Company Details Victor Manufacturing make a large product line of commercial catering equipment but are perhaps best known for their skill in manufacturing hot cupboards.

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Victor Parts
Black Silicone Adhesive - Victor CARIB3.2B16ZQ
Capillary (per metre) - Victor - Display - CAR1B7.419XF
Un-braked Castor - Victor Consort BM20MS Hot Trolley
6" Castor Swivel Grey Type Needle Bearing - Victor AMB20X
6" Castor Swivel & Brake Grey Type Needle Bearing - Victor
4in Swivel Castor - Victor
Swivel & Brake Castor - Victor
Swivel Castor - Victor
Braked Castor - Victor JPSI Hot Trolley
SUPERSEDED Swivel 4inch Castor - Victor CND10140N
Swivel Break - Victor CND10140N
Top Door Roller - Victor
Compressor - Victor Carib1012S+DRMT3Z Chiller
Compressor (Embraco) - Victor
Copndensate Tray- Victor CARIB1.219YF PVC Condensate Tray
Deep Container - Victor CARIB WDRWL4Z Display Unit
Condenser - Victor SOR70F3Y
Condensor Coil Contrado type VICTOR
Condensor Assembly 2730W - Victor DRMT42 Chiller
Condenser Assembly Luve - Victor - JPS5.26Y
Condenser Assembly - Victor - GRE-ZD07D
Condenser Coil - Victor - ZD10E
Bent Element - Victor BM32MS
ATI-5BS6E-A Controller w/ Probes - Victor - DRMT3DY
Controller- Eliwell Controller C/W 2 Probes - Victor Carib1012S-DRMT3Z Chiller
Controller Digital - Victor Display Cabinet S
Element Tray Assembly c/w Element - Victor Peer Hot Trolley
LAE SDU12TORE Electronic Controller - AT1-5BS6E-AG
SUPERSEDED Digital Display & Temp Probe - Victor Bain
SUPERSEDED Victor Bainmarie SCEP22Q Dimmer Switch
Controller - Victor WRDWL4Z Fridge
Fan - Victor SCEP19 Heater Fan Unit Complete
Temperature Digital Display - Victor BL100H1 Hot Cupboard
Digital Controller Victor BL70H1X Bain Marie
XT11S-5200N Digital Temp Display 58mm x 25.5mm - Victor Hot Cupboard
LAE Control Thermostat - Victor BL50H1S Hot Cupboard
Conversion Kit BM to Euro Nat Gas
Flanged Tank Connector 22mm - Victor CARIV2.319QS Bain Marie
Adapter Straight Brass Stem 22mm x 3/4" BSP - Victor CARIV2.319QS Bain Marie
Porcelain Connector - Victor BM20MS Hot Cupboard
Magnetic Door Latch - Victor BL100H2Z Hot Cupboard
Door Track - Victor PEER 16Z Hot Cupboard
Hanger - Victor PEER 16Z Hot Cupboard
Hinge Edgemount Chrome Plated - Victor BL100H2
Top Door Track - Victor - HND10140N
Bottom Door Tube - Victor - HND10140N
Aluminium Door Track - Victor - SCEP22
Door track - Victor HS20MS Hot Cupboard
Door hanger - Victor HS20MS Hot Cupboard
Door Track Aluminium (3metre)
Door Track Aluminium (2metre) Victor Peer 19
Door Flaps - Victor SOR100 F32 Sandwich
Door Roller - Victor Peer 19 Hot Cupboard
Door Rail - Victor Pier 19
Bottom LH Hinge - Victor - SOR100FSY
Door Location Rail - Victor - Hot Cupboard - BM30MS
Door Roller - Victor Peer 19 Hot Cupboard
Set of doors for1600mm - Victor SCEP160 Bain Marie
Set of doors - Victor SCEP120 Bain Marie
Complete Door - Victor BL100H22 Hot Cupboard
Spring Tensioner - Victor - Display Cabinet - RMR100E
Condensate Boil Off Tray -Synergy - Victor RMR100E Display Chiller
Element Tray - Victor
Vapourising Tray Victor Chiller DRWL3
Evaporator Drip Tray- Victor CARIB7.71S9 Cold
Mains Cable c/w Plug - Victor Baron Hot Cupboard
Digital Thermometer - Wiring Harness - Victor
1.5kwt 240v Element - Victor SK2181 Hot Cupboard
1kw Heating Element - Victor Bain Marie - WDHBW4RC
1.5kwt Heating Element - Victor - HC31MS
Element - Victor - DED40100
