Gas Ignitors & Leads

Gas Ignitors & Leads Parts
Spark Electrode - Falcon G3078 G3080 G5478 G1102
Spark Electrode / Flame Sensing Bracket
Ignitor/Sensor Bracket Assy - Groen Steam
Ceramic Electrode for PLX80 Grill
Spark generator c/w Lead - Montague Grizzley
SUPERSEDED Piezo Ignitor - Falcon G1848X Oven
Spark Electrode - Falcon G2865 Fryer
Electrode Oven Burner- Falcon G2112 G2925 G1102 Oven
Electrode - Cuppone - Pizza Oven - FPP010GE
Piezo / Spark Ignitor - Falcon G1102 G1112
Ignitor Box - Falcon Convection Oven G7208
SUPERSEDED Flame Sensor Electrode - Falcon G7208 Convection Oven
Electrode - Falcon G350 G1107 Oven
Electrode High Level - Falcon E4063 Oven
Electrode - Falcon G4108
HT Lead (set of 4) - Falcon G1848 Fryer
Falcon Steamer G6478 G5478 Ignition Lead
Lead- Falcon OVEN - RANGE -- G1107 - PRE CE
Electrode - Falcon G1100
Cable Ignitor Lead - Falcon G1100 G1107 Oven
Jet Grill Jet 55 - DCS Imperial Elite CIR-6-
Ignition Plug - Angelo Po G1FAGST-COMO Oven
Electrode - Electrolux T3290 Tumble Dryer
Ignition Unit - Falcon G1830 Double Fryer
Ignition Lead - Falcon G1830 Double Fryer
SUPERSEDED Electrode - Falcon G1860 Fryer
Piezo Ignitor with Bracket
Spark electrode - Falcon G1160 Oven
SUPERSEDED Piezo Ignitor with Bracket
SUPERSEDED Piezo Spark Ignitor without Bracket
Spark electrode - Falcon G284IF Fryer
Piezo Spark Ignitor with Bracket
Honeywell PCB Flame Ignitor - Groen DH40 T
Ignition Electrode - 9PD10 G Mareno Boiling
SUPERSEDED Ignition Button - Mareno GL7 Chargrill
Ignition Lead - Mareno PLG40 Chargrill
Spark Electrode - Ideal ISAR HE30
Ignition Pactrol / Unit - Convotherm 6.10
Piezo Ignitor - Bartlett F30G/G11
HT Lead - Rosinox PCF75+PLMIJDRT Oven
Spark Electrode - Rosinox PCF75+PLMIJDRT Oven
Spark Ignitor - Wardpark Gardner 1876
Spark Electrode- Electrolux FCG102 Convection
SUPERSEDED - Moffat G50D Spark Electrode
SUPERSEDED HT Lead - Moffat G50D
Electrode Bartlett F30G 911 F32G/911
Piezo ignitor - Bartlett A20G/7512 Hot
Ignition Lead - Bartlett Yeoman D11G/451 Gas
Ignitor - Alliance Laundry Tumble Dryer
Stott Benham Supergrill 600 Jets
Ignition Wire - Pitco SGH50 Fryer
Ignition Control - Pitco
22mm Round Pin Piezo Ignitor
High Level Electrode - Falcon E4109EL E4109TC
Low Level Electrode - Falcon E4109EL E4109TC/TMS Oven
Ignitor - Lainox MG101M ACG05MGB
Ignition Generator -Stotts 900 GR1 S/N 2200
Electrode - Stott Benhan Steamer CM101 DCS
Spark Generator 240v - Stott Benham GR1-FB-N
SUPERSEDED Ignition Generator - Stott Benham Series 900
SUPERSEDED Piezo Ignitor - Zanussi PCFG900 Fryer
Lead - Zanussi SFRG700 Fryer
Electrode - Zanussi Electrolux
Ignition Electrode - Zanussi MTF/G2 MFR/G201 MCF/G9
