Company Details Whirlpool produce a vast product line of commercial microwaves, combination microwaves and ice machines. The company has in a short time become a household name known for their economical and reliable units Upton Machine Corporation was founded in St. Joseph, Michigan in 1911 and later went on to become the Nineteen Hundred Washer Co. in 1929 and finally changed its name to Whirlpool in 1950.

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Whirlpool Parts
Cabinet Side Grille - Whirlpool K20 Ice
Spray Bar Hose - Whirlpool K20 Ice Machine
O-Ring for water hose connection - Whirlpool
Lid - Whirlpool WCN500B Chest Freezer
SUPERSEDED Ice Thickness Stat - Whirlpool Ice Machine
Lid Gasket - Whirlpool AFG04 Chest Freezer
Spray arm feed pipe - Whirlpool Ice Machine
Wash Tank Element - Whirlpool AGB782/DP
SUPERSEDED Ice Quantity Bin Thermostat -Whirlpool K20
SUPERSEDED Ice Thickness Thermostat - Whirlpool K20 Ice
Small door compartment (1 in total)
SUPERSEDED Cutting Grid - Whirlpool K20 Ice machine
SUPERSEDED Pump - Whirlpool K20 K40 Ice Machine
Evaporator Thermostat - Whirlpool K20, K40
Spray Bar - Whirlpool K20 Ice Machine
Internal Waste Pipe - Whirlpool K20 Ice
Water Circulation Pump - Whirlpool Ice Machine
Spray arm feed pipe - Whirlpool K40 Ice
SUPERSEDED Water Inlet Solenoid Valve 90 Deg - Whirlpool
Water Tank Pump Cover - Whirlpool K20 Ice
Evaporator Assembly - K40 Whirlpool Ice
Control Panel - Whirlpool K20 K40 Ice Machine
Gasket - Whirlpool K20 K40 Ice Machine
SUPERSEDED Bin Thermostat - Whirlpool K40 Ice Machine
Door Seal - Whirlpool K40 Ice Machine
Wash tank element - Whirlpool AGB655-WP
Thermostat Cut Out Kit - Whirlpool 3RLEQ
High Limit Stat 170å¼c - Whirlpool 3RLEQ
Whirlpool K40 Ice Machine - 48kg - Stainless
Lid Hinge - Whirlpool AFG528H Chest Freezer
Thermostat knob - Whirlpool K40 Ice machine
Trim strip - Whirlpool K20 Ice machine
Transformer -Whirlpool K20 Ice Machine Transformer
Pulley Jockey - Whirlpool AWZ220 Tumble Dryer
Bearing Wheel - Whirlpool AWZ220 Tumble Dryer
Shaft Front - Whirlpool AWZ220 Tumble Dryer
Blower Wheel - Whirlpool AWZ220 Tumble Dryer
Circlip Ring - Whirlpool AWZ220 Tumble Dryer
Shaft Gear - Whirlpool AWZ220 Tumble Dryer
Belt - Whirlpool AWZ220 Tumble Dryer
Drain Pump - Whirlpool Washing Machine W0614 DrainPump
Handle - Whirlpool Chest Freezer WCN500B Handle
Handle - Whirlpool Chest Freezer AFG522
Drain Pump - Whirpool AGB650/DP
Grease Resistant Seal Whirlpool AWO/D4705
R134a Compressor - Whirlpool K40 Ice Machine
Evaporator - Whirpool /Blizzard K20 Ice
Water Pump 230V 50Hz Single Phase
Timer Resistor Whirlpool Dryer 3LER5436EQ1
Timer - Whirlpool Washing machine
Plunger & key - Whirlpool WCN17-8 Freezer
Handle - Whirlpool WCN17-8 Freezer
SUPERSEDED Lid Seal - Whirlpool WCN17-8 AFG549-C/H
Transformer - Whirlpool K40 K20 Ice Machine
Thermostat - Whirlpool ARC2990
Rinse Injector Whirlpool AGB645/WP Dishwasher
