CFKS471 fridge
Handle Back Plate - Vestfrost Freezer
Door Handle - Vestfrost CFKS471
Locking Door Handle - Vestfrost HF506/G
Grey handle - Vestfrost SZ362CSTS Freezer
Handle inlay (covers screw holes) - Vestfrost
Handle - Vestfrost CSFS291 Freezer
Handle (white metal) - Vestfrost - Fridge -
Handle Inlay Vestfrost SZ464C Chest Freezer
Catch for Handle - Vestfrost - SZ464C
Cover - Vestfrost SZ362C Fridge
Thermostat Knob - Vestfrost SZ362C Fridge
Thermostat Knob - Vestfrost - FKG371
Thermostat Knob Vestfrost SZ101C
Pilot Lamp Red Vestfrost SZ101C
Cover for lamp - Vestfrost Fridge CKS315
Reflector Lamp - Vestfrost CFKS471 Fridge
Lamp Holder - Vestfrost - Fridge - W155/FZ295W
Light Screen - Vestfrost - Fridge - W155/FZ295W
Lamp Tube - Vestfrost - Fridge - W155/FZ295W
LED Light- Vestfrost- FZ365W- Fridge
Bulb - Vestfrost Chest Freezer SZ464C
Lamp (Green Pilot) - Vestfrost SZ362C Fridge
Bulb - Vestfrost FKS471G Chiller
Bulb - Vestfrost Fridge FKS471G
Lid - Vestfrost - Freezer - SZ248C
Lid - Vestfrost SZ464C Chest Freezer
Lid - Vestfrost SZ464C Chest Freezer
Lid - Vestfrost - Chest Freezer - SZ362C
Lid - Vestfrost SZ464C
S/S Lid - Vestfrost - Fridge - SZ464STS
Plastic Lid with Seal - Vestfrost - TG3
Lid Glass Lower - Vestfrost IKG505
Lock - Vestfrost - FKG371
Lock & Key - Vestfrost - AKG317
Key (pair) - Vestfrost W155 W185/FZ365W Fridge
Lock - Vestfrost W155 W185/FZ365W-SILVER Fridge
Electric Unit Protecive Cap Vestfrost SZ101C
Stop - Vestfrost bottle cooler - SW311M
Front Flap- Vestfrost Freezer CFS275 Front Flap
Bottle Holder Stop - Vestfrost CKS384A
Starter For Compressor - Vestfrost FZ295W
Panel Box - Vestfrost SZ362C Fridge
3-inline Evaporator Fan Motor - Vestfrost NFG309
Condensor Fan Motor -Vestfrost NFG309 Chiller
Condensor Motor - Vestfrost FKG371G Fridge
SUPERSEDED Fridge Condensor Fan Motor - Vestfrost FKG371
Cover for Control Panel - Vestfrost FKG371
Drawer front - Vestfrost CFS344 Fridge
Cover Vestfrost SZ101C
Panel Box Vestfrost SZ101C
SUPERSEDED Print for Control Panel- Vestfrost CFKS471 - Chiller
Control Panel - Vestfrost SZ362C Fridge
Plastic Partition - Vestfrost - Chest Freezer - AB/HF
Drawer Front/Flap - Vestfrost CFS275 Freezer
Condensor Grill - Vestfrost SZ464C Chest Freezer
Print for Control Panel - Vestfrost CFS345 Fridge
Control Panel - Vestfrost - Fridge - SZ362C
Control Board - Vestfrost - Fridge - W32
Control Panel Vestfrost SZ101C
PCB - Vestfrost CKS315 Fridge
Screw Set Vestfrost SZ101C
Probe - Vestfrost - Fridge - CFKS471
Probe - Vestfrost - Fridge - CFKS471
Half Shelf - Vestfrost - Fridge - FKS471-W
Shelf (Full Sized) - Vestfrost NFG309 Freezer
Shelf - Vestfrost - Freezer - NFG309
Glass Shelf - Vestfrost - Fridge - CKS315
Bottle Holder- Vestfrost SZ310M SZ311M
Basket Vestfrost IKG505 Fridge
Bottle Shelf - Vestfrost FZ349RSTS
Large Bottle Shelf - Vestfrost FZ349RSTS
Crisper Bin - Vestfrost FZ349RSTS
Shelf edging securing pad - Vestfrost Fridge
Glass Shelf (493 x 358mm) Vestfrost Fridge
Shelf Edging - Vestfrost SZ380R Fridge
Shelf Edging - back - Vestfrost SZ380R Fridge
Shelf (250mm x 510mm) - Vestfrost CFKS471
Shelf - Vestfrost CFKS471 FKS471 FKG371 CKS Fridge
SUPERSEDED Shelf - Vestfrost FKS471 Fridge
Shelf Flap - Vestfrost CFS275
Door Fan Switch - Vestfrost FKS471G
Door Switch - Vestfrost CFKS471 Fridge
Switch Fast Freeze - Vestfrost SZ362C Fridge
Pilot Lamp Green Vestfrost SZ101C
Fast Freeze Switch Vestfrost SZ101C
Door Switch - Vestfrost - Fridge - CFKS471/STEEL
Switch - Vestfrost CFS345 Fridge
Timer - Vestfrost - Freezer - NFG309
Transformer 12 mm wire- Vestfrost- FZ365W- Fridge
Transformer 250 mm Wire LED licht- Vestfrost- FZ365W- Fridge
Transformer - Vestfrost NFG309
Transformer - Vestfrost - Fridge - W32
Transformer - Vestfrost NFG309
Thermostat - Vestfrost FKG371G Fridge
Thermostat - Vestfrost Chiller VKG51135059
Thermostat- Vestfrost Fridge CKS315 Thermostat
Thermostat Vestfrost CSKF352 Fridge Section
Thermostat - Vestfrost 1401-001-000UST
Thermostat - Vestfrost HF506-G Freezer
Thermostat - Vestfrost NFG309 Freezer
Electronic Thermostat - Vestfrost CFS345 Fridge
SUPERSEDED Thermostat - Vestfrost FKS471 Fridge
Thermostat - Vestfrost - FKS471
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