Company Details Zip was established in 1947 and in 1975 they introduced the first instant boiling water heaters with boiling water available at the touch of a tap. Zip water boilers are energy efficient and reliable with sizes available to suit the smallest home office to the largest canteen

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Hydroboil Water Filter - Zip
Float valve kit - Zip Hydroboil HS005 Water Boiler
Thermostat - Zip Hydroboil HS005 Water Boiler
Upper Tap Assembly - Zip HS005 HS003 Hydro Boil
White front fascia for zip hydro boil
Boiler Drip Tray- Zip Hydro HF007
Tap Assembly Complete - Zip Hydroboil HS005 Water Boiler
Tank Gasket kit - Zip Hydroboil 2000B HS005 Water Boiler
Main tank retaining clip - Zip Hydroboil
2.4KW Element - Zip HS007 Boiler
Tap/handle - Zip Hydroboil Urn 2000B HS208
Over-limit thermostat - Zip Aquapoint AP100
Control thermostat - Zip Aquapoint AP100
Lid & Gasket - Zip water boiler - HS001
Release Valve / Relief Manifold - Zip -
Transfer tube kit 2.4 kw - Zip Hydroboil
Manifold Kit - Zip - Water Boiler - AQUA3
91240 Water Filter - Zip Water Heater
Thermal Cut Out/ Overload Kit - Zip Heater
PCB Kit - Zip
Element - Zip Hydroboil 2000B HS001 Water Boiler
Element - Zip Hydrotap G4
Main PCB - Zip Hydrotap G4
Cartridge Filler Chiller(Pair) - Zip
3kwt Heating Element - Zip Water Boiler
Tap Nut Kit - Zip Hydroboil - Water Heater - HP107
Tap Body Kit - Zip Hydroboil - Water Heater - HP107
Cistern Lid Clamp Kit- Hydro Boil HS001- Boiler- Zip
Clip Kit for Lid - Hypro Boil HS001- Boiler - Zip
Float Assembly - Zip - Water Boiler - HS001
Water Filter - Zip -B160G4
Tap - Zip
H/Tap 12VDC Pump Kit Only - Zip hydrotap BC160/125+
Hydro Boil Lid & Gasket - Zip Boiler
Hot Solenoid - Zip Boiler
Safety Solenoid - Zip Boiler
Hot Sensor - Zip Boiler
Cold Sensor - Zip Boiler
Pump Cold Tank Kit - Zip Boiler
Hot Solenoid - Zip Boiler
Cold Solenoid - Zip Boiler
Thermal Overload - Zip Boiler
Water Filter - Zip FL2300
Hot Safety Level - Zip G4
H/Tap Outlet Pump Kit - Zip G4
Overload - Zip G4
H/Tap Hot Solenoid Kit - Zip G4
H/Tap Hot Ext Level Sensor - Zip G4
Cold Solenoid - Zip - G4 Hydrotap
Boiling Ambiant Tap Assy G4 Hydrotap (Chrome Finish)