Feet & Legs

A S Catering Supplies, who are based in Dorset, can supply parts such as a foot or feet for catering equipment. Feet are used in commercial kitchens to stabilize and level machines in the kitchen for safety.

Feet & Legs Parts
Adjustable foot - Falcon G2107 G2167 G2161
Oven Leg - Falcon E1100 Oven
Feet - Crypto Peerless S250 Slicer Feet Set x 4
Non adjustable Foot - Dualit 6SLGB Toaster
Black foot - DIHR GS500SDDE Dishwasher
Leg Assembly - Blue Seal G580 Bratt Pan
Foot - Blizzard UCR05 Fridge
Adjustable Foot - Bartlett D14E45
Foot Parry PFG600 Griddle
SUPERSEDED Foot - Stresa 250 Standard Slicer
Hendi Bain Marie Rubber Foot
Rubber Foot - Robot Coupe R201 R203 R302 R301 ULTRA D
Complete Foot Assembly - Robot Coupe MP450
Rubber Feet R2 - Robot Coupe Food
Foot - Roller Grill Panini Grill PS600E
Rubber Feet (Set of 4) - Sammic PC-22 Mincer
Foot H20 Dia 30x10Ma - Masterwash/ATA
Extended Leg (V45/V55)OI D Type - Master
Black feet - square push in - Valentine Fryer
Compressor Rubber Mounting Block - Williams LS2SA Fridge
Leg Assy (160mm Lg) - Masterwash /ATA
Foot 60x40x10Ma - Masterwash/ATA Dish
Foot - Musso L1 Ice Cream Machine
Foot - Robot Coupe Food Processor R602VV
Feet & Bolts - Parry Griddle PGF800 VCR6
Rubber Feet - Metcalf F10 Slicer
Foot - Foster - HR150-A
Adjustable Foot - Falcon Kestral KE119 Chip
Foot- Falcon Replacement Oven Range Foot
Support Feet - Falcon Dominator G1100 G1107
Excel food Slicer Foot
Foot - Omega Meat Slicer MW AM300
Rubber Foot - Dawson
Rubber Foot- Crypto Peerless TRS - Rubber Foot (square)
Square Foot - Crypto Peerless TRS
Foot - Crypto Peerless K55 Blender
Adjustable Foot - Blue Seal GT46 Fryer
Boot for foot - Avery Berkel 800 Slicer
Telescopic Leg - Angelo Po 6BMBM Fridge
M8 X 38mm H Foot - Mondial Elite Fridge
Foot - Hamilton Beach 1G918 Blender
Foot - Stresa 300S 250STD Slicer
Leg - Dexion MG139-15-010XL Range
Foot (screw in) - IARP ABX500N
Telescopic leg with support bar - Angelo Po
Foot - Bravilor Bolero XL423 HWA40
Foot - Falcon Steam Oven Adjustable Foot -
Foot Insert - Bravilor Bolero XL423
Rubber Feet Blue Seal E84L Pie Warmer
Push In Rubber Feet for 5KPM5 Mixer
Screw On Rubber Feet for 5KPM5 Mixer
Foot - Fagor Dishwasher Adjustable Foot
Feet (set of 4, including screws) -
Fixing Foot- Hobart
Screw in foot - Hobart A200 Mixer
Adjustable leg - Falcon Dominator Oven
Rubber foot - Crypto Peerless CC14 CC7 Peeler
Set of 4 Adjustable Legs - Falcon E1100 E2101 Oven
SUPERSEDED Foot - Mirra 250STD Meat Slicer
Swivel Braked Castor - Foster BC36SL EPRO1/2H Fridge
Complete Leg - Gram F200RU Fridge
SUPERSEDED Swivel Unbraked Castor - Foster BC36SL
Leg -Crypto Peerless TRS Food Processor leg & Feet
Foot - Ital Panini Machine CCG1R
SUPERSEDED Foot Faucet - Bunn Dual TBDBC Boiler
Foot - Bravilor Water Boiler HWA20
Rubber Foot - Metcalfe V90 Ice
Set of 4 feet - Sammic CF4 Chipper
Short Leg - Cinders Hotelia Barbecue
