Drive Shaft

Drive shafts are used in many types of commercial catering machines. A S Catering Supplies Ltd specialize in sourcing obsolete and obscure spare parts for commercial catering equipment.

Drive Shaft Parts
Stick/Blade Assy (Metal) - Braun MR5550M/CA Stick Blender
Shaft Master - Arox SP-34MA Mixer
Shaft Transmission - Arox SP-34MA Mixer
Shaft Driven - Arox SP-34MA Mixer
Shaft - Avery Berkel BSPGL04011300 Slicer
Shaft - Avery Berkel BSPGL Slicer
Assembly with Shaft, Pulley, Seals & Bearings - Berkel
Motor Shaft Adaptor - Bartlett Oven
Shaft & Bearings - Bear - Mixer - RN10/VL2
Main Shaft Assembly - Bear - Mixer - RN20 MK-1
Main Shaft Assembly for att. Drive - Bear RN20 Mixer
Bearing Assembly- Berkel BSPGLO4011000 Knife Bearing Assembly
Bearing Shaft - Bizerba - GLMI
Bearing Shaft - Bizerba - GLMI
Spline Shaft Complete - Bizerba - GLMI
Cam Shaft Assembly - Blakeslee
Conveyer Drive Shaft Sprocket - Blodgett BG2136 Pizza Oven
Drive Shaft - Blodgett BG2136 Pizza Oven
Drive Shaft Assy - Blodgett BG2136 Pizza Oven
Standard Drive Shaft Assy - Blodgett BG2136 Pizza Oven
Motor Shaft Seal Blue Seal E32D4 Oven
Agitating Shaft - Blue Seal BM20 Mixer
Axel Cover- Buffalo Slicer CD278 Pulley Axle Cover
Blade shaft - Buffalo U626 Slicer
Rear Axle- Burco 77010 Conveyor Toaster Rear Axle
Front Axle- Burco 77010 Conveyor Toaster Front Axle
Drive Shaft - Carpigiani Pastochef55RTX Food
Planetary Shaft - Chefquip SP22HI Mixer
Complete Drive Shaft - Chefquip - SP500A Mixer
Planetary Shaft - Chefquip SP007 200B
Planetary Shaft - Chefquip SP30HI Mixer
Rinse Arm Shaft - Colged Dishwasher
Conveyor Drive Assembly - Comenda AC91
Drive Shaft Key - Comenda AC91 Dishwasher
Drive Shaft for a Crypto P. RC11 Chipper
Sun Gear Shaft Assembly - Crypto Peerless
Drive Shaft - Crypto - Peeler - CC7
Shaft - Crypto Peerless TRS
Key For Drive Shaft - Crypto C28F Potato Peeler
Drive Shaft Assembly - Crypto Peerless CD8 Potato Peeler
Drive Shaft- Crypto Peerless EL20 Mixer
Planetary Shaft- Crypto Peerless EB40 Mixer
Drive shaft - Crypto Peerless CC7 Peeler
Drive Shaft - Crypto CC14 Peeler
Attachment/Beater Shaft - Crypto EC20 Mixer
Screw - Crypto Mincer Knife End Stud Screw Worm Wheel
Drive Shaft Assembly - Crypto Peerless C56
Drive Shaft - Crypto Peerless CD4 CD8
Sun Shaft / Drive Shaft - Cryto Peerless EM20
Main Drive Shaft & Drive Pin - Crypto TRS
Driving Shaft inc Keys - Cryto Peerless TRS
Drive Shaft Assy - Crypto Peerless EM20
Crank Assembly- Crypto Peerless F2F Chipper
Planetary Gear Shaft - Crypto Peerless
Steel Transmission Shaft - Crypto Peerless
Drive Pin - Crypto Peerless Mixer EM20
Complete Drive Mechanism - Crypto Peerless - Veg Prep - TR260
Drive Shaft - Crypto Peerless RC11 Chipper
Drive Shaft Conveyor - Dexion Dishwasher
Shaft - Dito Sama
Hub & Disconnectable Drive Mechanism - Dito
Drive Pulley Assembly - Dito Sama BM20S Mixer
Shaft Dito PSX33SE Mixer
Drive Shaft with Coupling - Dynamic MD95 Blender
SUPERSEDED Shaft - Dynamic MX200 MX91Mixer
SUPERSEDED Drive Shaft - Dynamic MX91
Fitted Shaft - Dynamic MX91 MX2000 Hand Mixer
Shaft and Ball Bearing - Dynamic SMX500 Stick Blender
Drive Shaft Assy - Dynamic MD95
Shaft & Coupling Sleeve - Dynamic - PMDH250
Drive Shaft Assy - Dynamic MD95 Hand Blender
Complete Shaft Assembly - Dynamic MX91 Blender
Shaft & Pin - Electrolux TRS Veg Prep Machine
