Gas Taps / Valves / Governors & Flame Failure Devices

The correct gas tap for a commercial catering machine can be difficult to source, however A S Catering Supplies can source gas taps quickly and efficiently. We can often source gas taps from stock. Call AS Catering Supplies if you need help sourcing commercial catering spares and parts.

Gas Taps / Valves / Governors & Flame Failure Devices Parts
Gas Valve - Falcon G2007 -
SUPERSEDED Gas Valve - Falcon Dominator Double Fryer
Fryer Gas Sit 710 Control Valve - Monarch FPG5DL
Gas Valve (NG) - Falcon G5478 Steamer
Gist Thermostatic Gas Valve - CHECK STOCK
SUPERSEDED Multifunctional Gas Valve - Falcon G1102 G1962 Oven
Control Valve - Falcon G2994 G1962 Bratt pan
NG Gas Tap - Falcon Chieftain G1006 Oven
Control Valve FFD - Falcon G1006X G1036ES
Gas Tap- Falcon G1066 Oven NG Gas Tap
Gas Tap - Falcon Fryer G350/9/10 Pre CE
LPG Gas Tap - Falcon G350/10 Chargrill
SUPERSEDED Gas Control Tap - Falcon G1107 ST (CE) Oven
Gas Taps NG Pre Ce - Falcon G1100 Dom Mk 2
Gas Valve - Falcon G1102 / G1107 Solid Top
FFD Gas Valve - Imperial IR6 Oven
Gas Tap - Montague Grizzly G26-6(pre ce) Oven
Oven Control Valve Olis 796-CGV-CE 112H3P
Control Valve Olis 796-CGV-CE 112H3P
Eurosit Thermostatic Gas Valve for Zanussi
SUPERSEDED Caterlux - Eurosit 630 NG Gas Valve for Hot Cupboard
Gas Valve- Electrolux Tumble Dryer T3290 - Gas Valve
LPG Gas Valve - Falcon G1860 Fryer
Gas Tap - Falcon Dominator ( Pre CE Marked )
Frytop flame failure - Falcon G1160 Oven
Cross lighting assy - Falcon G1522 Chargrill
Tap to Reducer Pilot Pipe Falcon G2107
Control Valve - Falcon Dom Mk2 G1107 Pre CE
Valve- Moffat / Blue Seal GT46 Gas Valve
1/4" Gunmetal Hex Nipple - Bartlett
Hot Gas Valve Body - Brema CB1565A-Q Ice Maker
Pilot Nut 1/4 for Gas Tap - Blue Seal Masterchef G59-6
Pilot Olive 1/4 for Gas Tap - Blue Seal G59-6
Gas Valve Tap - Bartlett F35G/911B Oven Range
F18G/911NG Hob Gas Control Valve
Gas Valve Guard/Gasket Knob - Angelo Po 1G1FAGP OGOFAO Oven
Gas Control Tap/ FSD
Gas Valve - Pitco
SUPERSEDED Gas Control Valve - Dean SR142GN Fryer
LPG Gas Valve - Cecilware Fryer FNS463HPCE
Gas Control Tap - Angelo Po 2A1FASG Gas Range
Pilot Burner Valve - Hobart Wolf chargrill
Sit 630 Eurosit Gas Valve - Olis 60SG Griddle
Gas Valve- Caterlux NG Gas Valve for Bain Marie
Multifunctional Valve - Anet Golden 148GJ
Main Gas Valve - Rankin Delux Chargrill
Gas Valve - Elite CIFS - 40 Beige Knob
Unitrol Gas Valve - Falcon, Autofry, M Vulcan, Viscount,
Valve- Stott Benham Autofry 600 Gas Valve LPG
Control Valve- Stotts GHR6 ST Oven Control Valve HT Lead
Injector - Stott Benham Grill 800
Gas Valve- Stott Benham GIST GF1-60-NG Gas Valve
1/2" Gas Gov N/G Stott Benham 900 Series
Gas Control Thermostat Stott Benham 600
Gas Govenor - Stott Benham Oven 3/8" Gas Govenor
660 BabySit Valve Boiling Pan - Stott Benham
Valve- Stott Benham 600 Fryer R/Shaw Valve
