Electrical Controllers & Digital Displays

As one of the UK’s leading suppliers of electronic temperature controllers and indicators we can source a range of controllers such as temperature indicators, digital thermostats, high and low temperature controllers, multi-function controllers, thermometers and digital controllers for both refrigeration cabinets and heating units. Some controllers require additional probes, sensors, ribbon cables, power packs and touchpads so please ensure you have these parts as well if required. Parameters may need to be entered after the part has been fitted if the controller fits on various units - many of these are available on request. Many controllers are sent with manufacturer operating instructions but these can be made available on request before purchasing. A S Catering Supplies can be contacted on 01425 632800, we have many controllers in stock and can help identify the right controller.

Electrical Controllers & Digital Displays Parts
SUPERSEDED Display & Ribbon Cable (Blue) - Adande ACON Frid
Controller - Adande ACON-ADSP-RE-01 VOS Fridge
Display & Ribbon(Blue) - Adande ACON-ADSP-RE-
Controller - Adande VCR Fridge
Display - Adande VCR Fridge
Electronic Control Unit - Afinox KORO4-1 Hot Buffet Cart
Digital Display Cover - Afinox ABBAMX15T CHEF Fridge
Controller AKO D14323 230V 50/60Hz
Control Assembly - Alliance Laundry Systems
Control - Speed Queen - Alliance
Control Assy - Alliance NWT811WN5422 Washing Machine
Vertical Control Board - Alliance - Washing Machine -
Controller - Alto-Shaam
SUPERSEDED Controller - Altoshaam - Hot Cupboard - B1000B02
Controller - Alto-Shaam 1000-BQ2/96 Hot Box
Control Altoshaam 500-3D Drawer Warmer
Temperature Gauge - Alto-Shaam 500-2D
Sensor w/ Mounting Block & Screws - Alto-Shaam
PCB - Alto-Shaam Hot Cupboard
Temp Gauge Altoshaam 1000 -SPT
Temperature Gauge AltoShaam 1200-UP/SR
Touch Control Membrane - Amana URCF511A
Thermostat Water Control - Ambach
Controller - Angelo Po - MB70NCP-OPRO
Oven Temp Sensor Probe PT100 - Angelo Po
Controller - Angelo Po 6-MAM-0PRO HFC2456MAM0PRO
Angelo Po FM1A/4 Controller & Probe
Thermometer- Angelo Po KD130 KD100 Dishwasher
Main Controller Angelo Po ART2SDSX
Controller - Angelo Po IA510
Controller - Angelo Po Fridge
Digital Controller - Angelo Po
Speed Reducer - Angelo Po Dishwasher
Digital Thermometer - Angelo Po
Electronic Assembly Card - Angelo Po
Control Panel Infront Of Condensing Unit Arex
Controller Arex TRHGN004TM Fridge
Digital Thermostat Display - Arneg - Nimes
New Style Controller - Artica Lockhart FRI ABB Fridge
Old Style Controller - Artica Lockhart FRI ABB Fridge
Controller (12v) - Artica Lockhart - Fridge -
Digital Thermostat - EVERY CONTROL EVK203
Hygiplas Dial Thermometer
Electronic Every Controller type FK200XN7
LTR5TRSE-A Controller
Pactrol Gas Control Unit - P13
Double Burner Control Box - Pactrol P13(CE)
Electronic Thermometer 240V
Electronic Controller 230v SHANGFANG type SF-104S-2
Optyma Controller
Controller BRC1E52A
Controller Type ID970 Model ID12C00TCD700
Temp Gauge - Masterwash/ATA
Electronic temperature controller - Autonumis
SF-800 Digital Controller - Autonumis S800 JSC1001
Digital Controller - Autonumis JF0307
Controller - Autonumis JH
Control Box - Teknigas for Bakbar E32
Temperature Control - Bartlett Oven
Honeywell Pactrol/Control Box - Bartlett E16G Oven
Energy Regulator - Bartlett CBMDH/7009 Oven
Thermostat Controller - Baron - Fridge - BFA2PA
LED Electronic Timer - Baumatic OSF50 Oven
Temperature Controller - Beech RGO-1250 Oven
Temperature Control - Beha Hedo Salad Counter
Temperature Control Beverage Air MT17 Fridge
Rinse Tank Element Contactor 20amp
Keyboard Controller - Bizerba - GLMI
Display Complete - Bizerba - GLP
Temp Sensor - BKI VGUK 16 Oven Rotisserie
Thermometer - Blakeslee
Digital Controller - Blanco
Control Panel - Blizzard BZ-F240 Fridge
SUPERSEDED Dixell XB570L Controller - Blizzard BCF20 Blast Chiller
Controller - Blizzard UCF140 Undercounter Chiller
Controller - Blizzard BZ-BAR2 BZ-BAR3 Fridge
Controller - Blizzard - GD350
Digital Controller C/W Probes - Blizzard BAR10 Chiller
Controller - Blizzard HG20KU LAE LDU151E-G
Front Digital Display - Blizzard UCF05
Label for Controller - Blizzard UCR05
Digital Controller - Blizzard BZ-BAR2 BZ-UCR140 Cooler
Back box for digital controller - Blizzard BZ
Digital Controller for front dispaly - Blizza
SUPERSEDED PCB Controller HD-102SB (Main Front) - Blizzard Bott
LPG/NG Pilot Ignition Control Unit - Blodgett Oven
Digital temperature controller - Blodgett
SUPERSEDED Digital Controller - Blodgett CTB1
Honeywell Ignition Module - Blodgett Zephire
Temperature Control Unit - Blodgett Oven MKV
Programmed Controller (Menu Lexan) - SG324OG Oven
Controller Power Supply - SG324OG Oven
Signal Board COND 0-12 VDC - Blodgett BG2136
Controller/Display - Blodgett G20/1.6 Oven
Ignition Control Unit - Blodgett BG2136 Pizza
Conveyor Controller (digital) - Blodgett - Oven - BG2136
Control Panel - Blue Seal GP516-LS Griddle
Control Panel - Blue Seal GP516-LS Griddle
SIT Ignition Controller Kit - Blue Seal G32 Oven
SUPERSEDED Capacitor- Blue Seal E32 E27 Oven
Blue Seal G1100 Oven Ignition Box - OBSOLETE
MDU Display - Purity Quell - Brita Water Softener
Purity ST & Steam Remote Display (MDU) - Brita 1200 600 Filter
Inline Flowmeter - Brita Water Boiler
ASSY CONTROL PANEL;CM1529-1/XEU,0.9CU.FT - Buffalo GK641 Microwave
Variable Speed Controller - Buffalo - Toaster - GF269
Control Panel - Buffalo CE208 Induction Hob
Complete Control Panel - Bufallo GF439 Vac-Pack Machine
Controller - Burco Water Boiler
Digital Display Candy FL134XUK Fridge
EWDB231 Controller - Caravel AF6BT AR14TNTR AF7BTIRI Fridge
LAE Controller with probes - Caravell -
Digital Controller - Caravell TR37 Gold
Digital Controller - Caravell - TR37 Silver
Temperature LCD Display - Caravell CBC600 400 Fridge
SUPERSEDED Slave Unit, Controller, 4x Probes & Ribbon Cable - Caravell WD60-95 Fridge
Controller - Caravell WD85/190LT Fridge
SF-1045-2 Controller - Caravel HEA071 Fridge
Controller Caravel CP700-CM700 Fridge
LAE LF28 Controller - Caravel SD75/150SH SD75/125SH Fridge