Drive Shaft -Electrolux 200mm Drive Shaft - Crypto Peerless EM30 Mixer
Shaft - Electrolux Dryer T1000
180mm Motor Shaft - Electrolux Veg Prep Machine TRS1
Shaft Assembly - Zanussi 13KP Potato Peeler
Shaft - Electrolux Tumble Dryer - TT210
Shaft Kit - Electrolux W4250N W4240H Washing Machine
Shaft - Electrolux T3650 Tumble Dryer
Mincer Worm Drive Pin Electrolux FTG102
Control Shaft Assembly Socket - Electrolux XBM20AS
Axis with Pedal - Electrolux XBM20AS Mixer
Shaft Assembly/Tool Holder - Electrolux XBM20
Excel Slicer Drive Shaft
Guide Shaft - Fagor HMM-6/11 Oven
Motor Shaft - Fagor
Tilt Shaft - Groen DLT-80
Drive Shaft- Fimar IM18SNG235MK Dough Mixer
Drive Shaft for Hook - Fimar - IM38SNG235MK
Shaft - Fimar IM18FN235MK
Complete Shaft Assembly - Fimar MX40 Mixer
Drive Shaft - Fimar - IM18SN235M
600MM Shaft - Fimar Stick Blender
Transmission Shaft - Fimar PPN18 Peeler
Shaft - Fimar IM20LN Mixer
Shaft Assembly - Fimar MX25 Stick Blender
Drive shaft - Fimar IM255N235M Dough Mixer
Shaft Assembly - Hatco TQ-800H Toaster
Shaft Assembly - Hatco TM10H Toaster
Conveyor Belt - Hatco TM5H Toaster
Beater Shaft - Hobart Mixer
Shaft - Hobart Mixer
Beater Shaft - Hobart N50 Mixer
Spiral Shaft - Hobart H600 Mixer
Insert-Knife Shaft - Hobart 8181 84181 Cutter
Worm Gear Shaft Assy - Hobart HSM20 Mixer
Transmission Shaft Assembly - Hobart HSM20 Mixer
Drive Shaft- Hobart CR Flange Drive Shaft
Worm Wheel - Hobart - SE601
SUPERSEDED Drive Shaft - Hobart Peeler
Planetary Shaft - Hobart HL120 HL200 Mixer
Drive shaft for shredder plate HOBART AE200
Drive Shaft - Hobart E6414 Potato Rumbler
Centre Drive Shaft - Hobart A200 A120 Mixer
Vertical Shaft Assembly - Hobart E6128 Potato Peeler
Drive Shaft - Hobart E6110 Potato Peeler
Worm Drive - Hobart E4522 4822 Mincer
Transmission Shaft - Hobart A200N-B3H Dough Mixer
Shaft -Hobart Shaft
Shaft - Hobart AE200 A200 Mixer
Shaft & Pin Assy - Hobart AE200 HSM20 NCM20 Mixer
Transmission Shaft Hobart SE302 Mixer
Driving Key Control Arm Hobart SE302 Mixer
Shaft Hobart A200 Mixer
Knife Shaft - Hobart CC34
Drive Shaft Support - Hobart Mixer
Drive Shaft - Hobart Mixer
Shifter Shaft Hobart A200N Mixer
SUPERSEDED Centre Shaft - Hobart Mixer - A120
Pin Beater Shaft Hobart AE200 Mixer
Centre Shaft - Hobart AE200 Mixer
Shaft B - Hoshizaki IM-240XWNE Ice Machine
Roller Shaft - Huebsch HU025EQTN1G2W01
Drive Shaft - IMC - SP12, Series 2
Centre Spindle - IMC S12/28 Potato Peeler
Shaft - IMC S25/56 Potato Peeler
Drive Shaft - IMC Potato Peeler
Drive Shaft Pin - IMC Potato Peeler
Drive Shaft - IMC Potato Peeler
Pulley - ITAL Stresa 250C
Drum Shaft / Trunnion - JLA - Tumble Dryer - D30
Shaft for Idler Bearing - Diseco ADG120ESD Dryer
Processor Drive Spindle- Kenwood
Shaft - Kenwood Mixer
Vertical Shaft - Kitchen Aid 5KSM150PSBWH Mixer
Planetary Assembly - Kitchen Aid 5KSM150PSBWH Mixer
Centre Shaft Assembly - KitchenAid KPM50
Shaft Agitator - Kitchen Aid - Mixer - 5KSM150PSB-4
Drive Assy - Lamber M115
Stainless Steel Rotating Shaft Assembly -
S/S Lower Shaft Assy - Linea Blanca LC3800
Shaft cover - Magimix 4200 Mixer
Shaft Mareno BR9-12EIM Bratt Pan
Shaft - Maxiwash MWFS125P/E Washing Machine
Shaft - Maytag MDE7550AGW Tumble Dryer
Drive Shaft Assy - GU8 23329
Planetary Shaft and Pin - Metcalfe - Mixer - SP200
Main Shaft - Metcalfe Mixer
