Company Details Waring was named after Fred Waring an entertainer who had nothing to do with the invention of the blender but did make alterations to the original design. Waring now produce a range of juice extractors, drinks mixers, toasters and kettles. Waring are now famous worldwide for the blender supplied to bars and restaurants.

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Waring Parts
Top Housing c/w one piece jar -
Bearing Holder - Waring BB180PK Blender
Bearing Holder - Waring BB180PK B180SK T438 F229 Blender
Bearing - Waring Blender
Bushing Cover - Waring WKS800
Clutch For Bearing - Waring
Blade - Waring GF422 Blender
Serrated S Blade - Waring WFP7K Food Processor
Blade Assembly Waring BB90E Blender
Blade & Shaft Assembly - Waring BB180PK
Serrated S-shaped blade - Waring WFP14E/K Mixer
Serrated "S" Blade - Waring WPF14K CC026 Blender
SUPERSEDED Serrated S Blade - Warring WFP14K Blender
Blade Assembly Waring HGB25EK Blender
Blade Blending assy - Waring BB180PK Blender
Blade Assembly - Waring Blender CB15VK
SUPERSEDED S-Blade - Waring WFP14SK Food Processor
Blade Blending Assembly - Waring MX1100 Blender
Bowl - Waring 31JC39 Juicer
2L Jug - Waring CB15 GF422 Blender
Bowl - Waring Blender - WFP14K
Jug - Waring - Blender - CAC90
Jug - Waring - Blender - BB180
3.8ltr Bowl - Waring WFP16S2 GG560 GG561 WFP16SK
Bowl - Waring WF7PK Food Processor
Wall Bracket - Waring Stick Blender
Stop Capacitor - Waring - Blender - WFP14K
Warring WFP14K Blender Bowl
1.36ltr 48oz Stacking Polycarbonate Jug w/ Lid - Waring
Complete Jug - Waring MMB145CK Blender
Jar with Blending Assembly - Waring
Stainless Steel Jug - Waring HGB25E Blender
Jug With Blade And Lid - Waring HGB25E Blender
1.3ltr Poly Jub Complete - Waring BB180PK Blender
Stacking MX Jar (2ltr) 64oz - Waring MX1000XTXEK Blender
Stackable Jar with Lid - Waring - MX1100SEK
1qt S/S Container - Waring
64 oz. Stainless Steel Container - Waring
Glass Jar w/ Blade (No Lid) - Waring
Coupling Assembly with Magnet Ring - Waring Blender
Drive Coupling - Waring HGB25EK Blender
Drive Coupling / Clutch - Waring MX1000XT11CK Blender
Coupling Waring Blender
Coupling Assembly - Waring 24CB10 Blender
Shaft Coupling Kit - Waring WSBK Blender
12"" Shaft Assy. with Blade - Waring WSB50CK Blender
Shaft - Waring - Blender - WSB55ST
120v Element - Waring WCT805K Toaster
Foot - Waring BB180 Blender
Foot Housing - Waring Toaster
Foot, Suction Cup - Waring WKS800
Cover Seal - Waring CD666
V-Seal - Waring BB180PK Blender
Jar seal - Waring BB180PK Blender Jug
SUPERSEDED Drive Clutch - Waring MX1000XT11CK Blender
Coupling - Waring HGB25EK Blender
Clutch - Waring Nublend BB180PK Blender
SUPERSEDED Clutch - Waring BB180PK Blender
Gear Cover - Waring WKS800
Jar Pad - Waring MX1000XT11CK Blender
Clutch - Waring HGB25K1 Blender
Inner sound enclosure - Waring MX1100 Blender
Housing - Waring WBSK Blender
Function Knob - Waring CTS1000B Toaster
Lid- Waring WFP14K Food Blender Bowl Lid
Bowl Cover/Lid - Waring WFP14K Blender
Cover Insert Waring Blender
Outer Lid Waring Blender
Lid - Waring WF7PK Food Processor
