Filters are used in many types of commercial catering machines. A S Catering Supplies Ltd specialize in sourcing obsolete and obscure spare parts for commercial catering equipment. Contact A S Catering Supplies if you require help sourcing a filter for your machine.

Filters Parts
Condenser Filter - Polaris KST03
Bottom filler - Lainox MG102T Oven
Inner Filter - Sammic SL Dishwasher
Zip Hydroboil Water Filter
Wash Pump Filter - Electrobar E50 Dishwasher
Filter - Barline / Elettrobar 35F Dishwasher
Water Inlet Filter - Maidaid M30-10
SUPERSEDED Plastic filter - Hoonved SP50E dishwasher
Water Strainer/Filter - Comenda LC900 LC700
Drain Filter / Plug Sit In - Comenda LB215
Anti-jamming Filter - Dexion ME459-05-007
Anti-Jamming Filter - Dexion ME459-05-007
Filter & Lid - Comenda LF322 Dishwasher
Omnipure Water Filter ACQ 5420 8"" 1m Carbon
Aristarco Passport 50.32 Wash Pump Filter
Drain Hole Filter -Convotherm OSG 10.10 Combi
Filter - Dexion, Electrobar Glasswasher
Wash Pump Plastic Filter for Beta 235
Extraction Filters Handles & Holes
Locking screw (for filter) - ATA AL55
Water Sieve - Bravilor Mondo 2 Coffee Machine
Filter Holder PVC - Novo 1 Novo 2 Coffee
Filters - Case of 1000 - Bravilor Mondo 2
F100 Frysaver - Round Filters Pack of 12
Lint Screen 20"" - Heubsch Drying Machine
Bunn-O-Matic Easy Clear Water Filter
Plastic Filter - Hoonved SP50E Dishwasher
Water Filter & Manifold HB30 (9""filter)
Purity Steam 600 c/w MDU Display
Scrap tray filter Ø 295 x 260mm - Maidaid SQ300 Dishwasher
Plastic Filter Cover - Huebsch LGZ37AWM3013 Tumble Dryer
Drain Plug Filter - Cleanaware E-Mech501 Dishwasher
Wash filter L/H 400mm - Classeq dishwasher
Water filter - Rational CM101E SCC61E SCC101E
Air Inlet Filter - Rational CD61 CPC61 Oven
Coffee Plastic Filter Pan - Buffalo G108 Boiler
Interference filter for Solenoid Valve -
Filter Holder - Sammic S750 Dishwasher
SUPERSEDED Comp Fitler for Rinse Aid Dispenser - Master
SUPERSEDED Winterhalter GS15 Dishwasher Centre Strainer
Filter 60x273x291mm - Winterhalter GS501 Dishwasher
Strainer - Electrolux Zanussi
Strainer/ filter tray - Electrolux Zanussi
Tank Filter & Filter Support - Electrolux/Zanussi Dishwasher
Strainer waste - Zanussi
Dehydration Filter - Zanussi Electrolux
Rod Filter - Electrolux Glasswasher
RFI Filter 3 Phase - Zanussi LS9 Dishwasher
SM Filter 139- Zanussi / Electrolux WT60 LS12
Strainer Waste - Zanussi Electrolux
Drain Plug Outer Filter/Pump Suction Filter - Electrolux WT50 EUCAIG
Metal Flat Filter - Winterhalter GS302 GS215
Filter cartridge - Winterhalter GS202 GS215
Intake Filter - Masterwash / ATA V25 V25DP Dishwasher
Drain Pump Filter & Housing - Masterwash/ATA
Drain Plug Filter Holder - Sammic SP350B SL1100PB Dishwasher
SUPERSEDED Air Inlet Filter - Rational CM201 Oven
Air Filter - Rational CM101 CM101G Combi Oven
Condensor Filter - Polar GN3100TN G597
Air Inlet Filter - Merrychef MC1800 Microwave
Filter Housing - Maidaid Dishwasher RV80BUT
Drain filter - Maidaid D51 Dishwasher
Mains Filter Merrychef MC1800 Microwave
Box of 100 filter Papers - Frymaster FM245ESD H50 Fryer
445mm x 445mm x 45mm Mesh Grease Extraction
Admiral AYE2200AGW Tumble Dryer Filter
Plastic ""Y"" Strainer - Instanta Water Boiler
Filter Basket - Hobart AMX70 UX30B Dishwasher
Hobart CX-SB Dishwasher - Drain Filter
Strainer Basket - Hobart E6128 Peeler
Sludge Catcher Box/Strainer Basket - Hobart E6128 Potato Peeler
Hoshizaki IM21CLE - Air Filter
Filter Assy Hilta S42 Dishwasher
SUPERSEDED Drain Filter - Fagor FI-30 FI-30B Dishwasher
SUPERSEDED Drain Filter - Fagor FI-30 Dishwasher
Pitco Fryer Filter Papers 7.14
Lint Screen Complete Filter 670mm x 642mm - Electrolux
SUPERSEDED Filter - Electrolux W75 Wascator
Half Moon Pump Filter - Comenda B15 C30 F20
Non Return Valve - Comenda FC4EA Dishwasher
Drain Filter - Fagor FI48B FI30 Dishwasher
SUPERSEDED Cona Coffee Filter Basket (Non Returnable)
