Controllers - Electrical

Electrical controllers are fitted on many refrigeration units. A S Catering Supplies can be contacted on 01425 632800, they have many controllers in stock and can help identify the right controller.

Controllers - Electrical Parts
SUPERSEDED Display & Ribbon Cable (Blue) - Adande ACON Frid
Controller - Adande ACON-ADSP-RE-01 VOS Fridge
Controller - Adande VCR Fridge
Electronic Control Unit - Afinox KORO4-1 Hot Buffet Cart
Controller AKO D14323 230V 50/60Hz
Control Assembly - Alliance Laundry Systems
Control - Speed Queen
Control Assy - Alliance NWT811WN5422 Washing Machine
Controller - Alto-Shaam
SUPERSEDED Controller - Altoshaam - Hot Cupboard - B1000B02
Controller - Alto-Shaam 1000-BQ2/96 Hot Box
Control Altoshaam 500-3D Drawer Warmer
PCB - Alto-Shaam Hot Cupboard
Touch Control Membrane - Amana URCF511A
Thermostat Water Control - Ambach
Controller - Angelo Po - MB70NCP-OPRO
Controller - Angelo Po 6-MAM-0PRO HFC2456MAM0PRO
Angelo Po FM1A/4 Controller & Probe
Main Controller Angelo Po ART2SDSX
Controller - Angelo Po Fridge
Controller - Angelo Po IA510
Speed Reducer - Angelo Po Dishwasher
Digital Controller - Angelo Po
Electronic Assembly Card - Angelo Po
Control Panel Infront Of Condensing Unit Arex
Controller Arex TRHGN004TM Fridge
Controller (12v) - Artica Lockhart - Fridge -
Old Style Controller - Artica Lockhart FRI ABB Fridge
New Style Controller - Artica Lockhart FRI ABB Fridge
Controller BRC1E52A
Controller Type ID970 Model ID12C00TCD700
Replacement Kit for BIT20 c/w slave/PCB, LCD Display, Probe &
Optyma Controller
Electronic Controller SHANGFANG type SF-104S-2
Ignition Control Box - 503EFD - 0.503.702
Electronic Every Controller type FK200XN7
Thermomax Coltrec controller
Digital Thermostat - EVERY CONTROL EVK203
LTR5TRSE-A Controller
Pactrol Gas Control Unit - P13
Double Burner Control Box - Pactrol P13(CE)
Electronic Thermometer 240V
SF-800 Digital Controller - Autonumis S800 JSC1001
Digital Controller - Autonumis JF0307
Controller - Autonumis JH
Control Box - Teknigas for Bakbar E32
Honeywell Pactrol/Control Box - Bartlett E16G Oven
Energy Regulator - Bartlett CBMDH/7009 Oven
Thermostat Controller - Baron - Fridge - BFA2PA
LED Electronic Timer - Baumatic OSF50 Oven
Temperature Controller - Beech RGO-1250 Oven
Rinse Tank Element Contactor 20amp
Keyboard Controller - Bizerba - GLMI
Digital Controller - Blanco
Control Panel - Blizzard BZ-F240 Fridge
Controller - Blizzard - GD350
Controller - Blizzard HG20KU LAE LDU151E-G
Label for Controller - Blizzard UCR05
Digital Controller C/W Probes - Blizzard BAR10 Chiller
SUPERSEDED Dixell XB570L Controller - Blizzard BCF20 Blast Chiller
Controller - Blizzard UCF140 Undercounter Chiller
Controller - Blizzard BZ-BAR2 BZ-BAR3 Fridge
Back box for digital controller - Blizzard BZ
Digital Controller for front dispaly - Blizza
LPG/NG Pilot Ignition Control Unit - Blodgett Oven
Controller/Display - Blodgett G20/1.6 Oven
Programmed Controller (Menu Lexan) - SG324OG Oven
Controller Power Supply - SG324OG Oven
Ignition Control Unit - Blodgett BG2136 Pizza
SUPERSEDED Digital Controller - Blodgett CTB1
Honeywell Ignition Module - Blodgett Zephire
Temperature Control Unit - Blodgett Oven MKV
Signal Board COND 0-12 VDC - Blodgett BG2136
Conveyor Controller (digital) - Blodgett - Oven - BG2136
Control Panel - Blue Seal GP516-LS Griddle
Control Panel - Blue Seal GP516-LS Griddle
SIT Ignition Controller Kit - Blue Seal G32 Oven
SUPERSEDED Capacitor- Blue Seal E32 E27 Oven
Blue Seal G1100 Oven Ignition Box - OBSOLETE
Purity ST & Steam Remote Display (MDU) - Brita 1200 600 Filter
MDU Display - Purity Quell - Brita Water Softener
Inline Flowmeter - Brita Water Boiler
ASSY CONTROL PANEL;CM1529-1/XEU,0.9CU.FT - Buffalo GK641 Microwave
Control Panel - Buffalo CE208 Induction Hob
Variable Speed Controller - Buffalo - Toaster - GF269
Complete Control Panel - Bufallo GF439 Vac-Pack Machine
Controller - Burco Water Boiler
Digital Display Candy FL134XUK Fridge
Digital Controller - Caravell TR37 Gold
Controller Caravel CP700-CM700 Fridge
LAE LF28 Controller - Caravel SD75/150SH SD75/125SH Fridge
Controller Kit - Fruilinox Caravell AR140/+8