JCA 35/03 Gas Control Tap - Stott Benham Oven
LPG Gas Tap - Concentric JCA.371
GR1 Stott Benham Oven Gas Tap
Float Valve- Stott Benham Torbeck Float Valve
SUPERSEDED Valved Gas Tap; 21S - Electrolux Zanussi
Gas Tap - Zanussi Gas Solid Top Hot Plate
Gas Valve - Zanussi
SUPERSEDED Gas Valve - Stott Benham Cambridge Oven
Valved Gas Tap - Zanussi Oven
PEL20 Gas Tap For Burners - Stott Benham/Zanussi
Ball Valve 3/4ft - Zanussi Fryer
Sit 0.440.013 Gas Valve/Safety Valve - Electrolux
Temp. Control Gas Valve - Zanussi MER5154
Open Top Large Gas Valve Burner Jet - Zanussi
Open Top Small Gas Valve Burner Jet - Zanussi
Gas Valve NG - Zanussi MCFG9 PCFG900 Oven
Sit Main Gas Valve - Zanussi RFC-G2540 Fryer
Gas Control Valve
NCLTD 1153 Gas Tap - Stott Benham GMG2-60 Super Grill
Gas Tap - Stott Benham GMG2-60 LPG Gas Tap
3/4" Relay Valve c/w by-pass screw garland
Safety Valve - Stott Benham ETK6-04-13
Gas Govener - Stott Benham Oven 3/4" Gas Govener
Control Valve- Stott Benham GHR6 Solid Top Control Valve
Open Top Burner Valve Stott Benham Super Grill
Minisit Valve - 0710742 - Replaced by 0710743
SUPERSEDED GSR6/GSR5 Gas Control Valve
Gas Tap Assembly - Parry 7073 7072 7090 Grill
Gas Tap Kit - Parry 7013 P6BO P6DUCK ULTIMA
LPG Burner Orifice 2.44mm - Pitco 35C+S Fryer
Gas Regulator Unitrol Valve - Pitco 35C+S
PEL22 Gas Valve - Olis 769-CGV-CE Oven
Novasit Gas Valve - Mareno BR9-12GFM Bratt
Gas Regulator - Dean Fryer SR142GN
FFD Gas Valve Blodgett DEG-100-3
Tap Assembly - Moorwood Vulcan 90R Front Tap Assembly
Gas Regulator - Moorwood Vulcan 90.MC2R
Gas Valve- Moorwood Vulcan 90MC4R - Magnetic Gas Valve
Burner Control Tap - Moorwood Vulcan Gemini Elite
Gas Tap - Moorwood Vulcan Gemini Elite +
Hob Gas Control valve - Moorwood Vulcan Masterchef 419
LPG Gas Regulator - Dean SR142GN Fryer
SUPERSEDED LPG Multi Fuction Gas Valve - Dean SR142GP
M8 Hob Gas Tap - Moorwood Vulcan Gemini MkI
Grill Tap - Moorwood Vulcan Gemini Mk 1
Gas Valve FFD - Montague Grizzly Oven G26/6
Gas Oven Thermostat Valve Montague Grizzly
Front Burner Gas Tap - Moorwood Vulcan Oven
G20 CE0049 L/H Gas Tap N/G -
Minisit 0.820.303 Gas Valve - Lincat OG7102N
Gas tap assembly - Lincat CG4 Chargrill
Gas Valve - Lincat Salamander Silverlink 600
Gas Control Valve - Lincat OG7203N Griddle
SUPERSEDED Honeywell Gas Valve - Imperial Elite Fryer 25
SUPERSEDED Gas Valve Right Elite B B Q CEBA2223 - Imperial
Flame Supervision Device H15HQ-3 H15HR-3
LPG Oven Gas Regulator - Wolf C45DE-7
Gas Tap - Bonnet B-B9FV400AL Range
3/4" Steam Gas Valve - Cleveland KDLT40 Tilting Kettle
Oven Valve Assembly - Garland ST28 / ST286
Hotplate Valve - Garland ST284 Oven
Hi - Low Gas Tap Garland
High low valve- Garland 64F
Control Valve - Frymaster J2XSP/SeriesAA Fryer
Unitrol Gas Valve (LPG) -Moorwood Vulcan ML60
Main Gas Valve LPG Fryer Frymaster
Main Gas Valve NG - Dean MJ35CE SR42 MJ35S