Top Hat Wash Filter - Clenaware 401
Wash Filter Assembly - Classic H750 Hydro 850 Dishwasher
CLassic H750 DishWasher - Waste Filter Assy
Wash Filter Body - Classic H750 H850 Dishwasher
PVC Filter Tray - Classic Hydro750 H850
Pan Filter - Bravillor Mondo 2 Coffee Machine
ATA AL55 DishWasher - Wash Tank Filter
Spindle / Rod Filter - Aristarco Passport 50.32 Dishwasher
Lint Screen 24"" - Huebsch Drying Machine
Pack of 3 Filter Cartridges - Cecilware F100
Non Return Valve - Connector - Adler CF235 g/w
Water Filter Cartridge - Everpure QC4-C
Bravilor B10 Coffee Filters x 250
TH Filters x 1000- Bravilor Mondo Novo Coffee
Filter - Comenda AC151 Dishwasher
370mm x 370mm x 45mm Extraction Grease Filter
Drain Pump Filter Housing - Silanos DC45A
Wash filter R/H 400mm pumped - Classeq
Filters Fresh More x 4 - Bravilor Coffee
Filter - Ambach EP/90 Electric Range
Intake filter - Sammic SV20 Glasswasher
Filter - Electrolux WT55 Dishwasher
Wash Tank Filter - Hoonved C60E Dishwasher
Drain Plug Filter - Zanussi LS50 LS501 LS540
Filter Cap - Hoonved C60E Dishwasher
Filter Papers 18.5"" x 20.5"" (Box of 100) -
Filter - Comenda LB215 Dishwasher
Lint Filter - Huebsch LEZ37AGW3018 Tumble Dryer
Mesh/Drain filter - DIHR Tekno 600D Dishwashe
Electronic Noise Filter - Rational CM101E SCC101
Plastic filter - Hilta W14 Dishwasher
Filter Rod - Hilta W14 dishwasher
Drain Plug Filter 180mm - Colbert CL80 F45 Dishwasher
Tank Filter - Hoonved Cap 7 C34 GF90 LC380
Intake Filter - Samiic SP-550B
Everpure I2000 EV9612-22 Water Filter
Filter Flange - Lamber Dishwasher
Drain filter - Aristarco 50.32 Passport
Lint filter - Electrolux T4650E Tumble Dryer
Water Filter - Zanussi Dishwasher 3/4" M-F
SUPERSEDED 130mm Round filter - Fagor LVC-21 Dishwasher
P3 Wash Filter- Classeq Hydro 850 Dishwasher
Filter holder - Bunn-o-matic SPA coffee
Tank Filter - MBM Moo MK61P Dishwasher
Water Filter Cartridge - Manitowoc AR10000
Round filter - Aristarco 50.32 Dishwasher
Filter Lid - Hilta S42 Dishwasher
Filter Papers x Pack 100 - Hobart P.E.3
Filter Base Box - Hilta S42 Dishwasher
Drain Filter - Falcon BD18 Dishwasher
Complete Pump Filter - Project S40 Dishwasher
Scrap catcher basket - Falcon G2860 Fryer
Surface Strainer Centre Piece - Winterhalter
Filter - Ambach EP/90 Electric Range
Inlet water filter - Comenda C1300E
SUPERSEDED Falcon Dominator Fryer Lower Filter /Strainer
Hobart Filter C/3
Drain Filter (with dirt trap) - Meiko Ecostar
Drain Filter - Comenda Dishwasher
Hobart Coffee PC2 Filters x 100
Anti Noise Filter - Comenda LC900 Dishwasher
Comenda ACSF122 Dishwasher - Filter Drawer
Round Filter - Comenda CH25 LBC21 Dishwasher
Drain Filter - Winterhalter GS512 Dishwasher
Filter units for Maytag 6SE7806ACE
Drain filter - Classic H750 dishwasher
Wash tank filter - Hilta S42 Dishwasher
Filter for overflow pipe - Hilta S42
L/H Filter Tray - Classic H750 ECO3 Dishwasher
R/H Filter Tray - Classic H750 ECO3 Dishwasher
Right Strainer for Comenda Dishwasher LC900
Left Strainer for Comenda Dishwasher LC900
Strainers Support for Comenda LC900
Non-return valve - Electrolux WT2QDD
Water filter - Scotsman SCW14B Water fountain
R/H filter - Classeq Hydro 750 H756
L/H Filter - Classeq Hydro 750 ECO3
Bracket for RFI Filter - Toastmaster TCO2114
RFI Filter - Toastmaster TCO2114 Toaster
Aristarco Dishwasher 50.32 Round Filters
Antiacid Dehydrator Filter - Scotsman
Lint Screen With Velcro Tape 29"X 21
Lint Screen Complete - Electrolux TT500 T3530 T4530 TD50 TD75
Detergent & Rinse Aid Non Return Filter
Round filter - Aristarco AP1000 Dishwasher
Lint Screen - ADC American Dryer
RFI Filter - Kitchen Aid 5KPM5 Mixer
1,6 Hole Stainless Steel Top Filter - Bio
2 Hole Rectangular Filter - Bio-Steel 600-850
Stainless Steel Floor Drain - Bio-Steel
Strainer - Speedqueen SC60 Washing machine
Filter Drawer - Comenda NE5502 Dishwasher
NE5502 Filter on Slip Way F Washing 900mm
HC Water Filter - Hoshizaki IM100LES Ice