Pin for Drive Coupling - Metcalfe
Drive Shaft - Metos
Blower Shaft - Middleby Marshall PS536 Pizza Oven
Shaft; Fan Drive - Middleby Marshall
Conveyor Shaft Support Bracket Middleby
Drive Shaft Middleby Marshall PS220FS Pizza
Drive Shaft Adaptor Middleby Marshall PS220FS
SUPERSEDED Drive Shaft Moretti Forni Sprial40 Dough
Drive Shaft - Moretti Forni - Dough Mixer -
Drive Shaft - Musso L2 Stella Ice Cream Machine
Shaft Bush- Musso L1 Piccolo Ice Cream Machine Shaft Bush
Drive Shaft - Musso L3 Ice Cream Machine
Complete Transmission Shaft - Newscan FM20
Complete Planetary Shaft - Newscan FM20 Mixer
Gear Shaft - Newscan FM20 Mixer
Shaft - Nyborg - Dryer - 350T
Lower Rinse Axle - Olis Dishwasher
Shaft Omas VS25C Slicer
Shaft - Omas TS8E Mincer
Tension Shaft - Primus - Tumble Dryer - T16
Transmission Shaft - Quattro FM12 Mixer
Complete transmission shaft - Quattro FM20
Gear Shaft - Quattro/Apuro FM30 Mixer
Drive Shaft Assembly Robot Coupe MP350 Ultra
Spindle 144mm - Robot Coupe R201 Ultra Mixer
Drive Shaft - Robot Coupe MP550 Ultra Blender
Foot - Robot Coupe Mini MP160 VV Hand Blender
Shaft Assembly - Robot Coupe CL60
Drive Shaft Assy - Robot Coupe MP800T Blender
Drive Shaft - Robot Coupe Stick Blender
Drive Shaft Washer - Robot Coupe Blixer 4-3000
Disc stem - Robot Coupe R201 Ultra R101A
Spindle Suits Large Bowl With Handle - Robot Coupe R201
MP450 Drive Shaft Assembly - Combi Version
Drive Shaft Assembly - Robot Coupe MP600(A)
Drive Shaft Assy - Robot Coupe MP450 Stick Blender
R301 Drive Stem
Shaft Assembly - Robot Coupe CL60B Auto Food Processor
Dismountable Shaft - Robot Coupe Blixer 4
Drive Shaft - Robot Coupe MP800 Blender
Drive Shaft Assembly - Robot Coupe - CL52D
Drive Shaft - Robot Coupe - R301 Ultra C
Foot Assembly- Robot Coupe CMP350VV Stick Blender
Foot - Robot Coupe Mini MP170 VV Hand Blender
Drive Shaft Assembly - Robot Coupe CL55D2
Complete Foot Assembly - Robot Coupe CMP250AFS
Recept Shaft Assembly - Robot Coupe
Shaft Set - Sammic - Veg Prep - CA300
Main Shaft Set - Sammic BE20 Mixer
Tool Holder Shaft Set - Sammic BE20 Mixer
500mm drive transmission shaft - Sammic TR350
420 mm drive transmission shaft -Sammic TR350
Blade Shaft Assembly 420mm for lower half
Shaft and Bearings - Sammic PP12 PP6 Potato Peeler
Rotating Plate Spindle - Sammic PP12 Potato
140mm Tool Holder Shaft Set - Sammic BM-11 Mixer
Planetry Attachment Drive Set
Shaft c/w Outer Housing - Sammic TR330 Blender
Transmission Shaft Set c/w Bearings - Sammic
Bowl Shaft Sammic AE22 Mixer
Bearing Sammic AE22 Mixer
Bowl Shaft Sammic AE32 Mixer
Central Shaft Set Sammic ES-150 Salad Spinner
Shaft & Bearing Assembly - Sani-Serv 407E Ice Cream Machine
Shaft - Sharp Microwave
Main Shaft Assembly Sirman TM1 Veg Prep
Drive Shaft - Sirman C6VV Food Processor
Drive Shaft (450mm) - Sirman Vortex Asta 45
Drive Shaft - Sirman Hand Blender
Shaft - Sirman - Potato Peeler - PPJ20SC
Transmission Shaft- Spar HJ10 - Mixer
Idler Pulley & Shaft Speedqueen LWS17NWB3069
Stirrer - Turbochef TC01 Oven
Driving Shaft - Ugolini - HT10/3A
Input Shaft - Univex Mixer M30
Shaft for camdisc compl. - Varimixer
Drive Shaft - Waring Blender
Shaft - Waring - Blender - WSB55ST
12" Shaft Assy. with Blade - Waring WSB50CK Blender
Shaft Coupling Kit - Waring WSBK Blender
Complete Drive Shaft - Zanussi TRS Veg Prep