Adhesives / Sealants & Glues

Sealants of all types are used on many commercial catering pieces of equipment. Phone A S Catering Supplies on 01425 632800 if you need help purchasing glues or sealants.

Adhesives / Sealants & Glues Parts
SUPERSEDED Drive Shaft - Crypto Peerless
Lining Seal - IMC S25/56 Potato Peeler
Adhesive Strip (1 metre) - Electrolux
Adhesive Foil - Bizerba SE12 Slicer
Seal Beam Tape - Sammic V253T SV606 Vacum Pack
Spark Ignitor / Piezo Ignitor - Falcon G1962
Hi-Temp Loctite Silicon Sealant - Hobart Combi Oven
Double Sided Tape - Sammic V426TI
Sealant - Hoshizaki IM-130WME IM-100LE IM240DME IM65LE-25UK
Roll of Tape (55 Mtrs) - Electrolux Elco 900 QCF/E2M4 Fryer
Adhesive Bond for Door Seal - Liebherr UKU185 KES4260
Silver Grey Sealant 310ml
Teflon tape - Henkelman Jumbo 42 Vac-pack
Teflon Tape Per Metre - Vacuum Packing
Sealant - Merrychef Microwave
Sealant Huebsch LWZ17NWB3069 Washing Machine
Glue for Door Seal - Mondial Elite KICPRX40
Bond-It HT30 Heat resistant silicone sealant
Teflon Tape (per metre) - Multivac A200/15 C70 Vacuum Packing Machine
Heater Tape Elcold CX45 Ice Cream Freezer
Liner (Peeler) - IMC - Potato Rumbler -
Teflon sealing tape - Buffalo Vacuum machine
Sealant - Hobart CFD1012E Steamer
Aluminium Tape (sold per metre) - Burlodge
Black Sealant 300° 310ml
White Sealant 300° 310ml
Tube Silicone Animo WKT-D 20N VA Water
Heat Resistant Glue Gasket Mareno Oven
Teflon Tape Per Meter - Henkelman Polar 80 - Vacuum
Heat paste - Hobart HT6KW Water Boiler
PTFE Tape 12m reel
Insulating Adhesive Tape - Winterhalter Dishwasher
Adhesive - Speed Queen LEZ37AWG3018 Tumble Dryer
Black Silicone Adhesive - Victor CARIB3.2B16ZQ
Drain Defrost heater tape/cable - Fosters CSL1131
Adhesive for Lid Gasket - BKI - Fryer - LGF-F
Teflon Tape Snappy Crocodile C01379 Bag
Heat Sink Paste (20ML)
1 Metre Glass Fabric Tape - Multimax/Multivac C100 Vacuum Pack Machine
Velcro Strip for Condensor Filter - Gram F1807CSHA Freezer
Teflon Tape - Multivac C200 Vac Pack Machine
Teflon Tape - Henkleman JUMBO42 Vacuum Packer
Silcone Sealer (Novasil S76-SP6455) - Electrolux
Universal Heater Tape/Drain Heater - 230v - 1.0 Metre - 50w
Sealing Tape - Imesa ES7PEE Dryer
Sealant/Glue - Unox XP020PRGB Contact Grill
50ml Loctite 620 Glue Adhesive (medium/high strength)
Black Sealant - Rosinox
Black Silicone - Moffat Hot Cupboard
Self Ad. Foam Tape 12x15mm (per metre) - IMC
Self Ad. Foam Tape 3x15mm (per metre) - IMC
Tape 65mm wide sold per metre - Turbovac - Vacuum Pack
Glue - Sagi - Display Unit - KP12Q20P64
Sealant - Classic - Dishwasher - DUO750
Controller Adhesive - Sammic BM-5 Mixer
Conductive Silicone Paste - Electrolux
Hylomar 303 RTV Silicone Sealant Eng Grade 85g - IMC