Oven FFD Valve - Garland ST286 / ST28 Oven
Gas Regulator Garland oven ST28 and ST286
Gas Valve - Garland FFD Gas Valve ( GD36-GF )
Concentric Gas Tap - Garland Oven 43-40RC
FFD Valve (griddle) - Garland ST283 MSTSRC ST286 Griddle
SUPERSEDED Gas Valve LPG- Pitco Fryer LPG G31 35 C+S
Flame Failure Device - Jade Range
Gas Tap - Falcon G350/2 Solid Top Oven
Ce Gas Control NG - Falcon G1528 Multigrill
Valve- Falcon Gas Burner Valve G350/8 Griddle & Oven
JCA 933REF1 Gas Tap - Falcon G350 Chargrill
Gas Valve - Falcon G1532 G2502 G2512 G2532 G9532 G2522
Gas Valve- Falcon Wok G1629 G1639 G1659 Gas Valve
SIT Gas Valve - Falcon G2865 Fryer - Natural
SUPERSEDED Valve- Robertshaw Gas Valve - Falcon G1808 G1830
CAL5200 Gas Control Valve - Falcon Dominator 4 Burner Gas Oven
SUPERSEDED 3/4" Gas Govenor (NG) - Falcon G2102C G1107 Range
Solid Top Control Valve - Falcon G2107 G1107ST Oven
Open Burner Valve - Falcon G1107CE G1127CE
Gas Tap & Knob - Falcon G2101OT Oven
Hob Gas Tap Valve - Falcon G2121 G1102 OT G2101EU Oven
Flame Failure Device (NAT GAS) - Falcon G1532
Gas Valve Nat.Gas - Falcon Fryer G1860
Gas Valve (natural gas) - Falcon G1860 Fryer
Pre Ce Gas Burner Tap - Falcon G1100 G1107 Oven
Gas Control Valve - Falcon G5478 Steamer
Control Valve - Falcon Boiling Pan G3078 G3080
Oven Control FFD - Falcon G1100
Oven Safety Valve - Montague S28-6 G26-6
3/4"" Gas Valve -Electrolux T3290 Tumble Dryer
Eurosit Gas Valve 0.630.326 - Mareno FT98GLT Griddle
SUPERSEDED Gas Control Valve - Mareno Chargrill GL 8G C7FG-9G
SUPERSEDED Gas Governor Maxitrol 3/4"""" - Falcon G2 102C
Fields & Pimblett Oven Hob Valve
Gas Valve High/Low S22 - Charvet
Gas Valve - Charvet 850LPG Oven
SUPERSEDED Charvet Pro 900 Gas Valve
Gas Valve (NG) For The Top Burners - Fields &
SUPERSEDED Gas Tap - Blue Seal Moffat G91B Grill
Electromagnet - Blue Seal G50-4D Oven
Sit Gas Valve - Blue Seal GT46 GT45 Fryer
Gas Valve (NG & LPG) - Blue Seal G59-6 Chargrill
Gas Tap - Blue Seal G91 Grill
3/4" Maxitrol RV48 LME Gas Regulator LPG
SUPERSEDED Gas Valve - Blue Seal GT46 Fryer
Minisit Gas Valve - Bartlett A18G-12
Gas Valve NG - Alliance Huebsch Tumble Dryer
Eurosit Gas Valve - Angelo Po 1A1TP0G Oven
Oven Gas Valve Montague Grizzly LI RD 19545
Gas Valve - Ambach GH-90 GP-45
Hot Gas Valve - Simag SD210
SUPERSEDED 1A1TP0G Gas Control Tap - Angelo Po Gas Range
Gas Valve- Honeywell VS820A1054 Gas Valve - Imperial Elite IFS2525 Fryer
Safety Gas Valve Jade Range CookerJSR-10-2436
Valve- Stott Benham 900 GS2 60NG Control Valve
SUPERSEDED Gas control valve - Silko FSG7030 Fryer
Valve H-Off NAT/LP for Southbend X436D CE
Gas Tap - Dexion MG139-15-010XL Range
0630315 Eurosit type Gas Valve - Zanussi 6 burner oven
1/2" Gas Governor - Bartlett G30G/911
Gas Valve - Moorwood Vulcan MV1RGP90-ST-NG Cooker
Gas Valve - Bakers Pride 351 Pizza Oven
Gas Valve - Bakers Pride GP61, Y600