HT lead - Zanussi MCF/G9 Oven
Electrolux Combi 260663 Electrode
SUPERSEDED Ignition Lead - Zanussi Oven MCF/G9
Ignitor - Zanussi Gas Solid Top Hot Plate
Ignitor Ceramics - Zanussi Gas Solid Top Hot
Electrode - Zanussi 6B 161059-06
Ignitor Leads (Black Flat) - Zanussi Gas
Piezo - Zanussi SFRG700 Fryer
Electrode / Leads - Zanussi Electrolux
1000mm HT Lead - Zanussi MTF/G2 MFR/G2014 Fryer
Piezo Ingintor Kit Victor
Piezo Ignitor - Baron Cooker B0002016
Stott Benham Oven HT Lead
Stott Benham Oven HT Lead
Stott Benham Oven Electrode Lead
Oven Spark Generator Kit - GR1-FB-N1HT Lead,
Piezo Unit A - Parry NG 7013 Oven
Oven Electrode - Parry 7013 Oven
Spark Generator - Parry PGF800 Griddle
Spark Generator - Parry Griddle PGF800
Ignition controller modual box - Pitco
Mareno Bratt Pan BR9-12EIM Ignition Electrode
SUPERSEDED Mareno Electric Fryer F9-8 Piezo Ignitor
SUPERSEDED Spark Plug - Mareno P19-8G14 Boiling pan
Moorwood Vulcan MF32 F Oven HT Lead
Piezo Ignitor - Moorwood Vulcan MV1STA60
Electrode - Moorwood Vulcan 2T 90 GCOD
Electrode Moorwood Vulcan 90R.O.OT
Montague Grizzly GE2626-6 Ignitor Lead
Piezo Ignitor without Bracket - Falcon G1860
Moorwood Vucan MF32 F Oven HT Lead
Ignitor Lead / HT Lead - Montague Grizzley
Piezo Ignitor - Lincat LMR9N SLR9 Oven
Spark Ignitor - Lincat SLR9N Oven Sparker
American Dryer ADG30 Surface Ignitor
HT Lead - Imperial EBA 2223 Chargrill
SUPERSEDED Piezo Spark Ignitor without Bracket
Spark Piezo electrode (c/w lead) - Frymaster
Garland Ignition Head Assembly
Spark Generator 240V 2OUT - Garland
Oven Electrode - Garland ST28 / ST286 Oven
Spark Electrode - Clevenald SGL30TR Range
Spark Generator 240v 2out - Garland
SUPERSEDED Electrode - Universal
Spark Electrode - Fagor FG-720 Gas Fryer
Ignition Lead Assembly- Falcon G350/7/8
Piezo Ignitor with Bracket - Falcon G350-12
LPG Injector - Falcon G1006 ST
Piezo Spark Ignitor with Bracket
SUPERSEDED Piezo / Spark Ignitor - Falcon G2865 fryer
Lead Set- Falcon G1830 G1860 G1838X Fryer
HT Lead - Falcon G2117 G1107 Oven
HT Lead - Falcon G2865 G2830 G2860 Fryer
Ignitor Lead /HT Lead - Falcon Oven G1102 G2112
Electrode - Falcon G1102 Oven Electrode
HT Lead - Falcon G1860 Fryer
Spark Ignitor with Bracket - Falcon G1860
Piezo Ignitor - Falcon Dominator Oven Range
Electrode - Falcon G1107 G1117 G1100 Oven
SUPERSEDED Piezo Spark Ignitor without Bracket
Falcon G1100 G1107 Dominator Injector
Piezo Ignitor - Falcon G6478 Steamer
Falcon Steamer G6478 Spark Electrode
SUPERSEDED Spark Ignitor (Round Type)- Falcon
Lead Electrode - Falcon Salamander G1528
Hotplate Electrode - Falcon 211GEO domestic
SUPERSEDED Falcon Piezo Ignitor With Bracket
Ignition Cable - Lainox MG101D Oven