Deck Element - Victor - RMH65E
250w 240v 39" 8mm Dia Straight Element - Victor DRWL3EHI
1Kw Rectangular Bottom Element - Victor JPS2.3 B/M
Element (Hot Cupboard) 1500w 240v -Victor BM21MS Bain Marie
300w Heating Element - Victor Bain Marie
Hot Plate 490mm x 620mm - Victor - Hot
Drain Pan Heater - Victor DRMT5WY WDRWL4Z
Element (300w) - Victor CARIB2.312Q
Element - Victor - Bain Marie Oven Heating Element
SUPERSEDED Victor 1000wt Element
Element - Victor Heat Plate Element W Element
Heating Element Victor Wet Baine Marie
Element - Victor SCEP160 Bain Marie
Element - Victor Hot Cupboard JPS1Q Element
Evaporator Element - Victor CARIB7.71S9 Cold Display
Element - Victor MPN10000 Bain Marie
Condensate Heater Assembly - Victor
1.6kwt Element - Victor HMU50CQ
Element 500w - Victor - Heated Display - HDU20X
750wt 240v Element - Victor DED70100 Hot Cupboard
Element (550w) - Victor CARIB3.1A16Q SK19
900w 240v Rectangular Top Element - Victor Riviera DHBM5X B/M
2.2kwt Element Bottom - Victor CD600 Conv Typ
Peer 12 Element - Victor Scep 12
Plate warmer Element - MPN20000
Element Victor AMB3T Hot Trolley
1kwt Element - Victor Prince HED50100 Hot Cupboard
1500W Element - Victor BMS30 DHBM5X Hot Cupboard
Heating Element - Victor - HD75RU
2kwt Element - Victor PEER16 SCEP22Q Hot Cupboard
400w Element - Victor CARIB3.1A16Q Hot Plate
Adaptor for Lead - PEER16 Victor
SUPERSEDED Victor CTP2Q Hot Plate Element
2kwt Element - Victor Peer16z kS 3T 3Q A16ZQ
Element - Victor Hot Trolley Element 1.5kw
Element (hot cupboard) - Victor 8ND10100
Element - Victor PEF12100 Carribain 2kwt 240v Element
1500w Bain Marie Element - Victor BM30MF
Bain Marie Bottom - Victor JPS1 JPS2.3
Element - Victor Peer 12 Element - ETS30002
Heating Element - Victor Peer 12 Hot
Evaporator - Victor DRDL3 Serve Over
Evaporator - Victor - Fridge - SFRWL3
Evaporator 1300mm - Victor - Chiller - RMR130SW
Evaporator - Victor DRWL-5 - Chiller
Plastic Foot - Victor UED10100
Boil Off Filter - Victor WDRWL4Z Display Cabinet
Fuse cover / Cap - Victor WRDWL4Z Fridge
13a Cartridge Fuse Victor WDHDW5 Bain Marie
Door Gasket (per metre) - Victor BL70H1X BL200H4Z Hot Cupboard
Top Hat - Victor - Hot Cupboard - HMU50DD
Gas Valve - Victor - Hot Cupboard - PEER 12
Piezo Ingintor Kit - Victor
Spark Electrode c/w Brass Connector - Victor Bain Marie
Latch Assembly Auto c/p Cranked Handle - Victor Hot Cupboard
Handle Clip (x2 req'd per handle) - Victor
Handle - Victor HND70140N Hot Cupboard
Handle- Victor SOR100F32 White Door Handle
Bar (handle) - Victor Hot Cupboard
Handle Bracket - Victor Hot Cupboard
Handle Clip - Victor BM20MS Hot Cupboard
SUPERSEDED Handle - Victor JPS6 Hot Cupboard
Push Bar Handle Victor BL100H2Z Hot Cupboard
Control Knob - Victor BM20MS Hot Cupboard
Knob- Victor Hot Cupboard Fixing Kit inc
Temperature Knob - Bain Marie Hot Plate Victo
Control Knob - Victor Bain Marie
Control Knob- Victor CTB1Q - Bain Marie
Quartz Lamp Guard - Victor
SUPERSEDED Heat Lamp Reflector - Victor Hot Cupboard
SUPERSEDED Lamp Holder - Victor SCEP16 Hotcupboard
Lamp Holder - Victor O2LU Hot Cabinet
Red Rectangular Neon Indicator - Victor SCEP160 Bain Marie
Heat Lamp - Victor DED70100 Hotcupboard Heat lamp
Heat Lamp - Victor CARIB2.319 Hot Trolley
Rectangular Indicating Lamp - Victor Bain Marie
SUPERSEDED Victor 500W Halogen Heat Lamp
Lamp Holder Victor Chill Cabinet
SUPERSEDED Victor Hot Cupboard Halogen Lamp 300w SCEP1