Defrost Controller - Caravell SD60/95 Freezer
Display PCB Fascia - Caravell BF030AB Blast Chiller
Controller Kit - Fruilinox Caravell AR140/+8
Carel Controller - Fridge
SUPERSEDED Carel IRELF0EN215 Controller
Carel Controller PJEZS0P000
Carel Controller - Chiller 24V AC
Controller Carel - PBIFC0HND61
Carel Fan Speed Controller - Cut Phase 0-10v
Carel Display for EVD Evolution
Controller - MCH2001030
Carel IR33S0LR00 Controller 12/24V AC/DC NTC
Controller- Carel PJ32S1P000
Controller - Carel PJEZS00000
Controller - Carel - MD33D5FB00
Carel Controller IRELF0EN265
Carel Controller PJEZSNH000K
SUPERSEDED Carel Easy Cool Electronic 230v Controller
SUPERSEDED Carel Easy Freeze Controller - AID38517
SUPERSEDED Carel Fridge controller - PJ32S1P000
Controller - Carel - PB00H0HB10
Carel Controller - IR33W7LR20
Carel Controller PJEZC00000
Carel MD33D2EN00 Controller
Thermometer - Carpigiani Super 139/B/404/P
Green Indicator Light Caterlux Taurus
Dual Probe Controller - Cecilware ME15E-N Water Boiler
Electric Control Unit - Charvet Deep Fryer 10
Digital Control Panel - Chefquip 800A-B Mixer
Terminal Block - Classic Glasswasher - DUO750
Logo Controller - Classeq Duo750 Dishwasher
Front Control Panel - Clenaware 401 G/W
Temperature Probe -Clenaware Sovereign 45 Mk3
Controller Cleveland Tilting Kettle
Electronics Box Coffee Queen Coffee Machine
Colged Digital Controller 230v - REK33
1m Long Sensor for a Colston EL2G
Temperature dial for a Colston EL2G
Control Panel Comersa V.INOX2000EST Fridge
Rinse Pump Relay - Comenda LF322BT
Speed Control Unit - Cona C300 Toaster
SUPERSEDED Press & Go Controller module, 5010, P3 -
Core Temperature Control Unit - Convotherm
SUPERSEDED Controller - Convotherm OEB6.10 Oven
Ignition Box (Honeywell S4575B 1066) - Convotherm - Oven
SUPERSEDED Pressure Gauge - Convotherm OES6.10 Oven
Encoder w/ Cable Easydial - Convotherm
Power Pack 12v - Convotherm OES6.06 MINI Oven
Digital Controller - Coolpoint HX351 Fridge
Controller Surround - Coolpoint - Fridge - HXST-200
Controller- Coreco ACR-1302- Fridge
Control Panel Fascia - Coreco MR70-180 Chiller
Carel Controller PYCO1RN515 Coreco EC-85 Freezer
Controller- Coreco MRS Fridge
Carel PZCOSOP001K Controller - Coreco EC85 Fridge
Controller Coreco AGR1002 Freezer
Carel Controller - Coreco AP-750
SUPERSEDED Carel Controller - Coreco MFB-135C Fridge
Controller Complete - Cornelius B450HL Fridge/Freezer
Controller 12V Inc Probes - Cornelius Ergon600 - Chiller
LAE Controller - Corsair Heat Trolley 3TG
LAE Display Terminal - Counterline Bain Marie
Carel Temperature Controller - Criocabin
Controller Criocabin LM12BT Cold Room
Speed Controller / Potentiometer EF20 EB10
Control Box - Cuppone G933 Pizza Oven
Digital Thermostat ATR111-AD 12-24v
Controller EMPC902/T Eliwell - Cuppone
Thermometer - Dial & Sensor - Cuppone Pizza
Electronic Controller - Cuppone - Pizza Oven - G933
Thermometer - Dahlen ELB-425V25167 Oven
Fan With Condensator - Sveba-Dahlen
Danfoss solid state relay
Danfoss Controller - AKRC101
Danfoss Controller L255
Thermostat Controller - Delfield 407CA-CE-DHL
SUPERSEDED Controller - Delfied RP10280-CRP
Dixell XR60CX Controller - Delfield RS10260C RS10400C-R Chiller
Carel Controller - Delfield U/C Fridge RS10550-R / SE055
Digital Controller - Delfield RS20260CR
Controller - Delfield RP10260C-R
Delfield RS10400c-RNS Fridge Temp Controller
Digital Controller - Delfield AB1CHSC0900GB Fridge
Controller Delfield RS12400 Fridge
Dixell Controller - Delfield RS21400 Fridge
Controller - Delfield RS1040CC-RS Fridge
Controller Delfield RP1280C-RP Fridge
SUPERSEDED Delfield RS10100U-R Dixell Controller XR06CX
Thermometer - Derby G48C
Controller Desmon GM7 Freezer
Controller - Desmon GUR-M0406
Controller - Desmon Coldroom
Desmon Refrigerator - Temperature Indicator &
Controller - Desmon - Fridge - K18.100.079
Controller Complete With Display - Desmon TGM3-UK Fridge
Temperature Probe- Dexion Dishwasher
Controller - Dexion
Controller - Dexion TD1120-66-700
LCD32Q4E-AS Controller - Dexion
SUPERSEDED EVK411 12v 71mm x 29mm Digital Thermostat - Dexion
Voltage Controller Dito Sama XBE10 Mixer
Dixell XT120C Controller 230v
Dixell XT110C Controller
12v Controller - Dixell XR20C
Dixell Controller - XW260K-5N0C0
Dixel Controller 1C121CX-10100
AG169 Controller REK31E
Dixell Controller - XW260L - 230V
Dixell Digital Controller XB570/QCSNMXF5XO
Blue Line Dixell Digital Controller C/W Probe - XR02CX
Dixell Digital Controller - XW20VS
SUPERSEDED Freezer - Dixell controller - XR60-C
SUPERSEDED Dixell Controller XR06CX - Scanfrost Chiller
SUPERSEDED Dixel Controller BMPP15011
Fridge Dixel Controller BMPP15011 XW40L
Slave Module - Dixell XW271K
230v Dixell Temperature Controller - XR20C XR206
Dixell Digital Controller XW60L 230V
Cool Mate Control Panel XLR170 230v
Temperature Controller 230v - Dixell
Dixell Controller (UNIVERSAL-R) - Scanfrost
Dixell XW30LS controller, 230v
Dixell Controller - XC706M
Dixell XR60C Controller
Dixell XR10C Controller
Electronic Controller - Dixell XW60L-5N0C1
Thermometer DIXELL XT11S-500 mounting
Controller - Dixell XW30LRH
XR30CX-5N0C1 230v Dixell Digital Controller
Dixell XT11S 24v Thermometer
Dixell Display - T620-000C0
230v Controller - Dixell XW60V
Heat Control - Dualit DCT2 DCT3 Toaster
Speed Controller - Dualit TM4 T710 DCT2T Toaster
55.13052.104 Ego Thermostat -
Controller - Elcold - Chest Freezer - EL51LT
Controller - Elcold EL51LT Chest Freezer
Thermoregulator IR33 115/230VAC - Electrolux
Thermometer - Electrolux
Control - Electrolux
Main Board - Electrolux NHT8G
Control Unit - Electrolux Washing Machine - W5240H
Ignition Box - Electrolux T3290
Thermoregulator - XW30L - Electrolux
Control Board with Push Buttons- Electrolux Veg Cutter
Digital Thermometer - Electrolux TC1200 MSR1207 Hot Cupboard
Front Panel Control Complete - Electrolux RCDR2M20 Fridge
Thermometer - Electrolux Dishwasher
Thermometer 0-100°C - Electrolux WASHTEC60 Dishwasher
eliwell Temperature Controller Electrolux/Zanussi Fridge
LAE LTS12 Digital Thermometer - Electrolux
Display - Electrolux Washing Machine
Resistance Thermometer - Electrolux
XB580L Thermoregulator Controller - Electrolux TC651
