Company Details Vestfrost are based in Esbjerg, Denmark and was founded in 1963. Vestfrost manufacture a range of refrigerators and freezers and wine coolers for all types of commercial premises.

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Vestfrost Parts
Upper LH Hinge - Vestfrost W185/FZ365W-SILVER
Solid Door (1655mm x 590mm) - Vestfrost
Shelf Flap - Vestfrost CFS275
Door Handle - Vestfrost KF315G
Curved White Door - Vestfrost CFKS471
Handle - Vestfrost SZ464C SZ362C SZ248C Freezer
Keys- Vestfrost CFKS471 Freezer - Set of Keys
SUPERSEDED Door Handle - Vestfrost Freezer HFG96G,
Door Gasket - Vestfrost MK1-FKG371G NFG307
Door Gasket - Vestfrost mk2 (Flanged ) 371
Door c/w Seal. Pre 2000 - Vestfrost FKS471
SUPERSEDED Door Seal - Vestfrost Fridge model CFS344
Hinge suitable for top & bottom - Vestfrost
Cover for Lamp - Vestfrost - Freezer - SZ248C
Lid - Vestfrost - Freezer - SZ248C
Drip Tray - Vestfrost CFKS471
Door Fan Switch - Vestfrost FKS471G
Door - Vestfrost FKS471G
SUPERSEDED Shelf - Vestfrost FKS471 Fridge
Lid - Vestfrost SZ464C Chest Freezer
Door Gasket - Vestfrost Model FKG311G
Door Gasket - Vestfrost CFKS471 Fridge
Rubber Fan Axel Holder - Vestfrost FKG370
Door Gasket - Vestfrost FKG371G Fridge
Handle - Vestfrost HF396STS Chest Freezer
SUPERSEDED Door c/w Seal. Post 2000 - Vestfrost FKS471
Door Lock Complete - Vestfrost FKG371
Bulb - Vestfrost Fridge FKS471G
Handle - Vestfrost FKG371G
Shelf - Vestfrost CFKS471 FKS471 FKG371 CKS Fridge
Thermostat - Vestfrost FKG371G Fridge
Hinge Bottom Right Hand White -
Pair of Keys - Vestfrost SZ464C HF506/G
Door Handle - VESTFROST Fridge FKS471
Glass Door - Vestfrost FKG371G
Transformer - Vestfrost NFG309
SUPERSEDED White Door - Vestfrost CFS344 Freezer
Evaporator - Vestfrost FKS471
SUPERSEDED Fridge Condensor Fan Motor - Vestfrost FKG371
Locking Door Handle - Vestfrost HF506/G
Thermostat - Vestfrost Chiller VKG51135059
Shelf Edging - Vestfrost SZ380R Fridge
Shelf Edging - back - Vestfrost SZ380R Fridge
Door Switch - Vestfrost CFKS471 Fridge
Door Handle - Vestfrost CFKS471
Drip Tray (on top of the Compressor) - Vestfrost CFKS471
Lid Seal - Vestfrost HF506 Chest Freezer Door Seal
Front Flap- Vestfrost Freezer CFS275 Front Flap
White Door - Vestfrost CKFS471 CFS344
SUPERSEDED Door - Vestfrost CSKS471 Stainless Steel
Door Hinge - Vestfrost SZ464C
SUPERSEDED Handle - Vestfrost CFKS471 fridge
Hinge c/w screws - Vestfrost CFKS471 fridge
Thermostat- Vestfrost Fridge CKS315 Thermostat
PCB - Vestfrost CKS315 Fridge
Handle Back Plate - Vestfrost Freezer
Gasket Lower & Upper Vestfrost Freezer FS34SG
Drawer Front Cover 197mm - Vestfrost CFS344 Freezer
Thermometer - Vestfrost CFS344 Fridge
Condensor Motor - Vestfrost FKG371G Fridge
Thermostat - Vestfrost 1401-001-000UST
Handle - Vestfrost CSFS291 Freezer
Shelf (250mm x 510mm) - Vestfrost CFKS471
Evaporator Assembly Vestfrost CFKS471 Fridge
Thermostat Vestfrost CSKF352 Fridge Section
Middle Hinge for Door - Vestfrost - SW311M
Grey handle - Vestfrost SZ362CSTS Freezer
Handle inlay (covers screw holes) - Vestfrost
Thermometer - Vestfrost SZ362CSTS Freezer