Gas Valve - Electrolux QPIG15H Rice Boiler
Eurosit Gas Thermostat - Angelo Po Gas Oven
Sit Valve - Ambach GF1/45 Fryer
Eurosit Gas Valve - Olis 712-FRG-CE Fryer
Mag Valve Head- Falcon 350 Series FFD
Gas Governor (NG) - Falcon G5478 Steamer
Shut-off valve - Cannon 10678G Domestic Oven
Gas Govener - Garland GA1COR6AO-NG
Gas Regulator (LPG) - Wolf SCB36CE-15 Range
LPG Gas Regulator - Archway Chargrill
PN40 1/2" Yellow Handle Gas Ball Valve - Palux 503010 649562 Bain Marie
Hob gas tap - Rosinox 121GFNDRF Oven
Gas Valve 110-190c Eurosit - Zanussi Fryer
Gas Tap - Zanussi Range
LPG Regulator - Bakers Pride Chargrill XXE-4
Gas Tap for Hob - Bonnet B-B9FV400AL Range
Valve- Lincat J10N Fryer Gas GIST Valve
Robertshaw TS-11J 511-260-001 Safety Valve - Garland TG4
Gas tap extension - Electrolux 9BTOG2 Oven
LPG Gas Valve - Zanussi 161902 Fryer
Gas Valve- FALCON G1528 EN203 PRE 9/6/97 Gas Valve
Oven Thermostat - Falcon G9907
Multifunctional Gas Valve- Falcon G2865 Fryer
Thermostatic Gas Valve - Elframo GM35 Fryer
Solenoid Valve- Falcon G1808 Triple
Thermostatic gas valve - Angelo Po Gamma
Gas valve Nova 820 1/2"FF 220V - Angelo Po
Gas valve 22/V - Angelo Po Junior 031TP 30CPS
Thermostatic gas valve - Angelo Po Junior
Sit 0.630.332 Gas Valve - Mareno Fryer F78G15
Gas Valve (Oven) for Wolf FV361E/5
SUPERSEDED Unitrol Gas Valve - Stott Benham GAF4-600
SUPERSEDED Gas Valve - Blue Seal GT45 Fryer (NG)
Thermostatic gas valve - Angelo Po 0A0FT4G
Thermostatic gas valve - Angelo Po Alpha
0.810.126 Gas valve Elettrosit 1/2"FF - Angelo Po
Gas valve novasit 824 1/2" 220V - Angelo Po AD191BR1G
Oven control valve - Stott Benham GHR6/ST/NG
Hob Gas Tap - Blue Seal G50D Oven
On/Off Control Valve (Hob) - Olis 76/02 GCFL
1/2" Gas Governor - Falcon Salamander G1478 Grill
Gas Nozzle M10x1 WS 12 bore ø 1,2 mm
LPG Regulator - Garland ST286 Oven
Gas Tap (NG) - MBM C4F702P Cooker
19mm Gas Tap - Parry Griddle PGF300
Valve- Robertshaw Gas Valve 7000BMVR - Imperial Fryer NG
3/4" Gas Govenor - Viscount MV2RGP60OTNG
Gas valve (NG) - Hobart BR98GF Bratt Pan
Pressure Switch - lainox VG201D Oven
Pressure Valve - Lainox VG201D Oven
Top Burner Valve CE LPG Front Left Hand
Gas Valve - lainox VG201D Oven
Control Gas Valve - Bartlett Yeoman D11G/601 Fryer
Gas Valve - Electrolux
Gas Regulator 3/4 J78R 9-17 - List £145.00
Gas control valve FFD - Blue Seal G54 Oven
Gas Tap Kit (LPG & NG) - Zanussi 168804 168806 Oven
Oven by-pass screw - Falcon G1107 Oven
Control Valve - Falcon G1006BXST G1036ES
Gas valve (NG) - Hackman Metos HCPC10G Oven
Rear burner jet - Stott Benham GSR5-6BNG Oven
Gas Tap Kit Burner - Moorwood Vulcan - Non-Returnable
Gas Valve - ADC ADG50HS Tumble Dryer
Multifunctional Gas Valve - Falcon G2865 Fryer
** obsolete** Valve jumper - Hobart BEX Water Boiler
Gas Control Valve - Bakbar G22 Oven
Sit 0.810.175 - Gas Valve 230v Gas input 3/4" Gas Outlet 3/4"
