Connectors and Couplings

Small spares like connectors and couplings shown can often be difficult to find, phone A S Catering Supplies on 01425 632800 who have the expertise to supply the right connector for your kitchen.

Connectors and Couplings Parts
Motor Connecting Axis Apollo Ice Machine
Adler Connector 3 way - Manifold / Connector
Outlet Pressure Reducer. 0.5 L/H Red. For ELB
Wash Arm Top Spindle - Adler CF1201A Dishwasher
Upper impellor support assy -Adler Dishwasher
Detergent injector - Adler CF50 CF35
4 Way Connector - Adler CF235 Glasswasher
Wash Arm Support Mounting Bottom - Adler CF50DP Dishwasher
Support Spindle - Adler CF40DL/DP
Connector block - Adler DS600 Dishwasher
Wash Arm Support - Adler DS1200A dishwasher
Washer - Alliance LEZ27AWG3018 Tumble Dryer
Coupling - Angelo Po - FX201E3
Connector - Angelo Po Combi Oven
Rubber Coupling (btwn motor & stick) -Archway
Hose connector - Aristarco AP1000 Dishwasher
Aristarco Dishwasher 50.32 3 Way Connector
Flange - Aristarco 50.32 Dishwasher
Drain Outlet - Aristarco Passport 50.32 Dishwasher
Top Boss - Aristarco 50.32 Dishwasher
Lower Wash Arm Support Aristarco 50.32
Aristarco AP45.30 Wash Arm Support
Aristarco AP50.32 T Piece C/W
Drain Elbow Complete - Aristarco 50.32 D/W
Brass gland - suitable for elements
Brass ferrel - suitable for elements
Sink Waste Outlet Ring - Scrap Ring
Blue Head Connector 100pcs
Hose Connector Brass Straight Thread 3/8"" 12mm dia.
Comp Filter (Detergent Dispenser) - Master
Ata Wash arm upper column
Rinse Arm Boss - Masterwash / ATA Dishwasher
Lower Rotary Head Pin - Masterwash/ATA
Column - Masterwash/ATA Dishwasher
Drain Elbow Connection - Masterwash/ATA 95 Dishwasher
Plastic Bracket - Avery Berkel HL210 Scales
Locking Knob - Wash/Rinse Arm Bartisan 401/ Hobart EcoMax
Bracket For Pilot Bartlett A17G/7512 Plate
Bartlett Fryer Thermostat Gland
Socket Connector - Bartlett A19E Hot Cupboard
Connector - BBQ King - FKM
Street Elbow for Pressure Gauge - BBQ King - FKM
Connecting Bracket - Baron 7FRIE815 Fryer
Group Head - Bezzera BZ02 Coffee Machine
Stainless Steel Coupling - Bio Steel Silver
Top Wash Arm Boss Part - Biosteel BS1300/1400
Top Wash Arm Boss Part - Biosteel BS1300/1400
Top Wash Arm Boss Part - Biosteel BS1300/1400
Drive Coupling - Bizerba - GLMI
Coupler Complete - Bizerba - GLP
Vacuum Breaker - Blakeslee R-LL-80
Vacuum Breaker 3/4"" - Blakeslee R-LL-80
Drain Pump Fitting - Blue Seal SD5EC Dishwasher
Thermocouple Spacer - Blue Seal GT46 V Ray Fryer
Electric Connector Unit - Bravilor VHG5T B5HW
Motor Drive - Bravilor Bolero XL BLR42-001
Adaptor 3/8"" to 3/4"" - Brita
Double Connection W/Nut - Buffalo L300 Fryer
Flange (Close) - Buffalo L300 Fryer
Element Connector Set - Buffalo CB433 Toaster
Coupling - Butcher Boy - 100/52
Sliding Coupling - Butcher Boy - 100/52
Connecting Fitting For Boiler Thred - Chefking 50 Dishwasher
Wash Arm Support - Chefking 50 - Dishwasher
Centre Boss - Classic - Dishwasher - H957A