Glass Door Vestfrost FKG371 Fridge
SUPERSEDED Drawer flap - Vestfrost CFS344 Freezer
Bottle Holder Stop - Vestfrost CKS384A
Condensor Fan Motor -Vestfrost NFG309 Chiller
Door Gasket - Vestfrost CKS385
Bulb - Vestfrost FKS471G Chiller
Door Gasket Vestfrost FKS471 Fridge
Lock Assembly Vestfrost FKG371 Fridge
Stop - Vestfrost bottle cooler - SW311M
Stainless Steel Door - Vestfrost CFS344 Fridge/Freezer
SUPERSEDED Hinge&Screw Upper Vestfrost CFS344Steel
Bottle Shelf - Vestfrost FZ349RSTS
Large Bottle Shelf - Vestfrost FZ349RSTS
Crisper Bin - Vestfrost FZ349RSTS
Lock - Vestfrost - Fridge - FKG371
Keys (Pair) - Vestfrost - Fridge - FKG371
Basket Vestfrost IKG505 Fridge
Lid Seal - Vestfrost Chestfreezer SZ464C
Lid Gasket - Vestfrost - Fridge - SZ248C
Door Gasket - Vestfrost FKG370
Door Seal Vestfrost FKG371G Fridge
Lock for Lid - Vestfrost SZ464CSTS Chest
Glass Shelf (493 x 358mm) Vestfrost Fridge
Cover for lamp - Vestfrost Fridge CKS315
Shelf edging securing pad - Vestfrost Fridge
Electronic Controller - Vestfrost CFKS471
Thermometer - Vestfrost Chest Freezer
Bulb - Vestfrost Chest Freezer SZ464C
Drawer front - Vestfrost CFS344 Fridge
Door Gasket - Vestfrost SZ362 Freezer
Door seal - Vestfrost KS250G Fridge/Freezer
Glass Door Seal - Vestfrost - FKG311
Handle (white metal) - Vestfrost - Fridge -
Lid - Vestfrost SZ464C Chest Freezer
Gasket for Lid - Vestfrost - Chest Freezer -
Cover for Control Panel - Vestfrost FKG371
Condenser - Vestfrost FKG371
Lid - Vestfrost - Chest Freezer - SZ362C
Lid Gasket - Vestfrost SZ362C Fridge
Handle Inlay Vestfrost SZ464C Chest Freezer
Chest Freezer Lid - Vestfrost - SZ282
Bottle Holder- Vestfrost SZ310M SZ311M
Lock - Vestfrost W155 W185/FZ365W-SILVER Fridge
Lid Seal - Vestfrost SZ181C Chest Freezer
Lid Gasket - Vestfrost SZ464C Chest Freezer
Key (pair) - Vestfrost W155 W185/FZ365W Fridge
Door Gasket - Vestfrost FKS471G Fridge
Door Seal - Vestfrost - Fridge - W45
Thermostat - Vestfrost HF506-G SZ362C Fridge/Freezer
Cover for Bottom Hinge - Vestfrost SZ464
Cover for Top Hinge - Vestfrost SZ464
Thermometer Vestfrost FKG371 Bottle Cooler
Drawer Bottom Freezer Vestfrost CFS344
Panel Box Vestfrost SZ101C
Thermostat Knob Vestfrost SZ101C
Electric Unit Protecive Cap Vestfrost SZ101C
Cover Vestfrost SZ101C
Pilot Lamp Red Vestfrost SZ101C
Pilot Lamp Green Vestfrost SZ101C
Control Panel Vestfrost SZ101C
RH Hinge For Flap Vestfrost CFS344
LH Hinge For Flap Vestfrost CFS344
Lower Glass Lid - Vestfrost IKG203 Fridge
Slide Bar - Vestfrost IKG203 Fridge
Upper Glass Lid - Vestfrost IKG203 Fridge
Lock & Key - Vestfrost IKG203 IKG405 Fridge
Temperature Control Unit (Electrical) - Vestfrost FZ365W Fridge
Switch Fast Freeze - Vestfrost SZ362C Fridge
Lamp (Green Pilot) - Vestfrost SZ362C Fridge
Gasket for the Lid - Vestfrost SZ282C - Chest Freezer
Upper Glass Lid Vestfrost IKG275 Chest Freezer
Gasket - Vestfrost KS315G FS205G Fridge
Door - Vestfrost FRYSP600 SZ310M SZ311M Freezer
Transformer - Vestfrost - Fridge - W32
Door Seal - Vestfrost SW311M Fridge
Thermostat Knob - Vestfrost - FKG371
Timer - Vestfrost - Freezer - NFG309