Plastic Bowl Cover Lid - Waring CD66 CC026-SK
Hot Blending Lid - Waring F134 Blender
Bowl Lid - Waring WFP14K Food Blender
Aperature Cover - Waring PB25EX Blender
Outer Lid - Waring extreme MX1000XTXEK Blender
2pc Clover Lid - Waring
Jar Lid - Waring
Jar Lid Cover - Waring
End Cap / Polishjing Wheel Side - Waring WKS800
End Cap / Grinding Wheel Side - Waring WKS800
Polishing Wheel Assembly - Waring WKS800
Grinding Wheels - Waring CC027 WKS800
Jar Base / Pad - Waring - MX1100SEK
Coupling - Waring Blender - BB90E
Blending Assembly - Waring - Blender - BB180PK
SUPERSEDED Power pack tool & shaft tool - Waring WSB70K
Strainer - Waring 31JC39 Juicer
Juicer Hood - Waring 31JC39 Juicer
Jar bottom - Waring BB180PK Blender
Small Pusher - Waring Blender - WFP14K
Large Pusher - Waring Blender - WFP14K
Adaptor Plate - Waring CB15 GF422 Blender
Reamer - Waring 31JC39 Juicer
Shaft Assembly - Waring WSBK Blender 21'' Shaft Assembly w/ Blade
Overload Protector - Waring 24CB10 Blender
Jar Pad - Waring 24CB10 Blender
Small Pusher - Waring WF7PK Food Processor
Large Pusher - Waring WF7PK Food Processor
Small Pusher - Waring WFP14S7 CD666 CC026-SK Blender
Large Pusher - Waring CD666 CC026-SK
Brush & Spring Assembly (2 required) Waring - Blender - CB15VK
Base Unit - Waring WFP16SK Food Processor
ECM Motor For F134 F232 - Warig - HGB25K1
Motor Bracket - Waring WKS800
Motor with Sensor - Waring CB15VK Blender
Motor / AC - Waring CTS1000K Toaster
Motor / DC - Waring CTS1000K Toaster
Motor - Waring PB25EK Blender
V Seal - Waring BB180PK Blender
Washer/Nylon - Waring BB180PK Blender
Washer for Wheel Coupling & Clutch - Waring 800EP BB180PK F134 Blender
V-Ring - Waring Blender
O-Ring - Waring Blender
Spacer - Waring Blender
Spacer - Waring Blender
Washer for Bearing Holder - Waring GF422 Blender
Washer - Waring BB25EP B180SK BB180PK BB185PK MB24CE
Bearing Cap - Waring F134 Blender
Washer (small) for Blade Assy - Waring F134 Blender
Washer for Under Jug (Neoprene) - Waring F134 Blender
Small Washer for Blending Assy - Waring F134 Blender
Stainless Steel Washer - Waring F134 Blender
Washer (small) for Blade Assy - Waring F134 Blender
Washer - Waring WKS800
Washer - Waring WKS800
Washer - Waring WKS800
Control Panel - Waring Blender
Control Panel Assembly - Waring - Blender - GF422
PCB Waring Blender WSBK
PCB - Waring WSBK Blender
Start Relay - Waring WFP14SCK Blender
Disk Rod Stem - Waring WFP14SCK Food Processor
Hexagonal Nut for Blending Assy - Waring F134 Blender
Screw - Waring WKS800
End Cap / Polishjing Wheel Side - Waring WKS800
Screw - Waring WKS800
Screw - Waring WKS800
Thermal Cut Out - Waring Contact Grill
Brushes & Springs - Waring 24CB9E Blender
On/Off Switch - Waring WPG250K CF231 Panini Grill
Thermal cut out switch - Waring Panini Grill
Thermoswitch - Waring CTS1000K Blender
Toggle Switch - Waring HGB26KA Blender
Drive Coupling - Waring MMB15OCK - Blender
Thermostat - Torrington CTS1000K Toaster
Thermostat - Waring - Griddle - CF230
Thermostat- Waring WPG250 Panini Grill Thermostat - 55.13044.050
Safety thermostat - Waring CTS1000K Toaster