Ext. Connector Rinse Arm - Classic ECO2
Waste Boss - Classic Hydro 850
Boiler Connector - Classic Hydro 850 / 900
Drain Fixing Nut - Hydro 850
Top Boss - Classic HYDRO850 Dishwasher
Three Way Connector - Classeq Hydro850 Dishwasher
Upper Rinse Connector - Classic H850 d/washer
SUPERSEDED Wash Arm Support Upper - Classic Hydro 850 900 D
Wash Elbow - Classic ECO2 Dishwasher
Hose Connector - Classic Dishwasher
Filter Nut - Classic ECO 2 / Hydro 850
Connector/Terminal Block - Classic H800 HYDRO850 Dishwasher
Hydro 850 Dishwasher - Centre Boss L 83mm W80mm
Hood Spring Connector Classic Hydro850 Dishwasher
Bottom Boss & Elbow Assy - Classeq Duo2
Rinse Arm Spindle - Clenaware Emech 701 dishwasher
Upper Wash Arm Support - Dexion LP051-000-00N MC501E
Colged LP105 Dishwasher Spindle
Colged LP105 Dishwasher Pump Connector
Spindle - Colged Beta 50 Dishwasher
Colged LP105 Dishwasher Spindle
Rinse Arm Support - Colged 240 Dishwasher
Drain Assy Connection - Colged Beta 40F BETA35 Dishwasher
Drive External Wash Connector - Colged GL48D Dishwasher
Ring Nut for Boss - Colged GL71M Dishwasher
Wash arm connector - Colged LP301 Dishwasher
Lower Wash/Rinse Arm Boss - Comenda Dishwasher
Connection - Comenda Dishwasher
Nut - Comenda Dishwasher
Retaining Screw / Wash Arm Assy Locking Nut -
Connector - Comenda AC151 Dishwasher
Double T-piece - Comenda LF320L-BT Dishwasher
Comenda Rinse Arm Shaft
Elbow - Comenda LC380
External Rinse Arm Connector - Comenda C70
Rinse and injector connection - Comenda
Tee Connector - Comenda LC900 Dishwasher
Rinse Aid Injector L/Nut - Comenda BC25 -
Nut for Drain Outlet - Comenda LF324BT
Hose Connector - Comenda LC900 Dishwasher
Cable Holder - Comenda LC1200 Dishwasher
Solenoid Brass Fitting - Comenda AC91
Hose Connector T-Piece - Comenda LC700BT
T-Piece - Comenda LS322 BT Dishwasher
Gland - Comenda LC380 Dishwasher
Torque Disk - Cona C500 Toaster
Large Drive Coupling - Cona C500 Toaster
T-Piece - Convotherm OES10.10
Pipe Connector - Convotherm OES6.06 OES6.20 OES10.10
Sleeve Connection 3/8"" - 1/2"" Length 27.5mm
Adapter - Cosmetal River25 Water Fountain
Adapter - Cosmetal River25 Water Fountain
Twin Port Control Unit - Counterline Bain Marie
Connecting Link LH - Crypto EM30 Mixer
Connecting Link RH - Crypto EM30 Mixer
Coupling Spider- Crypto Peerless EB80 Chipper
Crypto EB40 Mixer Drive Shaft Pin
SUPERSEDED Crypto Peerless Washtech Dishwasher Spindle
Universal Joint - Crypto Peerless Mixer BMX60
Male Coupling- Crypto
Retaining Clip - Crypto
Grommet- Crypto
Coupling Crypto Peerless
Elbow Wash Tank Detergent Micro S/S (Nut & Gasket) Front Fitting - DC
Drain Connection Assembly - Dexion
Hood Roller - Dexion LP101
Dexion LT080 Dishwasher Elbow
Outlet connection - DIHR 130H Dishwasher
End Cap - DIHR CFDDE Dishwasher
Air chamber nut - DIHR 130H 400 K100
Chrome Pipe Fitting/rinse connction -
Wash Arm Support - DIHR Gastro 500
Derby DFDOE Glasswasher Hub Support
Suction Pipe Coupling - DIHR DW087 Dishwasher
Coupling Hub - Dynamic MX160 Blender