Eco Rinse Tank Filter - Comenda Dishwasher
Colged Beta 240 Top Hat Locating Ring
Wash tank filter - Hilta S42T Dishwasher
Charcoal filter - Moffat MCH662G Cooker Hood
Charcoal filter - Ariston A2041 Cooker Hood
Air Filter - Manitowoc JY0424A Ice Machine
Bunn Paper filter case x 1000
Crypto Peerless WT500 Drain Plug Filter
Filter Retaining Nut - TeiKos
Stainless Steel Mesh Filter - Teikos
Pump Inlet Filter 28mm - Teikos
Jet Filter 7mm - Gaggia Spagna GA27 Coffee
Nozzle Filter - Gaggia Spagna GA20 Coffee
Filter - Hotpoint TVM526P Tumble Dryer
2-Cup Filter 14grams - Gaggia Spagna GA20
1-Cup Filter 7grams - Gaggia Spagna GA20
Dirt trap filter - Meiko K200 Dishwasher
Purity C300 Filter Head & Cartridge - Brita
Condenser Filter - Tefcold SA910 Fridge
Tube End Filter Colged Beta 240 Glasswasher
Wash Pump Filter Colged Beta 240 Glasswasher
Airguard Type 11PPF - PPF59647 - Filter
Henny Penny HMT-5 Heated Display Filter Board
Filter Assembly - Electrolux T3190 Tumble
Filter Spigot - Classic Hydro 850 Dishwas
Shower Screen - Bezzera BE01 Coffee Machine
Shower Screen - Bezzera BE01 Coffee Machine
Filter Screen - Speedqueen
Filter Paper - Hobart PMX10 Coffee Machine
Brass inlet filter - Colged PLT014DRSCAS
Washrite W700A Dishwasher Drain Filter
Fat Filter - Eloma T10-11 Genius
Mesh Filter Assembly - Falcon G2845F G2840F
Drain Seating Filter - Hoonved C48 Dishwasher
Front Filter - Electrolux T4190 Tumble Dryer
Flat Strainer - Colbert Dishwasher
Water Cartridge - Bravilor BSRS200
Filter for Solenoid Valve - Winterhalter
Round Filter - Elframo C44 Dishwasher
LC Filter - Electrolux W3250N Washing Machine
Container filter hose connector 4 mm -Newscan
Filter - Electrolux Elco 900 Fryer
Detergent Filter - Newscan - DSP44
Interference Filter Convotherm OES2020 Oven
Filter Tray - Winterhalter GS202 GS215
Filter Support - Hilta W14 dishwasher
Hose-Shaped Filter Under Water - Elframo
Pump Intake Filter - Aristarco 35.40 38.40 Dishwasher
Airguard Type 4 Stainless Steel Mesh Filter
Drain Fitting / Strainer - Hobart CN-E-A
Filter Cartridge Winterhalter G515 Dishwasher
Water Filter - Houno CPE110 -Combi Steam Oven
Curved Filter Unit- Miele T5205C Tumble Dryer
Scrap Tray - Maidaid C1000 Dishwasher
Wash Tank Filter - Electrolux 502033 Dishwasher
Replacement Brita Quell ST 600 Cartridge -
Filter - Speed Queen AGM459L-3000 Dryer
Filter - Frulinox Lockhart AF77 3TR1 Fridge
Wash Filter (RH)- Classeq H750 DUO3 H700 ECO3
Filter Angelo Po FCV101 Oven
Speed Queen LES33AWB3011 Door Filter
500 Paper filters - Fetco F007 Coffee Machine
Wash Filter - Silanos - Dishwasher - DC40
V200 Bucket Filter (Oil) - Valentine Fryer
Water Filter - Fagor
Lincat OCV61G Combi Oven Air Intake Filter
Everpure 9601-12 AC Filter cartridge (cold)
Internal Water Filter - Samsung - Twin Cooler
Brita Purity 450 Quell St Filter System With
Condensor Coil Filter Hoshisaki IM35J-25 Ice
Tray Filter - Dexion LP100 Dishwasher
Anti-Noise Filter - ATA AL55 Dishwasher
Filter Assembly - Electrolux Oven
Water Filter - Everpure Insurice 2000 EC45 Ice Machines
HC-H Single Filter System Hoshisaki IM-30CLE
Noise Filter Board - Panasonic NE1856
Filter Holder Dihr GS50DDE Dishwasher
Suction Filter - DIHR GS50DDE GS50 Dishwasher
Weight and Filter Dexion LB035/06/000
Cable and Filter Foinox JO-0211GB1 Oven
Condensor Filter EPROG600H Fridge
Outlet Sieve - Rational CM101 Steamer
Brita C300 Purity Replacement Water Filter Cartrdge
Quell St 450 Pressure Housing - Purity 300
Quell St System with Display - Purity 1200
Purity 4.4 Hose Set - Purity 300|600|1200
Replacement Quell St 1200 Cartridge - Purity
Replacement Quell St 600 Cartridge - Purity
Replacement Quell St 450 Cartridge - Purity
Quell St 450/600 Filter Head c/w Display -
Quell St System without MDU - Purity 600
Filter Head - Everpure - QL38 - Supplied with
Filter Head - Everpure - QL2B - supplied with
Air Filter Frame - Panasonic NE1856 Microwave