Power Supply 5a - Electrolux
OBSOLETE Digital Thermostat - Zanussi
Inner Control Panel Includes ID974 Controller
Thermometer - Electrolux - Oven - ECF/G101/1
Thermometer - Electrolux
St/St Outer Control Panel - Zanussi TRRN132A
Connector 3 Positions - Zanussi Fridge
Connector 7 Positions - Zanussi Fridge
Inner Control Panel - Zanussi TRRN132A Fridge
Control panel - Electrolux RCDR4M40 Fridge
Program Unit - Electrolux W3600X Washing
Controller Electrolux Reiber 830122
Thermoregulator - Electrolux ERNA224A Chiller
Display - Electrolux T4190 Tumble Dryer
Programmer - Electrolux Washing Machine
SUPERSEDED Temperature Regulator - Electrolux Oven
Carell IR33 Controller - Electrolux RS13FX42F RS06N41S Fridge
Control Unit - Electrolux W3250N Washing Machine
Temperature Sensor - Electrolux IC44832FLF
Thermometer - Zanussi TRN1801UK Fridge
Digital Controller - Electrolux Fridge
Digital display - Zanussi ICP110VA Fridge
Eliwell Controller (ID974) - Electrolux
SUPERSEDED Temperature Display - Zanussi / Electrolux
Temperature Gauge - Zanussi Electrolux
Temp. Display and Probe - Zanussi
Control Panel - Electrolux RCDR3M30U Fridge
SUPERSEDED Controller & Display - Zanussi Fridge RCDR
Eliwell ID974 Digital Controller - Zanussi RCDRS2M20
Temperature Sensor - Electrolux IC44832FLF
Temperature Kit - Electrolux T4650E Tumble Dryer
Speed controller - Electrolux XMB20AS Mixer
Thermometer - Electrolux HC18BM Bain Marie
Control Box - Electrolux Peeler
Control Box Assy - Electrolux Peeler
Controller w Facia & Switches Zanussi RCDRS20
Digital Thermometer c/w Probe - Electrolux
Thermometer - Elframo L010T0 Dishwasher
SUPERSEDED Elframo ET021 Dishwasher Thermometer
Thermometer - Elframo GWD12T Fryer
Electronic Controller - Eliwell - EWRC500LX
Eliwell IWC740 Controller, 230v
Humidity Controller - CM7950
12v Eliwell Digital Temperature Indicator PTC/NTC selectable
230v Eliwell Digital Temperature Indicator PTC/NTC selectable
Thermostat ID PLUS 971 230V
Digital Controller - Eliwell IWC740 230v AC NTC
Eliwell Controller - ID974 - 12V
Eliwell Controller - ID974 - 230V
Eliwell Controller - IC902 - 12V PTC/NTC 8A
Eliwell Controller - ID961/A-230V PTC(NTC) Probe
12v Temperature Controller - Eliwell IC912 PT
OBSOLETE LAE Controller-Equivalent of Eliwell EWPC902T
SUPERSEDED Eliwell Controller (c/w buzzer) - EWPC974
Elliwell electronic controller 1WC750 230V
Eliwell Controller 12v
Eliwell EWPX171 Controller - Caravell Fridge
Temperature Control Eliwell IC912 12volts
Temperature Controller Eliwell IC912 230volts
SUPERSEDED Eliwell controller - 230V (c/w probes)
Eliwell EW7220 Controller
Eliwell IC912, # IC11P00THD300 Controller
Eliwell controller - NTC IDPLUS961 12VAC
Eliwell controller - 230V IDPLUS961 230V
Eliwell Thermostat IC912 12v
Eliwell Controller - IWC730
Eliwell controller - ID985LX
Eliwell Controller - IWC750X
ID961-12V Controller
Controller Eliwell ID974 12V Version
Controller - Fruilinox AF7BTIRI Fridge
Electronic Controller - Eliwell EWPC902T
Potentiometer - Eloma - Combi Steamer -
Display LCD Screen - Eloma - JOKERT6-23
Ignition Controller - Eloma MULTIMAX B6-11 Oven
Dixell XR03CX-5N0C1 Digital Controller - EMH
Thermostat Controller - Eurofours - Oven - TENSION8/10W2
Thermostat Controller Thermostat Only - Eurofours - Oven - RP04T10-2
R1V8 Controller - Eurofours RS10A20-1 Oven
Temperature Probe - Eurofours Oven
Temperature display - Eurogrill HT3 Hot
Evco Digital Controller EVK203 230V NTC
Controller 230v - EVCO EVK401N7VHXXX01
Controller - EVCO - EVK221N7VXS
Controller - EVCO EVK241P7VXSXX01
Every Controller - EVK411P3VHBS PTC Type Probe
Digital Controller - Every Control EVK201N7
Level Gauge Plate 89x30mm - Faema Coffee Machine
Controller PKCO0XZZ97 NTC Probes - Fagor
Control Button - Fagor VG-101 Oven
Combustion Control - Fagor VG-101 Oven
Controller - Fagor MSP120NGCLR Fridge
PCB Controller - Fagor HEM20/21
ID Plus961 Elliwell Controller- Fagor MSP-200-S/E Fridge
Controller - Fagor MFP180GN MSP200 Fridge
Analog Thermometer - Fagor FI-100 Dishwasher
Temperature Gauge - Fagor Dishwasher
Falcon 211GGO Oven Spark Generator
Contact Block - Falcon DH18B Dishwasher
Control panel - Falcon Salamamder E2523
SUPERSEDED Gas Pactrol P13 Control Unit - Falcon Oven
P13 CE Pactrol Gas Control Unit - Falcon G1838 Fryer
Control panel - Falcon E2101 Range
Temperature Potentiometer - Falcon E1838X
Thermometer - Falcon D1000AX Dishwasher
Control board c/w potentiometer - Falcon
Controller Prog 85° - Falcon - Hot Trolley
Controller - Falcon
Controller - Falcon Hot Cupboard
Evco EVK411P7VHS Controller - Falcon Bain Marie
Control Board PCB (1ph, 230v, 50hz) - Fimar
Temperature Gauge - Foinox MM60EM Oven
OBSOLETE Micro Processor Panel - Foster GSC2/2H
LAE Display Unit - Foster PROG1350H-A Fridge
Controller Kit - Foster SP101HW Fridge
Controller Bracket - Foster PROG600H-A
Controller Conversion Kit - Foster HR200 Chiller
Display Controller - Foster H386005 Chiller
Controller Kit (w/probe & manual) - Foster
SUPERSEDED Controller Electronic (LAE) Proline - Foster
Controller (LF28B2S3E) - Foster PRO1/2H-A FSL800H Fridge
Digital Controller - Foster - GBM2X
Display/Keyboard - Foster Walk In - SP3HC/RSS012
Controller Kit - Foster - DCU4-3L
Controller & Probes - Foster Fridge
Controller - Foster CT70-B
Controller - Foster - Fridge - COMPAKT 410
Click Wheel Assy (White) - Foster MBC75-150 Fridge
Display - Foster EP1/3H Fridge
Controller - Foster - Fridge
Controller & Surrounding Box - Foster - Fridge - PROG1100H
Controller Conversion Kit - Foster - Fridge - PMC4HRT
Connection Cable - Foster - Fridge
Relay Board Controller - Foster GS601HT Chiller
Controller Kit Foster SP301HW Cold Room
Controller - Foster BC51 Blast Chiller
Controller Kit - Foster CS1/3H Chiller
Controller kit - Foster PMC1HRT Fridge
PCB & Display Controller - Foster BC20 BCF20/10 Fridge
Controller - Foster CGH1/3 Under Counter
Controller - Foster Blast Chiller FXBC10
Controller - Foster PT162H
Controller PCB - Foster PREM1/3H01 EPSG500L EPREMG600LT
Controller Remote Display BIT12RU - Foster Fridge HR150 HR140 HR360 HR200
Foster Controller LAE 11.1 replaced by 80AT
