Drain Assemblies & Fittings

A S Catering Supplies can supply drain assemblies for commercial dishwashers and glasswashers

Drain Assemblies & Fittings Parts
1 1/4"Drain Valve Cecilware fryer FMS 65CE
3/4" Drain Valve - Falcon G1860
Motorised Drain Valve - Electrolux W3250N W3600X Washing Machine
Drain Valve - Speed Queen SC80BNV SC60MN2CU60003
240mm Drain Plug - Elframo BE50 C33 Glasswash
Drain Plug Elbow - Comenda LS322BT
Drain Valve - Bartlett D35G
Drain Elbow - DIHR 400 DERBY40 Glasswasher
Wash Boss - Classic H750 H850 Dishwasher
Drain Housing- Cleanaware bartisan 401
Drain Fitting - Univerbar Omega Glasswasher
Draw Off Valve Handle 1"1/2F e 1"
Drain Valve Stem- Groen TDO
Waste Hose Flexible / Gravity Hose- Aristarco AP50.32 P1000 GL1040
Drain Connection - Inomak PN229/PTL Fridge
SUPERSEDED Drain Elbow Plastic - Maidaid C510 C500DP Dishwasher
33mm Hose - Hoonved Dishwasher CAP7
Cover Plate for Overflow Tube - Hoonved C60E dishwasher
Dump Valve - Manitowoc BD0453W Ice Machine
DHT/1-40 Groen Drain Valve Knob
Drain Hole Socket - Silanos DC35 Dishwasher
Drain Fitting V350D - Masterwash/ATA Dish
Drain Elbow - Masterwash / ATA Dishwasher
Drain Outlet - Winterhalter GS28 Dishwasher
Drain Pipe - Winterhalter GS41/4 Dishwasher
Syphon- Winterhalter Dishwasher Syphon
Drain plug for clenaware 701 Dishwasher
Drain plug for Clenaware 501B Dishwasher
Drain Plug O-Ring - Electrolux WT50/1UKRP Dishwasher
Plug- Zanussi Electrolux
Drain Plug - Electrolux Washtech 300
Plug - Electrolux Washtech 50 Dishwasher
Drain Pipe - Zanussi ALN1103 Freezer
Drain Valve 230v - Zanussi FCV101E4 Oven
Drain Seating - Zoppas 77741014 Dishwasher
Drain Manifold Kit - Electrolux Washtech 50
SUPERSEDED Zanussi Drain Pipe
Evaporator Tray - Zanotti MDB121T013G
SUPERSEDED Drain Hose - Winterhalter GS502 GS515 GS501 Dishwasher
Drain Outlet - Winterhalter GS28 Glasswasher
Drain Slide Valentine Pension Fryer - P294
Drain Block and Spring Valentine Pension - P294
Drainage Ring 1 inch - Masterwash/ATA
1.5" Drain socket - ATA Masterwash V45 AL55 Dishwasher
Drain solenoid valve - Masterwash/ATA Dishwas
Drain Outlet - Masterwash / ATA Dishwasher
Drain Assembly Fitting - Silanos DC1300 W1400A DC1000 Dishwasher
Stop Plug - Rational CPC202 Oven
Waste Outlett Derby CF
Drain Sump - Electrobar River 150 Dishwasher
Drain Valve - Moorwood Vulcan 60S-FP-NG ML60S-FP-NG Steam Oven
Drain Valve - Moorwood Vulcan ML60 Fryer
Threaded Elbow - Lamber F85 NS500 075F
Condensate Drain Pan for Tefcold RK1420
Drain Seat - Hobart UX200 UW120 Dishwasher
25mm Overflow Pipe Upstand- Hoonved diswasher
Pump Sump c/w Stand Pipe - Meiko Ecostar 545D
Drain Clamp - Garland
Drain Outlet Elbow - Falcon G500 Dishwasher
Upstand Drain Plug ST/ST DZT515 - Falcon
Drain Spout 3/4" - Fryer G1860 Fryer
Drain Outlet - Falcon D600A Dishwasher
Drain Dump Valve Assy - Electrolux Wascator
Pneumatic Solenoid Drain Valve - Electrolux Wascator W75 Washing machine
Drain Plug Filter - Comenda LF321L Dishwasher
Drain seating - Adler CF35/1 glass washer
SUPERSEDED Plastic Filter - Maidaid Halcyon C400
Drain Assy Filter - Elframo D40 Dishwasher
SUPERSEDED Drain Connection - Colged BETA 253 Clenaware
Solenoid Valve -ASCO GSX8267B11 Bartlett Steam Solenoid Valve 3/8
Drain Piece Kit - MGM110140F Zanotti
Drain Connector - Adler CF40DL Glasswasher
Drain Valve - Valentine 2000 Series Fryer