Flow Meter - Bravilor B5HW Water Boiler
Filter lead - Halsey Taylor WT-14A Water
Filter Hobart
Dust / Lint Filter - Electrolux T4250 T4350 Tumble Dryer
Outlet Sieve Rational SCC101 Oven
Honeycomb Door Filter Stellex 2500
Condensor Filter Tefcold TP1310
Round Filter - Comenda Dishwasher
Flat Filter - Comenda Dishwasher
Water Filter Simag SCN25AS Ice Machine
Filter Angelo Po KD130 Dishwasher
Filter With Hole Angelo Po KD130 Dishwasher
Central Filter 125mm x 410mm Mach Washmaster
Large Bed Filter Mach Washwaster 1100E
Filter For Tank 215mm x 230mm Mach Washmaster
Calcium treatment unit - Convotherm 10.10
Anti-Radio Interference Filter - Brema VM900
Filter for frequency inverter - Primus FS22
Removable Filter - Lincat GW1200 FPB5 Fridge
Filter Mesh - Viking VK30G Tumble Drier
Door Seal - Viking VK30G Tumble Drier
Wash Tank Filter - Lamber L21 Dishwasher
Mesh Crumb Screen Fagor FG720 Fryer
Interface Suppressor - Elframo
Grease filter - Hobart Wolf WCSL1012LAE Combi
Samsung CM1329 Microwave Air Intake Filter
Pump Filter - Colged Beta 40 Dishwasher
Filter Mesh Manitowoc QM45 Ice Machine
Adler Filter for wash pump Ø 70mm
Air Filter Strip - Panasonic NEC1275 Microwav
Adler Round Filter for Wash Pump
Adler Dishwasher Drain Filter ø 50 mm
Electrical noise filter - Rational CPC61-05
Filter Pan Plastic Ø190mm internal Ø1, 173mm
Filter - Electrolux T2130 Tumble dryer
Interference Suppression Filter 0.33uf Angelo
FCM/Round Filter - Comenda LC411MRCD Dishwasher
Air Filter - Scotsman Ice Machine
Filter Drier - Gram K200LUH3W K200RUH3N Fridge
Basket Tray - Blue Seal GT46 Fryer
Air Filter - Merrychef HD2025 HD1925 HD1725
Inline Water Filter Roundup Pasta Boiler
Top Filter Body - DIHR Dishwasher - 4U
Lint Filter - Miele PT5135C Tumble Dryer
Filter Drier - Gram PLUSF600RSHC4N
Sammic Dishwasher Half Moon Filter
Quelle St 450/600 Filter Head c/w display
Inlet Filter - Sowebo N50 Dishwasher
RH Wash Filter - Classeq 750Duo Dishwasher
Dirt Trap - Winterhalter Dishwasher
SUPERSEDED LH Wash Filter - Classeq 750Duo Dishwasher
Filter Angelo Po FCV101 Oven
Filter for Wash Tank - Comenda LF324 LF324A
Filter Papers - Pitco SG14S Fryer
Drain Filter - Baron BEKEP06 Steamer
Filter Drier - Tecfrigo Isola 06 Fridge
Brita Filter 273-200 (600 Cartridge)
Filter Dryer - Scotsman - Ice Machine -
Water Filter - Instanta 1501 Water Boiler
Water filter cartridge - Samsung HAFIN22/EXP
Oil baffle - Quattro FM20 Mixer
Top Air Grid - Maestrowave Microwave
Filter - Animo - Tea / Coffee Machine - CN40E
Waste Grid - Scotsman Ice Machine TC180
Filter paper - Box of 100 - Frymaster Fryer
Cone Shaped Filter Miele G8050 Dishwasher
Fat filter - Eloma Multimax B10-11 Combi-oven
Genius X Filter 403mm - Hobart AMXXR1300-30
Filter - Zumex 100 Juicer
Air/Mist Filter - Henkelman - Boxer42
Strainer Basket Assy - Hobart Dishwasher
Condensor Filter - Porkka LF1130 Walk In
Circular Filter Base Hoonved C60 Dishwasher
Electric Filter - Electrolux Dishwasher
Sieve - Robot Coupe J80 Ultra Blender
Strainer - Hobart AMXX AMX16 Dishwasher
Circular Filter 197mm Dia Hoonved C60 Dishwas
Liquid Line Filter Dryer Metos MS LH12 Steam
Tank Filter - Proton - W700A Dishwasher
Lint filter - Electrolux TT210R Tumble Dryer
Airgard Type 2 Stainless Steel Baffle Filter
Drain Strainer - Hobart UX38B Dishwasher
RFI Filter - Electrolux Oven
Drain Internal filter c/w rack - Kromo Dupla
Small filter c/w ballast - Kromo Dupla 50
Lint Filter - Electrolux TT210 Tumble Dryer
Filter - Miele Professional T5206 Tumble Drye
Oil mesh filter - Valentine V400 Fryer
Filter Pan - Marco Coffee Machine
Filter - Gram Midi K425 Fridge
Air Condenser Filter - Metos
Filter Insert - Meiko Dishwasher
Filter- Metos
Filter Holder - DIHR GS50 Dishwasher
Filter Drier 50g - Infrico ZS1
Retaining Assembly for Drain - Colged GOLD71
Cartridge - Everpure EC110 Water Filter
Honeycombe Air Filter - Oscartielle Banco
Filter Drier - Polar U635 Freezer