Digital Temperature Indicator Foster Fridge
Control/Front Display & PSU-TYPE CDE
SUPERSEDED Foster Universal Digital Controller
Front LCD Display - Foster FSL400L ESPG500L EPREMG600LT
Controller - Foster Fridge
Temperature controller - Foster GCH4R Freezer
Controller Display - Foster BC51 SD Fridge
SUPERSEDED Controller - Foster LF28B2S3E-B Horizontal
Controller Conversion Kit - Foster 61100H Fridge
Complete Controller Board - Foster Fridge
Controller - Franke Cold food table
Membrane Controller - Franke - Coffee Machine - 658
Temperature Dial & Probe - Framec
Controller Framec 0000018360000 Fridge
Framec 1760000 Cooler Controller Housing
Eliwell Controller - Frenox
Evco Controller EVK411M7VHBS
Digital Controller - Friginox - Fridge -
Control Panel Overlay- Frima VCC211- Fryer
Control Panel Vitro with Overlay- Frima VCC211- Fryer
Display Board - Frigomat PEB30LCD Pasteuriser
Panel/Push Button Controller - Frigomat PEB30.05 Pasteuriser
Danfoss Display Controller - Fri-Jado MC75CSS Fridge
Controller - Frilixa Visella 2.0M UF400
Controller Frilixia Prima1.5m Fridge
Control Panel Cover - Frilixa Serveover
Controller - Frost-Tech - Fridge - WD60/120
LAE Controller AD2-5C14W-1FT - Frost-Tech SLDF75/130 Chiller
Controller - Friulinox - Freezer - TR47 SILVE
Digital Controller - Fruilinox TR57 Chiller
Eliwell 230v Controller - Fruilinox AR14
Thermometer Controller - Fruilinox FR1ABB Blast Chiller
Controller - Fruilinox - Fridge - TR37 GOLD
Fruillinox TR37 Controller
Electronic Controller (Eliwell EWPC961/AR)
Front Panel Computer Display - Frymaster H55
Honeywell S8702D1002 Ignition Module - Frymaster
Single Contoller 12v - Frymaster SS8504SS
Controller Assy - Frymaster
Pyrometer (Temp Controller) - Gam - Pizza Oven - C66
Controller - Gamko - Fridge - FS1300
Dixell XR07CX 12v Controller - Gamko MG1-275SD MG1/150 Fridge
Controller Panel - Gamko VCPL-2056-NL-01 GR0501XSS420
Dixcel Controller - Gamko Double Door Bottle
Gamko MXC20250GG Electronic
Dixel Controller - Gamko MXB20250GG070 Bottle Cooler
Controller- Gamko MXC20250GG310 Bottle Cooler
Thermostat - Gamko FKMU5-G Fridge
Control Oven.Roast EA5 - Garland S2555
Electronic Controller - GGF Pizza Oven
Thermometer - GGF - Pizza Oven - E6/60
Controller - Gico PFS
Melting Thermoregulator- Giorik 215FE-C Fryer
Power Source - Girbau
Electronic Controller - Gram
PCB Controller - Gram F410RGC6N Freezer
Controller - Gram F1305RG
Fan Speed Controller - Gram - Fridge - KPS40CH-ONE5
Electronic Controller, Display - Gram
Label for Controller - Gram GA930
SUPERSEDED Mechanical Thermostat - Gram K181U Fridge
LCD Control Panel - Gram F200 RU
SUPERSEDED Digital Display Unit - Gram K190JB K190
Controller - Gram M1407CSHA
Fridge Thermometer - Gram FS330CGB
Temperature Display - Gram FS330CGB Fridge
Control Module - Gram F400LU F200RU Freezer
Temperature Probe - Gram K400LU K200RU Fridge/ Freezer
PCB Controller - Gram K410RGC6N Fridge
Controller - Front Display - Gram KB1807ADV
Grasslin 24 Hour Time Clock - 15min Switching Intervals
Controllor (Slave) - Grundy Hot Trolley
Control Panel - Grundy Hot Trolley
LAE Digital Controller model SDU12T0RDC
LAE MTR11 > LTR5 12v Controller
Digital Controller & probe Grundy GMG Hot
Grundy Hostess Trolley LAE Controller
SUPERSEDED Rheostat Speed Controller - Hatco Conveyor
SUPERSEDED Speed Controller - Hatco TM-10H Toaster
SUPERSEDED Hatco TM10H Toaster Speed Control
SUPERSEDED Speed control hatco toaster TM-10H
Rheostat - Hatco TK-100 Toaster
Colour Control Heat Setting Unit - Hatco
Rheostat (speed control) - Hatco TRH-60
Potentiometer Hatco TQ-405 Toaster
Potentiometer with harness - Hatco MFG
Speed Control - Hatco TQ800H Toaster
Henny Penny Fryer Thermometer
Henny Penny HMT-5 Display Temp. Regulator
Henny Penny HMT-5 Heated Display Controller
Control Decal - Henny Penny HMR-103 Hot
Temperature Controller Hilta S45
Hobart Temp. Gauge
Core Temp Probe - Hobart CSD Combi Oven
Thermometer - Hobart HX Dishwasher
Hobart FM30 FM30U Dishwasher Thermometer
Controller - Hobart NCM10 Mixer
Temperature Control Limiter - Hobart AM15 Dishwasher
Temperature Control - Hobart Dishwasher
Controller - Hobart HL200 Mixer
Rinse Thermometer - Hobart C44A Dishwasher
Wash Thermometer - Hobart C44A Dishwasher
Print Display/Operation Unit - Hobart
Potentiometer Hobart
Module Display Lights Hobart
Temp Control Kit - Hobart AM14C Dishwasher
Temperature Sticker - Hobart
Thermometer - Hobart
Starter/Complete Control Box Hobart FD3150
Display Board - Hobart - CPRO101GDAKK - Steamer Oven
Display - Hobart CSDUC2022 Oven
Controller - Hobart GLE-300 Slicer
Light Display Board - Hobart - GX60
C5 Controller - Hobart Mixer
Controller - Hobart
Water Level Controller - Hobart - Oven - CSD2012E
Power Supply - Hobart AMX70E Dishwasher
Thermostat for Boiler Hobart GF60 Dishwasher
Honeywell Controller GLAC07A2B
Automatic Gas Stoker - Honeywell Type S4565C
Display - Houno - Oven
Encoder - Houno
Electronic Control ST-1B Houno Oven
12v Controller - Husky C8+HY Bottle Cooler
Controller Unit - Huskey HUS-C2-LED Chiller
Hygiplas Digital Fridge/Freezer Thermometer
Lower Thermometer - Iarp GAYA130T Freezer
Upper Thermometer - Iarp GAYA130T Freezer
Upper Thermometer - Iarp GAYA130T Freezer
SUPERSEDED Power Unit Iarp AB400PV Fridge
Dixell Universal R Controller - Iarp AB500PV Chiller
Digital Controller Front Display AB500PV AB400PV
Dial Temperature Display/Thermometer - Iarp ABX500N Freezer
Power Unit / Control Box Rear - Iarp Fridge
Power Unit - Iarp Stok140 Fridge/freezer
Lanna Touchpanel Box- Ibertial 2GR- Coffee Machine
PCB - IGF Dough Rolling Machine 230V
Controller Membrane - Igloo TRGS/3V8 Fridge
Controller XR60CX 12v- Iglu V7TNEC- Chiller
Digital Thermometer -50+300°C/-58+572°F
Controller Display Evco CT1SA0020300 - LF 30357- Freezer
Controller - Ilsa - Fridge - TRMP2012
Control Box - IMC 526 Waste Disposal
PC1 Mark 4 Potato Peeler Contact Block
Control Box - IMC 726 Waste Disposal
Controller (1ph) - IMC SP25H Potato Peeler
Button Contactor - IMC MF10 PC2 Peeler
Control Box Single Phase - IMC 523 Waste Disposal
Controller - IMC H60 H90
Controller (Eliwell) - IMC V135
LAE Digital Controller 230v - IMC S06404 Fridge