Spark Flame Electrode - OEM TLV75G Pizza Oven
HT Lead - Mareno C12-4G C12-9G C12FG-9G Oven
Ignitor Plug - Silko Oven
Ignition Box- Cuppone G34 Gas Oven
Ignition Electrode Kit - Bakbar G32 Oven
Spark Lead - Moffat G59-6
***Piezo Gas Spark Ignitior - Blue Seal G576 G594 G570 G506DF Grill
SUPERSEDED Piezo Ignitor - Blue Seal G594
SUPERSEDED - Electrode - Moffat G59-6 G50D G570 GT46
Ignitor Lead - Blue Seal GT45
Oven Ignition Lead - Blue Seal G50D
LPG Pilot Jet - Blue Seal G50
HT Electrode Lead - Blue Seal Chargrill G594
Leads - Bartlett Harmony E22G Oven
Spark Electrode - -Bartlett Oven D35 G401
Electrode Lead - Bartlett F30G/911 D14G/451 Oven
Double Piezo Ignitor c/w Plastic lock nut - Bartlett F18G/911
Spark Electrode - Bartlett E22G F30G E16G21 Oven
Electrode Assembly - Bartlett F35G/911 Oven
HT Lead for Pactrol Unit - Bartlett E16G Oven
Ignition Electrode - Bartlett E17G Oven
Piezo Ignitor - Angelo Po GIFAGST Oven
Ignition Controller -Ambach AM11 GF1/45 Fryer
Ignition Electrode - Dean Fryer SR14 2GP
SUPERSEDED Piezo Ignitor - Moffat G50D Oven
Piezo Ignitor - Mareno NS7FG8S Cooker
SUPERSEDED Electrode - Mareno
Electrode - Wardpark Gardner 1075 Hotcupboard
18mm Round Pin Piezo Ignitor
HT Lead - Wardpark Gardener 1876
NG Injector - Fimar 50 Chargrill
Round Spark Plug - Dexion MG139-15-010XL
HT Lead (Oven) - Garland ST28 / ST286 Oven
Fitting Pilot Spark Plug-Dexion MG139-15-01XL
Cable Lighting - Dexion MG139-15-010XL
Piezo Ignitor - Dexion MG139-15-01XL Range
Piezo ignitor - Blue Seal MasterCHA Chargrill
Piezo Ignitor - Ambach GH-90 GP-45 GP/90 Solid Top Oven
Piezo Ignitor - Falcon G6478 Oven Steamer
SUPERSEDED Piezo Ignitor without Bracket - Imperial
Ignition Electrode - Ambach GF1/45 Fryer
Piezo Ignitor - Fimar Chargrill B50
Spark Electrode with HT Lead - Cuppone G9/33S
Oven Ignition Electrode - Falcon G2107 G2167 G7208 G1107
Sparker Piezo Ignitor - Falcon G5478 Steamer
Piezzo Ignitor Lead - Mareno P196G5
Spark Generator Leads - Falcon 211GGO Oven
Piezo Ignitor - Lincat OG7201 Grill
Oven Spark Electrolde & Lead - DeLonghi Oven
Spark Sensor - Ambach GF1/45 Fryer
Lainox VG120D Convection Oven - Ignitor
Ignition Module - Lainox VG102D PG084 104MGB
Gas ignitor - Electrolux TT500 Tumble dryer
High tension wire - Garland GF60-6R24RR Oven
Wire HT Lead - Garland GF60-6R24RR Oven
Ignition Switch Kit (white) - Cannon 10575G
HT Lead - Wardpark Gardner 1075 Hotcupboard
Spark electrode & lead - Rosinox GRREV15GRCM
Piezo Spark Ignitor with Bracket - Falcon G2101 G2161
Ignition Spark Electrode - Moorwood Vulcan
LPG ignitor - Fagor CGB/761BP/R Oven
Crosslighting injector LPG - Falcon G1521U
Ignition Button - Angelo Po 190GRGCPMO