Defrost Controller - Caravell SD60/95 Freezer
Display PCB Fascia - Caravell BF030AB Blast Chiller
LAE Controller with probes - Caravell -
EWDB231 Controller - Caravel AF6BT AR14TNTR AF7BTIRI Fridge
SUPERSEDED Slave Unit, Controller, 4x Probes & Ribbon Cable - Caravell WD60-95 Fridge
Controller - Caravell WD85/190LT Fridge
SF-1045-2 Controller - Caravel HEA071 Fridge
Carel Fan Speed Controller - Cut Phase 0-10v
Carel Display for EVD Evolution
Controller- Carel PJ32S1P000
Controller - Carel PJEZS00000
Controller - Carel - MD33D5FB00
Carel Controller PJEZSNH000K
Controller - Carel - PB00H0HB10
Carel Controller - Chiller 24V AC
Controller Carel - PBIFC0HND61
SUPERSEDED Carel Fridge controller - PJ32S1P000
Carel Controller - Fridge
Controller - MCH2001030
Carel IR33S0LR00 Controller 12/24V AC/DC NTC
Carel Controller PJEZS0P000
SUPERSEDED Carel IRELF0EN215 Controller
Carel MD33D2EN00 Controller
Carel Controller - IR33W7LR20
Carel Controller PJEZC00000
SUPERSEDED Carel Easy Freeze Controller - AID38517
SUPERSEDED - Carel Easy Cool Electronic 230v Controller
Dual Probe Controller - Cecilware ME15E-N Water Boiler
Electric Control Unit - Charvet Deep Fryer 10
Digital Control Panel - Chefquip 800A-B Mixer
Logo Controller - Classeq Duo750 Dishwasher
Terminal Block - Classic Glasswasher - DUO750
Front Control Panel - Clenaware 401 G/W
Electronics Box Coffee Queen Coffee Machine
Control Panel Comersa V.INOX2000EST Fridge
Rinse Pump Relay - Comenda LF322BT
Speed Control Unit - Cona C300 Toaster
SUPERSEDED Press & Go Controller module, 5010, P3 -
Core Temperature Control Unit - Convotherm
SUPERSEDED Controller - Convotherm OEB6.10 Oven
Ignition Box (Honeywell S4575B 1066) - Convotherm - Oven
Encoder w/ Cable Easydial - Convotherm
Power Pack 12v - Convotherm OES6.06 MINI Oven
Controller Surround - Coolpoint - Fridge - HXST-200
Controller- Coreco ACR-1302- Fridge
Controller- Coreco MRS Fridge
Controller Coreco AGR1002 Freezer
Carel PZCOSOP001K Controller - Coreco EC85 Fridge
Carel Controller - Coreco AP-750
Control Panel Fascia - Coreco MR70-180 Chiller
Carel Controller PYCO1RN515 Coreco EC-85 Freezer
Controller Complete - Cornelius B450HL Fridge/Freezer
LAE Display Terminal - Counterline Bain Marie
Controller Criocabin LM12BT Cold Room
Speed Controller / Potentiometer EF20 EB10
Control Box - Cuppone G933 Pizza Oven
Digital Thermostat ATR111-AD 12-24v
Electronic Controller - Cuppone - Pizza Oven - G933
Danfoss solid state relay
Danfoss Controller - AKRC101
Danfoss Controller L255
Digital Controller - Delfield RS20260CR
Controller - Delfied RP10280-CRP
Thermostat Controller - Delfield 407CA-CE-DHL
Dixell XR60CX Controller - Delfield RS10260C RS10400C-R Chiller
Dixell Controller - Delfield RS21400 Fridge
Controller Delfield RS12400 Fridge
Delfield RS10400c-RNS Fridge Temp Controller
Controller - Delfield RP10260C-R
Controller Delfield RP1280C-RP Fridge
Controller - Desmon Coldroom
Controller Desmon GM7 Freezer
Controller - Desmon GUR-M0406
Controller - Desmon - Fridge - K18.100.079
Controller Complete With Display - Desmon TGM3-UK Fridge
Controller - Dexion
LCD32Q4E-AS Controller - Dexion
SUPERSEDED EVK411 12v 71mm x 29mm Digital Thermostat
Controller - Dexion TD1120-66-700
Voltage Controller Dito Sama XBE10 Mixer
Dixell XT120C Controller 230v
Dixell XT110C Controller
12v Controller - Dixell XR20C
SUPERSEDED Freezer - Dixell controller - XR60-C
SUPERSEDED Dixell Controller XR06CX - Scanfrost Chiller
Dixel Controller BMPP15011
230v Dixell Temperature Controller - XR20C XR206
Slave Module - Dixell XW271K
Dixel Controller 1C121CX-10100
Dixell Controller - XW260K-5N0C0
Dixell Digital Controller XB570/QCSNMXF5XO
Dixell Controller - XW260L - 230V
Blue Line Dixell Digital Controller C/W Probe - XR02CX
Dixell Digital Controller - XW20VS
AG169 Controller REK31E
Dixell Controller - XC706M
Cool Mate Control Panel XLR170 230v
Dixell XW30LS controller, 230v
Dixell Controller (UNIVERSAL-R) - Scanfrost
Electronic Controller - Dixell XW60L-5N0C1
Controller - Dixell XW30LRH
Dixell XR60C Controller
Dixell XR10C Controller
XR30CX-5N0C1 230v Dixell Digital Controller
230v Controller - Dixell XW60V
Speed Controller - Dualit TM4 T710 DCT2T Toaster
