Fryer Misc

A S Catering Supplies Ltd can supply commercial fryer spares often from stock. These may include baffles, filters, spark electrodes and supports. A S Catering Supplies can find the fryer spares that you require.

Fryer Misc Parts
Grill / Crumb Screen - Electrolux 7FRSE2D14
Pan Stainless Steel MJ35 S/T S/N 921FA0029
SUPERSEDED - H50 FH22FC Filter Magic Fryer Paper 34"" x 21""
Grommet - Falcon G2845 Fryer
Cecilware FMS65CE Baffles
Burner Shield - Dean SR42 Fryer
Target rear - Frymaster MJ35VST Fryer
Control Panel Box for Lincat DF33 Fryer
Control Panel Box for DF33 Lincat Fryer
Crosspiece/Stirrup - Zanussi NFRE810 Fryer
Actuator Control Unit - Beha-Hedo 4210
Crumb Tray (335x342mm) - Imperial Elite Fryer CIFS40
Thermostat Dial - Frymaster 35 Fryer
Thermostat Probe Clip - Valentine Pension
Guide Rail Fri Fri Fritta 6 Fryer
Rack Tube Pitco SG14T Fryer
Parry Twin Fryer - Fryer Head c/w controllers
Crumb Screen 350mm x 152mm - Franke -
Fryer Basket Hook - Valentine V250 Fryer
Support - Zanussi - Fryer - MFRG2D14
Phial Guard (Operating Stat) - Falcon - Fryer
SUPERSEDED Tube Rack - Pitco G20.330+S Fryer
Pan Strainer/Crumb Catcher - Falcon G3830
Bracket - Frymaster MJ35ST Fryer
Speaker Assy - Henny Penny COMPUTRON 8000 Fryer
Data Badge - Garland G284 Conversion N/G - L
Dial Insert - Garland G8-36B Griddle
Drain Container Bucket - Lincat DF66 Fryer
Door Seal - King Edward PB2FV Oven
Prbe Support Thermostat - Rosinox FR15EHPRC8 - Fryer
Assembly Probe - Rosinox FR15EHPRC8 - Fryer
Thermostat - Rosinox FR15EHPRC8 - Fryer
Interrupter Lead - Pitco SG14T Fryer
Fuse PACK OF 10 - MKN Fryer
Mesh Fish Plate - Falcon/Fri-Fri EFS402 Fryer
Basket Hanger Screw- Frymaster PMJ235SC- Fyer
Basket Hanger Spacer- Frymaster PMJ235SC- Fryer
Wire Form Basket Hanger- Frymaster PMJ235SC- Fryer
Baffle- Imperial CIFS-40- Fryer
Mains Cable with Plug- Maestrowave MSF8 - Fryer
Element - Valentine EVO-2525M- Fryer
Pipe to Drain Oil from Fryer - Blue Seal GT46- Fryer
Insulated Electronic Sensor Wire - Rosinox FR15EHPRC8 - Fryer
Fryer Head - Pantheon PF112 Fryer
Conversion Kit from NG to LPG - Falcon G350/11- Fryer