SUPERSEDED Gas Valve LPG - Imperial IFS40 Fryer
Valve - Bakers Pride Pizza Oven 151
Gas Tap - Dexion Gas Boiler Pan, Hobart BMG10
Tap (medium) - Stoves Sterline 1000G Oven
Gas Valve - Dexion Gas Tilting Pan
Gas Solenoid Valve - Bartlet Sabre E16G Oven
Gas valve NG - Falcon G2112/2 Oven
7000BGOR-S7B LPG Gas Valve - Pitco 350+FI Fryer
Gas Pressure Governor - Lincat OG7005 Range
3/4"" Inlet Gas Regulator for Stott Benham
Gas Valve - Vulcan - 60S.D2
Solenoid Gas Valve - Groen AH140 Oven
Gas Valve- Stott Benham Grill Gas Valve - OU0842
PEL Gas Valve - PEL22S/V
gas connecting M20x1,5 tube ø 12/10mm for PEL
NG Jet Zanolli Synthesis 08/45v
LPG Gas Valve - Fagor HVG20-11 Oven
Gas Valve (NG) - Imperial Elite EFS-40 Fryer
Gas Valve LPG - Imperial Elite EFS-40 Fryer
Valve- Robertshaw Gas valve - Moorwood Vulcan 60F-E-NG fryer
Gas Regulator & Hose - Cinders Slimfold BBQ
Minisit Thermostatic Gas Valve (0.710.754)
Jeavon 3/4"" gas governor J78R
Multi-Function Control - MKN Griddle
SUPERSEDED Gas Valve - Angelo Po
Gas tap for Moorwood Vulcan Chargrill
Oven Thermostat Kit - Parry P6B0 P6B0P P6BG Oven
1/2" Regulator - Blue Seal G91 Grill
Gas Valve Two Port
Open Burner Gas Valve - Charvet 850LPG Oven
SUPERSEDED Valve Support c/w Blank Screw (Brass) - Eloma Genius 10-11 Oven
Non Return Valve Lainox Oven
Sit 710 Gas Valve - 0710756
Extension Zanussi 295012 Bratt Pan
Hot Gas Valve and Coil Icematic N201 Ice
Sit Control Valve - Falcon Dominator Fryer
Gas valve - Electrolux FCG101 Oven
Jet Tap Assembly Stott Benham GR61517 Oven
Gas Thermostat type series 25ST t.max. 300 °C
PEL21 Gas Tap - Baron 80314116119PC Oven
Solenoid Gas Valve - Blodgett BG2136 Oven
Gas Valve - Mareno F98G22
Valve- Speed Queen Gas Tumble Dryer SDG109WG3013
Valve Blkt- Moorwood Vulcan Hob Gas Valve Bkt & Screws
1/2" Gas Valve - Maxitrol RV48LM
FusionTap Falcon Dominator Oven
Gas Valve LPG Falcon Dominator G2624B Grill
Copreci CAL24200 Gas Valve NG - Falcon Dominator G2624B Grill
FFD - Bartlett E17G Gas Oven Range
Valve Gas Tap - Zanussi - Oven - P220585/14
Jeavon gas govenor 1/2 inch
Nova Gas Valve - Dexion & MBM Convection Oven
Gas Valve - MBM GBRV1 Bratt Pan
Burner Gas Valve - Falcon G1066XOT Cheiftain
Gas Tap Angelo Po G1FA0G 4 Burner Oven
Gas Valve 110-190C - Ambach GF1/40 Fryer
C1A7AMK6EO Gas valve - Electrolux TCFG9 Oven
Gas Valve (NG) - Frymaster MJH250SC
Thermostatic Gas Valve - Dexion Bratt Pan
Gas govenor - Falcon G1532 Grill
Gas Valve (NG) - Huebsch HU035NQTJ1GZW02
Valve Bertos G9FL8M-2 Grill
Gas Valve Foinox JO-0211GB1 Oven
Honey Well Gas Valve
Gas Valve Bertos G9BR12/1 Bratt Pan
Valve 7000BMVR 1/2'' - Bakers Pride 251 Oven
SUPERSEDED Valve 7000 BMVR - Bakers Pride 251 Oven
Ring top gas valve - Garland MST45RE Oven
Gas Control Box (LPG) - Falcon G1830 Fryer
SUPERSEDED Thermostatic Gas Valve -Elframo GM12+12 Fryer
Gas Tap - Falcon G1006 G1066 Range
Gas Tap MBM SAG660 Salamander Grill