Controller - Elcold - Chest Freezer - EL51LT
Controller - Elcold EL51LT Chest Freezer
Thermoregulator IR33 115/230VAC - Electrolux
eliwell Temperature Controller Electrolux/Zanussi Fridge
Front Panel Control Complete - Electrolux RCDR2M20 Fridge
Main Board - Electrolux NHT8G
Control Unit - Electrolux Washing Machine - W5240H
Control - Electrolux
Thermoregulator - XW30L - Electrolux
Control Board with Push Buttons- Electrolux Veg Cutter
Digital Thermostat - Zanussi
Inner Control Panel Includes ID974 Controller
Power Supply 5a - Electrolux
XB580L Thermoregulator Controller - Electrolux TC651
Eliwell ID974 Digital Controller - Zanussi RCDRS2M20
Control Panel - Electrolux RCDR3M30U Fridge
Speed controller - Electrolux XMB20AS Mixer
Control Box - Electrolux Peeler
Control Box Assy - Electrolux Peeler
Controller w Facia & Switches Zanussi RCDRS20
Control Unit - Electrolux W3250N Washing Machine
Thermoregulator - Electrolux ERNA224A Chiller
Display - Electrolux T4190 Tumble Dryer
Programmer - Electrolux Washing Machine
Carell IR33 Controller - Electrolux RS13FX42F RS06N41S Fridge
St/St Outer Control Panel - Zanussi TRRN132A
Connector 3 Positions - Zanussi Fridge
Connector 7 Positions - Zanussi Fridge
Inner Control Panel - Zanussi TRRN132A Fridge
Controller Electrolux Reiber 830122
Program Unit - Electrolux W3600X Washing
Control panel - Electrolux RCDR4M40 Fridge
Eliwell controller - NTC IDPLUS961 12VAC
Eliwell controller - 230V IDPLUS961 230V
Eliwell IC912, # IC11P00THD300 Controller
Eliwell Thermostat IC912 12v
SUPERSEDED Eliwell controller - 230V (c/w probes)
Eliwell EW7220 Controller
Temperature Controller Eliwell IC912 230volts
Temperature Control Eliwell IC912 12volts
Elliwell electronic controller 1WC750 230V
*****Eliwell Controller (c/w buzzer) - EWPC974
Eliwell EWPX171 Controller - Caravell Fridge
OBSOLETE LAE Controller-Equivalent of Eliwell EWPC902T
Digital Controller - Eliwell IWC740 230v AC NTC
Eliwell Controller - ID974 - 12V
Eliwell Controller - ID974 - 230V
12v Temperature Controller - Eliwell IC912 PT
Eliwell Controller - IWC730
Eliwell controller - ID985LX
Eliwell Controller - IWC750X
Controller - Fruilinox AF7BTIRI Fridge
ID961-12V Controller
Electronic Controller - Eliwell EWPC902T
Thermostat ID PLUS 971 230V
Humidity Controller - CM7950
Eliwell Controller - IC902 - 12V PTC/NTC 8A
Eliwell IWC740 Controller, 230v
Eliwell Controller - ID961/A-230V PTC(NTC) Probe
Electronic Controller - Eliwell - EWRC500LX
Ignition Controller - Eloma MULTIMAX B6-11 Oven
Potentiometer - Eloma - Combi Steamer -
Dixell XR03CX-5N0C1 Digital Controller - EMH
Thermostat Controller - Eurofours - Oven - TENSION8/10W2
Thermostat Controller Thermostat Only - Eurofours - Oven - RP04T10-2
R1V8 Controller - Eurofours RS10A20-1 Oven
Evco Digital Controller EVK203 230V NTC
Controller 230v - EVCO EVK401N7VHXXX01
Controller - EVCO - EVK221N7VXS
Controller - EVCO EVK241P7VXSXX01
Every Controller - EVK411P3VHBS PTC Type Probe
Digital Controller - Every Control EVK201N7
Controller - Fagor MSP120NGCLR Fridge
Control Button - Fagor VG-101 Oven
Combustion Control - Fagor VG-101 Oven
PCB Controller - Fagor HEM20/21
Controller - Fagor MFP180GN MSP200 Fridge
Controller PKCO0XZZ97 NTC Probes - Fagor
Controller - Falcon
Controller - Falcon Hot Cupboard
Evco EVK411P7VHS Controller - Falcon Bain Marie
Control board c/w potentiometer - Falcon
Falcon 211GGO Oven Spark Generator
Contact Block - Falcon DH18B Dishwasher
Control panel - Falcon Salamamder E2523
SUPERSEDED Gas Pactrol P13 Control Unit - Falcon Oven
P13 CE Pactrol Gas Control Unit - Falcon G1838 Fryer
Control panel - Falcon E2101 Range
Control Board PCB (1ph, 230v, 50hz) - Fimar
Controller Kit Foster SP301HW Cold Room
Relay Board Controller - Foster GS601HT Chiller
Controller Kit - Foster CS1/3H Chiller
Controller - Foster BC51 Blast Chiller
LAE Display Unit - Foster PROG1350H-A Fridge
* Obsolete* Micro Processor Panel - Foster GSC2/2H
Controller Kit - Foster SP101HW Fridge
Controller Conversion Kit - Foster HR200 Chiller
Controller Bracket - Foster PROG600H-A
Display Controller - Foster H386005 Chiller
Controller Remote Display BIT12RU -
Foster Controller LAE 11.1 replaced by 80AT
