Company Details Wastematic have been designing waste disposal units for over forty years. Wastematic pride themselves on manufacturing heavy duty waste disposal units able to withstand the rigours of a professional kitchen.

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Wastematic Parts
Elbow Assembly - Wastematic 75 Outlet Elbow Assy w/ Seal
Motor - Wastematic SM75 Waste Disposal
Micro Activator - Wastematic - Waste Disposal Unit - 75
Micro Activating Knob - Wastematic - Waste Disposal Unit - 75
Spirol Pin - Wastematic - Waste Disposal Unit - 75
Sink Plug - Wastematic SM75 Single Phase
Nylon nut - Wastematic SM75 Waste disposal
Nut - Wastematic SM75 Single Phase
Motor Assembly - Wastematic 150
Sink Bush - Wastematic SM75 Single Phase
Circlip 8 Gauge - Wastematic SM75
Clamp Plate - Wastematic SM75 Single Phase
Lower Inlet Seal - Wastematic SM75
Inlet Gasket - Wastematic SM75 Single Phase
Outlet Bend - Wastematic SM75 Waste Disposal
Motor Assembly - Wastematic SM75
Over Load - Waste Matic 50 Waste Disposal
Micro-boot - Wastematic 75 Waste Disposal
Micro switch - Wastematic 75 Waste Disposal
Shaft Key - Wastematic SM75 Waste disposal
Drain Chamber - Wastematic 75 Waste Disposal
MK 6/7 Hopper - Wastematic 75
Motor Unit Wastematic 150 Waste Disposal Unit
Nyloc Nut M5 - Wastematic 75
Bench Mounted Hopper - Wastematic - Waste Disposal Unit
Bottom cutter ring gasket - Wastematic SM75
Top Cutter Ring Gasket - Wastematic 50/75
Splashguard - Wastematic SM50 SM75
Impellor seal washer - Wastematic SM75
Suspension Plate - Wastematic SM75
Hopper Seal - Wastematic SM75 SM50 Single Phase
Rotor plug - Wastematic SM75 Waste disposal
Water seal - Wastematic SM75 Waste disposal
Grub Screw - Wastematic SM75 Single Phase
Washer - Wastematic SM75 Single Phase
Plain washer - Wastematic SM75 Waste
Motor Unit - Wastematic SM50 Waste Disposal
1Ph Motor Unit - Wastematic 75 Series Waste Disposal
Screw - Wastematic Waste Disposal
Wastematic Equipment Types
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