Door Gasket - Whirlpool AFB601/B1 Freezer
Control Panel - Whirlpool WCN-4-1 Freezer
Main Switch - Whirlpool WCN-4-1 Freezer
Thermostat - Whirlpool WCN-4-1 Freezer
Wash Tank Thermostat - Whirlpool AGB655 Dishwasher
Front Thermocouple - Whirlpool AGB491 Oven
Pipe Weights - Whirlpool Dishwasher - Pipe Weights
Oven Thermocouple Extension - Whirlpool -
Evaporator Fan Motor - Whirlpool WSC5533A+S
Door Handle - Whirlpool PRT590/G Fridge
Clean switch - Whirlpool K20 Ice machine
Lid seal - Whirlpool WCN500B Chest freezer
Belt - Whirlpool Dryer PROD065SC11
Rubber hose - Whirlpool PROD06SCHUK Tumble
Door Handle - Whirlpool G2P61F/SS Oven
Gasket for lid - Whirlpool chest freezer
Door hook - Whirlpool AGB632/WP Oven
Handle Whirlpool AFG07511G Chest Freezer
Lid Seal - Whirlpool WCN17-8 AFG549-C/H Chest Freezer
SUPERSEDED Compressor - Whirlpool K40 Ice Machine
Complete Agitator - Whirlpool - Washing
Lid Seal - Whirlpool WCN500B Freezer
Drain hose - Whirlpool AGB650/WP Dishwasher
Hub - Whirlpool AGB650/WP Dishwasher
Thermal Cut Out Whirlpool 3RLER5437KQ0 Dryer
Thermostat Whirlpool 3RLER5437KQ0 Dryer
Ventilation Grid - Whirlpool K40 AGB024/01/G/WP Ice Machine
Lid Seal - Whirlpool - Freezer - CO510W
Lid Handle - Whirlpool WCN17-8 Chest Freezer
Lid Gasket - Whirlpool WCN11-3 Chest Freezer
Handle - Whirlpool WCN500B Freezer
Gasket - Whirlpool WCN500B Freezer
Lid Whirlpool WCN17/8 Freezer
Tank Bung Whirlpool K40 Ice Machine
Gasket Whirlpool PS10IGBL Fridge
Door Seal Whirlpool AFB126/H Freezer
Door - Whirpool ARC0500 Freezer
Door Seal - Whirlpool CO214W
Pipette - Whirlpool - AGB655DP
Main Motor - Whirlpool 3RAWZ480EMQ1 Commercial Dryer
Wash Pump - Whirlpool AGB646/DP Dishwasher
Pump Impellor - Whirlpool Washing Machine
Handle - Whirlpool AFG378/G Chest Freezer
Handle - Whirlpool ASG379/G Chest Freezer
Fan Wheel - Whirlpool 3RAWZ480EMQ Dryer
Door Seal - Whirlpool AGB779WP Fridge
Water Inlet Valve/ Magnet - Whirlpool K40/010 Ice Machine
Hose - Whirlpool AGH327/01/G/NE Ice Machine
***OBSOLETE*****Handle - Whirlpool AFG522-C/U Freezer
Gearbox Assembly -Whirlpool 3RLSQ8533JQ5 Washing Machine
Evaportator Fan Motor - OCO038 - Whirlpool Fridge
Door c/w Outer Glass - Whirlpool FXVM6 Oven
Inner Glass - Whirlpool FXVM6 Oven
Control Panel Cover - Whirlpool - Freezer - WCN5
Door Seal - Whrilpool AFG6406-B Chest Freezer
Door Seal - Whrilpool WCN500-B Chest Freezer
On/Off Switch - Whirlpool K40 Ice Machine
Drain Pump - Whirlpool Dishwasher AGB655-DP
Door Magnet - Whirlpool AGB668/WP
Microswitch - Whirlpool K20 Ice Machine
Ice Cube Cutter Grid - Whirlpool Ice Machine
Inlet Valve/Solenoid - Whirlpool K20/ Ignis
SUPERSEDED Door Seal - Whirlpool K20 Ice Machine
Bin Thermostat - Whirlpool K20 K40 Ice Machine
Push Button Switch - Whirlpool AGB651DP
Handle - Whirlpool - Freezer - WCN17-B
Control Panel - Whirlpool - Freezer - AFG6516-B
Bracket, Control Panel - Whirlpool K40 Ice Machine