Control/Front Display & PSU-TYPE CDE
Complete Controller Board - Foster Fridge
Controller Conversion Kit - Foster 61100H Fridge
Controller kit - Foster PMC1HRT Fridge
Controller - Foster Blast Chiller FXBC10
SUPERSEDED Controller - Foster LF28B2S3E-B Horizontal
Temperature controller - Foster GCH4R Freezer
Controller - Foster CGH1/3 Under Counter
PCB & Display Controller - Foster BC20 BCF20/10 Fridge
Controller - Foster PT162H
Digital Controller - Foster - GBM2X
Controller - Foster - Fridge
Controller Conversion Kit - Foster - Fridge - PMC4HRT
Controller & Surrounding Box - Foster - Fridge - PROG1100H
Controller Kit (w/probe & manual) - Foster
Controller - Foster CT70-B
Controller Kit - Foster - DCU4-3L
Controller & Probes - Foster Fridge
Click Wheel Assy (White) - Foster MBC75-150 Fridge
Controller - Foster - Fridge - COMPAKT 410
Membrane Controller - Franke - Coffee Machine - 658
Controller - Franke Cold food table
Controller Framec 0000018360000 Fridge
Framec 1760000 Cooler Controller Housing
Eliwell Controller - Frenox
Evco Controller EVK411M7VHBS
Digital Controller - Friginox - Fridge -
Control Panel Overlay- Frima VCC211- Fryer
Control Panel Vitro with Overlay- Frima VCC211- Fryer
Panel/Push Button Controller - Frigomat PEB30.05 Pasteuriser
Display Board - Frigomat PEB30LCD Pasteuriser
Danfoss Display Controller - Fri-Jado MC75CSS Fridge
Control Panel Cover - Frilixa Serveover
Controller Frilixia Prima1.5m Fridge
Controller - Frost-Tech - Fridge - WD60/120
LAE Controller AD2-5C14W-1FT - Frost-Tech SLDF75/130 Chiller
Controller - Friulinox - Freezer - TR47 SILVE
Controller - Fruilinox - Fridge - TR37 GOLD
Thermometer Controller - Fruilinox FR1ABB Blast Chiller
Digital Controller - Fruilinox TR57 Chiller
Controller Eliwell ID974 12V Version
Eliwell 230v Controller - Fruilinox AR14
Electronic Controller (Eliwell EWPC961/AR)
Fruillinox TR37 Controller
Single Contoller 12v - Frymaster SS8504SS
Controller Assy - Frymaster
Honeywell S8702D1002 Ignition Module - Frymaster
Controller - Gamko - Fridge - FS1300
Controller Panel - Gamko VCPL-2056-NL-01 GR0501XSS420
Thermostat - Gamko FKMU5-G Fridge
Dixcel Controller - Gamko Double Door Bottle
Gamko MXC20250GG Electronic
Controller- Gamko MXC20250GG310 Bottle Cooler
Control Oven.Roast EA5 - Garland S2555
Controller Cleveland Tilting Kettle
Electronic Controller - GGF Pizza Oven
Controller - Gico PFS
Power Source - Girbau
Controller - Gram F1305RG
Fan Speed Controller - Gram - Fridge - KPS40CH-ONE5
Electronic Controller, Display - Gram
Electronic Controller - Gram
PCB Controller - Gram F410RGC6N Freezer
PCB Controller - Gram K410RGC6N Fridge
Controller - Front Display - Gram KB1807ADV
Controller - Gram M1407CSHA
Label for Controller - Gram GA930
Grasslin 24 Hour Time Clock - 15min Switching Intervals
LAE Digital Controller model SDU12T0RDC
Colour Control Heat Setting Unit - Hatco
SUPERSEDED Speed control hatco toaster TM-10H
Rheostat - Hatco TK-100 Toaster
Speed Control - Hatco TQ800H Toaster
Potentiometer Hatco TQ-405 Toaster
Potentiometer with harness - Hatco MFG
Rheostat (speed control) - Hatco TRH-60
Hatco TM10H Toaster Speed Control
Speed Controller - Hatco TM-10H Toaster
Henny Penny HMT-5 Heated Display Controller
Control Decal - Henny Penny HMR-103 Hot
Controller - Hobart HL200 Mixer
Starter/Complete Control Box Hobart FD3150
Controller - Hobart GLE-300 Slicer
Display - Hobart CSDUC2022 Oven
Potentiometer Hobart
Controller - Hobart NCM10 Mixer
Temperature Control Limiter - Hobart AM15 Dishwasher
Water Level Controller - Hobart - Oven - CSD2012E
Controller - Hobart
Power Supply - Hobart AMX70E Dishwasher
C5 Controller - Hobart Mixer
Honeywell Controller GLAC07A2B
Automatic Gas Stoker - Honeywell Type S4565C
Electronic Control ST-1B Houno Oven
Encoder - Houno
12v Controller - Husky C8+HY Bottle Cooler
Controller Unit - Huskey HUS-C2-LED Chiller
SUPERSEDED Power Unit Iarp AB400PV Fridge
Power Unit - Iarp Stok140 Fridge/freezer
Dixell Universal R Controller - Iarp AB500PV Chiller
Digital Controller Front Display AB500PV AB400PV
Power Unit / Control Box Rear - Iarp Fridge
PCB - IGF Dough Rolling Machine 230V
Controller Membrane - Igloo TRGS/3V8 Fridge
