Drive Shaft

Drive shafts are used in many types of commercial catering machines. A S Catering Supplies Ltd specialize in sourcing obsolete and obscure spare parts for commercial catering equipment.

Drive Shaft Parts
Shaft Assembly - Fimar MX25 Stick Blender
Drive shaft - Crypto Peerless CC7 Peeler
Drive Shaft - Crypto CC14 Peeler
Attachment/Beater Shaft - Crypto EC20 Mixer
Motor Shaft Adaptor - Bartlett Oven
SUPERSEDED Shaft - Dynamic MX200 MX91Mixer
SUPERSEDED Drive Shaft - Dynamic MX91
Drive Shaft Assembly - Crypto Peerless CD8 Potato Peeler
Drive Shaft- Crypto Peerless EL20 Mixer
Planetary Shaft- Crypto Peerless EB40 Mixer
Shaft - Avery Berkel BSPGL Slicer
Disc stem - Robot Coupe R201 Ultra R101A
Spindle Suits Large Bowl With Handle - Robot Coupe R201
MP450 Drive Shaft Assembly - Combi Version
Shaft Bush- Musso L1 Piccolo Ice Cream Machine Shaft Bush
500mm drive transmission shaft - Sammic TR350
Planetary Shaft - Chefquip SP22HI Mixer
Drive Pulley Assembly - Dito Sama BM20S Mixer
Shaft Assembly - Zanussi 13KP Potato Peeler
420 mm drive transmission shaft -Sammic TR350
Blade Shaft Assembly 420mm for lower half
Shaft and Bearing Kit - Sammic PP12 PP6 Potato Peeler
Rotating Plate Spindle - Sammic PP12 Potato
Drive Shaft - Musso L2 Stella Ice Cream Machine
Drive Shaft Assembly - Robot Coupe MP600(A)
Drive Shaft Assy - Robot Coupe MP450 Stick Blender
R301 Drive Stem
Shaft - Sharp Microwave
Drive Shaft Assy - GU8 23329
Processor Drive Spindle- Kenwood
Shaft - Kenwood Mixer
Shaft -Hobart Shaft
Shaft - Hobart AE200 A200 Mixer
Shaft & Pin Assy - Hobart AE200 HSM20 NCM20 Mixer
Excel Slicer Drive Shaft
Drive Shaft Assy - Dynamic MD95
Screw - Crypto Mincer Knife End Stud Screw Worm Wheel
Drive Shaft Assembly - Crypto Peerless C56
Drive Shaft - Crypto Peerless CD4 CD8
Hub & Disconnectable Drive Mechanism - Dito
Sun Shaft / Drive Shaft - Cryto Peerless EM20
Main Drive Shaft & Drive Pin - Crypto TRS
Pulley - ITAL Stresa 250C
Driving Shaft inc Keys - Cryto Peerless TRS
Transmission Shaft - Hobart A200N-B3H Dough Mixer
Drive Shaft Assy - Crypto Peerless EM20
Shaft Mareno BR9-12EIM Bratt Pan
Shaft c/w Outer Housing - Sammic TR330 Blender
Worm Drive - Hobart E4522 4822 Mincer
Transmission Shaft Set c/w Bearings - Sammic
Shaft cover - Magimix 4200 Mixer
Drive Shaft - Hobart E6110 Potato Peeler
Planetry Attachment Drive Set
Bearing Assembly- Berkel BSPGLO4011000 Knife Bearing Assembly
Rear Axle- Burco 77010 Conveyor Toaster Rear Axle
Drive Shaft - Musso L3 Ice Cream Machine
Front Axle- Burco 77010 Conveyor Toaster Front Axle
140mm Tool Holder Shaft Set - Sammic BM-11 Mixer
Drive Shaft -Electrolux 200mm Drive Shaft - Crypto Peerless EM30 Mixer
Crank Assembly- Crypto Peerless F2F Chipper
Planetary Gear Shaft - Crypto Peerless
Steel Transmission Shaft - Crypto Peerless
Blade shaft - Buffalo U626 Slicer
Lower Rinse Axle - Olis Dishwasher
Shaft - Electrolux Dryer T1000
180mm Motor Shaft - Electrolux Veg Prep Machine TRS1
Drive shaft - Fimar IM255N235M Dough Mixer
Drive shaft for shredder plate HOBART AE200
Fitted Shaft - Dynamic MX91 MX2000 Hand Mixer
Drive Pin - Crypto Peerless Mixer EM20
Drive Shaft - Hobart E6414 Potato Rumbler
Drive Shaft for a Crypto P. RC11 Chipper
Assembly with Shaft, Pulley, Seals & Bearings - Berkel
Vertical Shaft Assembly - Hobart E6128 Potato Peeler
Shaft and Ball Bearing - Dynamic SMX500 Stick Blender