Drain Water Pump 230V 50Hz - Rational
Drain Filter Assy - Miele WS5425 WS5427 Dishwasher
Right-Angle Drain Pipe - Convotherm 20.10 Oven
Strainer - Winterhalter GS29 Dishwasher
Plug Fitting for 1.5"" Waste Upstand
Drip Tray Drain Valve - Falcon G6748 E5478 Steamer Oven
Waste Outlet - Fagor FI-100 Dishwasher
Slum Elbow - Lamber NS500 Dishwasher
Drain Pipe - Electrolux WT38 Dishwasher
Coupling Drain / Sleeve - Electrolux WT38 Dishwasher
SUPERSEDED Draining Pipe - Electrolux WT38 Dishwasher
Drain Outlet - Electrolux WT2QDD Dishwasher
Drain rubber elbow - Sammic LV1080 Dishwasher
Drain Cap - Convotherm Oven
Drain Cap Seal - Convotherm
Drain Plug - Silanos DC024 Glasswasher
SUPERSEDED Drain Elbow - Colged BETA35
Drain Fitting - Colged BETA35 Dishwasher
Drain Solenoid Valve - Hobart CNR-A-EW Dishwasher
Drain Hose Steam Generator - Rational CM201
Drain Hose Steam Generator - Rational SCC201 Oven
Water Installation Set - Convotherm OEB6.10 OES10.10
10" 250mm High 1.5" Waste Upstand Complete
Drain Elbow - Lamber Newscan NS500
Elbow Push In Drain component - Inomak
Drain Valve Air Kit - Hobart AMX70 AUX70 Dishwasher
Drain Plug Screw Connector - Comenda LB215
Drain elbow - Iarp EIS104
Nut Drain Socket - Lamber Newscan Dishwasher
Drainage Tap Assembly - Lincat
Drain Tap Assy - Lincat Fryer J5/N J5/P
Drain Valve & Handle- Lincat OG7102P Fryer
Drain fitting - Scotsman ACM55 Ice machine
Drain fitting 3/4" - Scotsman ACM55 ACM85
Drain fitting - Scotsman Ice machine
Drain Housing - Silanos DCN100B Dishwasher
Drain Assembly - Adler CF50 Dishwasher
Grill Drain Cock for Drip Tray- Falcon G1528
Drain Tap 2" - Fagor ME9-15-BM Rice Boiler
Pack of 5 Hose Clamps 40-60 - Fagor/Silanos
SUPERSEDED Drain Elbow - Fagor
Tun dish - Metcalfe GU4 Potato Rumbler
Drain valve - Lincat EB3 Water Boiler
Drain top/filter 7/8" ø 32 mm H 10 mm
Drain Elbow Fitting - Colged BETA40F BETA35 Dishwasher
Drain Valve (1¼") - Pitco 35C+ Fryer
Drain Crown Colged Beta 240 Glasswasher
Sump Outlet Set - Winterhalter GS502 GS501 Dishwasher
Bulk head - Oscartielle Banco Mira L100
Retaining Assembly for Drain - MBM MK61
2-way Door Corner - Foster Coldroom
Drain Insert 1/2" for Evaporator Tray -
12" 300mm High 1.5" Waste Upstand Complete
10" 250mm High 1.5" Waste Upstand Complete
Drain Connector Assy Linea Blanca LC1500 Dishwasher
Drain Connector Linea Blanca LC1500
Drain Cleaner - Biological Drain Cleaner - 12 tablets
Drain Pipe - Polar Snack 400S-TN Fridge
Drain pipe cover - Polar Snack 400S-TN Fridge
Drain Valve - Imesa LM23 Washing Machine
Drain Angelo Po FCV101 Oven
Drain hose - Hoshizaki IM240DME Ice machine
Drain Valve - Ipso HW131 Washing
Drain Outlet - Falcon DH18E Dishwasher
Drain Chamber - Wastematic 75 Waste Disposal
Drain assy - ATA Masterwash AL45 Glasswasher
Drain Hose - Chefking Virginia 840 Dishwasher
Drain Hose - Linea Blanca Dishwasher LC3800
Drain Valve - Blue Seal Moffat GT46 Fryer
Drain Kit Assembly (pipe,funnel,elbow,oring)
Drain Valve - Electrolux Washer Extractor
Drain System - Hobart Steamer (01737B)
Lock Ring - Maidaid MRC200 Dishwasher
3/4" Drain Assembly - Parry - Single basket
Drain Elbow - Maidaid MRC200 Dishwasher
Drain Valve - Groen 2-SSB-3F Steamer
Drain Pipe - Chefking 50 Dishwasher
Drain pipe - Costan C232B00-180 Chiller
Drain Funnel - Cosmetal River25 Water Cooler