Pin Leg - Cinders Hotelia Barbecue
Rubber foot - Avery Berkel 800 Slicer
Machine Foot - Maidaid D150 Dishwasher
Leg Conversion Kit - Falcon Dominator 6burner
Leg - Buffalo L715 Soup Kettle
Set of 5 Feet - Kenwood Major Titanium KM020 Mixer
Feet to Suit V200 Series Valentine Fryer
Support Leg - Dean SR42 Fryer
Leg - Dean SR42 Fryer
Casters (set of 4) Elcold CSG45 Fridge
Rubber Foot - Bizerba - Meat Slicer - SE12
Foot 4mm Dia - Stresa 300HD 250STD Slicer
Feet (set of 4) - Crypto Peerless CD8 Potato
Leg - Hatco TM10H Toaster
Foot - Blue Seal Bakbar E31W E27 Turbofan Oven
Foot - Stressa 300HD Meat Slicer Foot 7mm Dia
Complete Foot - Robot Coupe Mini MP 240 Combi
Foot - Counterline CMP12TB3N Fridge
Screw In Foot - Rowlett Rutland HE5350 HE5351 Toaster
Rubber Foot Robot Coupe CL50D Food Processor
Foot - Caravell CM60 Chest Freezer
Leg - Hoshisaki IM-30CLE Ice Machine
Bench legs (set of 4) - Falcon E1512
Front Leg - Imperial CIR-4-G12 Oven
Foot - Elcold - Fridge - EL35SS
Guide short guard - Hobart NCM20 HSM20 Mixer
Leveller (Foot) Manitowoc ECS041AG Ice
Leg - Nemco - Slicer - N56750
Foot - Valera SDU1375 Fridge
Rubber Foot - 10lb Metcalfe Peeler
Foot - Ital TM1 Veg Prep machine
Set of 4 Legs - Angelo Po IGOGRG-COM03
Foot - Polar CD613 Freezer
Foot - Buffalo Range S007 Bain Marie
6" Leg - Blue Seal Turbofan E9311 Oven
Bearing Foot - Robot Coupe MP800T Blender
SUPERSEDED Foot - HBB250 Hamilton Beach Blender
Foot for lower part of pedestal - Rational
Foot for upper part of pedestal - Rational -
Adjustment Screw Foot - Gram K210LG3W F210RG3N K210RG3N
Adjustable Foot - Avery Berkel 370BS Slicer
Rubber Foot - Avery Berkel 370BS Slicer
Foot - Sirman Toaster
Foot Maidaid Halcyon SQ160N Dishwasher
High foot - Kromo Dupla 50 Dishwasher
Foot assembly - c/w ring & seal - Dynamix
Foot - Tefcold FS1380 Fridge
Foot - Fimar H220 Slicer
Set of 4 Feet - Dualit DBL4 Blender
Obsoelte Adjustable Foot - IMC 1204 Waste Disposal
Adjustable Stainless Steel Foot - 93-130mm
Rubber Feet (pack of 4) - Vitamix
Rubber foot - Bizerba SE8 Slicer
Rubber Foot - Buffalo S047B Sauasage Warmer / Bain Marie
Foot - Robot Coupe - Food Processor -
SUPERSEDED Foot - Lockhart Riviera HE5071 Toaster
Foot - Dito Sama ELX65 Salad Spin Dryer
Adjustable foot - Electrolux RIMC37SAG Ice
Ajustable Foot - Buffalo - Slicer - U626
Basket foot - Zanussi 530185 Dishwsasher
Universal Foot - Lincat - Pie Warmer - LPW/LR
Base Foot - Hamilton Beach HBB250UK Blender
Foot Omas VS25C Slicer
Suspension Leg - Asko - Washing Machine
Rubber Foot - Hobart SG350 Slicer
Foot - True T-23 Chiller
Feet Set - Chefquip SP22HI 22H1B Mixer
Adjustable Foot - Rational
Rubber Foot - Burco BCTSSL6.16 Toaster rubber Foot - Each
Foot - Waring BB180 Blender
Leg, Stainless H=135-200 - Gram F400RU Freezer
Rubber Feet (Pack of 4) - Robot Coupe - R2A
Piedino Rubber Foot - Avery Berkel BSPGL Slicer
Adjustable Foot - Dualit - Toaster - 6SLGB
Foot - Adler - Glasswasher - 727043