Controller XR60CX 12v- Iglu V7TNEC- Chiller
Controller Display Evco CT1SA0020300 - LF 30357- Freezer
Controller - Ilsa - Fridge - TRMP2012
Control Box - IMC 526 Waste Disposal
Control Box Single Phase - IMC 523 Waste Disposal
PC1 Mark 4 Potato Peeler Contact Block
Control Box - IMC 726 Waste Disposal
Control Box - IMC 1204 Waste Disposal
Control Box Assembly- IMC 1204 Waste Disposal
Control Box - IMC WDU 700 Series 725
Button Contactor - IMC MF10 PC2 Peeler
Controller IMC BM70 Fridge
Single Phase control motor unit - IMC 525
Controller - IMC H60 H90
Controller (Eliwell) - IMC V135
Controller (1ph) - IMC SP25H Potato Peeler
Electronic Thermostat & Probes - Cornelius 241359004
Controller Kit (Low Temperature) - Cornelius 24L365509
Dixell V4 Controller - Cornelius GPLT450LRH Chiller
IMI Cornelius Digital Pegasus Display Unit -
Controller Kit & Air Probe - Cornelius
Controller Kit - Cornelius DC1000SS/GLS
Controller - Cornelius - Fridge - S140HI
Dixell Controller - Infrico Fridge ZX10 ZX20 ZX1
Carel Controller - Infrico ME1000EN Fridge
Controller - Infrico - Fridge - VET8DP
Dixell Controller AGB701 - Infrico VC2010
Kiour Controller CF CB170 (w/ control box & 2x probes) -
Thermostat (Kiour) - Inomak Fridge
Digital Control Box - Inomak Hot Cupboards
LAE Control Box SSD90Bxx SMD12RU
Kiour Digital Controller - Inomak CF2140-PTL Freezer
Controller PCB (rear section) - Inomak CF2140
Kiour Controller (front section) - Inomak CF
Controller Kiour RBR-EXR - Inomak
Controller Kit - Inomak CD170 Fridge
SUPERSEDED Electronic Controller - Inomak CD170 Chiller
Controller kit - Framec Rumba 10 Fridge (kit
Controller Board - Levin ZO600DEZ ZO-1500EZ Freezer
Display controller - Interlevin SS7300 Fridge
Controller - Interlevin - Fridge - PD20S
Speed Detector Ipso
Front Control Panel- Irinox HC202/150L - Chiller
Front Board - Irinox IRI-MF25.1-PLUS Blast Chiller
Controller ISA Bastia Euro334RV Fridge
Controller - Jordeo - Fridge - CG-M-PRTL128
SUPERSEDED Controller - Jordao - Fridge - SLIM130
Carel Controller - Jordao MFPSSlim090
SUPERSEDED Jordao - LAE Controller - 105SK
Controller- Jordao MFP3SLIM090
Controller - Jordeo - Fridge - HORIZON105
Controller - Jordao 126/05
Complete Speed Control - Kenwood PM900- Mixer
Kiour Controller - MPS CA170 Fridge
Control Plate - Kitchen Aid 5KPM50 5KPM5 5KPM505XPM5 Mixer
Control Panel with LCD Display - Krupps K540E Dishwasher
Controller - Kuppersbusch - Boiling Pan - NNS100
Sticker - Labcold - Fridge - RDLF0505
Front Digital Controller - Labcold - Fridge - RDLF0505
Keypad - Labcold - Fridge - RDBG2320MD
Digital Controller - Labcold RLDG13043 Medical Chiller
Dixell Control Board - Labcold - Fridge - RAFR21261
Controller/Display Labcold RLDF0505 Fridge
Controller - LAE AD2-28C1S4E-A
Display - For the AD2-28B1T5E-AG controller
LAE Controller - AD2-28B1T5E-AG
Lae ID975LX-12V 12V Electronic Controller
LAE Controller RL3 Adande VCS2 Fridge
LAE Digital Controller 12v - LTR5TSRDA
SUPERSEDED LAE Controller - PTC Range 50-150 Degrees
LAE Controller AT1-5BQ6E-AG
LAE Controller - LTR-5TSRE-B
LAE Controller - LTR-5TSRE-A [P]
LAE Display Unit SMD34RU
LAE Controller For Use With SMD34RU
Ribbon Cable 2M
LAE Controller AD2-5C24W-AG(P) 230V
LAE Digital Controller 230v AT1-5BQ6E-1PS
LAE Controller AT1-5BS4E c/w 2meter NTC10K
LAE Controller - AC1-5J2M-WA
LAE Controller - LCD32S4E-C
LAE Controller - AD2-5C13W-AG
LAE Digital Controller AD2-5C24W-AG
SUPERSEDED 230v Thermostat AT2-5BS4E-AG - LAE Controller
LAE MTR11 T1RES Controller 230v
LAE controller AT1-5AS1E-G
LAE Controller - AT15BS6E
LAE Controller ACI-5TS2RW-A comes with probe
LAE Controller AC15JS2RW
LAE Controller - AD2-5C24W-BG
LAE Controller & Probe - MTR11 T1RES 240V
LAE Digital Controller AC1-5JS2RW-A
Front Display LAE LTH3RU-A
Controller - LAE XA4311 Controller
LAE Controller SSD90B34EA
LAE Controlller - LAE-5TSRD-A
LAE Controller - AC1-5JS2RW-A
LAE Controller AC1-5A52RW
Probe - LAE controller SSD90B34E-A
PTC probe 2001602 for LAE Temperature control
SUPERSEDED Hot Cupboard LTR5TSRE Digital
LAE Controller Box - Ref BIT20B11E
LAE AT2-5BS4E-AG(P) refrigeration controller
LAE Controller- BIT20B11E Replacement
SUPERSEDED LAE Controller MTR11/T1RES. 230-240volts.
