Company Details Founded in 1985 Zumex is based in Spain manufacturing automatic juicer machines and citrus presses. Zumex spare parts are available and can be purchased through A S Catering Supplies. Contact us if you require Zumex juicer and citrus presser parts. We can supply Zumex spares for their equipment.

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Zumex Parts
Peel Ejector L/H - Zumex Z-100 Juicer
Pack of 4 Rubber Bands - Zumex MULTI-FRUIT Juicer
Peel Ejectors R/H - Zumex Z-100 Juicer
Left hand peel ejector - Zumex 100 Juicer
Tray - Zumex 100 Juicer
Filter - Zumex 100 Juicer
Pair of Securing Knobs - Zumex
Securing knobs (pair) - Zumex 100 Juice Machine Extractor
Front Cover - Zumex 100 Juice Dispenser
Tray Filter Zumex 200D230GBGRIS Juicer
Silicone Strip for Door - Zumex 200D230GBGRIS
Silver Cover - Zumex 200D230GBGRIS Juicer
Lower Plastic Pressing Unit - Zumex Juicer
Wings Set L/H & R/H - Zumex 330383 Juice Machine
Blade - Zumex 330383 Juice Machine
Fixing Screw - Zumex - Juicer - SPEED
Front Cover - Zumex - Juicer Extractor - SPEED
Bolt/Key 10 x 8 x 25 - Zumer Juicer
Fastener support cap - Zumer Juicer
Fastener w/ screws V2.0 Kit - Zumer Juicer
Security Ring kit - Zumex Juicer
Internal Bearings Separator - Zumer Juicer
Bearing 6007 2RS - Zumer Juicer
Juicer Motor 230v - Zumer Juicer
Ver/Ess Pro Front Cover - Zumex Juicer
Versatile S.S tap and trap kit - Zumex Juicer
Securing Knobs (pack of 2) - Zumex 100
Peel Ejector Kit - Zumex ZOOM SPEED Z32 Juicer
R/H Output - Zumex ZOOM SPEED Z32 Juicer
L/H Output - Zumex ZOOM SPEED Z32 Juicer
Condenser Fan Motor - Zumex - Juice Dispenser
Retaining Knob - Zumex
Blade Holder - Zumex
Speed Front Cover - Zumex
Speed Shaft Plate Kit - Zumex Speed Pro Z32 Juicer
SUPERSEDED - ASP Right Peel Ejector - Zumex
SUPERSEDED ASP Left Peel Ejector - Zumex
ASP Blade Holder V2.1 105mm - Zumex Juice Extractor
Seeger Ring Kit Set of 4 - Zumex Juicer
ASP Upper Plastic Pressing Unit - Zumex
Ver/Ess Plate & Hexagonal Base Kit - Zumex
Ver/Ess PVC Clear Front Cover - Zumex Juicer Machine
SUPERSEDED Securing Knobs & Rubber Joint - Zumex
Ver/Ess Lock Kit Graphite - Zumex
Ver/Ess Pro Faucet Kit V2 - Zumex
Feeder Body - Zumex VERSATILE PRO
Peel Bucket - Zumex VERSATILE PRO
Door Seal - Zumex Juicer, Silicone Strip
L/H Peel Bucket - Zumex Versatile Pro 240 V BA Gris
PCB - Zumex - 100 - Juicer
Juice Tray - Zumex Speed Pro Plus- Juicer
SUPERSEDED ASP Left Peel Ejector - Zumex - Oranges
Front Cover - Zumex - Juicer - SPEED PRO
Cooler Tank (Complete) - Zumex FRESH230V
Speed Pro Front Cover - Zumex 38 Juicer
Upper Plastic Pressing Unit (2) - Zumex 38 Juicer
ASP Lower Pressing Unit (2) - Zumex 38 Juicer
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