Controller IMC BM70 Fridge
Control Box - IMC 1204 Waste Disposal
Control Box Assembly- IMC 1204 Waste Disposal
Control Box - IMC WDU 700 Series 725
Single Phase control motor unit - IMC 525
Controller - Cornelius - Fridge - S140HI
Controller Kit & Air Probe - Cornelius
Controller Kit - Cornelius DC1000SS/GLS
Electronic Thermostat & Probes - Cornelius 241359004
Dixell V4 Controller - Cornelius GPLT450LRH Chiller
Controller Kit (Low Temperature) - Cornelius 24L365509
IMI Cornelius Digital Pegasus Display Unit -
Dixell Controller AGB701 - Infrico VC2010
Controller - Infrico - Fridge - VET8DP
Carel Controller - Infrico ME1000EN Fridge
SUPERSEDED Temperature Controller - Infrico Freezer
Temperature Control & Display -Infrico MP2125
SUPERSEDED XW20L Dixell Controller Infrico bottle
Dixell Controller - Infrico Fridge ZX10 ZX20 ZX1
Temperature Control & Display -Infrico MP2125
Kiour Digital Controller - Inomak CF2140-PTL Freezer
Controller - Inomak CE2140/PTL Fridge
Temp Controller / Termostat - Inomak Fridge
Digital Control Box - Inomak Hot Cupboards
LAE Control Box SSD90Bxx SMD12RU
SUPERSEDED Inomak Controller CF2140N
Controller PCB (rear section) - Inomak CF2140
Kiour Controller (front section) - Inomak CF
Controller Kit - Inomak CD170 Fridge
SUPERSEDED Electronic Controller - Inomak CD170 Chiller
Controller Kiour RBR-EXR - Inomak
Kiour Controller CF CB170 (w/ control box & 2x probes) -
Thermostat (Kiour) - Inomak Fridge
Controller - Interlevin - Fridge - PD20S
Controller Board - Levin ZO600DEZ ZO-1500EZ Freezer
Front Oval Display Levin ZO600DEZ Fridge
Display controller - Interlevin SS7300 Fridge
Controller kit - Framec Rumba 10 Fridge (kit
Speed Detector Ipso
Front Control Panel- Irinox HC202/150L - Chiller
Front Board - Irinox IRI-MF25.1-PLUS Blast Chiller
Controller ISA Bastia Euro334RV Fridge
Carel Controller - Jordao MFPSSlim090
SUPERSEDED Carel controller for Jordao Primus
Display Controller - Jordao 105SK Fridge
SUPERSEDED Jordao - LAE Controller - 105SK
Controller- Jordao MFP3SLIM090
Controller - Jordeo - Fridge - HORIZON105
Campini Corel Digital Display - Jordeo - Fridge - PRESTIGE105
Controller - Jordao 126/05
SUPERSEDED Controller - Jordao - Fridge - SLIM130
Controller - Jordeo - Fridge - CG-M-PRTL128
Complete Speed Control - Kenwood PM900- Mixer
Kiour Controller - MPS CA170 Fridge
Control Plate - Kitchen Aid 5KPM50 5KPM5 5KPM505XPM5 Mixer
Control Panel with LCD Display - Krupps K540E Dishwasher
Controller - Kuppersbusch - Boiling Pan - NNS100
Front Display - Labcold - Fridge
Sticker - Labcold - Fridge - RDLF0505
Front Digital Controller - Labcold - Fridge - RDLF0505
Keypad - Labcold - Fridge - RDBG2320MD
Dixell Control Board - Labcold - Fridge - RAFR21261
Digital Controller - Labcold RLDG13043 Medical Chiller
Display Screen - Labcold RLDF1005 Fridge
Controller/Display Labcold RLDF0505 Fridge
Controller - LAE AD2-28C1S4E-A
Display - For the AD2-28B1T5E-AG controller
LAE Controller - AD2-28B1T5E-AG
LAE Digital Controller 12v - LTR5TSRDA
LAE Controller RL3 Adande VCS2 Fridge
Lae ID975LX-12V 12V Electronic Controller
LAE Controller AT1-5BQ6E-AG
SUPERSEDED LAE Controller - PTC Range 50-150 Degrees
LAE Controller - LTR-5TSRE-B
LAE Controller - LTR-5TSRE-A [P]
LAE Digital Controller 230v AT1-5BQ6E-1PS
LAE Controller AD2-5C24W-AG(P) 230V
LAE Display Unit SMD34RU
LAE Controller For Use With SMD34RU
Ribbon Cable 2M - LAE type FC10-20M01
LAE Controller & Probe - MTR11 T1RES 240V
LAE Digital Controller AC1-5JS2RW-A
LAE Controller AC1-5A52RW
Front Display LAE LTH3RU-A
Controller - LAE XA4311 Controller
LAE Controller / Power Module SSD90B34EA
LAE Controller - AD2-5C24W-BG
LAE Controlller - LAE-5TSRD-A
LAE Controller ACI-5TS2RW-A comes with probe
Display - LTH1500 Chiller SSD90B35E-C
Controller/Power Unit - LTH HO1100DEM 1500 Chiller
LAE controller - c/w PTC probe
Multi-functional thermometer - LAE
LAE Digital Controller AC1-5JS2RW-A(P)
LAE X5 Controller - AC1-5JS2MW-A
LAE Controller Display Only - BIT12RU
LAE X5 12v Controller LTR15T1RD-G
SUPERSEDED LAE Controller MTR11/T1RES. 230-240volts.
SUPERSEDED LAE digital controller - AT2-5BS4E-AG(P)
Probe - LAE controller SSD90B34E-A
SUPERSEDED LAE Fridge Controller BS6E-AG - replacement
PTC probe 2001602 for LAE Temperature control
SUPERSEDED Hot Cupboard LTR5TSRE Digital - LAE
LAE Controller Box - Ref BIT20B11E
LAE AT2-5BS4E-AG(P) refrigeration controller
LAE Controller- BIT20B11E Replacement
LAE Controller - AC1-5J2M-WA
LAE Controller AT1-5BS4E c/w 2meter NTC10K
LAE Controller - AD2-5C13W-AG
LAE Controller - LCD32S4E-C
LAE controller LCD32Q4E-C 230v
LAE Controller - AT15BS6E
LAE Temperature Display - LT6CTD-2
LAE Digital Controller AD2-5C24W-AG
SUPERSEDED 230v Thermostat AT2-5BS4E-AG - LAE Controller
LAE controller AT1-5AS1E-G
LAE MTR11 T1RES Controller 230v
LAE Controller - AT25BS4EAG
LAE Controller 107 x 95 x 47 230v
LAE Controller CDC122T1R2
Defrost Control Box - LAE Controller
Display Remote LAE DU5S
Load Module LAE BD1-28C1S5W-B
Contactor - Lainox ME110M Convection Oven
Water Regulator - Lainox ME110X
SUPERSEDED Temperature Gauge - Lainox Oven
Dial Gauge Thermometer - Lainox CE 110M NR Oven
Thermometer 8 Channels Matic-Linear - Lamber M130- Dishwasher
Double Scale Round Temperature Gauge Lamber
Temperature Control Switch - Lang - CLR36R-G-S
Controller Lec PE207 Fridge
Controller - LEC CRS400W Fridge
Fascia Sticker for Controller - LEC PSR151UK Fridge
Electric Controller 5F-1045-2 - LEC - HEA707
Controller - LEC PSR151UK Fridge
Evco EV3X2IN7VXRX01 Controller - LEC HEA703
Controller - LEC PSR151UK- Chiller
Controller - LEC - Fridge - PSR151UK
Thermostat - LEC - L5526W
Controller - LEC LR507 Fridge/Freezer
Controller Panel - LEC LR507 Fridge/Freezer
SUPERSEDED Controller - LEC PE502 Fridge
Temp Control Box - Lec - PE500
Digital Controller - LEC PE102 Freezer
Controller Kit- LEC PE502 PE902 Fridge
Controller w/Probes - LEC BC9097ST Bottle Cooler
Temperature Dial and Probe - Leventi LKS Oven
Controller Conversion Kit - Leventi 2D1MM Oven
Programmed Electronic - Liebherr - Fridge - GGPV6570
Controller - Liebherr - Fridge - SN-T2616846634
Operating film - Liebherr LKEXV1800 Fridge