Filter Paper Hobart PMX10 Coffee Machine
Filter - Classeq - Dishwasher - Hydro 750
Strainer (0.5mm holes) - Santos K278 Type28 & 58
Filter - Electrolux W4105N Washing Machine
Gasket - Electrolux W4105N Washing Machine
Filter Assembly Mach MB9240 Dishwasher
Electronic Noise Filter - Rational SCC61E
Filter - Angelo Po 191P12E
Filter Electrolux Dishwasher
Air/Mist Filter - Henkleman - Polar80
Oil Filter - Henkleman - Polar 80
Filter Drier - Brema VM500A Ice Machine
Rectangular Filter For Wash Pump - Omniwash
Filter Dryer Frost King SU65OF Freezer
Wash Pump Filter Kronus 075 Dishwasher
Everpure Filter - Hoshizaki IMI130L Ice Machine
Filter - Bunn-O-Matic - U3A
Round filters - Comenda AC91S Dishwasher
Filter Ring - Dexion Dishwasher - LP051
Interference Filter - Giorik 215FE-C Fryer
Single Water Filter Assy With Holder
Double Water Filter Assy With Holder
Fat filter - Eloma Multimax B10/11 Oven
Lint Screen - Nyborg TT350FL Tumble Dryer
Cartridge support - Cecilware F100 Fat Saver
Round filter - Newscan DSP5 Dishwasher
Filter Drier - Simag SV145A Ice Machine
Twin Filter System - Hoshizaki - Ice Machine
Condensor Filter Foster PREMG1350H Fridge
Filter Instanta 1501F Water Boiler
Weight/Filter Unit - Silanos DC024 Dishwasher
Airgard Type 4 S/S Mesh Filters c/w Handles & Holes
Filter Bowl/Housing Pump Inlet Silanos DC024
Everpure A10 Water Filter - Hoshizaki FM481
Condensor Filter - Polaris SPATN70 Fridge
Filter Line - Speed Queen
Filter - Angelo Po FC1011E FC1221E FM1011G2
Complete Filter Kit - Manitowoc QD0452 2Y0422A Ice Machine
Filter Lint - Alliance LWS17NW-3022 Washing
Drip tray filter - Santos 34-2 Drink dispense
Baffle Plate - Hoshizaki B301SA Ice Machine
SUPERSEDED Wash Pump Filter - Bartisan 401
Brita Purity C500 Quell St Waterfilter System
Brita Purity C500 Quell St Waterfilter System
SUPERSEDED Brita Purity C Flowmeter with Read Out Gauge
Brita Purity C500 Quell St Change Out
Grease Filter 495mm x 495mm x 45mm Stainless
Grease Filter 495mm x 495mm x 48mm Galvanised
Grease Filter 495mm x 495mm x 50mm Stainless
LH Filter With Hole Sowebo R824XCQ Dishwasher
RH Filter Sowebo R824XCQ Dishwasher
Grease Filter 495mm x 495mm x 50mm Galvanised
Grease Filter 495mm x 495mm x 48mm Stainless
Grease Filter 495mm x 495mm x 45mm Galvanised
HAFEX/EXP External Water Filter - Samsung
Grease Filter 495x240x18mm Galvanised Steel
Grease Filter 495x240x20mm Stainless Steel
Air Filter - Hoshizaki IM-240MZE Ice Machine
Grease Filter 495x240x20mm Galvanised Steel
Grease Filter 495x240x18mm Stainless Steel
Element Mesh Guard - Mareno Fryer
Grease Filter Merrychef EC403 Microwave Oven
Condensor Coil Filter - Gram K425NMRHHA F660R K660R
Filter Control Panel - Caravell - Fridge -
Air Filter Amana MDC182 Microwave
Filter For Dryer Porkka CLM-GNS1-CH Fridge
Air Filter Imesa ES23 Tumble Dryer
Filter - Maxiwash MWCS40PE Washing Machine
Air Filter - Duke RUF-48M Fridge
Fish Plate Falcon G2840 Fryer
Air Filter - Hoshizaki - Ice Machine -
Air Filter - Hoshizaki - Ice Machine -
Wash Pump Filter - Cinnabar 7/2CQ Dishwasher
Filter Drier (Danfoss DML083 Flare Type) -
Strainer Assembly - Cleveland KDT-6-T Tilting
Tray Filter Zumex 200D230GBGRIS Juicer
Baffle Infrico BMPP2000 Fridge
Drain Filter Body - Classic Eco2 ECO2NL H750 Dishwasher
Interferance Filter Maidaid D500A Dishwasher
Filter - Speedqueen - Tumble Dryer - 32DG
Filter Locator - Maidaid Halcyon 51BT
91240 Water Filter - Zip Water Heater
Filter Paper - Pitco SGH50 Pressure Fryer
Bottom Filter - Electrolux - E7TCGH2kF0
Spring Filter - Electrolux - E7TCGH2KF0
Top Filter Body - Kromo Aqua40 Glasswasher
Filter for Drain Pump - Maidaid D500 Dishwasher
Filter - Nelson NW500WS Dishwasher
Boil Off Filter - Victor WDRWL4Z Display Cabinet
Cover for USB Interface - Rational
Air Inlet Filter Complete - Rational SCC101E SCCWE61 Oven
Baffle Type Grease Filter 395mm x 496mm x 45mm - Stainless Steel