Push Button - Whirlpool AGB02401 Ice Machine
SUPERSEDED Water Pump - Whirlpool - Ice Machine - AGB024/01/G/WP
Three Pole 16amp 250v Push Button (Switch only) - Whirlpool AGB655/WP
Pump Seal - Whirlpool Ice Machine
Support for Pump - Whirlpool Ice Machine
Pulley - Whirlpool Dryer
Microswitch - Whirlpool K40 Ice Machine
SUPERSEDED Gasket - Whirlpool WCN17-8
Front Control Panel - Whirlpool - Ice Machine - K20
Heating Element - Whirlpool ADN500/+AGB961 Combi Oven
Timer - Whirlpool - Fridge - 3LWED4705FW0
Idler Assembly - Whirlpool - Tumble Dryer - 3LWED4800YQ2
Light Cover/Diffuser - Whirlpool WCN500B Freezer
NG to LPG Conversion Kit - Whirlpool Dryer - 3RLGR5437KQ2
Thermal Fuse - Whirlpool EED4300VQO Tumble Dryer
Thermostat Whirlpool EED4300VQO Tumble Dryer
Evaporator Fan Motor - Whirlpool CFS811S Chiller
Switch Support - Whirlpool K40 Ice Machine
40deg Thermostat - Whirlpool AGH326/01/G/NE Ice Machine
Fan Motor - Whirlpool S20DRSS33-A/G Fridge
Thermostat - Whirlpool ARC0850 Fridge
Blue Clean Switch - Whirlpool K20 K40 Ice Machine
Track Belt - Whirlpool AWE8527/1 Washing Machine
Push Button - Whirlpool ABG655 - Fridge
Pygmy Lamp 15W SES (E14) - Whirlpool WCN17-8 Freezer
Lid Hinge - Whirlpool WCN17-8 Freezer
Door Interlock - Whirlpool - Dishwasher - AWG1212/PRO
Door Seal - Whirlpool ADN502+AGB961 Oven
Water Filter - Whirlpool WSF5552NX Chiller
Green On/Off Switch - Whirlpool K40 K20 Ice Machine
Drain Pump - Whirlpool AGB651DP Washing Machine
Door Seal - Whirlpool - ARC1811-1
Microswitch Support - Whirlpool K40 Ice Machine
Microswitch Lever - Whilrpool K40 Ice Machine
Microswitch (V3) - Whirlpool K40 Ice Machine
Drive Belt - Whirlpool Dryer
Door Seal - Whirlpool - AFG541/H
Top Wash Arm - Whirlpool - Dishwasher - AGB651/DP
Door Lock - Whirlpool 3LCHW9100W Washing Machine
Door Gasket - Whirlpool - AFG543-C/H
Thermostat for Heater- Whirlpool 3LWED5500
Drain Pump - Whirlpool - Dishwasher - ADG175/1
Drain Hose Waste Pipe - Whirlpool K20 Ice Machine
Spray Arm Tube - Whirlpool K20 Ice Machine
Door Seal - Whirlpool - Fridge - WCN11-3
SUPERSEDED Water Pump - Whirlpool Ice Machine
Heater Element - Whirlpool QUOTEREF-SQ041499
Drum Roller Wheel - Whirlpool
Console Board - Whirlpool - Fridge - WBM602
Defrost Timer - Whirlpool - Fridge - WBM620
Control Board - Whirlpool - Fridge - WBM602
Push Button - Whirlpool AGB655/WP
Push Button (Switch only) - Whirlpool AGB655/WP
Door Latch - Whirlpool - Tumble Dryer - 3RAWZ480EMQ1
Terminal - Whirlpool - Tumble Dryer - 3RAWZ480EMQ1
Freezer Lid - Whirlpool WCN17-8 Chest Freezer
Fridge Door Gasket - Whirlpool WBC3546
Freezer Door Gasket - Whirlpool WBC3546
Gasket - Whirlpool WCN11-3
*** SUPERSEDED Bung (rubber) for Water Tank - Whirlpool - K40
Water Tank (White) - Whirlpool K20 Ice Machine
Hot Gas Coil - Whirlpool K40 - Ice Machine
Hot Gas Valve Only - Whirlpool K40 - Ice Machine
Condenser Support - Whirlpool - WCN113