Main PCB - Liebherr - WTB4212 - Fridge
Control Board - Liebherr GN3023
Operating Unit Board - Liebherr WTB4212 - Fridge
Controller - Liebherr
Control Board- Liebherr 261514- Bottle Cooler
Internal thermometer - Liebherr 21B/001
Control Unit & Probe - Lincat Display
Controller & Probe -Lincat FPB7 Food Prep Bar
Lincat SCH705 Pie Warmer Digital Clock
500deg Dial Thermometer - Lincat
Dixell XR10CX Controller - Lincat P6B3
Control Thermostat- Lincat DF33 - Fryer
Digital Temperature Display - Lincat GBM3
Speed controller - Lincat CT10 Toaster
Controller and Probe - Lincat C6R-75CU Chiller
Telethermometer - Linea Blanca LC1500 LC1700
Controller LTH HO-1500DEM Fridge
Controller Module- LTH HO700DEM Fridge
Controller c/w Keypad LTH Fridge Jelka130
SUPERSEDED LTH H0500 Fridge LAE Controller
Controller display - LTH ZO700DEZ Freezer
SUPERSEDED LAE Controller - LD1-15B4E-G - LTH Chiller
Display unit to match PCB SSD90B34E-A - LTH
Controller - LTH HG2.0KU/ER
Controller - LTH - Fridge - ZO-1300DEZ
Electrics Box for Compressor Electrics - L'Unite HGA4512Z-5/8HP
Electronic Timer Controller - Mach MLP140 Dishwasher
Carel Controller PJ32S2H00K - Superceded to; PJEZS0G000
Fascia (Blue) - Maidaid - Dishwasher - 501GSP
Fascia - Maidaid - 101GS
Control Panel - Maidaid - Dishwasher - 45GS
Mareno SVC G12 Bain Marie Digital Thermometer
Mareno TRA13N2P Chiller Slave Control Module
Thermostat Fix - Maytag 3LMEDC300YW2 Dryer
12v Controller NTC/PTC - MBM HE70A Fridge
Slave module - MBM AVX400N Freezer
Controller - MBM AVX400N Freezer
Controller - MBM - Fridge - VIPID210
MEC Oven Power Box PA223S - Smart 44 Pizza Oven
Touch Pad - Menumaster UMLD510 Microwave
Controller - Mercatus L5-1320 L62490 Fridge
Merrychef Temperature Sensor Pocket Assembly
PCB Controller Complete - Merrychef 402S Microwave
Front Fascia - Merrychef - Microwave - HD2025
Bridge Rectifier - Merrychef Microaire Oven
Thermometer - Metos DW037M Dishwasher
Frequency Converter 1200075 0.75kw 200v - Metos Viking Basic 100E
Logic Stick 0.75kw 230v 1089643 SK LOG - Metos Viking Basic 100E
Temperature Detector Metos WD-6E
SUPERSEDED Controller Metos Marine MMF500 Fridge -
Ignition Module - Middleby Marshall PS200 Pizza Oven
Speed Controller Middleby Marshall PS360S Oven
Digital Temperature Controller - Middleby Marshall PS536G Pizza Oven
Speed Controller Middleby Marshall PS536 Pizza Oven
Display - Middleby Marshall PS536 Oven
Gas Temperature Controller - Middleby Marshall PS536 Pizza Oven
Temperature Regulator - Miele B890 Rotary Iron
Electronic Unit - Miele Washing Machine
Controller, Electric Unit, EW 221 KD - Miele
Temperature Regulator 200°C - Miele HM16-83 Rotary Iron
High Limit Temp Regulator - Miele B863 B890 Rotary Iron
SUPERSEDED Energy regulator - MKN INPE/2PE IPX3 Toaster
Fryer Safety Controller - MKN
Power Supply Unit - MKN - 10015094S
Safety Temperature Limiter - MKN Bain Marie
Control Stat - MKN Griddle Plate
Frequency Controller - MKN CGE22300043 Combi Steamer
Gas Control Value - MKN - Optima 700 6 - Burner
Temperature Controller - Moffat 2FBM Bain Marie
Moffat Hot Trolley BF210 Digital
Digital Control LDU - E R Moffat
Temperature Controller Moffat VCRW4C Display
SUPERSEDED Temperature control Thermostat - 3FHCM
LAE 122D/2 Controller - Moffat V299 Oven
LAE Controller - AC15JS2RWA1208 -50 to 750c
Control Box - Monarch / Cuppone Pizza Oven
SUPERSEDED Digital Thermometer - Mondial Elite PR60
SUPERSEDED Mondial Elite LED Temp Display
TLY29 Digital Temp Display 240v - Mondial
Digital thermostat - Mondial Elite KICPVX60N
Thermometer Display & Probe - Mondial Elite
Dial Thermometer - Mondial Elite KNX40
Controller - Mondial - Fridge - JOLLY CP10
Digital Controller - Mondial Elite Slim LXX110 Chiller
Light Touch Electronic Controller - Mondial KICPRX60 Chiller
Light Touch Electronic Controller - Mondial KICNX60 Freezer
Humidity Controller Retrofit Kit - Mono -
Sit 0.503.702 Pactrol Unit Blue Type / Ignition Box -
Full Sequence Controller - Moorwood Vulcan - Oven -
Temperature Gauge Display - Moretti PD105/105
Fascia - Moretti - Pizza Oven - PD60.60
Control Box - Moretti - Oven - T97E
2 Speed controller - Moretti Forni IM44 Dough
Single speed controller - Moretti Forni IM44
Controller - MPS - Freezer - CF2140
Temperature Controller - MPS 21R
Rinse Tank Thermostat- Newscan DSP50- Dishwasher
Control Box with PCB Board (VC6) - Newscan
Controller - Norlake Fridge NRS22555/5
Control Display Facia - Norpe - H23600S
Temperature Controller - Norpe
Controller & Probes - Norpe SAGA-90-M-RST
Solar Panel Temp Display - Norpe MD-30220-250-SL J75801S
Single Efficiency Controller - Novum 6051
Dual Efficiency Controller Box- Novum 806SC
Efficiency Controller - Novum 805L Fridge
Eliwell IC912-230VPT100 Controller - OEM Bozzolo Pizza Oven
Eliwell ICPLUS902 PT100/TCJ/TCK Controller - OEM Pizza Oven
Power Contactor - Olis OLAX310DX Dishwasher
Potentiometer rotation angle - Olis CVM1010E
Thermometer - Olis OLTH12 Dishwasher
Double Thermometer Supports- Olis OLTH12
Carel Controller - Osbourne 275E 220E
Carel Controller - Osborne - Fridge - 220E
Thermometer - Osborne MM3M Milk Fridge
Control Board - Oscartielle BANC.ARCHE'XP*GSK*GIL80 Fridge
Controller - Oscartielle Banco Minor 200
Controller complete - Oscartielle G1LT200
Controller - Oscartielle Banco Argus H150MP XPGIL20P
Gas Interlock System - Universal Extract Fan Failure Device
Dixell Controller (XR02CX-5N0C0) - Ozti - OBA70180
SUPERSEDED Temperature Sensor (oven overheat)- Panasonic
Parry Hotcupboard PHC4 Digital Display
Controller Parry GPU1500 Fridge
ID961 Controller - Parry CPU2000 Chiller
Terminal Block - Parry PDF9 Fryer
Digital Controller - Pitco SE14X-S SG14 Fryer
Thermometre - Pizzagroup - Pizza Oven -
Digital Controller & Circuit Board - Polar CB509 Display Cabinet
Control Panel - Polar CE210 Chest Freezer
Digital Controller XR20CX - Polar G595 G591 G592 CD084 Freezer
Dixell Prime Digital Controller - Polar G596 U633 Fridge
Complete digital control - Polar CC611 Fridge
Digital Temperature Controller - Polar CB929 CB930B
SUPERSEDED Digital Controller - REK31 (ED) - Polar PS300
Controller REK-3 - Polar Fridge
PZD250P001 Controller - Polar BC350 Fridge