SUPERSEDED LAE digital controller - AT2-5BS4E-AG(P)
LAE Controller Display Only - BIT12RU
LAE X5 12v Controller LTR15T1RD-G
Controller/Power Unit - LTH HO1100DEM 1500 Chiller
LAE Digital Controller AC1-5JS2RW-A(P)
LAE X5 Controller - AC1-5JS2MW-A
LAE controller - c/w PTC probe
LAE Controller - AT25BS4EAG
LAE Controller 107 x 95 x 47 230v
LAE Controller CDC122T1R2
Load Module LAE BD1-28C1S5W-B
Display Remote LAE DU5S
Defrost Control Box - LAE Controller
Potentiometer - Lainox LXTYPMG101D Oven
Contactor - Lainox ME110M Convection Oven
Water Regulator - Lainox ME110X
Digital Controller - LEC PE102 Freezer
Controller - LEC PE502 Fridge
Controller - LEC LR507 Fridge/Freezer
Controller Panel - LEC LR507 Fridge/Freezer
Controller - LEC CRS400W Fridge
Controller Kit- LEC PE502 PE902 Fridge
Controller w/Probes - LEC BC9097ST Bottle Cooler
Controller - LEC - Fridge - PSR151UK
Evco EV3X2IN7VXRX01 Controller - LEC HEA703
Controller - LEC PSR151UK- Chiller
Fascia Sticker for Controller - LEC PSR151UK Fridge
Controller Lec PE207 Fridge
Controller - LEC PSR151UK Fridge
Electric Controller 5F-1045-2 - LEC - HEA707
Controller Conversion Kit - Leventi 2D1MM Oven
Programmed Electronic - Liebherr - Fridge - GGPV6570
Controller - Liebherr
Control Board- Liebherr 261514- Bottle Cooler
Control Board - Liebherr GN3023
Operating film - Liebherr LKEXV1800 Fridge
Controller - Liebherr - Fridge - SN-T2616846634
Speed controller - Lincat CT10 Toaster
Digital Temperature Display - Lincat GBM3
Controller & Probe -Lincat FPB7 Food Prep Bar
Control Unit & Probe - Lincat Display
Dixell XR10CX Controller - Lincat P6B3
Controller and Probe - Lincat C6R-75CU Chiller
SUPERSEEDED LAE Controller - LD1-15B4E-G - LTH Chiller
Controller - LTH HG2.0KU/ER
Controller - LTH - Fridge - ZO-1300DEZ
SUPERSEDED LTH H0500 Fridge LAE Controller
Controller Module- LTH HO700DEM Fridge
Controller display - LTH ZO700DEZ Freezer
Display unit to match PCB SSD90B34E-A - LTH
Controller LTH HO-1500DEM Fridge
Electronic Timer Controller - Mach MLP140 Dishwasher
Carel Controller PJ32S2H00K - Superceded to; PJEZS0G000
Fascia - Maidaid - 101GS
Mareno TRA13N2P Chiller Slave Control Module
Controller - MBM - Fridge - VIPID210
12v Controller NTC/PTC - MBM HE70A Fridge
Slave module - MBM AVX400N Freezer
Controller - MBM AVX400N Freezer
MEC Oven Power Box PA223S - Smart 44 Pizza Oven
Touch Pad - Menumaster UMLD510 Microwave
Controller - Mercatus L5-1320 L62490 Fridge
PCB Controller Complete - Merrychef 402S Microwave
Front Fascia - Merrychef - Microwave - HD2025
Bridge Rectifier - Merrychef Microaire Oven
Controller Metos Marine MMF500 Fridge -
Ignition Module - Middleby Marshall PS200 Pizza Oven
Display - Middleby Marshall PS536 Oven
Speed Controller Middleby Marshall PS360S Oven
Digital Temperature Controller - Middleby Marshall PS536G Pizza Oven
Speed Controller Middleby Marshall PS536 Pizza Oven
Electronic Unit - Miele Washing Machine
Controller, Electric Unit, EW 221 KD - Miele
Fryer Safety Controller - MKN
Frequency Controller - MKN CGE22300043 Combi Steamer
Gas Control Value - MKN - Optima 700 6 - Burner
SUPERSEDED Energy regulator - MKN INPE/2PE IPX3 Toaster
LAE 122D/2 Controller - Moffat V299 Oven
LAE Controller - AC15JS2RWA1208 -50 to 750c
Temperature Controller - Moffat 2FBM Bain Marie
Light Touch Electronic Controller - Mondial KICPRX60 Chiller
Light Touch Electronic Controller - Mondial KICNX60 Freezer
Digital Controller - Mondial Elite Slim LXX110 Chiller
Thermometer Display & Probe - Mondial Elite
Digital thermostat - Mondial Elite KICPVX60N
Controller - Mondial - Fridge - JOLLY CP10
Humidity Controller Retrofit Kit - Mono -
Sit 0.503.702 Pactrol Unit Blue Type / Ignition Box -
Full Sequence Controller - Moorwood Vulcan - Oven -
Control Box - Moretti - Oven - T97E
2 Speed controller - Moretti Forni IM44 Dough
Single speed controller - Moretti Forni IM44
Controller - MPS - Freezer - CF2140
Temperature Controller - MPS 21R
Control Box with PCB Board (VC6) - Newscan
Controller - Norlake Fridge NRS22555/5
Control Display Facia - Norpe - H23600S
Temperature Controller - Norpe
Controller & Probes - Norpe SAGA-90-M-RST
Single Efficiency Controller - Novum 6051
Dual Efficiency Controller Box- Novum 806SC
Efficiency Controller - Novum 805L Fridge
Eliwell ICPLUS902 PT100/TCJ/TCK Controller - OEM Pizza Oven
Eliwell IC912-230VPT100 Controller - OEM Bozzolo Pizza Oven
Potentiometer rotation angle - Olis CVM1010E
Power Contactor - Olis OLAX310DX Dishwasher
Carel Controller - Osbourne 275E 220E
Controller 12V Inc Probes - Cornelius Ergon600 - Chiller
Controller - Oscartielle Banco Minor 200
Control Board - Oscartielle BANC.ARCHE'XP*GSK*GIL80 Fridge
Controller - Oscartielle Banco Argus H150MP XPGIL20P
Controller complete - Oscartielle G1LT200