Condenser Filter - Franke F3D3P Chip Dispenser
Stainless Steel Internal Filter - Hobart ACW Glasswasher
Infinity Microfilter Bag (Large) - Falcon G2845F Fryer
Basket Filter - Falcon Fryer
Filter - Zanolli 08/50 Pizza Oven
Filter for Multivac Service Kit (105570429)
Filter - Multivac - C100
Filter - Metos RC, RC1, RC2, RC3
Round filter - Modular ECO47A Glasswasher
Filter - Everpure Claris ULTRA 500 Water Softener
Filter 245mm x 245mm - Caravell CFF572
Door Filter - Miele
Intake filter - Fagor LVC21 Dishwasher
Drain Sieve - Convostar HUD6.10 OD10.10C OD6.10C Oven
Water Filter HF30-S - Scotsman SCW14B Water Cooler
Preliminary Filter for Ultravent - Rational SCCWE61
Wash Filter Base Cover - Classic H754 Dishwasher
Filter Cloth - Electrolux T4290 T3290 TD30 Tumble Dryer
FILTER FOR SOLENOID VALVE Winterhalter Dishwasher
SOLENOID VALVE FILTER Winterhalter Dishwasher
BOTTOM SIEVE 202 X 300 Winterhalter Dishwasher
127mm Filter Cylinder - Winterhalter UCL Dishwasher
Filter Bottom - Winterhalter Dishwasher
GS41/4 TOP STRAINER Winterhalter Dishwasher
Pump Filter - Winterhalter Dishwasher
Strainer w/o Hole - Hobart ECOMAX502/20 Dishwasher
Sediment Trap - Norpe EUROCLASSIC 260-M-SS-SH Fridge
Air Filter - IMESA Tumble Dryer - ES23
Pump Protection Filter - Electrolux WT60E Dishwasher
Fine Flat Filter 8mm diameter
Fish Plate - Blue Seal GT46 Fryer
Cartridge Filter - Swan SI9020N Steam Generator Iron
Filter Base - Classic ECO2NLDPLKHT Dishwasher
Filter - Bartscher Citrus Plus 7 Juicer
2in1 Clean & Rinse Cartridge - MKN CSE61300231 Oven
Lint Filter (535x660mm) - Viking VK30G102 Tumble Dryer
394mm x 394mm x 45mm Mesh Grease Extraction
Condensor Filter Screen - Polar G603 Chiller
Filter Medium - Porkka Walk-in Fridge / Freezer
Inline Filter - Cosmetal RIVER25 Water Cooler
4HC-H Filter Cartridge - Hoshizaki Ice Machine
Drain Filter Basket - Silanos/DC Dishwasher
Hepa Filter - Miele - Dishwasher - G7893
Condensor Filter - Polar G593 Fridge
Tank filter G65L-G115L - Comenda G101L
Tank filter G115L-G125L- Comenda G101L
Internal Filter - Fagor LVC21 Glasswasher/Dishwasher
Fresh Water Filter Cartridge CS-51
Water Filter Cartridge Assy -
Line Strainer - Hobart CXSB dishwasher
Filter Basket - Hobart CX900 Dishwasher
Maidaid Filter ### only 1 left ###
Filter Grey Flat - Maidaid Halcyon D100 / Kronus MK61 Dishwasher
Filter Electro (glass membrane) - Amana
Roof Liner - Amana/Menumaster URFS518S Microwave
Filter Assy - Hilta S425
Wash tank filter - Hilta W14 Dishwasher
Condensor Filter - Manitowoc SD0422A Ice Machine
Filter Dryer - Polar G596 Fridge
Interface Filter 220v Capacitor - Santos Blender
Hubbard Ice Machine HF20-S-E Water Filter
Filter Basket - Silanos DC035DP Dishwasher
Air Filter Assy - Merrychef E4 Microwave
Filter - Taylor 717
Filter - Taylor 717
Filter Dryer - Carpigiani Super 139/B/404/P
Power Filter (Surpressor) Sveba Dahlen - Pizza Oven - DC-32P
Filter Head - Lincat EB6F Water Boiler
Pipe Filter - Electrolux
Line Filter - Convotherm Oven
Unit Cover Filter (Chef's Drawers)- Foster EPRO1/3H
Complete Filter Basket - Meiko GK60 Salad Rinser
Jet Filter 14x12mm - Brasilia
Filter Drier - Gram - Fridge - RF930CHU10203640
RC Filter - Convotherm Oven
Shower Head Filter - Cimbali M32 Coffee Machine
Lint Screen/Filter - Huebsch JC0270SFG Tumble Dryer
Heater Element for tank - Miele G8072
Inline Filter - Cosmetal - - Water Cooler - 23A/C
Container Filter With Weight And non-return valve SS hose - Elviomex
Filter Tray - Colged Dishwasher
Single Filter System Complete - Hoshizaki - Ice Machine - IM-21CLE
Water Filter - 3M-HF15MS
Brita Water Filter Purity Quell ST 600 Kit c/w MDU
Condensor Air Filter - Hoshizaki IM-21CLE Ice Machine
In Line Filter - Cimbali M32 Coffee Machine
Scrap Tray Filter (LH or RH) - Maidaid 50GS Dishwasher
Brita Purity 1200 Quell St System (without MDU)
Shower Holder - Bezzera BZ02 Coffee Machine
Scale Inhibitor Head & Cartridge Complete - 37,854 ltr.