Centre Drive Shaft - Hobart A200 A120 Mixer
Mincer Worm Drive Pin Electrolux FTG102
Complete transmission shaft - Quattro FM20
Drive Shaft - Robot Coupe MP550 Ultra Blender
Shaft - Omas TS8E Mincer
S/S Lower Shaft Assy - Linea Blanca LC3800
Axel Cover- Buffalo Slicer CD278 Pulley Axle Cover
Shaft Coupling Kit - Waring WSBK Blender
Transmission Shaft - Fimar PPN18 Peeler
Foot - Robot Coupe Mini MP160 VV Hand Blender
Shaft Assembly - Robot Coupe CL60
Gear Shaft - Newscan FM20 Mixer
Complete Drive Shaft - Zanussi TRS Veg Prep
Shaft & Bearing Assembly - Sani-Serv 407E Ice Cream Machine
Shaft - Electrolux T3650 Tumble Dryer
Transmission Shaft Hobart SE302 Mixer
Driving Key Control Arm Hobart SE302 Mixer
Sun Gear Shaft Assembly - Crypto Peerless
Shaft - Fimar IM20LN Mixer
Stainless Steel Rotating Shaft Assembly -
Shaft Hobart A200 Mixer
Drive Shaft Assy - Robot Coupe MP800T Blender
Bearing Sammic AE22 Mixer
Bowl Shaft Sammic AE32 Mixer
Conveyor Drive Assembly - Comenda AC91
Drive Shaft Key - Comenda AC91 Dishwasher
Bowl Shaft Sammic AE22 Mixer
Drive Shaft - Robot Coupe Stick Blender
Drive Shaft Washer - Robot Coupe Blixer 4-3000
Complete Transmission Shaft - Newscan FM20
Shaft - Maytag MDE7550AGW Tumble Dryer
Drive Shaft Pin - IMC Potato Peeler
Drive Shaft - IMC Potato Peeler
Complete Planetary Shaft - Newscan FM20 Mixer
Control Shaft Assembly Socket - Electrolux XBM20AS
Axis with Pedal - Electrolux XBM20AS Mixer
Shaft Assembly/Tool Holder - Electrolux XBM20
Idler Pulley & Shaft Speedqueen LWS17NWB3069
Gear Shaft - Quattro/Apuro FM30 Mixer
SUPERSEDED Drive Shaft Moretti Forni Sprial40 Dough
Shaft Dito PSX33SE Mixer
Drive Shaft Assembly Robot Coupe MP350 Ultra
Main Shaft Assembly Sirman TM1 Veg Prep
Shifter Shaft Hobart A200N Mixer
Shaft & Bearings - Bear - Mixer - RN10/VL2
SUPERSEDED Centre Shaft - Hobart Mixer - A120
Shaft Kit - Electrolux W4250N W4240H Washing Machine
Shaft - Crypto Peerless TRS
Conveyor Shaft Support Bracket Middleby
Drive Shaft Middleby Marshall PS220FS Pizza
Drive Shaft Adaptor Middleby Marshall PS220FS
Central Shaft Set Sammic ES-150 Salad Spinner
Drive Shaft Support - Hobart Mixer
Drive Shaft - Hobart Mixer
Key For Drive Shaft - Crypto C28F Potato Peeler
Pin Beater Shaft Hobart AE200 Mixer
Centre Shaft - Hobart AE200 Mixer
Input Shaft - Univex Mixer M30
Shaft Omas VS25C Slicer
Shaft - Electrolux Tumble Dryer - TT210
Drive Shaft - Carpigiani Pastochef55RTX Food
Knife Shaft - Hobart CC34
Motor Shaft Seal Blue Seal E32D4 Oven
Guide Shaft - Fagor HMM-6/11 Oven
Drive Shaft - Moretti Forni - Dough Mixer -
Planetary Shaft - Chefquip SP007 200B
Worm Wheel - Hobart - SE601
Main Shaft Set - Sammic BE20 Mixer
Tool Holder Shaft Set - Sammic BE20 Mixer
Drive Shaft - Robot Coupe MP800 Blender
Drive Shaft Assembly - Robot Coupe - CL52D
Conveyer Drive Shaft Sprocket - Blodgett BG2136 Pizza Oven
Drive Shaft - Blodgett BG2136 Pizza Oven
Drive Shaft Assy - Blodgett BG2136 Pizza Oven
Standard Drive Shaft Assy - Blodgett BG2136 Pizza Oven
Drive Shaft - Crypto - Peeler - CC7
Drive Shaft with Coupling - Dynamic MD95 Blender
Shaft - Nyborg - Dryer - 350T
Spindle 144mm - Robot Coupe R201 Ultra Mixer
Drive Shaft - Robot Coupe - R301 Ultra C
Main Shaft Assembly for att. Drive - Bear RN20 Mixer
Complete Shaft Assembly - Fimar MX40 Mixer
Complete Drive Shaft - Chefquip - SP500A Mixer