Ignitor Lead - Falcon G1962 Bratt Pan
Oven Ignition Lead - Falcon G2117
Pilot injector LPG 16-2 - Olis 73/02FRG 74/02FT-7G Fryer
Main burner injector - Olis 73/02FRG Fryer
Zanolli Citizen 9 Gas Pizza Oven Electrode
Cable spark plug - Electrolux ECF/G20 Oven
Electrode Assembly - Moorwood Vulcan ML90 Oven
Fields & Pimblett 796CGU Oven Electrode
Set of 4 electrode Leads c/w Sleeving -
Ignitor - Stott Benham Super Grill
Electrode - Metos C11E-6 Tilt Kettle
Ignition Cable - Fimar B80 Chargrill
Ignition Switch Kit - Falcon 6 Burner Range G1107 G2101 G1160
Oven injector - Falcon G1107 Oven
Gas injector (NG) - Blue Seal Moffat GT46
Small bore injector - Hobart BEX Water Boiler
Spark Electrode - Dexion Gas Boiler Pan
Automatic Gas Ignition - Zanolli Pizza Oven
SUPERSEDED Electrode c/w Nut - Falcon G2865 Fryer
Piezo Gas Igniter for Lincat Units
Lincat Fryer Piezo Ignitor
Ingnitor and Lead Back Brittania Range
Auto Ignition Electrode - Convotherm OGS20.10
Electrode Kit - Zanolli Pizza Oven
HT Lead - Falcon G3080 Bratt Pan
Piezo Ignitor - Falcon G3080 Bratt Pan
Spark Electrode - Hobart BCGMBP Tilting Pan
Ignition Rod Assembly (includes long leads) -
Ignition Box - Honeywell S4565A 2092 1
Lighter Parry PGF800 Griddle Bain Marie
Piezo Ignitor - Orange top - Lincat Oven -
Piezo Ignitor - Lotus FQM4G F2/8T66G
Spark ignition module - Garland F30G Bratt
Piezoelectric igniter mounting ø 18 mm
Piezo Ignitor Falcon Dominator Twin Fryer
Piezo Ignitor Falcon Dominator Twin Fryer
Ignition Box - Falcon Infinity G2840 Oven
Monitoring Electrode - Convotherm OGS20.10 Oven
Auto Ignition Electrode - Convotherm OGS20.10
Electrode Falcon Bratt Pan
HT Lead - Moorwood Vulcan 90GCRENG Oven
Ignitor Module Zanolli Synthesis Oven
Piezo Ignitor Bertos G9BR12/1 Bratt Pan
Spark Plug Bertos G9FL8M-2 Bratt Pan
Electrode Insert - Rational CM101 Steamer
Ignition Lead Falcon Dominator G6478 Steamer
SUPERSEDED Piezo Ignitor Falcon Dominator G6478 Steame
SUPERSEDED Ignition Electrode Falcon Dominator G6478
Spark Ignition Switch - Snorkle Moorwood Oven
Ignitor Cable - Ambach GP90 Oven
Spark Electrode - Falcon G2078TC G401 G402
Oven Injector LPG Moffat CR9DF Oven
Ignition Module - Rational CPC101G Oven
LPG Regulator - Wolf ACB60 Chargrill
Fenwal Ignition Box - Blodgett BG2136 Pizza Oven
Ignition Cable Olis 76/02CFGL Oven
Ignition Electrode Olis 76/02CFGL Oven
Ignition Lead - Britannia - Oven -
Ignitor Lead Assembly - Falcon G350/12 Fryer
Spark Ignitor - Angelo Po GIFAGST Oven
HT Lead - Angelo Po GIFAGST
Small orifice fitting - Garland GB-36GFF
HT Lead 250mm Ring Terminal - Blue Seal Chargrill
HT Lead - Angelo Po
Piezo Ignition - Angelo Po G1FAGST-COMO 1G1FAGP Oven