Drive Coupling - Dynamic Dynamix MX160 Blender
SUPERSEDED Coupling - Dynamic Blender SMX600E SMX500
Coupling Sleeve - Dynamic MD95 Stick Blender
Coupling Dynamic Junior Stick Blender
Connection - Elba / Delonghi C96G Oven
NG Connector - Elba / Delonghi C96G Oven
Pin - Electrolux QBR/G3C Bratt Pan
Connection for wash arm - Electrolux
Connection system - Electrolux CC030G Oven
Zanussi Dishwasher Black Nozzle
Flange - Zanussi FCV101E3 Oven
SUPERSEDED 7-Position Connector - Zanussi RCDRS2M20
3-Position Connector - Zanussi RCDRS2M20
Ring - Electrolux Zanussi
Strainer Waste - Zanussi Electrolux
Stuffing box - Zanussi LS12 Dishwasher
Connector Bush - Electrolux Zanussi
Connector - Electrolux Zanussi
Connector - Electrolux LB40QDD Glasswasher
Junction Box - Zanussi LS9 WT55DRG1 Dishwasher
Connection - Electrolux
Connection Electrolux LS14EADP/G Dishwasher
Detergent Squeeze Tube - Electrolux WT55ADS1 WT55DRG1
SUPERSEDED Jet Support - Electrolux WT50 Dishwasher
Connection - Electrolux Laundry Machine
*** SUPERSEEDED 3 Way Hose Connector Rinse - Elettrobar
SUPERSEDED Central Nut - Elettrobar E78 Dishwasher
Elframo Upper Wash Arm Assembly Manifold
Upper Wash Boss 1 1/4"" Elframo MR600
Upper Wash Boss1 1/2"" Fitting Elframo MR600
T-Connector - Maidaid /Komel MRS80 C66 Dishwasher
Boss for Rinse Arm - Elframo - Dishwasher - MRC1100
Coupling 3-Pole - Eloma
Hose Connector - Eloma Combi Oven
Brass Distributor Connection - Fagor FI30 FI142
Bottom Support Base - Fagor FI80 FI100
Water Inlet Connector - Fagor VPE202 Oven
Connection Box - Fagor
Wash Arm Upper Mounting Support - Fagor
Condensate Tray Elbow - Fagor AP701
Connector Block - Fagor D/W F164B
Wash Arm Support - Fagor LVC21 Dishwasher
Connector - Fagor
Power Connector - Fagor
HT Lead - Fagor CG9-11BP Oven
Support Boss Top Wash Arm - Fagor
Rinse Arm Retaining Boss - Falcon DH18EF
Universal Coupling - Falcon E2994 Bratt Pan
Coupling 1/2 to 15mm - Falcon Fryer
Thermostat Spindle Adaptor - Falcon G1860
Injector Holder - Falcon G2107 OT Range
Lower Distributer - DIHR Dishwasher FP110
Coupling - Fimar MX25 MX40 FX40 Blender
Elastic Coupling - Fimar - Blender - FM3
Coupling - Fimar FM3
Coupling - Fimar IM18FN235MK
Joint/Connector - Fimar IM18S Mixer
Flange - Fimar FM3 Mixer
Bulkhead Connector - Foster Water Fountain
Foster Fridge Vapouriser Socket
Ladder Rack Clip - Fosters FSL800H
Connector- Each- Franke FQF2MHDCE2- Coffee Machine
Jet - Gaggia Spagna GA27 Coffee Machine
Garland MSTSRC Pilot Nut & Olive
Valve Connector - Garland - Oven
2-Pole Connector - Garland SH/DU/IN 5000 RTCS-MP Induction Hob
Circuit Breaker 2-Pole 40amp - Garland
Connector Hose - Gram GA930
Steam Gland D-10-2-30
Steam Gland - Groen -60-80 D40 DL20
Drive Coupling - Hamilton - Blender - HBH650UK
Couplin Pin - Hatco FSDT-1 Hot Display Unit
Top Wash Boss Hilta W14 Dishwasher
Key - Hobart E6110 E6414 Potato Peeler
Hobart CX-SB Dishwasher - Connection/Nipple
Wash Connection L/H - Hobart UX-60 EB