Heat Lamps - Victor JPS2.2 - Bain Marie
Bulb - Victor SPM75- Pie Warmer
LAMP 50W PAR20 FLOOD 240V - Victor HMU50DD Pie Cabinet
Boil-Off Outer - Victor WDRWL4Z Display Unit
Glass Curver Gantry 1807mm - Victor Bain Marie
Drop in Hotplate - Victor CARIB3.2B16ZQ
Fan Sleeve Bearing Axial - Victor - Fridge - RMR130SW
Door Guide Saddle (Plastic Moulding)- Victor
Control Fixing Kit - Victor - Bain Marie / Hot Cupboard
Ball Valve Full Flow 3/4" BSP Lever Handle - Victor CARIV2.319QS Bain Marie
Washer, Flanged Tank Connector 22mm - Victor CARIV2.319QS Bain Marie
Axial Fan - Victor RW30MS
Evaporator/Condenser Fan Motor - Victor DRMT3Y Chiller
Fan - Victor - GRE-ZD07D
1 kw Fan Unit - Victor - Hot Cupboard
Condenser Fan Motor and Guard - Victor Synergy - DRWL3
Evaporator Fan Motor - Victor - Fridge -DRDL4
Fan Unit - Victor CAB-R 1B 2416
Fan Motor - Victor BL70H1 BL200H2 BL100H2 BL200H4Z
Peer Circulating fan - Victor KS3TQA16ZQ 12Z
Fan & Motor - Victor CARIB3.2B16ZQ Hot Cupboard
Condenser Fan Motor - Victor Display Fridge
SUPERSEDED Evaporator Fan Motor - Victor Coldbar DRD83
Tangential Double Fan 39W - Victor Display Fridge
Fan Unit - Victor Hot Cupboard
Heater control box - Victor PEDD16 Hot Cupboard
Grommet - Victor Baron HC31MS Bain Marie
Rubber Washer - Victor
White Washer - Victor
Synergy Control Box - Victor - WDHHBW4RC
End Glass - Victor Deli - CARIV6212Q
Curved Glass - Victor - Servery Unit - CARIB7.416XF(S)
Control Panel Housing - Victor AMB2 Control Panel Housing
Pilot Assembly - Victor - Bain Marie - SCEP16NATINTER
Relay - Victor
Sneeze Screen - Victor - Display Unit - HDU30GX
NTC Probe 1500mm - Victor CARIB3 BM30MS Servery
Shelf - Victor Hot Cupbaord - HC20MS
Removable Shelf Bracket - Victor HC20MS Hot Cupboard
Removable Shelf Bracket - Victor CARIB2.322Q Hot Cupboard
Bridge Support - Victor BM20MS Bain Marie
Shelf - Victor - Hot Cupboard - HC30MSY
Glass Shelf - 1004x270mm - Victor Fridge - DRMT3Y
Glass Shelf - 1004x305mm - Victor Fridge - DRMT3Y
Glass Shelf - 1004x339mm - Victor Fridge - DRMT3Y
Top RH Shelf Bracket - Victor Fridge - DRMT3Y
Top LH Shelf Bracket - Victor Fridge - DRMT3Y
Middle RH Shelf Bracket - Victor Fridge - DRMT3Y
Middle LH Shelf Bracket - Victor Fridge - DRMT3Y
Bottom RH Shelf Bracket - Victor Fridge - DRMT3Y
Bottom LH Shelf Bracket - Victor Fridge - DRMT3Y
Shelf c/w brackets - Victor Hot Cupboard 31SS
Shelf - Victor - Hot Cupboard - BL50H1S
Shelf Brackets - Victor - Hot Cupboard
Shelf - Victor CAIRIB2316Q Hot Cupboard
Circuit Breaker - Victor JPS10.1 Single Socket Circuit Breaker
Rocker Switch - Victor DRDH3 Bain Marie
Red Illuminated Rocker switch - Victor WRDWL4Z DED50100 Fridge
Float Switch Victor CARIB18Z Salad Bar
Rocker Switch - Victor BM20MS Hot Cupboard
Complete On/Off Switch - Victor BL50H1S BL100H2
Microswitch - Victor - Fridge - SSRWL3Z
Switch - Victor Hot Cupboard
Thermocouple - Victor Bain Marie
Thermocouple Victor PEER12LPG Hot Cupboard
Terminal - Victor BS30HR850RQ Hot Trolley
Thermal overload (12amp circuit breaker) -
Thermostat - Victor - Plate Warmer - MPN10000
SUPERSEDED Victor SCEP12 Hot Cupboard Control Thermostat
Fixing Kit for Thermostat - Victor Pier
Thermostat - Victor JPS1 JPS2 BM21MS Bain Marie
Thermostat Victor Princess - Obsolete
Boil Dry Thermostat - Victor CTT1Q
Fixing Kit for Control Thermostat / Regulator
Control Thermostat Bain marie 30-110c Victor
SUPERSEDED Victor Hot Cupboard Simmerstat