Hob Spark Generator - Falcon 211GGO Cooker
HT Lead - Falcon 211GGO Cooker
Oven Spark Generator - Falcon 211GGO Cooker
X Lighting Assembly - Falcon G2830 Fryer
Ignitor 18mm flat - Universal
Spark Ignition Electrode - Lotus FTLR-8G
Oven Spark Electrode - Falcon 211GGO Oven
Burner Ignition - Lainox HMG101P Oven
Lainox Oven HMG101P Burner Ignitor
Piezo Ignitor - 22mm hole is needed for assy
Ignitor HT Lead 450mm 2.8mm Flat Both Ends
Spark Generator - Stoves 500DIT Oven
Ignition Lead Frymaster H55 Series Fryer
Piezoelectric Ignition - Baron Gas Range -
SUPERSEDED Piezo Ignitor - Falcon - Oven - G2101EUOT
1000mm Cable - Hobart
Ignition Plug Assembly Angelo Po FX201G2-CPMO
Electrode Bartlett A17G/7512 Plate Warmer
Piezo Ignitor - Falcon G2865 G3865 Fryer/Oven
SUPERSEDED Ignition Probe - Falcon Convection Oven
Igniton Electrode Ambach GPSG/80 Solid Top
Electrode - Bonnet I-B906.1CF800.FG
Ignition Cable GPSG/80 Solid Top
Electrode - Ambach GLG/45
Ignition Transfer - Lainox HVG201S Oven
Sit 503 EFD Ignition & Control Box - Hobart
Ignition Electrode c/w cable Burlodge BROG-10
Piezo Ignitor (post 2005) - Lincat OG7002N OG7204
Ignition Box - Bonnet B 906.1 CF800FG
Ignition Lead Gico FG1802 Fryer
Electrode - Moorwood Vulcan
Flame Sensing Electrode - Convotherm OSG10.10
Spark Electrode - Convotherm OSG10.10 Oven
Hob Spark Electrode Kronos CV96P Oven
Filling Level Electrode 175mm - Rational
Spark electrode - Parry Oven 7013
Ignition Control Unit Speedqueen LGS33AWB3080
Ignitor Speedqueen LGS33AWB3080 Tumble Dryer
Piezo Ignitor - Moretti Forni Pizza Oven
SUPERSEDED Ignition Module - Middleby Marshall PS200
LPG Main Injector - Blue Seal G91B Oven
Burner injector - Falcon G3080 Bratt Pan
SUPERSEDED Oven Ignition Assembly - Falcon Pre Ce
Ignitor Button (spring included) - Fage -
Ignitor Lead - Falcon G1056
Igniter Lead - Olis Fryer - 722FRG
Electrode - Falcon G1056 G9522 G1532 G9502
LH side Ignition Electrode - Cuppone - Pizza Oven -
Piezo Electric Igniter - Zanussi 7FRSG2S34 Fryer
Injector for Conversion Kit - MBM - G150
Level Electrode - Rational SCCWE201 Oven
Set of 4 leads for electrodes/sensors - Falcon G7208 Oven
Piezo ignitor - Baron BN020104716 Oven
Piezo HT Lead - Blue Seal G504C Griddle
Spark Electrode - Dean SR42GN Fryer
Oven Ignitor Lead - Silko CCG7001 Oven
Oven Electrode - Silko CCG7001 Oven
Spark Electrode - Moduar
Electrode - Eloma Multimax B-6-11 Oven
Single Ignition Electrode - Eloma Multimax
Ignition Cable - Falcon G2865 Dominator Fryer
Direct Spark Iginiton Control Garland TG3
Electrodes - Gram GA930
Sensor Electrode - Gram GA930
Hot Air Ignition Electrode 1 - Rational
Hot Air Ignition Electrode 2 - Rational