Foot (set of 4) - Sammic - Slicer - GC250
WASH PUMP FEET Winterhalter
Adjustable Foot - Winterhalter - GS660
ADJUSTABLE FOOT Winterhalter Dishwasher
FOOT LEFT Winterhalter Dishwasher
EXTENSION LEG GS501/502 Winterhalter Dishwasher
ADJUSTABLE FOOT FOR M/CS Winterhalter Dishwasher
ADJ FOOT FOR TABLING Winterhalter Dishwasher
AJUSTABLE FOOT M8 X 60 Winterhalter Dishwasher
ADJUSTABLE FOOT - BOLT Winterhalter Dishwasher
ADJUSTABLE FOOT Winterhalter Dishwasher
WKTS S/STEEL LEG Winterhalter Dishwasher
PLINTH FEET Winterhalter Dishwasher
ADJUSTABLE FOOT 99-08-100 Winterhalter Dishwasher
EXTENSION LEGS WKTS Winterhalter Dishwasher
EXTENSION FEET FOR GM85 Winterhalter Dishwasher
FOOT INSERT FOR RACKS Winterhalter Dishwasher
Pair of Adjustable Feet - Osborne 3500 Bottle Cooler
Foot - Hamilton Beach - Blender - HBB908
Rubber Foot - Hobart
Feet (Set of 4) - Adventys LITE2500 Induction Hob
Foot - Electrolux
Foot - Galileo 350HD Slicer
Foot - Stressa Canova300HD Slicer
Foot - Galileo 350HD Slicer
Adjustable Foot - Adventys LITE2500 Induction Hob
Foot - Avery Berkel RPN301CE Slicer
Leg - Imperial EFS-40 Fryer
Foot - Buffalo - Grill - L553
Complete Foot Assy - Dynamic SMX800 Blender
Adjustable Foot - Lincat DF36 Fryer
Levelling Foot - Williams - Fridge - HP5SCWA
Bottom Heal - Buffalo - Boiler - CC191
Foot - Robot Coupe - Mini MP 240 Combi
Adjustable Feet (set of 4) - Frost-Tech - Fridge - SD60/150
Foot - DIHR GS50 Dishwasher
Rubber Foot - CEG BF250E Slicer
Leg Pack (2x included) PRINCE CASTLE EGB420
Legs ( Set x 4) - Prince Castle 428EQL AB
Compact Feet - Gram F200RU Fridge
Foot - Hobart E6314 Potato Peeler
Foot - Kenwood KMC560 Mixer
Foot - Moorwood Vulcan 2T90GCO Oven
Rubber Foot - Metcalfe F10 Slicer
Foot - Excel C250 slicer
Rubber Feet (set of 4) - Robot Coupe R502VVE
Leg Set - Cecilware CL100 Coffee Urn
KIT, GR C-LEG STND 13 1/2" Hatco GRAH-36 Food Warmer
Foot - Polar CB509 Fridge
Feet - Angelo Po Oven
Foot Housing - Waring Toaster
KIT, GR C-LEG STAND 10" Hatco GRAH-36 Food Warmer
RH Foot - Lincat EB3F Water Boiler
Foot Assembly - Robot Coupe - MP350VV
Set of Rubber Feet (pack 4) - Adventys Lite 2500 - Hob
Plinth/Stand - Classeq DUO750/WS Dishwasher
Rubber Foot (6pcs) - Electrolux
Foot - Sirman - Pizza Oven - STROMBOLI 2
Foot Mounting Plate - Blue Seal GT46 Fryer
Suction Cup - Dynamic CF260 Manual Slicer
LH Foot - Lincat EB3F Water Boiler
Foot Buffer - Galileo 350HD Slicer
Set of 4 Feet (Screw In Type) - Crypto TRS Veg Prep Machine
Foot Buffer - Galileo 350HD Slicer
Foot - IGF L40 Dough Roller
Adjustable Feet - Hobart Dishwasher
Rubber Metal Cushion - Multivac - Vacuum Pack - C200
Foot (40x40mm)
Feet - Blue Seal - Griddle - GP518-LS
Suspension Legs (Set of 4) - Asko WMC55 Washing Machine
Foot - Blizzard BCC2 - Fridge
Rubber Foot c/w Screw - Metcalfe EPUO/13712/P9 Potato Peeler
Foot - Buffalo CD277 Slicer
Foot - Fimar AFH275235MK Slicer