Gas Interlock System - Universal Extract Fan Failure Device
Electronic Controller - Ç?ztiryakiler
Dixell Controller (XR02CX-5N0C0) - Ozti - OBA70180
ID961 Controller - Parry CPU2000 Chiller
Parry Hotcupboard PHC4 Digital Display
Controller Parry GPU1500 Fridge
Terminal Block - Parry PDF9 Fryer
Digital Controller - Pitco SE14X-S SG14 Fryer
Digital Display (controller) - Polar GL002 GL001 Fridge
Digital Fridge Controller - Polar - CB925
12v Controller - Electric PTC Ektron 230V REK33-1021
Digital Controller XR20CX - Polar G595 G591 G592 CD084 Freezer
Control Panel - Polar CE210 Chest Freezer
Dixell Prime Digital Controller - Polar G596 U633 Fridge
XB570L Dixell Digital Controller Polar DN493 Fridge
SUPERSEDED - Digital Controller - REK31 (ED) - Polar PS300
Digital Temperature Controller - Polar CB929 CB930B
PZD250P001 Controller - Polar BC350 Fridge
Complete digital control - Polar CC611 Fridge
Digital Controller - Polar CD239 Fridge
Controller - Polar - CD229
Pcb Board - Polstar - GL193
Controller - Polaris - Fridge - SPA TN 140
Controller - Polaris TRECO02 Fridge
Box - Polaris PBC051AF Oven
Controller kit (manual) - Polaris PBC051AF
Digital Thermostat (LAE Controller) - Polaris
Dixell Controller Polaris TRECO-03 Fridge
Controller & Relay Board Polaris F.PLUSTN140 Fridge
Controller - Polaris KST03TN Fridge
Controller Polaris SABT70 Fridge
Dixel Retrofit Kit - Porkka Coldroom
Dixel Display Panel - Porkka/Labcold XW270K C940 Freezer
Controller - Porkka CLM-GNS1-CH Fridge
Keypad Controller (Dixell) - Porkka
Dixel Kit - Porkka CDC80 Coldroom
Dixell XR70CX Controller w/ Probes - Porkka
Controller (Equivalent) -Portland Sterilising
Digital Controller - Precision HCU211 PPC307SS Salad Prep Counter
LAE AD2-28C1S4E-A Controller - Precision LPT601 Fridge
Digital Controller - Precision MCU311 Fridge
Main Controller - Precision
Back Board Controller - Precision PCF10 PCF35 Blast Chiller
Front Board Controller - Precision PCF10 PCF35 Blast Chiller
30wt Speed controller - Prince Castle TT-300
Potentiometer / Speed Controller - TT300N
Speed Controller Prince Castle TT-300N
Potentiometer/Speed Controller - Prince
Speed Controller - Prince Castle 428EQGB 428EQGBC
Dixel Controller Prodis DBQ220LO Fridge
SUPERSEDED Dixell Controller (SF101) - Prodis DBQ220L
Dixell Controller (SF101) - Prodis DBQ220L DB0220L0 DBQ220LS
Control Panel Display- Prodis XC3ST- Chiller
Dixell XR02CX Controller & Probes - Prodis - Fridge - S903
Controller - Prodis - Fridge - XC257
Digital Controller - Prodis XC2ST Fridge
ELITEC NT10C Controller - Prodis NT20 Fridge
Thermostatic Controller - Prodis GN3100TN GN650TN Fridge
Control Panel c/w Box - Quattro FM07 Blender
***OBSOLETE***Control Panel - Quattro FM20 Mixer
SUPERSEDED Control Panel w/box - Quattro FM20 Mixer
Control Panel c/w Box - Quattro FM30 Mixer
Control Panel c/w Timer - Quattro FM30 Mixer
Automatic Ignition Controller / Box - Rational Oven
Pulse generator - Rational CPC Line
Automatic Gas Controller/Ignition Control - Rational SCC61G Oven
Potentiometer CT - Rational CM101E Combi Steamer CT SCC
Rational Contactor- K3-10A10 AEGLS4K10
Encoder / Pulse Generator - Rational SCC201 Oven
Buzzer - Rational SCC201E Oven
Pressure Controller 0.2 bar - Retigo - Oven - BC2
Controller - Rieber
Temperature Controller - Rieber Stork Tronic
Stork Controller - Rieber Mobile Hot Cupboard 2-TURIG
Controller - Rivacold - Fridge
Speed Controller - Rollergrill CT540S CT540 Toaster
Potentiometer inc. Cable - Rondo
Controller Rowlett RT1500 Toaster
Rowlett Rutland - Selector Switch - Toaster
Rowlett Rutland Toaster- Selector Switch
Motor controller - Rowlett Rutland RT1300
Control PCB, Display and Probes - Sadia RS10700-F
Controller - Delfield RS1040CC-RS Fridge
SUPERSEDED Control Panel Slave Module- Sadia ST14 Fridge
Digital Controller (rectangle) - Sadia S41270WHRPHS Fridge
Controller - Sagi - Fridge - KBS21-OP64
Controller Sagi HD150-0P64 Fridge
Digital Controller - Sagi HD70B0P64 Fridge
Digital Controller Sagi HD70B0P64 Fridge
Control - Salva FC95-LCC Blast Chiller
Display - Silva Iverpan
Touch Pad - Sammic - Vacuum Pack - V421TI
Keypad - Sammic SV-520T Vacuum Packer
Speed variator - Sammic SK-8 Food processor
Potentiometer - Sammic BM5E Mixer
Control Assembly - Samsung CM1069 Microwave
Control Panel Assy - Samsung CM1919 Microwave
Potentiometer Santos 37 Blender
Controller - Scanfrost CCC305 SSC400 Fridge
Eliwell Controller IWC720 - Scanfrost Fridge
Electronic box c/w housing - Scotsman Ice Machine
Button Board Mounting Bracket - Scotsman
Auto IQ Controller - Scotsman CME-656-AS-32H Ice Machine
Control Board - Scotsman - Ice Machine -
Controller - Serrco - Fridge - SU650R
Controller & Probe - Shoreline - Fridge - SM180G
Drain Tap Connection - Silko