Digital Fridge Controller - Polar - CB925
XB570L Dixell Digital Controller Polar DN493 Fridge
Digital Display (controller) - Polar GL002 GL001 Fridge
Controller - Polar - CD229
Digital Controller - Polar CD239 Fridge
Controller - Polar - Fridge - GL013
Controller - Polaris TRECO02 Fridge
Controller - Polaris - Fridge - SPA TN 140
Digital PCB Controller Display - Polaris KST04TN Fridge
Digital Display - Polaris - Fridge - SPATN70
Dixell Controller Polaris TRECO-03 Fridge
Controller & Relay Board Polaris F.PLUSTN140 Fridge
Controller - Polaris KST03TN Fridge
Temperature Thermistor - Polaris SPABT70 Fridge
Controller Polaris SABT70 Fridge
Digital Thermostat (LAE Controller) - Polaris
Box - Polaris PBC051AF Oven
Controller kit (manual) - Polaris PBC051AF
Pcb Board - Polstar - GL193
Dixel Kit - Porkka CDC80 Coldroom
Dixell XR70CX Controller w/ Probes - Porkka
Keypad Controller (Dixell) - Porkka
Dixel Retrofit Kit - Porkka Coldroom
Dixel Display Panel - Porkka/Labcold XW270K C940 Freezer
Controller - Porkka CLM-GNS1-CH Fridge
Controller (Equivalent) -Portland Sterilising
Digital Controller - Precision MCU311 Fridge
Digital Controller - Precision HCU211 PPC307SS Salad Prep Counter
LAE AD2-28C1S4E-A Controller - Precision LPT601 Fridge
Back Board Controller - Precision PCF10 PCF35 Blast Chiller
Front Board Controller - Precision PCF10 PCF35 Blast Chiller
Main Controller - Precision
Display - Precision
Display Unit - Primus - Washing Machine - PW5
Speed Controller - Prince Castle 428EQGB 428EQGBC
30wt Speed controller - Prince Castle TT-300
Potentiometer / Speed Controller - TT300N
Speed Controller Prince Castle TT-300N
Potentiometer/Speed Controller - Prince
SUPERSEDED Dixell Controller (SF101) - Prodis DBQ220L
Dixell Controller (SF101) - Prodis DBQ220L DB0220L0 DBQ220LS
Thermostatic Controller - Prodis GN3100TN GN650TN Fridge
Dixel Controller Prodis DBQ220LO Fridge
ELITEC NT10C Controller - Prodis NT20 Fridge
Controller - Prodis - Fridge - XC257
Digital Controller - Prodis XC2ST Fridge
Control Panel Display- Prodis XC3ST- Chiller
Dixell XR02CX Controller & Probes - Prodis - Fridge - S903
Control Panel c/w Timer - Quattro FM30 Mixer
Control Panel c/w Box - Quattro FM30 Mixer
Control Panel c/w Box - Quattro FM07 Blender
OBSOLETE Control Panel - Quattro FM20 Mixer
SUPERSEDED Control Panel w/box - Quattro FM20 Mixer
Buzzer - Rational SCC201E Oven
Encoder / Pulse Generator - Rational SCC201 Oven
Potentiometer CT - Rational CM101E Combi Steamer CT SCC
Rational Contactor- K3-10A10 AEGLS4K10
Humidity Control - Rational CPC202 Oven
Automatic Gas Controller/Ignition Control - Rational SCC61G Oven
Pulse generator - Rational CPC Line
Automatic Ignition Controller / Box - Rational Oven
Pressure Controller 0.2 bar - Retigo - Oven - BC2
Controller - Rieber
Temperature Control 1pol Type 716 R 9430 - Rieber
Door Insert with Thermometer & Venting Ring - Rieber
Digital Tempature Control - Rieber
Temperature Controller - Rieber Stork Tronic
Stork Controller - Rieber Mobile Hot Cupboard 2-TURIG
Controller - Rivacold - Fridge
Speed Controller - Rollergrill CT540S CT540 Toaster
Potentiometer inc. Cable - Rondo
Motor controller - Rowlett Rutland RT1300
Controller Rowlett RT1500 Toaster
Rowlett Rutland - Selector Switch - Toaster
Rowlett Rutland Toaster- Selector Switch
Control PCB, Display and Probes - Sadia RS10700-F RP10280C
SUPERSEDED Control Panel Slave Module- Sadia ST14 Fridge
Sadia 230120SSF Controller / Display
SUPERSEDED Dixell XR60CX Controller - Sadia S400CR Fridge
Digital Controller Only S350FP
Digital Controller (rectangle) - Sadia S41270WHRPHS Fridge
Controller - Sagi - Fridge - KBS21-OP64
Controller Sagi HD150-0P64 Fridge
Digital Controller - Sagi HD70B0P64 Fridge
Digital Controller Sagi HD70B0P64 Fridge
Display - Silva Iverpan
Control - Salva FC95-LCC Blast Chiller
Touch Pad - Sammic - Vacuum Pack - V421TI
Keypad - Sammic SV-520T Vacuum Packer
Speed variator - Sammic SK-8 Food processor
Potentiometer - Sammic BM5E Mixer
Control Assembly - Samsung CM1069 Microwave
Control Panel Assy - Samsung CM1919 Microwave
Potentiometer Santos 37 Blender
Digital control - Sanyo EMC1900 CM1900
Digital Display (Front Door) - Scanfrost
Eliwell Controller IWC720 - Scanfrost Fridge
Controller - Scanfrost CCC305 SSC400 Fridge
Temperature Display - Scanfrost SSC165-S
Auto IQ Controller - Scotsman CME-656-AS-32H Ice Machine
Electronic box c/w housing - Scotsman Ice Machine
Control Board - Scotsman - Ice Machine -
Thermostat For Container K55L1(042)
Bin Thermostat - Scotsman - 2 Contacts
Thermostat K55L5082 - Scotsman
Thermostat For Container K55L5
Thermostat For Evaporator K22L
Button Board Mounting Bracket - Scotsman
SUPERSEDED Scotsman Frimont M15W Ice Cube Temp Sensor
Controller - Serrco - Fridge - SU650R
Controller & Probe - Shoreline - Fridge - SM180G
Thermometer - Silver King - Freezer - SKMF34
Thermometer Display - Silanos DC1000 PD1300A Dishwasher
Drain Tap Connection - Silko
Connecting Bow for Thermostat - Silko
Temperature Control Silverking Fridge
Touchpad - Sincold AS007 Blast Chiller
Controller - Sirman ABB/SURG CERV 5T Y11 Blast Freezer
Sissons WDU SD75-4 3 Phase Starter Box
Complete Starter Box Sissons SD75-3 Waste
Ignition Control Box - 503EFD - 0.503.702
10-Programme Electrical Unit - Smeg ALFA31XE Oven
Thermometer - Staycold - Fridge - HD1140
Dial Thermometer - Staycold - Fridge
SUPERSEDED Controller - Stellex R5 Fridge
Controller & Probes - Stellex R5 Chillscreen
Digital Controller- Stellex REG-4 Hotcupboard
Display Controller c/w Probes - Sterling Pro SP2BC/BK/HG Bottle Cooler
Stott Benham GFC03/320 Contactor
Stott Benham Pactrol Unit P13 -
Stott Benham P14 .110AL Pactrol Unit
GC04 38NG Glass Fronted Pressure Display Gaug
Stotts Benham Auto Fry 60 Mark 2 Contactor
SUPERSEDED Control panel - Stresa 250S Slicer
Controller - Studio 54 - Fridge - ALEXANDER 5T
Studio 54 Main Controll PCB
Controller - Studio 54 - Fridge - ALEXV
Supco - Refrigeration Defrost Control S814520
Controller - Surfrigo
Controller - Surfrigo M-MZ2520L-4M12 Fridge
Tempature Control - Taylor Freezers & Ice Cream Mach
Controller, Viscosity - Taylor