Valve Torbeck EQ FL1/2 ST B660 - Hobart
Hobart CX-SB D.washer - Bracket / Clip Intake
Body Cap - Hobart Stills Water Boiler
Plug for Lower Support - Hobart UX-60 EB Dishwasher
Hobart Stills Water Boiler Adaptor
Retaining Ring - Hobart AE200 Mixer
Connection piece - Hobart Dishwasher AM900
Distance Block - Hobart Dishwasher AM900
Teflon Washer - Hobart Dishwasher AM900
Guide & Nut Assy - Hobart AM900 Dishwasher
Tee - Hobart Dishwasher AM900
Elbow Bend - Hobart Dishwasher
Pin - Hobart - Mixer
Hub Shaft Assembly- Hobart
Hobart CX-SB Dishwasher - Connection / Nipple
Coupling- Hobart
Clamp: Type Hopper, Stud - Hobart E6128
Hobart CX-SB Dishwasher - T-Connection
Hobart AME Dishwasher Lift Bracket
Shrouding Ring Kit - Hobart FX20 Dishwasher
Retaining Valve - Hobart - Dishwasher - HE33TRICON-10
Outlet Flange - Hobart Waste Disposal
Rinse Aid T Piece- Hobart AMXTS-10N- Dishwasher
Hub Connector Hoonved C35 Dishwasher
Drain Plug Connector Hoonved C35 Dishwasher
Rinse Tee-Connector- Hoonved C60 60BTPD Dishwasher
Intake Body - Hoonved Dishwasher C60
Coupling Spline - Hoshizaki FM470AE-N Ice Machines
Connection - Hoshizaki Ice Machine
Terminal block - Hotpoint GW74K Oven
Female Connector 37POL - Houno CVC1.10 Microwave
Tank Bung - Icematic ICEU36AS Ice Machine
Coupling set / Spider - IGF L40 Pizza Roller
Coupler - IMC 725 Waste Disposal Series 4
Water Inlet Assembly - IMC VCT7 Potato Peeler
Nyloc Nuts - IMC Type VP 3.5 Potato Peeler
Drive Boss - IMC Type VP 3.5 Potato Peeler
Drain Connector from Evap Drip Tray Infrico
Tube Connector - Ital - Slicer - Easyvac 25 BX
Elbow - Jemi - GS6
Jemi Dishwasher GS28M Connector
Jemi GS82M Dishwasher Screw
Tension Pin - Kenwood Mixer
Drive Coupling / Boss - Kingfisher - Dough Roller - P40A
Coupler and Spanner - Kitchen Aid 5KSE52E0B5
Coupling - La Cimbali Classic M31 Coffee
Coupling - Lainox ME061M ME061D ME101M Oven
Silicone Coupling - Lainox ME061M ME101M Oven
Spritzer Union - Lainox - Oven - ME101M
Door Glass Spacer - Lainox ME101D ME061M
Quick Release Coupling - Lainox MG102T Oven
L-Shaped Drain Connector - Lainox KME061S
Wash Column - Lamber NS200 Glasswasher
Rinse Arm Boss - Newscan Lamber NPS1200 Dishwasher
Circuit Breaker - Lang D-F3573 Oven
Axial Joint - Lavamac LN220 Washing Machine
T-piece - Leventi CM MM Q2 DI Oven
Lincat Water Boiler Thermostat Gland
Fryer - Wire Basket Support Boss -
Element connector - Lincat LPC LSC Grill
Fryer Element/Thermostat Clip - Lincat
Mains terminal connection block - Lincat EB3
Elbow for Wash Arm - Linea Blanca LC2300 LC1700 Dishwasher
SUPERSEDED Elbow Connector for Wash Arm Assy Support - Linea Blanca
Wash Arm Insert - Luxia Poly 2000 dishwasher
Wash Arm Bush - Luxia Poly 2000 dishwasher
O-Ring - Mach MB 920E dishwasher
Hose Connector - Mach MS1100 Dishwasher
Ring Nut- Maidaid C501- Dishwasher
Maidaid Connector
MRC200 Detergent Elbow
Drain Sump - Maidaid Dishwasher RV80BUT
Central Nut - Maidaid D1010 Dishwasher
Spring Coupling Cable/Hauling Cable - Maidaid Halcyon MRS80 Dishwasher