Connecting Bow for Thermostat - Silko
Touchpad - Sincold AS007 Blast Chiller
Complete Starter Box Sissons SD75-3 Waste
Sissons WDU SD75-4 3 Phase Starter Box
10-Programme Electrical Unit - Smeg ALFA31XE Oven
Controller & Probes - Stellex R5 Chillscreen
Display Controller c/w Probes - Sterling Pro SP2BC/BK/HG Bottle Cooler
Stotts Benham Auto Fry 60 Mark 2 Contactor
Stott Benham GFC03/320 Contactor
Stott Benham Pactrol Unit P13 -
Stott Benham P14 .110AL Pactrol Unit
SUPERSEDED Control panel - Stresa 250S Slicer
Studio 54 Main Controll PCB
Controller - Studio 54 - Fridge - ALEXANDER 5T
Controller - Studio 54 - Fridge - ALEXV
Supco - Refrigeration Defrost Control S814520
Controller - Surfrigo M-MZ2520L-4M12 Fridge
Controller - Surfrigo
Controller, Viscosity - Taylor
Digital controller - Tecfrigo PLANET4COLD
Digital Controller - Tecfrigo DOMINANTE100 Fridge
Controller - Tefcold BLC10 BLC3 Blast Chiller
Controller - Tefcold - Fridge - UR200S
Controller REK33 - Tefcold RS710 Freezer
Digital Controller - Tefcold Fridge SAB910
SUPERSEDED REK31ED Controller - Tefcold Fridge
Tefcold PT920 Dixcel Controller XR60
Temperature Controller - Tefcold IC300SCEB Fridge
Thermomax Coltrec RCX100 Controller
Controller Menu - Toastmaster TC02
MK1 Modular WD steam controller - Tom
Temp Controller - Tom Chandley - Oven - TC-10
Overload Protection - True - T23FZ
Round Temperature Display - True T49 T-19E
Temperature control - True TRCB52 Fridge
Digital Controller - True GDM49F T-49FZ T-23 Freezer
Digital Controller Kit - True Fridge
Digital Controller - Ubert DHT31 DHT41 Heated Display Unit
SUPERSEDED Controller - Ubert DHT-51 Hot Display Cabin
66PT100 Digital Controller - Universal
681T/C Controller - Universal
8820 - Digital Temperature Controller - Universal
N322 PID Digital Controller - Universal Fridge & Heating
QVR/S-RFI-17A Energy Regulator for Heat Lamps & Elements
Electronic controller - Type AKO 14724
AKO-CHILL Controller - Range -50° to +99°C
Ektron Digital Controller 230v - REK33
Digital Fridge Controller 230v - REK31ED
Controller - 230V 8/15A - Compatible with PTC
Controller Every Control EVK411JSVHBS
Calibrated Digital Temp Controller
G.I.S Gas Interlock System - G02R & G02
Display Module LAE BIT25B1S3EA Controller
Ribbon Cable LAE BIT25B1S3EA Controller
Thermostat ID970 -30-70°C 12V
AKO Controller 0-999°C AKO-D14727 Controller
Controller - G.I.S Gas Interlock System - G02R & G02
Speed Control Assembly - Univex Mixer M30
Controller Valera SDFF/1 Fridge
Carel Controller IREFFOEHA1K for Valera
Electronic Controller Blue - Valera DIAMOND 3P Fridge
Dixell XR70CX Controller - Vestfrost SZ365W Chiller
Electric Plate W185 - Vestfrost SZ365W Chiller
Electronic Controller - Vestfrost CFKS471
Thermometer - Vestfrost Chest Freezer
Victor SCEP19 Heater Fan Unit Complete
Temperature Digital Display - Victor BL100H1 Hot Cupboard
Digital Controller Victor BL70H1X Bain Marie
Controller - Victor WRDWL4Z Fridge
LAE SDU12TORE Electronic Controller - AT1-5BS6E-AG
SUPERSEDED Victor Bainmarie SCEP22Q Dimmer Switch
Element Tray Assembly c/w Element - Victor Peer Hot Trolley
Controller Digital - Victor Display Cabinet S
Eliwell Controller C/W 2 Probes - Victor Carib1012S-DRMT3Z Chiller
Bent Element - Victor BM32MS
Controller w/ Probes - Victor - DRMT3DY
Electronic Ignition Controller - Viking VK30G Tumble Dryer
Controller Viscount S40560SSRPHS Fridge
Variable Speed Motor Assembly - Vitamix
Temp Control Board - Vulcan Hart VC4ED
High Control Limit - Vulcan Hart Convection
Auxillary Water Level Controller - Vulcan Electric Kettle
Thermometer - Vulcan Hart - Fryer - VHF15-18
Controller Ribbon Cable 2M - Williams
Controller Display- Williams WBCF40- Blast Chiller
Reach In Web Conversion - Williams - Fridge - HS1BC
Fan Speed Controller - Williams WHU4492Y Coldroom
Digital Temperature Read-Out/Display c/w Ribbon Cable
LAE Motherboard / WUBC2 Control PCB - Williams BC2
Front Controller Display - Williams H10CT LP5SC-SS Fridge
Williams HO20 Digital Controller
Display Board - Williams HJC3SA LJ1SA Fridge
Controller Conversion Kit - Williams LO30
Controller - Winston - Fryer - PF56C19SZ
RH EDGE GS41 CONTROL BOX Winterhalter Dishwasher
Overload / Overcurrent Relay - Winterhalter GCK71/1ECK
Programme Switch/ Timer - Winterhalter GS24 Glasswasher
Level controller - Winterhalter GR65, GS501
Control Panel - Zanussi - ALP1103
Thermoregulator Zanussi ADF110
Electronic Controller - Zanolli Planet - Chiller
Electronic Controller - Zanolli Oven
Eliwell ICplus 915 Electronic Controller - Zanolli Pizza Oven
Controller Kit - Zanotti Freezer
Carel Controller IRZNCR0021 - Zanotti BAS123T377F
Fan Speed Controller - Zanotti - Condensing Unit - HCU2060S3700F
Controller Zanotti BAZ11777F Fridge
Digital Controller - Zoin JINNY Fridge