Company Details For over 50 years Zanolli has devoted Itself to the construction of machinery and ovens for pastry, bread and pizza production. Since 1952, Zanolli has been manufacturing a wide range of ovens for pizza restaurants and takeaways. In the last two decades the company has specialised in the construction of the innovative tunnel oven and have become the leading european manufacturer of pizza conveyor ovens.

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Zanolli Parts
Fan motor capacitor - Zanolli 08/50V Pizza
Capacitor Zanolli Sythesis1075V Pizza Oven
Controller- Eliwell ICplus 915 Electronic Controller - Zanolli Pizza Oven
Electronic Controller - Zanolli Oven
Electronic Controller - Zanolli Planet - Chiller
Coupling - Zanolli 08/50V Pizza Oven
Power Contactor - Zanolli SYNTHESIS 850 Oven
Glass Oven Door - Zanolli TKD2
Glass Panel for Door- Zanolli EP65 - Pizza Door
Complete Side Door Zanolli Synthesis 05/40V
Conveyor Belt 500mm (per metre) - Zanolli SYNTHESIS
Conveyor Belt - Zanolli - Pizza Oven - SYNTHESIS 05/40V
Element 1200W Zanolli SYNTHESIS05/40 Pizza Oven
Element 1800W Zanolli SYNTHESIS05/40 Pizza Oven
Water Solenoid Valve - Zanolli Pizza Oven
3kwt Heating Element - Zanolli 10/75 Pizza
Upper Element - Zanolli 08/50VE Pizza Oven
Lower Element - Zanolli 08/50VE Pizza Oven
Element - Zanolli - 08-50V
Bottom Element - Zanolli 0540V Pizza Oven
Front Element - Zanolli Pizza Oven
Rear Element - Zanolli Pizza Oven
Bottom Element - Zanolli 05/40V Pizza Oven
Element 1200w 220v - Zanolli
Element - Zanolli - Pizza Oven - MASTER 100
Element - Zanolli - Oven - T2/MC/18
1000w Heating Element - Zanolli Pizza Oven
Filter - Zanolli 08/50 Pizza Oven
Fuse Holder Zanolli Sythesis1075V
Fuse Holder Zanolli Sythesis1075V Pizza Oven
NG Jet Zanolli Synthesis 08/45v
Ignition module - Zanolli Synthesis Pizza
Electrode Kit - Zanolli Pizza Oven
Ignitor Module Zanolli Synthesis Oven
Automatic Gas Ignition - Zanolli Pizza Oven
Oven Electrode- Zanolli Citizen 9 Gas Pizza Oven Electrode
Set of 3 Electrodes - Zanolli Pizza Oven
Steam Generator Control Unit - Zanolli Pizza Oven
Impellor / Fan Wheel - Zanolli 08/50 Pizza Oven
Knob - Zanolli - Pizza Oven - Citizen
Knob - Zanolli Pizza Oven
Knob Adapter Shaft - Zanolli Pizza Oven
Graduated knob for Potentiometer (synthesis non digital) - Zanolli - Oven
Thermostat - Zanolli Pizza Oven
Bulb Holder - Zanolli Pizza Oven
Light Diffuser - Zanolli Pizza Oven
Lamp Holder
Lamp - Zanolli T2/MC18 T2/MC28
Green Indicator Lamp - Zanolli Pizza Oven
Anti-Jamming Device - Zanolli Pizza Oven
Potentiometer 10k - Zanolli - Pizza Oven - SYNTHESIS 08/50
Support - Zanolli 08/50V Pizza oven
Potentiometer 5k - Zanolli - Pizza Oven - SYNTHESIS 08/45
Complete Roller/Lower Block - IGF L40 Dough Roller
Oven Fan Motor - Zanolli 10/65VGDIG Pizza Oven
Fan Wheel - Zanolli Pizza Oven - Synthesis 08
Fan motor - Zanolli 08/50V Pizza oven
Fan motor - Zanolli 08/50V Pizza oven
Chain/Gear Motor - Zanolli Synthesis 08/50V Pizza Oven
Fan - Zanolli Pizza Oven
Drive Motor - Zanolli Pizza Oven Syntesis
Glass plate - Zanolli T2 MC28 Pizza oven
Control Panel Mount - Zanolli
Glass Panel (6mm x 93mm x 525mm) - Zanolli
Glass Panel - Zanolli 9/MC CITIZEN-EP65 Pizza Oven
PCB Panel Membrane - Zanolli Pizza Oven
Panel - Zanolli Bakers Oven
Door Glass - Zanolli CITIZEN BICAMERE 105X70-V2 EM Pizza Oven
SUPERSEDED Main PCB - Zanolli Synthesis08/50 Pizza Oven
Display PCB - Zanolli SYNTHESIS 08/50V Pizza Oven
Membrane Keypad Zanolli Sythesis1075V
PCB Motor Control - Zanolli Synthesis08/50 Pizza Oven
PCB - Zanolli Synthesis 08/50 Pizza Oven
Display PCB - Zanolli PIzza Oven
PCB Motor Control - Zanolli Synthesis 08/50 Oven
Main PCB - Zanolli Pizza Oven
Pilot Assembly Y Shape LPG -
NG Injector - Zanolli - Synthesis 08/50
NG Injector - Zanolli - Synthesis 08/50
Hot Stone- Zanoli Citizen 9- Bake Oven
Firebrick/Pizza Stone - 985 x 322 mm x 14mm
Glass Plate - Zanolli
Push button - Zanolli 08/50V 51BM Pizza oven
Clamp Zanolli Sythesis1075V Pizza Oven
Fault Protecion Device - Zanolli Sythesis1075V Synthesis08/50DIG
Temperature Probe Zanolli Sythesis1075V
Temperature Probe - Zanolli SYNTHESIS 10/75V Pizza Oven
J Probe - Zanolli Pizza Oven
Straight Solenoid Connector Zanolli
Water Solenoid Valve - Zanolli Pizza Oven
LH Spring 27mm x 150mm - Zanolli Pizza Oven
RH Spring 27mm x 150mm - Zanolli Pizza Oven
Yellow Light Switch - Zanolli Citizen 9 & 9- Oven
Internal Light Bulb - Zanolli Citzen 9 & 9 - Oven
Relay Switch - Zanolli - Pizza Oven - SYNTHESIS05/40
Yellow light switch - Zanolli 08/50V 51BBM
Green Switch - Zanolli 08/50V Pizza oven
On/Off Switch - Zanolli 08/50V CITEP65MAMODUT124 Oven
Transformer Zanolli Sythesis1075V Pizza Oven
Transformer - Zanolli Synthesis1075V 08/50 Pizza Oven
SUPERSEDED Energy Regulator - Zanolli - Pizza Oven - Citizen
500°C Safety Thermostat - Zanolli MF8 Pizza Oven
Thermostat - Zanolli Pizza Oven