TLZ20 Controller - Tecfrigo ISOLA 4M Cold Display
Digital Controller - Tecfrigo DOMINANTE100 Fridge
Digital controller - Tecfrigo PLANET4COLD
Temperature Display - Tefcold IC200SC Freezer
Controller REK33 - Tefcold RS710 Freezer
12v Controller - Electric PTC Ektron 230V REK33-1021 -Tefcold
Temperature Controller - Tefcold IC300SCEB Fridge
Thermometer - Tefcold FSC1450 Chiller
Digital Controller - Tefcold Fridge SAB910
SUPERSEDED REK31ED Controller - Tefcold Fridge
Tefcold PT920 Dixcel Controller XR60
Controller - Tefcold BLC10 BLC3 Blast Chiller
Controller - Tefcold - Fridge - UR200S
Controller - Tefcold CK7410 Fridge
Digital Thermometer - Tefcold BC85/UK Fridge
Thermomax Coltrec RCX100 Controller
Thermomax Coltrec controller
Controller Menu - Toastmaster TC02
Temp Controller - Tom Chandley - Oven - TC-10
MK1 Modular WD steam controller - Tom
Temperature Control - Traulsen RHT-1-32W Fridge
SUPERSEDED Round Temp Display - True - Fridge - T49F
Thermostat - True T-49 T-19E Fridge
Temp Display Assembly - True TSSU-48-12 Chiller
Temperature Display - True TSSU-48-12
Round Temperature Display - True T49 T-19E
Overload Protection - True - T23FZ
Temperature Display & Sensor - True T19E T19FZ Fridge
Temperature control - True TRCB52 Fridge
Digital Controller Kit - True Fridge
SUPERSEDED Temperature Display - True TSSU-40-12
Digital Controller - True GDM49F T-49FZ T-23 Freezer
Digital Controller - Ubert DHT31 DHT41 Heated Display Unit
SUPERSEDED Controller - Ubert DHT-51 Hot Display Cabin
Digital Control - Ubert DKT-71 Oven
Thermostat ID970 -30-70°C 12V
Thermostat ID PLUS 971 - 230V
Controller - G.I.S Gas Interlock System - G02R & G02
AKO Controller 0-999°C AKO-D14727 Controller
Digital Thermometer ST9281D WH
Electronic Controller 12v SHANGFANG type SF-104S-2
Replacement Kit for BIT20 c/w slave/PCB, LCD Display, Probe &
QVR/S-RFI-17A Energy Regulator for Heat Lamps & Elements
66PT100 Digital Controller - Universal
681T/C Controller - Universal
8820 - Digital Temperature Controller - Universal
N322 PID Digital Controller - Universal Fridge & Heating
AKO-CHILL Controller - Range -50° to +99°C
Electronic controller - Type AKO 14724
Calibrated Digital Temp Controller
G.I.S Gas Interlock System - G02R & G02
Thermometer - LTS12PTE 230V
Display Module LAE BIT25B1S3EA Controller
Ribbon Cable LAE BIT25B1S3EA Controller
Digital thermometer - Universal - -40 - +70°C
Controller - 230V 8/15A - Compatible with PTC
Controller Every Control EVK411JSVHBS
Hewigo Frying Range - Temperature Probe
Digital Fridge Controller 230v - REK31ED
Speed Control Assembly - Univex Mixer M30
Temperature Sensor - Unox Combi Oven XVC304
Controller Valera SDFF/1 Fridge
Carel Controller IREFFOEHA1K for Valera
Electronic Controller Blue - Valera DIAMOND 3P Fridge
Thermometer - Vestfrost - Fridge - FKG371
Thermometer w/ Battery - Vestfrost - SZ464C
Digital Thermometer - Vestfrost CFKS471
Electric Plate W185 - Vestfrost SZ365W Chiller
Dixell XR70CX Controller - Vestfrost SZ365W Chiller
Thermometer - Vestfrost SZ362C Fridge
Temperature Control Unit (Electrical) - Vestfrost FZ365W Fridge
Thermometer Vestfrost FKG371 Bottle Cooler
Electronic Controller - Vestfrost CFKS471
Thermometer - Vestfrost Chest Freezer
Thermometer - Vestfrost SZ362CSTS Freezer
Thermometer - Vestfrost CFS344 Fridge
Temperature Control Victory Fridge
LAE Control Thermostat - Victor BL50H1S Hot Cupboard
Controller - Victor WRDWL4Z Fridge
XT11S-5200N Digital Temp Display - Victor Hot Cupboard
Element Tray Assembly c/w Element - Victor Peer Hot Trolley
Controller Digital - Victor Display Cabinet S
SUPERSEDED Victor Bainmarie SCEP22Q Dimmer Switch
LAE SDU12TORE Electronic Controller - AT1-5BS6E-AG
SUPERSEDED Digital Display & Temp Probe - Victor Bain
Digital Controller Victor BL70H1X Bain Marie
Temperature Digital Display - Victor BL100H1 Hot Cupboard
Victor SCEP19 Heater Fan Unit Complete
Eliwell Controller C/W 2 Probes - Victor Carib1012S-DRMT3Z Chiller
Bent Element - Victor BM32MS
Controller w/ Probes - Victor - DRMT3DY
Electronic Ignition Controller - Viking VK30G Tumble Dryer
Controller Viscount S40560SSRPHS Fridge
Variable Speed Motor Assembly - Vitamix
High Control Limit - Vulcan Hart Convection
Temp Control Board - Vulcan Hart VC4ED
Temperature Control - Vulcan Hart
Thermometer - Vulcan Hart - Fryer - VHF15-18
Auxillary Water Level Controller - Vulcan Electric Kettle
Temperature Control Kit - Vulcan Hart
Thermometer Dial - Vulcan Hart
Williams MO3U OPAL Defrost Temp Probe
Controller Conversion Kit - Williams LO30
Fan Speed Controller - Williams WHU4492Y Coldroom
Reach In Web Conversion - Williams - Fridge - HS1BC
Controller Display- Williams WBCF40- Blast Chiller
Controller Ribbon Cable 2M - Williams
Display Controller - Williams - Fridge - LE3R
Temperature Probe - Williams HO2U LD1 Fridge
LED Digital thermometer - Williams TW15 TW9 Fridge
LAE Motherboard / WUBC2 Control PCB - Williams BC2
Front Controller Display - Williams H10CT LP5SC-SS Fridge
Williams SN2K-20P2 Evap Probe
Williams MO3U OPAL Air Temp Probe
Williams HO20 Digital Controller
Digital Temperature Read-Out/Display c/w Ribbon Cable
Digital Display Fascia - Williams LLC1T HO3U
Display Board - Williams HJC3SA LJ1SA Fridge
Controller - Winston - Fryer - PF56C19SZ
SUPERSEDED Programmer Timer Control - Winterhalter GS501 Dishwasher
RH EDGE GS41 CONTROL BOX Winterhalter Dishwasher
Indicator Lamp -Winterhalter GS10-2
Boiler Gauge - Winterhalter - Dishwasher -
Wash Temp Display - Winterhalter - Dishwasher
Level controller - Winterhalter GR65, GS501
Overload / Overcurrent Relay - Winterhalter GCK71/1ECK
Programme Switch/ Timer - Winterhalter GS24 Glasswasher
Digital Thermometer - Arthermo - Zanussi Fridge
Control Panel - Zanussi - ALP1103
Thermoregulator Zanussi ADF110
Electronic Controller - Zanolli Oven
Electronic Controller - Zanolli Planet - Chiller
Eliwell ICplus 915 Electronic Controller - Zanolli Pizza Oven
Controller Zanotti BAZ11777F Fridge
Controller Kit - Zanotti Freezer
Carel Controller IRZNCR0021 - Zanotti BAS123T377F
Fan Speed Controller - Zanotti - Condensing Unit - HCU2060S3700F
Digital Controller - Zoin JINNY Fridge