Piezo Ignitor - Buffalo DFF90NG Range Cooker
Spark Electrode- Buffalo DFF90NG Range Cooker
HT Lead - Buffalo DFF90NG Range Cooker
Electrode - Moffat HBG168L Bain Marie
Oven Electrode - Buffalo Oven
Electrode - Fimar
Ignition Module Fenwal 120v 50/60hz - Vulcan
Ignition Module - Eloma Multimax B6-11 Oven
Filling Level Electrode 90mm - Rational
Ignition Electrode - Archway 3B5 Kebab Grill
HT Lead - Archway 3B5 Kebab Grill
Automatic Ignition Control - Rational SCC201G
Piezo Ignitor - Hobart Premier 700 Griddle
Piezo Ignitor - Hobart - Bratt Pan - BR98GF
Piezo - ATA - Oven - K9GFR10PPO
Automatic Ignition Controller - Lincat OSCWE201G
Piezo Ignitor - Wolf SCB25 Chargrill
Ignition Control Box - 0.503.204
Ignition Electrode Flange Length 23mm
Piezo Ignitor - Fage P1339 Pizza Oven
Ignition Electrode - Fage P1339 Pizza Oven
HT Lead - Fage P1339 Pizza Oven
Spark Electrode - Cleveland SGL-40TR Tilting Pan
Pizo Ignitor - MKN - Oven - 2060301-02
Gas Ignition Controller - Cissell L28UR30G Tumble Dryer
Ignition Transformer - Eloma MULTIMAX B6-11 Oven
Sit Ignition Control Box - Falcon G3106 Oven
Spark Head - Palux Topline Range
Pilot Burner Jet - Palux Topline Range
Spark Head - Palux Topline Range
HT Lead - Falcon G2000 Oven
Electrode - Moretti T75G T97G Pizza Oven
Spark Electrode - Huebsch Tumble Dryer - HU030NQTJ1G2W01
HT Lead - Lincat SLR9 OG7204 Oven
Set of 3 Electrodes - Zanolli Pizza Oven
Gas Ignition Controller - Cissell L28UR30G Tumble Dryer
Piezo Ignitor - Parry Griddle
Ignition Cable - Lotus BM-4G Bain Marie
HT Lead - Angelo Po FCV61 Oven
Electrode - Angelo Po PO32TC Oven
Glow Ignitor - MKN CGE22300043 Combi Steamer
Ionisation Electrode (Flame Control) - MKN CGE22300043
Ignition Box - MKN CGE22300043 Combi Steamer
Electric ignitor c/w Bracket - DFG100
SUPERSEDED GL PE018A Piezo Ignitor without Bracket
Ignitor Lead - Garland MST 43RE
Electrode Nut - Garland ST28 ST286 ST283 Oven
Electrode - Dean SR42 Fryer
HT Lead - Dean SR42 SRI42GP Fryer
Griddle electrode c/w lead - Garland ST283
Garland TG4 Spark Ignitor
Oven HT Lead - Hobart HG65F7M
Pilot Ignition Spark Electrode
Spark electrode - Lincat
Piezo Ignitor -Moorwood Vulcan LPG 90R Cooker
Ignition Box - Blue - Moorwood Vulcan Gemini
Electrode c/w leads - Moorwood Vulcan Oven
Piezo / Spark Ignitor - Gemini E2 MV1GCR60
Oven Electrode Moorwood Vulcan M-Line Plus 90
HT Lead - Moorwood Vulcan MV1STA60-NG
Piezo Ignitor for Masterchef Oven 120MC3R-LP
Oven Ignitor Lead - Masterchef 120MC3R-LP
SUPERSEDED HT lead 1000mm - Universal
SUPERSEDED Mareno Bratt Pan BR9-8GF/GI Electrode
Piezo Lighter - Mareno Bratt Pan
Piezo Igniter - Mareno Gas Fryer F9-8G22
Electrode - Universal
SUPERSEDED Piezo Ignitor without Bracket