Boiler Connector Elbow Brass - Maidaid R3000
Maidaid Elbow Connector
Wash Collar - Maidaid D45 Dishwasher
End plug - Maidaid MH2040 Dishwasher
3 Way Connector - Maidaid D10.10 Dishwasher
Wash Arm Bush - Maidaid D1000 Dishwasher
Connection- Mareno C7FG9G Range, Lotus BM-4G Bain Marie
Brass Bushing- Mareno PD9-8E10-P19-8E15
Connector Bracket - Mareno FR7-7E Fryer
Blower Fan Retaining Ring / Circlip Maytag
Blower Fan Shaft Clamp MAYTAG
Coupling Set - Kingfisher/MBM Dough Roller - P30A
Coupling Part 1 - Mecnosud DL30 Dough Roller
Coupling Mecnosud DL40 Dough Roller
Coupling Part 2 - Mecnosud DL30 Dough Roller
Lower wash/rinse support - Meiko FV30GS Dish
Top Wash Arm Pivot Meiko Ecostar530F FA
Dosing Hose 10 L/H Pharmed: Type 8811 -
Upper Fixing TubeMeiko DV80T
DV80T Sliding Seal Kit List £22.15
Bracket Block Nylon - Meiko Dishwasher DV80T
Hose Connection (90deg elbow) - Meiko Dishwasher
Angle Hose Connection Meiko DV80T
Flexible Coupling - Metcalfe - Potato Rumbler
Bowl casting support - Metcalfe M10-166-5E
Connector - Metos Dishwasher WD-6E
Connector - Metos Dishwasher WD-6E
Metos master 6 Wash Arm Bush
Electrical Socket Part 2 Moffat Hot cupboard Special H/C
Thermostat Gland Kit
Elbow Joint Moorwood Vulcan M-Line Plus Steam
Rinsing Arm Lock - Nelson HS15/6 dishwasher
1/8 Connection - Olis Dishwasher
Centre Boss - Olis GS50DDE Dishwasher
Tubing Connectors (pack of 5) - Omniwash JOLLY 40VDDPS Dishwasher
Thermostat Phail Clip - Parry AS2001 Fryer
Connector Box - Parry PPGS Panini Grill
Phial Clip - Parry TMST55135 Fryer
Circuit Breaker - Pitco
Ext Top Gear - Pizzagroup - Dough Machine
Rinsing Connector - Polar T316 Ice Machine
Connecting Rod - Polar Ice Machine - T317
White Connector .3 P. male GLOW WIRE INARCA - Polaris
Connector (male) - Skycold Hotline
Connector (female) - Skycold Hotline
Circlip 8MM - Primus R-16 Washing machine
Wash Inlet Connectors - Prodis E80 Dishwasher
RC-Link for Contactor - Rational Oven
Pump Connection Spout - Rational Oven
Tulip for handshower - Rational - Oven -
Hose Clamp 16.4mm - Rational Climaplus Combi
Water Connection Fitting - Rational Oven
SUPERSEDED Pump connection spout - Rational CM101E
Coupling - Robot Coupe MP450VV Blender
Motor Coupling - Robot Coupe - MP220 - Food
Robot Coupe MP350 Driving Frame
Drive Coupling - Robot Coupe MP450VV MP450
Command Arm Kit - Robot Coupe
Ceramic spacer - Rollergrill SEM60QT Grill
Drain Connection - Sagi - Fridge - AX55
Connection - Salva Blast Chiller
Detergent/Elbow Coupling - Sammic SL18 Glasswasher
Boiler, Filter and Coupling Joints Set - Sammic SL380B Dishwasher
Bottom Coupling Set - Sammic - E1000
T connector set (Set of 4.) Sammic E300
Connection cable - Sammic TR330 Blender
Coupling - Sammic TRBM330 Blender
Coupling Joint - Sammic SV21B Glasswasher
Rinsing dispensers body set - Sammic LVT18
Bottom Coupling - Sammic Glasswasher E18
Cross Connector (set of 4) - Sammic LVT18
Coupling Set - Sammic TR250 Hand Blender