Door Seal - Vestfrost - Fridge - CFS345
Lower Door - Vestfrost - Fridge - CFS345
Transformer 12 mm wire- Vestfrost- FZ365W- Fridge
SUPERSEDED Thermostat - Vestfrost FKS471 Fridge
Plastic Partition - Vestfrost - Chest Freezer - AB/HF
Lid Seal - Vestfrost - AB6-271
Control Panel - Vestfrost SZ362C Fridge
Electric Plate W185 - Vestfrost SZ365W Chiller
Gasket - Vestfrost M85 Fridge
Thermometer - Vestfrost NFG309
Control Board - Vestfrost - Fridge - W32
SUPERSEDED Print for Control Panel- Vestfrost CFKS471 - Chiller
3-inline Evaporator Fan Motor - Vestfrost NFG309
Thermostat - Vestfrost - FKS471
Upper Hinge & Screw - Vestfrost - CFKS471
Thermometer - Vestfrost SZ362C Fridge
Battery - Vestfrost SZ362C Fridge
Panel Box - Vestfrost SZ362C Fridge
Cover - Vestfrost SZ362C Fridge
Thermostat Knob - Vestfrost SZ362C Fridge
Top RH Hinge - Vestfrost FKS471G CFS344 Fridge
Lamp Tube - Vestfrost - Fridge - W155/FZ295W
Drawer Front/Flap - Vestfrost CFS275 Freezer
Door Switch - Vestfrost - Fridge - CFKS471/STEEL
Lid Gasket - Vestfrost
Dixell XR70CX Controller - Vestfrost SZ365W Chiller
Glass Shelf - Vestfrost - Fridge - CKS315
LED Light- Vestfrost- FZ365W- Fridge
Condensor Grill - Vestfrost SZ464C Chest Freezer
Shelf - Vestfrost - Freezer - NFG309
Light Screen - Vestfrost - Fridge - W155/FZ295W
Digital Thermometer - Vestfrost CFKS471
Transformer 250 mm Wire LED licht- Vestfrost- FZ365W- Fridge
Lid - Vestfrost SZ464C
Lock & Key - Vestfrost - AKG317
Lid Gasket - Vestfrost SZ464C Chest Freezer
Thermometer w/ Battery - Vestfrost - SZ464C
Print for Control Panel - Vestfrost CFS345 Fridge
Electronic Thermostat - Vestfrost CFS345 Fridge
Switch - Vestfrost CFS345 Fridge
Shelf (Full Sized) - Vestfrost NFG309 Freezer
Hinge Without Spring- Vestfrost SZ248C- Chest Freezer
Half Shelf - Vestfrost - Fridge - FKS471-W
Glass Door - Vestfrost FKG371 VKG571
Lamp Holder - Vestfrost - Fridge - W155/FZ295W
Adjustable Door Stop - Vestfrost - FF68520
Probe - Vesfrost - Fridge - W155/FZ295W
Control Panel - Vestfrost - Fridge - SZ362C
S/S Lid - Vestfrost - Fridge - SZ464STS
Catch for Handle - Vestfrost - SZ464C
Lid Hinge - Vestfrost - Fridge - SZ362C
Probe - Vestfrost - Fridge - CFKS471
Probe - Vestfrost - Fridge - CFKS471
Thermometer - Vestfrost - Fridge - FKG371
Plastic Lid with Seal - Vestfrost - TG3
Lid Glass Lower - Vestfrost IKG505
Drip Tray - Vestfrost - FKG371G
Reflector Lamp - Vestfrost CFKS471 Fridge
Door Gasket - Vestfrost W45
Door Hinge Bush - Vestfrost CFS344
Thermostat - Vestfrost NFG309 Freezer
Gasket - Vestfrost - CFK4285
Starter For Compressor - Vestfrost FZ295W
Lock - Vestfrost - FKG371
Drip Tray - Vestfrost - Fridge - FKG37G
Transformer - Vestfrost NFG309
Lamp Cover - Vestfrost SZ282C SZ362C
Door Switch - Vestfrost NFG309
Thermostat - Vestfrost - CFS344
Thermostat - Vestfrost CFKS 471-WHITE Fridge
Room Probe- Vestfrost W185 - Chiller
Evaporator Probe- Vestfrost W185 - Chiller
Freezer Drawer (197mm white) - Vestfrost CFS344 Freezer
Drawer Bottom (166mm white) - Vestfrost CFS344 Freezer
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