Complete Shaft Assembly - Dynamic MX91 Blender
Cam Shaft Assembly - Blakeslee
Tension Shaft - Primus - Tumble Dryer - T16
Drive Shaft - Fimar - IM18SN235M
Transmission Shaft - Quattro FM12 Mixer
Drive Shaft- Hobart CR Flange Drive Shaft
Centre Spindle - IMC S12/28 Potato Peeler
Shaft - IMC S25/56 Potato Peeler
Centre Shaft Assembly - KitchenAid KPM50
Drive Shaft Assy - Dynamic MD95 Hand Blender
Drive Assy - Lamber M115
Shaft Assembly - Robot Coupe CL60B Auto Food Processor
Dismountable Shaft - Robot Coupe Blixer 4
Blower Shaft - Middleby Marshall PS536 Pizza Oven
Rinse Arm Shaft - Colged Dishwasher
Insert-Knife Shaft - Hobart 8181 84181 Cutter
Shaft - Avery Berkel BSPGL04011300 Slicer
Transmission Shaft Assembly - Hobart HSM20 Mixer
Main Shaft Assembly - Bear - Mixer - RN20 MK-1
Worm Gear Shaft Assy - Hobart HSM20 Mixer
Albero Shaft- Fimar - Mixer 50C-F 50CN 50FN 50SN
Knife Shaft - Hobart Slicer
Main Shaft - Metcalfe Mixer
Shaft for Idler Bearing - Diseco ADG120ESD Dryer
Shaft - Dito Sama
Drive Shaft - Sirman C6VV Food Processor
Bearing Shaft - Bizerba - GLMI
Bearing Shaft - Bizerba - GLMI
Spline Shaft Complete - Bizerba - GLMI
Complete Drive Mechanism - Crypto Peerless - Veg Prep - TR260
Drive Shaft - Crypto Peerless RC11 Chipper
Drive Shaft - Metos
Shaft Assembly - Hatco TM10H Toaster
Conveyor Belt - Hatco TM5H Toaster
Roller Shaft - Huebsch HU025EQTN1G2W01
Shaft Set - Sammic - Veg Prep - CA300
Shaft & Coupling Sleeve - Dynamic - PMDH250
Stick/Blade Assy (Metal) - Braun MR5550M/CA Stick Blender
Tilt Shaft - Groen DLT-80
Shaft - Maxiwash MWFS125P/E Washing Machine
Shaft & Pin - Electrolux TRS Veg Prep Machine
Beater Shaft - Hobart Mixer
Shaft - Hobart Mixer
Shaft - Fimar IM18FN235MK
Rinse Arm Shaft - Lamber Dishwasher
Drive Shaft - IMC - SP12, Series 2
Planetary Shaft - Chefquip SP30HI 3041 Mixer
Drive Shaft - Sirman Hand Blender
Beater Shaft - Hobart N50 Mixer
Foot Assembly- Robot Coupe CMP350VV Stick Blender
Drive Shaft (450mm) - Sirman Vortex Asta 45
Spiral Shaft - Hobart H600 Mixer
Shaft; Fan Drive - Middleby Marshall
Planetary Shaft and Pin - Metcalfe - Mixer - SP200
Planetary Shaft - Hobart HL120 HL200 Mixer
Drive Shaft- Fimar IM18SNG235MK Dough Mixer
Drive Shaft for Hook - Fimar - IM38SNG235MK
Foot - Robot Coupe Mini MP170 VV Hand Blender
12" Shaft Assy. with Blade - Waring WSB50CK Blender
Vertical Shaft - Kitchen Aid 5KSM150PSBWH Mixer
Planetary Assembly - Kitchen Aid 5KSM150PSBWH Mixer
Transmission Shaft- Spar HJ10 - Mixer
Agitating Shaft - Blue Seal BM20 Mixer
Shaft Agitator - Kitchen Aid - Mixer - 5KSM150PSB-4
Pin for Drive Coupling - Metcalfe
Drive Shaft Assembly - Robot Coupe CL55D2
Shaft - Waring - Blender - WSB55ST
Complete Foot Assembly - Robot Coupe CMP250AFS
600MM Shaft - Fimar Stick Blender
Motor Shaft - Fagor
Driving Shaft - Ugolini - HT10/3A
Drive Shaft - IMC Potato Peeler
Shaft - Sirman - Potato Peeler - PPJ20SC
Shaft B - Hoshizaki IM-240XWNE Ice Machine
Shaft for camdisc compl. - Varimixer
Drum Shaft / Trunnion - JLA - Tumble Dryer - D30
SUPERSEDED Drive Shaft - Hobart Peeler
Drive Shaft Conveyor - Dexion Dishwasher
Recept Shaft Assembly - Robot Coupe
Drive Shaft - Waring Blender
Stirrer - Turbochef TC01 Oven
Shaft Assembly - Hatco TQ-800H Toaster
Output Shaft - Dynamic - SMX TURBO
Shaft - Electrolux
7QT Planetary Silver Metallic - Kitchen Aid 5KSM7591XBSN
Shaft - Bertos Bratt Pan