Drainage pipe - Polar 26kg 50 kg Ice machine
Drain Pipe - MBM MK61T Dishwasher
Drain Outlet Manifold - MBM MK61T Dishwasher
Inlet drain body - Clenaware Emec-545D
Drain valve - Nyborg / Electrolux 1202 washing machine
SUPERSEDED Drain valve - Fagor FI80BBT Dishwasher
Drain Pipe - Angelo Po Combistar FX101E3
Cover for Channel - Convotherm OES06.10 Oven
Drain Tap - Silko Boiling Pan
Siphon - Electrolux RS13FX2F Freezer
Drain Valve - Hobart Dishwasher
Grease channel insert - Hobart SCB36CE Char
Drain Boss - Classic Duo750 Dishwasher
Drain hose - Dexion LB035 Dishwasher
Drain pipe - Hobart CHF40 Dishwasher
Bowl Insert (Long) for drain pipe -Parry
Drip rail - Convotherm OES6.06 MINI Oven
Drain Hose Pump to Connector - Dexion LP051
Non Return Valve - Dexion Dishwasher - LP051
Bracket for Non Return Valve - Dexion LP051
Drain Hose - Maidaid D500AD D510 Glasswasher
Connector - Dexion Dishwasher LP051
Drain Elbow - Dexion Dishwasher - LP051
Drain Hose Pump to Airbox - Dexion LP051
Drain Valve Assembly - Falcon Combi Oven
Drain Unit - Fagor FI-64B-BT Dishwasher
Plug for Manifold - Electrolux WT50 Dishwasher
Drain Filter Crown - Bartisan 401Dishwasher
Drain Cap - Winston HBB0D2
Drainage Set - Sammic SL-10 Dishwasher
Drain Valve With Valentine VMC3 Pasta Boiler
Upper Frame - Electrolux W3240H Washing Machine
Drain Line Kit (SPx01 Range) - Foster SP101HW
Support - Classic Hudro750 Dishwasher
Drain Boss - Maidaid Halcyon 51BT Dishwasher
Drain Pan - Hoshizaki - Ice Machine - IM-240ME
Drain Socket - Comenda LF324BT LB215 LB215A LF324A
Drain Valve Motor - Alliance - LR-217
Drain Fitting - Winterhalter GS42 Dishwasher
Genius X Filter - AMX900-16 - Hobart
Drain - Moffat Bain Marie
Drain Seat - Blakeslee
Drain Hose 29mm Dia x 15000mm - Angelo Po KD100 Dishwasher
Oil Plug - Multivac C100 Vac-Pack Machine
SUPERSEDED Drain Outlet Manifold - Falcon DH18E
Water Dump Valve - Manitowoc QD0453W SD0302A Ice Machine
Drain Modification - Garland
Valve Drain 1 1/4" - Garland Frymaster # 3 Only #
Drain Adaptor - Hobart CX-SB dishwasher
Drain Pipe- Hobart CX-SB - Drain/Pipe work assy
Drain Strainer- Hobart CX-SB Dishwasher - Drain Strainer
Drain Fitting - Lamber NS500 Dishwasher
Opus OG OE Drain valve - Lincat Gas Fryer
Drain Outlet Kit with Seal & Boss - Luxia Poly 2000 Dishwasher
Drain Valve- Frymaster MJ47 Fryer
SUPERSEDED Drain Assembly - Newscan NSG500
SUPERSEDED Waste Out Hose for Aristaco Euro 500
Drain Plug - Hilta S40P Dishwasher
St/St Bowl Drain Insert - Parry PDF6 Fryer
Drain Hose - Diplomat HJA8630 Dishwasher
Black Plug with Chain - Rational Combimaster SCC201E Oven
Drain Valve - Electrolux W75 Washing Machine
Drain Heater - Blizzard - Fridge - LBC2
Drain Fitting - Angelo Po
Drain Heater - Electrolux RS06FX1FG Fridge
Overflow Drain - Cecilware FE 200 Coffee Machine
Drain Valve - Fagor MDB-0-2 Washing Machine
Drain - Electrolux
Drain Pan Heater - True TGW-2F T-19EFZ Fridge
Drain Tap 1 1/2" - Mareno Boiling Pan - R.D.Fruili
Complete Drain Assembly - Aristarco GL4.32
Drain Assy - Hoonved CA55 Dishwasher
Drain Fitting - Chefking Elviomex Euroline50S Dishwasher
Strainer System - Hobart FX10A Dishwasher
Drain Fitting - Ice-O-Matic PBC0525FA4 Ice Machine
Drain 1/2 x30 - Fagor MSP200 Fridge
Drain Hose - Elmwood MS350 Dishwasher
Drain Fitting - Luve - SHA53E50
Drain Hose - Mondial SUNNYSL10 T.