Gas Valve Wolf HWTF65E-SEFAAA Fryer
Gas Tap for Burner - Stott Benham - Oven -
Valve- Maxitrol Valve/Thermostat With Fittings - Falcon G1160 G3860 Oven
Hot Gas Valve Scanfrost UFG.580
White Rodgers Gas Valve - Imperial CIFS-40
Mag Valve - Imperial CIFS40 CIR6
Mini Sit Gas Valve 0.710.702
Elettrosit Gas Valve SIT Type
Thermostatic gas valve - Mareno FTG40B
Nozzle - Electrolux PFRG7311 Fryer
Safety gas valve - Front fixing M12x1 1/4mm
Control Valve - Fagor Steam Oven
ALCO 404 Expansion valve
Thermostatic Gas Valve - Hobart HGF47 Fryer
Gas Valve - Parry AGFP Fryer
Conversion for Gas Valve - Imperial CIFF2525
Baby Sit Valve 0.660.190 - Universal
Multicock Gas Valve Bakers Pride XXE-4 Chargrill
Gas Tap Clubman with Elbow Fitting Cinders
Governer & Adaptor NG 1/2" - Falcon G1518 Grill
Gas Valve - Hobart Range
PEL22 Gas valve - Mareno F9V-4GLR Griddle
Gas valve - Modular 65/70 FTGPCR Griddle
Shraeder valve for Compressor GP14BB
Thermostatic gas valve - Modular 65/70
Gas Valve & Thermostat - Mareno FR74G Fryer
Gas Valve LPG-Huebsch Tumble Dryer - Gas Valve - LPG
Gas Valve- Huebsch Tumble Dryer - Gas Valve - Nat Gas
PEL21S Gas Tap 21/SV M9X1 - Mareno Plus
Gas Valve Conversion Kit Imperial CIFS40
Burner control valve - Fagor CG-741GNSM Oven
Gas Tap - Blue Seal G508 Cooker
Gas Valve - Lincat OCV61G Oven
NG Gas Valve - Frymaster - Fryer - Master CF
Gas Valve - Magikitch'n BBQ Grill
Sit 0.630.332 Gas Valve - Olis Fryer 74/02 FRG
Gas Valve - Rational Oven SCC Line 61
Gas Valve - Rational Oven SCC Line 61
Gas Valve Ambach GPSG/80 Solid Top
Gas Vlave Electrolux TT210
Gas Tap with Tee Fitting - Cinders BBQ -
SUPERSEDED NG Gas Valve - Falcon G2925 Grill
Hot Gas Valve with Coil - Scotsman - Ice
Thermal Expansion Valve - Scotsman - Ice
Gas Control Unit - Bartlett E16G E16G21 Oven
RH Gas Valve Tap - Imperial EBA-3223
LH Gas Valve Tap - Imperial EBA-3223
SUPERSEDED O/T Control Valve NG/LPG - Falcon G110702
NG Spark Ignition Gas Valve - Pitco SG14
NG Manual Ignition Gas Valve - Pitco SG14
235/O Gas Tap - Electrolux Boiling Pan
Gas Valve Baron 9PS/G150 Kettle Steamer
Gas Valve - Archway 4BSTD Kebab Machine
Sit Gas Valve - Zanolli SYNTHESIS 10/65VGDIGCB - 0.836.010
Grill Gas Tap - Falcon 211GGO Oven
Eurosit valve - Max 340°C 100-340°C Gas input
Sit Euro Valve - 0.630.332
SUPERSEDED Valve Support Eloma T6-23 Oven
SUPERSEDED Safety Relief Valve Assembly Henny Penny
Gas Valve - Electrolux Oven
Covering - Electrolux Oven
Gas Valve Blodgett DFG100-3 Oven
Sit Thermostatic Gas Valve 830 - Bonnet Fryer
Gas Valve Retro Kit with SIT Valve- Robershaw
LPG Gas Valve - Keating FU36X30LD Grill
Top Gas Valve- Electrolux Supergril l800 Grill
Bottom Gas Valve Electrolux & Supergrill 800
Gas Valve - Falcon G2860 Fryer
0630312 Eurosit Gas Valve - Fagor FTG705 Grill
Hob Gas Valve Lincat OG7002/N Oven
Thermostatic Gas Valve - MBM GBR7 GBR17
Hob valve - Lincat SLR9N Oven