Foot - Omega - Veg Prep - MASTER
Foot - Fimar AFH275235MK Slicer
Foot - Teikos TS601 Dishwasher
Foot/Leg - Lincat FPB5 Saladette
Foot - Avery Berkel RM-M301CE Slicer
Foot - Avery Berkel 825G Slicer
Foot - Chefquip L250 Mixer
Long Leg Extension - Blue Seal - Griddle - GP518-LS
Adjustable Foot - Liebherr Profiline Chiller
Foot Assy - Robot Coupe MP800 TURBO Stick Blender
Foot - Buffalo - Fryer - L300
Retrofit Rubber Feet - Bizerba Slicer
Lower Part of Pedestal - Rational CM61 Oven
Wheel - Hatco - Food Warmer - HDW3
Leg - Gram - F210LG3W
Plastic Foot - Victor UED10100
Rubber Foot- IMC VQ3.5 - Potato Peeler
Foot - Omas TS12E Slicer
1 x Foot - DIHR DW014 - Dishwasher
Levelling Foot Chrome/Plastic - Precision HPU150
Foot - Unox - Oven - XF195
Foot - Robot Coupe MP450 ULTRA C Stick Blender
Leg - Brema - 730571
Foot - Electrolux Dito Boston - Slicer - 601146
Leg - Moorwood Vulcan MV2RG90-OT-NG-CV 6 Burner Cooker
Foot - Sharp R-21ATP Microwave
Foot - Electrolux
Levelling Foot - Electrolux
Foot - Olis - Oven - 76/02CGFL
Foot - Rowlett Rutland RE100 Contact Grill
White Foot - Robot Coupe R302 Food Processor
Leg Stand Fixed 700mm - Falcon E350/35 Griddle
Leg Stand Mobile 700mm - Falcon E350/35 Griddle
Support Feet Each- Simag 45- Ice Machine
Foot H=150mm - Electrolux PS04F1FM
Rubber Foot - Rowlett - HE5450
Set of Front and Rear Feet- Gram K210RG3N- Chiller
Rubber Foot- Buffalo L310B- Ban Marie
Rubber Foot - Promek VL223-12 Juice Dispenser
3" Leg - Blue Seal - Oven - E31D4
Foot Castor Kit - Blizzard H600SS Fridge
Foot Assembly With Baring - Dynamic J444 Blender
Foot - Lincat Water Boiler
Feet (4pcs) - Dito Sama
Vibration Damper / Shock Absorber - Fagor AD90BBT Dishwasher
Foot - Pantheon Slicer - MS250
Pack Of 4 Rubber Feet - Metcalfe SP-30 Mixer
Foot - Moffat
Wheel for Door - Gamko - Fridge - MXC20250SG070
Adjustable Leg - Lincat OE7601- Bain Marie
Foot - Electrolux Tumble Dryer
Left Foot Pedal - Gram - Fridge - K70CCGC1
Foot - Fimar FRP15023050M
Adjustable Leg - Blue Seal - Oven - E311
Foot, Suction Cup - Waring WKS800
Foot Peddle - Miele - B865 - Rotary Iron
Adjustable Leg - Falcon G2107SB - Oven
Front Foot - Blue Seal XPBM20AT Mixer
Rear Foot - Blue Seal XPBM20AT Mixer
Rubber Foot - Fimar Mixer
Adjustable Feet (Set of 4) - Scotsman EC175 Ice Machine
Left Foot Pedal - Gram - Fridge - K70CCGC1
Nylon Foot - Marco Water Boiler
Upper Part of Pedestal - Rational CM61 Oven
Leg Set x 4 - Scotsman - Ice Machine - AC55
Motor Feet - Robot Coupe - Veg Prep - R302
Adjustable Screw Foot - Blizzard SCU1375 UFFS370 Fridge
Leg - Buffalo Toaster
Foot Assembly - Zanussi - Mixer - BEATER MIXER
Single Black Plastic RectangularLeg (w/ x2 feet) - Dito Sama TRS Food Processor
Foot - Electrolux WT55ADG1 Dishwasher
Foot - Prodis HR400S/S
Sharp Front Foot - Maestrowave ME1000 Microwave
Vibration Damping Foot - Comenda Dishwasher
Rubber Foot - Varimixer
Leg - Comenda Dishwasher
Rubber Foot - Comenda Dishwasher