Condense Drain/Drain Fitting - Angelo Po 1SR202R-0NRO Blast Chiller
Drain Plug Holder - Sammic SP350 Dishwasher
Evaporator Drain Fitting - Technoblock HBK120
Drain (Open) - Girbau
Drain Pipe - Blizzard BCC3EN Chiller
SUPERSEDED Door Drip Tray Drain Pipe - Lainox CME061S Oven
Drain Elbow - True TSSU60-16 Chiller
Drain - Gram - Fridge
Drain Pipe Cover - Blizzard BCC3EN Chiller
Drain w/ 1 branch - Houno
Drain Hose - Krupps Koral 500DB Dishwasher
Evaporator Drain Pan - Caravell - Fridge - SLD75
Drainage Connector Nut - Polar G620 T315 GL192 Ice Machine
Drain Pipe - Friulinox AF14-25-IX Fridge
Drain Pipe - Hoshizaki IM-21CLE Ice Machine
Drain Tube - Hoshizaki IM-21CLE Ice Machine
Drain Extension - Imperial IFS-40 Fryer
Drain Body - Hobart Dishwasher
S/Steel Sink Plug Hole
Screw In Drain Tap Attachment - Lincat OG7111/N Gas Fryer
Waste Fitting - Lamber Dishwasher
Drain Valve Assy - Falcon LD48 Fryer
Drain Adaptor - Blizzard - CFZ140LW
Drain Valve Kit - Unimac
Drain - Electrolux
Sink Drain Funnel - Foster DWC15 Water Chiller
Drain Connector for Bin - Halcyon 35A Ice Machine
Drain Valve - Rational - Oven - SCC61
Drain Fitting - Teikos - TS830
O-Ring - Teikos - TS830
Drain Valve - Blue Seal - Fryer - GT46
Drain - Girbau HS4040
Drain - Girbau
Drain (Open w/o Power) - Girbau HS4040
Grating for Drain - Houno
Drain Outlet Elbow - Porkka K165 Ice Machine
Drain Assembly 1" - Angelo Po FM2011G3 Oven
Drain Trap - Angelo Po FM2011G3 Oven
Drain Valve - Frymaster PMJ135ESC Fryer
Drain with Ring Nut - Intercold
Drain Fitting - Rivacold RC325-33EDCB Fridge
Drain Bracket - Hobart Oven
Draw-off Valve - Cleveland KDL40 Tilting Steam Jacketed Kettle
Gasket Trap Drain - Mareno
Drain Pan - Foster - Fridge - KS35-6
Drain Tap - Kuppersbusch - Boiling Pan - KCF0042
Drain Pump 90w 230v 50Hz - Girbau - Washing Machine - HS6008
Drain Pump - Meiko - Dishwasher - DV270
Screw In Drain Tap Attachment - Lincat OG7106/N Gas Fryer
Electrical Drain Valve - Electrolux Laundry
Drain Fitting (on the evap cover) - Blizzard GD350
Waste Outlet Gasket - Metcalfe
Wash Arm Support - Ozti -Dishwasher
Evaporator Trough / Drain Fitting - Sadia RS10800-R
Drain Pan - Hoshizaki - Ice Machine - DCM120KE
Drain Heater - Serrco - Fridge - SU1410
Drain Valve Chamber - Maxiwash MWCX55/E Laundry Machine
Drain Pump Kit - Comenda LC900BT Dishwasher
Dump Valve - Scotsman - Ice Machine - MV606
Drain Plug- Mach 75MS - Dishwasher
Drain Connection - Colged Dishwasher
Drain Pan - Searle KM60-80 -Fridge
Drain Connection - Colged Dishwasher
Drain Fitting with Overflow - Angelo Po - Dishwasher - LF50EM