"Obsolete" Coupling Set - Sammic TR330 Hand Blender
Elbow Drain Set - Sammic SV21B Glasswasher
Lower Hood Set Sammic TR-330
Male Coupling - Santos Type 37 Blender
Upper Rigid Coupling - Santos Type 37 Blender
Upper Rigid Coupling - Santos 37 Blender
Male Coupling - Santos 37 Blender
Complete Coupling Kit - Santos Blender
Plastic protection - Scotsman AC226 Ice
Centre Wash Arm Boss - Silanos DCN1000B Dishwasher
T-Piece - Silanos DC40 Dishwasher
Hub Assy. (2003 -6 Model) Silanos DC070
SUPERSEDED T-Piece - Silanos Dishwasher DC50
Nut, Rinse Arm - Silanos DC1000 DC1300 D/washer
Wash Arm Support Hub - Silanos DC1000 DCN1000B
Rinse Aid Fitting - Silanos DC1000 dishwasher
Hub upper - Silanos DC070 (Post 2004)
Upper Hub - Silanos DCN100B Dishwasher
Wash Detergent Connection - Silanos Dishwasher
Nylon Drive - Sirman Hand Blender
Female Coupling - Sirman Hand Blender
Waste Outlet Complete (Elbow) - Sissons SD75-3 Waste Disposal
Gas Connecting Piece - Elettrosit/V4400/4600/4605
Wash Elbow & Column - Sowebo Glasswasher - 63UNOXCQ
Contactor / Solenoid - Stott Benham
Thread - Stresa 300HD 250 Slicer (number 288
Core Sensor Connector - Tefcold BLC-14 Blast Chiller
Spacer for PCB - Teikos TR22 Dishwasher
Hose Connector - Teikos TS601 Dishwasher
Evaporator Drain Nozzle - True NE6160Z Fridge
Reducing Sleeve - 3/8 to 3/4 Water Softener
T-piece - Dishwasher
Plastic T-piece - Dishwasher (Universal)
Splashguard for backflow guard - Universal
30amp Porcelain Connector 2 Way
Porcelain 2 way Connector 15amp
15a Double Connector
Plastic T Fitting - Dishwasher
Mixing Valve Thread 1/2""ET - 1/2"" IT - 1/2"" ET
Univex SRM30 Mixer - Connecting Rod
Contactor 32 Amp/Relay Switch - Valentine EVO Fryer
Retaining Piece, Right - Varimixer
Supporting Piece - Varimixer
Distance Piece - Varimixer
Porcelain Connector - Victor BM20MS Hot Cupboard
Contact Block - Viking LS312 Tumble Dryer
Connector - Vulcan Hart
Connector - Vulcan Hart
Circuit Breaker - Vulcan Hart
Drive Coupling / Clutch - Waring MX1000XT11CK Blender
Coupling Assembly - Waring 24CB10 Blender
Coupling Assembly with Magnet Ring - Waring Blender
Drive Coupling - Waring HGB25EK Blender
Coupling Waring Blender
MK 6/7 Hopper - Wastematic 75
Sleeve - Wash Tec 1000 Dishwasher
Bracket - Washtech 750 Dishwasher
Upper wash Support - Wash Tech - Dishwasher - WT300
Coupling - Wexiodisk WD7E Dishwasher
Rinse Injector Whirlpool AGB645/WP Dishwasher
Connecting Corners - Winterhalter GS42
Winterhalter Dishwasher Piggy Back Plug
Rinse arm support - Winterhalter GR65 GS640
Winterhalter Dishwasher Water Inlet Set
Connector - Winterhalter dishwasher
Mediamat Waste Outlet - Winterhalter GS501
Drain waste pipe connector - Winterhalter
Upper Wash Field - Winterhalter UCL Dishwasher
Blackflow Restrictor - Winterhalter Dishwasher
Locking Ring - Winterhalter PT-M Dishwasher
RINSE TANK CONNECTION Winterhalter Dishwasher
Spindle / Sleeve
Coupling - Zanolli 08/50V Pizza Oven
Drain Piece Holder Elbow - Zanotti MGM107260F