Unit Cover Filter (Std) - Foster EPRO1/3H
Round Filter -Comenda FC4EA Dishwasher
Filter for Bottle Weight Chemicals - Maidaid - Dishwasher - C400
Filter - Angelo Po - Oven - FX101E3-ZMRO
Mesh Filter - Rosinox 112H3+
Filter - DIHR DW087 Dishwasher
Cartridge - Cosmetal RIVER25 Water Fountain
Purity Steam 600 Cartridge
Grill - Electrolux
Filter Surface RH 538x290mm - Omniwash Dishwasher
Filter - Angelo Po
Condensor Filter - Manitowoc QY0274A Ice Machine
Baffle Plate - Pitco - Fryer - 35C+S
Scrap Tray Filter - Maidaid - D515WS
Filter Drier Autonumis 10-99-JG Fridge
Filter Drier - Zanotti - Freezer - BAS221N570F
Outlet Sieve - Rational - SCCWE61
Fat Filter - Houno
5/8 Flared Burnout Drier - Danfoss DAS165VV
Filter Tray - Colged Dishwasher
Liquid Line Dryer - Zanotti BSB125T180F Freezer
Filter - Bream Ice Machine - C150A
Condensor Filter - Gram F1807CSHA Undercounter Freezer
Round Filter/Strainer - Electrolux Dishwasher
Lint Screen - Huebsch HT050EQTJ8G2WO2
Bucket Filter - Valentine Fryer- V250
Filter to Tank Pipe Top Elbow - Lincat - Water Boiler - EB3F
Filter Head - Lincat EB6T EB3 EB4 EB6 Water Boiler
Strainer Pan - Hobart Dishwasher
Condensor Filter - Blizzard HBC3 Chiller
Front Panel Filter 175mm x 360mm - Gram F1807CSHA Chiller
Filter Cover Insert- DC SXD50D - Dishwasher
Filter Drier - Zanotti - Fridge - BSB125T180F
Filter - Angelo Po FCV4E Oven
Air Filter - Foster - Blast Chiller - FADPR2
Cylindrical Filter - Maidaid D515WS Dishwasher
Air Filter - Hobart CSD1013G
Suction Filter - Krupps K540E Dishwasher
1000 x Filter Papers - Cona - Coffee Machine - PO1.1X
Purity C Filter Head - Brita Water Filter
Cartridge C150 - Brita Water Filter
Filter - Samsung CM1929 Microwave
Cartridge - HF25S
Air Filter / Mesh - Icematic - E50
Filter - Maidaid D1010 Dishwasher
Interference Suppression Filter - Mach Dishwasher
Condenser Filter - Angelo Po
Filter - Polar G592 G590 G605 G607 G622 G623 U631 U632
Purity C150 Filter Kit c/w 30% Bypass - Brita
Filter - Electrolux
Outlet Sieve - Rational Oven
Condensor Air Filter Scotsman EC126EASYSIT Ice Machine
Plastic Filter Pan - Animo M-Line Coffee Machine
Protective Strainer - Eloma
Flat Bed Filter - Comenda LC411MRCD Dishwasher
Fat Filter - Eloma - Oven - B6/23
Condenser Filter - Polar G591 Fridge
Large Micro-Filter Bag - Falcon G2845 Fryer
Condenser Filter - Gram - K610RG64N
Suction Sieve/Round Filter - Meiko FV40.2G Dishwasher
Water Filter Head - Bunn-O-Matic - Coffee Machine - EQHP10CRTG
Cartridge Filter - Bunn-O-Matic - Coffee Machine - EQHP10CRTG
Fluff Filter - Girbau VK20E Tumble Dryer
Air Filter - Scotsman ACM86AS Ice Machine
Air Filter Assembly - Merrychef EC402S Microwave
Filter Strainer - Hobart ECOMAX 402-12 Dishwasher
Sieve c/w Top Complete - Meiko DV80.2 Dishwasher
Round Pump Filter - Project E80 Dishwasher
Filter - Manitowoc QY0324A Ice Machine
Filter Support - Sowebo Dishwasher - R824XCQPS
Filter - Eloma Multimax - B10-11
Suction Pipe Filter - Falcon G401F Fryer
Deflector - Hobart FXS-10A Dishwasher
Strainer Basket Complete - Hobart FXS-10A Dishwasher
Refill Cartridge - Everpure Filter - Scotsman - TP105AS
Water Filter - Whirlpool WSF5552NX Chiller
Strainer Filter - Miele G8072
Mesh Filter - Manitowoc SY0324A Ice Machine
Pump Strainer - Electrolux Dishwasher
Fine Strainer - Hobart FXS-10A Dishwasher
Air Intake Cover - AEG S75355KG1 Fridge/Freezer
Pump Feeding Filter - Angelo Po - PG80C230/50/1
T40 Filter - Miele Tumble Dryer
Filter - Angelo Po Dishwasher
Water Filter - Unox Oven
Strainer Complete - Hobart FXS-10A Dishwasher
Airguard Type 2 Baffle Filter (c/w Handles & Drain Holes)
QL3 Filter Head - 3/8 BSP - Everpure
Baffle - In-Sink-Erator AQUATHERM EVO200 Waste Disposal
Filter - Brema Ice Machine - 730572
Microfilter with Support - Valentine EVO Fryer
Line Filter - Convotherm
Filter Housing - Maidaid Halcyon D2020 Dishwasher
RC Filter - Convotherm Oven
RC Filter - Convotherm Oven
RC Filter - Convotherm Oven
RC Filter - Convotherm Oven
Scrap Tray Filter Hobart AMX 900 Series Dishwasher
Grease Filter - Merrychef E4 Microwave
Wash Filter - Sammic - Glasswasher
Secondary Filter - Classic DUO2 Dishwasher
Water Filter - Cosmetal UV Connect 23A Water Chiller
Shower Screen - Bezzera BZ02 Coffee Machine
Sieve - Bravilor Coffee Machine
Filter c/w Clips - Sharp R22A R24AT Microwave
Filter - Teikos TR22 Dishwasher
Airgard Type 2 Stainless Steel Baffle Filter 444x444x45
