Company Details Wolf was founded in 1934 by Al and Hyman Wolf in Los Angeles, USA manufacturing quality machines for the catering trade. The company was formed to repair domestic catering equipment, Wolf expanded to specialise in commercial equipment. Four years later Wolf was manufacturing a whole range of commercial heavy duty ovens, griddles and fryers.

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Wolf Parts
Mounting Bracket - Wolf C34SE-35 Oven
SUPERSEDED LPG Burner - Wolf SCB25 Chargrill
Top LPG Burner Jet - Wolf C34SE/31 Oven
Burner Jet (LPG) - Wolf SCB36CE-15 Range
Main Oven Jet - Wolf C45DE-7 Oven
Burner jet - Wolf C34 Oven
Oven LPG Burner Jet - Wolf C34SE/31 Oven
Gas Burner NG- Wolf (F) CIRB36E
Burner - Wolf Griddle
Deflector - Wolf Griddle
Burner Cap - Wolf C34SE C24DE-7-29 LPG
Radiant 490x90x75 mm - Wolf SCB47 Charbroiler
Burner - Wolf SCB47 Charbroiler
Rod Heat Deflector - Wolf SCB47 Charbroiler
Slanted Grate 4.25" Wolf SCB47CE-1 Chargrill
SUPERSEDED Slanted Grate - Wolf SCB47C Chargrill
Conversion Kit - Wolf SCB25CE-7 Griddle
Conversion Kit (LPG to NG) - Wolf R364C-LP
Magnetic Catch - Wolf
Grease filter - Hobart Wolf WCSL1012LAE Combi
Door Gasket - Hobart & Wolf WCSL0812
Gas Valve Wolf Griddle SCB 25CE7
LPG Valve - Hobart Wolf Propane Gas Fryer
Ferrule - Wolf SCB47CE-6 25CE7 Griddle
Gas Valve Wolf HWTF65E-SEFAAA Fryer
LPG Gas Control Valve - Wolf
Gas Valve (Oven) for Wolf FV361E/5
Gas Regulator (LPG) - Wolf SCB36CE-15 Range
LPG Oven Gas Regulator - Wolf C45DE-7
LPG Regulator - Wolf ACB60 Chargrill
Piezo Ignitor - Wolf SCB25 Chargrill
Trigger Handle - Wolf - RB36
Tubing- Wolf SCC-SPC - 3/16"" DIA FLEX TUBING X 18
SUPERSEDED Red Gas Control Knob - Wolf C34 Range
Oven Control Knob Wolf C34
SUPERSEDED Pilot Gas Valve Knob - Wolf HWT Fryer
Red Control Knob - Wolf SCB47CE-6 Chargrill
Thermostat Knob - Robertshaw Type - Wolf
Orifice Extension - Wolf - SCB25CE
M8 Split Nut - Wolf - SCB25CE
Magnet Cover - Wolf - SCB25CE
Split Nut - Wolf - SCB25CE
Cleaning Brush (Deluxe, Coarse) - Wolf SCB47 Charbroiler
Cleaning Brush - Wolf SCB47 Charbroiler
Pipework - Wolf C68DE-8 Oven
Radiant - SCB36CE/1 SB125CE Wolf Chargrill
SUPERSEDED Pilot Assy - Wolf SCB36CE / 1
SUPERSEDED Hobart Wolf Chargrill Pilot Tube
Pilot Jet - Wolf C45DE-7 C34SE/31 SCB36CE-15
LPG Pilot Jet - Wolf - Oven - C34SE
Piezo Burner - Wolf SCB47 Charbroiler
Pilot Assembly- Wolf SCB-SPC Grill
Broiler Pilot - Wolf SCB47CE-6 C34SE-35 Chargrill / Oven
Pilot c/w Thermocouple - Wolf - Grill
Grate - Wolf - Chargrill
Nut - Wolf SCB47CE-6 25CE7 SCB25CE-7 Griddle
Oven Shelf - Wolf C34SE-39 Oven
Oven Shelf - Wolf C34 Range
Door Spring - Wolf C34SE/1
Thermocouple - Wolf C34 Oven
Thermocouple - Wolf SCB25CE7 SCB36CE8 C34SE-35
Thermocouple- SCB25CE-1 Thermocouple - Wolf
Oven Thermocouple - Wolf C68DE-8 C34SE-35 Oven
SUPERSEDED Top thermocouple - Wolf C349-35 Oven
Thermocouple - Wolf RB36E Grill
Spacer - Wolf C34SE-35 Oven
Pilot Bracket - Wolf SCB47 Charbroiler
Thermopile - Wolf HWTF40 Fryer
Thermocouple Adaptor - Wolf Griddle/Chargrill
Shield Thermocouple - Wolf SCB47 Charbroiler
Shield Thermocouple (RH Pilot) - Wolf SCB47 Charbroiler
Thermostat (1.5" Spindle) - Wolf C34SE-29
Control Thermostat- Wolf WGS45 Gas Fryer
High Limit Thermostat - Wolf HWTF65 Fryer
Safety thermostat - Wolf WGS45E fryer