Ignition Cable - Modular 70.70 Char Grill
Porcelain Ignitor Probe - Fields & Pimblett
Spark Ignitor - Olis OG20.20
H T Leads - Parry 7013 6 Burner
Ignition Box - Mareno CSM6G Oven
Electrode - Electrolux Tumble Dryer T3190
Flame Rod Ignitor - Doyon PIZ6GEU Oven
Spark Plug - Electrolux
Ignition Pack - Doyon PIZ6GEU Oven
Spark Igniter Lead Falcon G2924B Chargrill
Piezo Ignitor - Fagor CG9-11BP Oven
Combustion Control/Ignition Box - Angelo Po FM1011G2-CMP01 Oven
Electrode & Lead - Lincat Oven
Cap for Piezo Ignitor - Mareno NS7FG8S Cooker
Oven Ignitor Lead Assy - Falcon
Electrode - Fage10570/2G P1339 Pizza Oven
Ignition Module - Blodgett MT1828G Pizza Oven
Piezo Ignitor - Parry GGP6.8 Griddle
Ignition Electrode - Lotus F2/8T66G
Piezo Ignitor - Fimar B50 Chargrill
Honeywell S4565BD 1072 Automatic Gas Stoker
Spark Ignitor Assembly - Falcon G3860 Oven
Ignition Lead 1000mm Fagor Oven
Cable Assembly Viscount Oven
Ignition & Flame Control Device Electrolux AOS061GA Oven
Piezo Ignitor - Tri-Star TR6 6-Burner Range
HT Lead 900mm - Gico Grill
HT Lead - Gico VF9N126C Grill
Piezo Ignitor - Gico VF9N126C Grill
Spark Generator - Mareno
Piezo Ignitor - Mareno
Gas Ignition Switch - Zanussi ZCG7610WN Oven
1200mm Ignition Cable - Mareno
Piezoelectric Ignitor - Mareno CF-GT/GS
Ignition Electrode Hot Air - Rational CMP101G Oven
Ignition Control Box - Blue Seal - Oven - G32
Flame Detector - Moretti T75G Pizza Oven
Fenwall Ignition Module - Wood Stone G20 Pizza Oven
Piezo Igniter ø 18mm connection F2.8x0.8 - Angelo Po
Brahma Ignition Box Type CM12U 2x Electrodes - Waiting Time - 1.5S
Ignition Bridge - MKN Hot Plate
Ignition Lead - CU050NRDM2G1W03 - Cissel Tumble Dryer
Control Box Large - Counterline Bain Marie
Steam Generator Control Unit - Zanolli Pizza Oven
Automatic Ignition Box - American Dryer Company ADG30HS Dryer
700mm Ignitor & Probe - Cannon Carrick Cooker
Set of 4 Electrodes - Falcon G7008 Oven
Piezo Electrode 28"" - Garland - Oven
Ignition Cable - Frymaster - Fryer
Ignition Module - Frymaster - Fryer
Ignition Electrode
Ignition Assembly Pre 09/14 - Falcon G3101 Cooker
Pilot Injector LPG - Blueseal - Oven
NTC Lead - Bravilor - C15
Electrode - Lincat OG7002N-A005 Cooker
Igniter Unit; 2 ways - Electrolux
Fenwall Ignition Box - Imperial CIFS-24-FB Fryer
HT Lead - Convotherm OSG10.10 Oven
Flame Sensor - Doyon PIZ6GEU Oven
Initiating Electrode - MKN
Screw-in Piezo Ignitor - MKN
Ignition Electrode Kit - Rational Oven
Ignition Module - Middleby Marshall
Electrode Bracket c/w Earth Pin - Falcon
RH side Ignition Electrode - Cuppone - Pizza Oven -
Electrode - Fagor
Electrode - Fagor
Piezo Ignitor Kit - Elframo GM12+12 Fryer