Air Filter - Porkka C940
Washer Filter - Unimac
Detergent Hose Filter - Hobart Dishwasher
Strainer Filter - Electrolux
Poly Lint Filter - Huebsch - Tumble Dryer - ZEM477W-3069
Oil Filter - Electrolux
Filter Adapter - Everpure 4H
Filter Head - Everpure 4H
Water Softener/Filter (only) - Instanta CT8000-6 HCD47 Water Boiler
Water Softener/Filter Kit - Instanta CT8000-6 HCD47 Water Boiler
Walter Filter System ICE115S- Hubbard EC176 Easy Fit- Ice Machine
Filter Frontal Support - Electrolux
Dehydrator Filter - Electrolux
Filter Drier - Zanotti
1200 Brita Steam Filter
Water Filter Body - Burco 444442464 Water Boiler
Front Air Filter - Merrychef EIKON E3 Microwave
Drain Filter - Hobart CHF40 Dishwasher
Wash Filter Complete (base & upper body) - Sowebo - Dishwasher
Ring nut body inlet & drain - Maidaid - Dishwasher - EVOLUTION
Filter Assembly - Maidaid - Dishwasher - EVOLUTION 500
Lint Filter - Primus - Drier - DAM5
Filter Holder - Primus - Tumble Dryer - DAM5
Filter Head Unit - Everpure
Filter Kit In Line - Maidaid - Ice Machine - MVM500
Drain Strainer - Duke
RFI Filter- Electrolux Dishwasher
Air Filter & Louver Assembly - Hoshizaki - IM-100NE-23
Air Filter - Imesa ESS55/75
Air Filter - Merrychef - Microwave - AIKON E2
Bucket Filter (Oil) - Valentine P294 Fryer
Filter Mat 20x300x300mm - MKN
Filter Powder (Pack of 100) - Frymaster PF50
Filter Paper (Pack of 100) - Frymaster PF50
Pump Intake Filter - Hobart Dishwasher
Filter - Electrolux V400TN- Chiller
Complete Filter - Primus DAMC6- Tumble Dryer
Grease Deflector - Hobart
Drier 1/4 solder - Delfield - Fridge - AB1REDCO900GB
Complete Filter - Primus Tumble Dryer
Water Filter- Evepure EV9612-22
Support Filter - Burco 444448558 Coffee Machine
Air Filter - Taylor Ice Cream Machine
Filter Dryer - Taylor Ice Cream Machine
Filter Drier - Gamko MG1315SD Fridge
Filter Drier - Caravell - Fridge - CBH901SV
Filter Dryer - Taylor Ice Cream Machine
Filter - Zanotti
Lint Filter - Alliance LEZ27AWG3018 Tumble Dryer
Filter Cartridge - Lincat Water Boiler
Filter Dryer - MPS - CF2140W - Fridge
Purity ST1200 Cartridge
Strainer - Hobart
Fine Filter Unit with Clip Fittings - Hobart FXD200 Dishwasher
Claris Water Filter - Everpure
Flat Filter - Electrolux WT50 Dishwasher
Filter- Polaris TSR02
Dep 12 Softener, Water Filter - Scotsman MV606 Ice Machine
Strainer - MKN
Condensor Filter - Scotsman EC86 EASY FIT Ice Machine
Flat Filter - Blue Seal SD5EC Dishwasher
Omipur SCL10 Filter
Single Filter Head with Cartridge- Bunn M10- Coffee Machine
Single Wash Tank Filter & Basket - Maidaid U61E Dishwasher
Filter - Angelo Po - Fridge - 6EBBMOPRO
Air Filter - Manitowoc - Ice Machine - IY0524A-251
Drain Filter- Adande VCS - Fridge
Filter Lint Screen - Electrolux
Strainer Tray - Hobart Dishwasher
Drain Filter - DC Series / Silanos - SG50
Lint Filter - Primus T35 - Drier
HF25-S Cartridge- Scotmsman TC180-9 - Ice Machine
Filter - Buffalo - Water Boiler - GC719
Filter Drier - Combisteel
Air Filter - Manitowoc SY0604A Ice Machine
Filter - Colged Dishwasher
Filter - Lamber - Dishwasher - S510
Water Cartridge - Scotsman - Ice Machine - TCL180-9AS
Air Filter 335mm x 238mm - Scotsman - Ice Machine - MV426
Round Filter 112mm x 68mm - Dexion LB035.10 Glasswasher
Water Filter Cartridge - Hubbard - AP3-C765S-E
Drain Filter - Hobart HX40
Filter Drier - Foster
Filter Drier - Foster
Condenser Dust Filter - Parry RCF4 Fridge
Replacement Quell ST 450 Cartridge
Drier - Williams - Fridge - C100-WCS
Contactor / Line Filter - Viscount - ACSAMBI0500
Filter Holder Spout - Brasilia Coffee Machine
Filter Holder - Brasilia Coffee Machine
Water Filter - Zip -B160G4
Manual Water Softener - Dva - LT8 - Dishwasher
Type 4 Mesh Filter - c/w handles, no drain holes
Micron CBC Cartridge - Cosmetal RIVER50 Water Cooler
Full Filter Assembly - Cosmetal RIVER50 Water Cooler
Condenser Dust Filter- Parry RCF2 - Chiller
Air Filer - Polar DL914 - Fridge
Louver And Air Filter - Hoshizaki - Ice Machine - IM45NE
Condenser Filter - Polar - Fridge - U632
Lint Filter Cover -Hubesch LEZ27AWG3018 - Tumble Dryer
Tank Filter - Kromo K40DDEPS Glasswasher
375mm X 375mm X 45mm Mesh Galvanised Steel
Filter Cartridge - Everpure MC2
Wash Filter LH Pumped - Classeq ECO1 Glasswasher
Single Spout - Elektra
Filter Spring - Elektra
Filter Spout Holder - Elektra
Coffee Filter - Elektra
Coffee Filter - Elektra
Filter Holder - Elektra
Plastic Basket - Hobart Dishwasher