SUPERSEDED Gas Valve - Pitco Fryer (Nat Gas) D047101
Gas Tap Assembly - Parry AGPC1 CD447 Pie Warmer
Safety Valve - Groen D-40 Tilting Kettle
SUPERSEDED LPG Gas Valve Pitco 35C+S Fryer
Oven Mini-Sit Valve - 100-340°C
Gas Tap (Hob) - Silko CCCG7001 Oven
Dual Gas Valve Kit - Blodgett MT3240G Oven
Gas valve NG - Blodgett Solid State
Gas Valve - Rosinox
Hot Gas Valve Body - Scotsman AC175 Ice Machine
Non Return Valve - Fagor - Dishwasher - FI-48
Flame Failure Valve Moorwood Vulcan HD1030
LPG Gas Valve - Parry PO20 Potato Oven
Gas Control Valve - Angelo Po 191FAAG 1G1FAGP Oven
Gas Valve Novasit 0.820.018
LH Gas Valve - Imperial Cooker CIR6
Thermostatic Gas Valve - Zanussi OFR/G2D14
Hob Gas Valve - Lincat - LMR9N
T-Fitting Gas Valve - Cinders CATERER TG160
Elbow Fitting Gas Valve - Cinders CATERER
Gas Valve 21/SV M9X1 - Fimar - Chargrill -
Obsolete Multifunction Gas Valve - Kronus LT15G-CE
Gas Valve- Bertos Fryer Gas Valve - GL7+7M
Gas Control Valve LPG w/ Beige Knob - Imperial CIFS40 Fryer
Gas Tap Jet - Montague Grizzly - Oven
Pressure Regulator Valve Falcon G3925
Eurosit 630 Oven Gas Valve - Mareno NS7FG8GS Oven
Hot Gas Valve ISA Tornado 1868493 Freezer
Gas Valve Conversion - Imperial - Fryer -
Gas Cock Fimar GL40 Grill
PEL21 Gas Tap - Angelo Po 60SM Grill
PEL21 Gas Valve - Zanussi MGU61 Lava Grill
Gas Valve - Moffat HBG168L Bain Marie
LPG Gas Regulator - Maxitrol 1/2" Hose
Unitrol Valve LPG - Moorwood Vulcan 30FD
Gas Valve - FAGE 9262/2G Oven
SIT Gas Control Valve (NG) - Cuppone Pizza
Oven Gas Valve - Blue Seal G56-D Oven
Solid Top Control Valve - Falcon - G3107
Gas Valve - Frymaster PMJ135SD Fryer
LPG Gas Valve - Moorwood Vulcan 60SD2 Steamer
Control Gas Valve - Bartlett Yeoman D11G/601 Fryer
Gas Valve - Kenwood CK304G Cooker
Thermostatic Gas Valve - Hobart Premier 700 Griddle
Gas Controller - Olis 7962CGU-CE Oven
Main Gas Valve (NG) - Middleby Marshall PS360EWB
Gas Tap - Universo Chargrill PLX80 Gas Tap
Regulator - Blue Seal - Oven
Gas Nozzle - ATA - Oven - K9GCU05TT
Gas Valve - Mareno BR-98GFM Bratt Pan
Gas Valve - Archway - Grill - 49STD
Alternative Oven gas control valve - Falcon 211GGO Cooker
Valve: 3/4"" - Imesa BVP RC30/40 Washing Machine
Adaptor for Eurosit - Fagor FTG-710 Griddle
Hot Gas Valve Assembly - Scotsman CD40 Ice Machine
Flame Failure Device (LPG) - Falcon 211-GGO Cooker
Gas Valve - Cissell Tumble Dryer
Gas Tap - Mareno C7FG-9G Oven
LPG Gas Valve - Imperial CIFS40 Fryer
LPG Gas Control Valve - Wolf
Gas Valve NG - Magi-Kitch'n FM636 Griddle
NG Multifunctional Gas Control Valve - Falcon G2203 G2206
LPG Multifunctional Gas Control Valve - Falcon G2203 G2206
NG Gas Valve - Blue Seal G594 Grill
Control Valve NG - Falcon G1478 Stock-Pot Stove
Propane Regulator - Garland G286 Oven
Castel 1028/3 - Valve Angelo Po
Thermostatic Gas Valve MTZ 7200 Fagor
NG Gas Valve - Caterlux - Hot Cupboard - ATLAS
Gas tap (Rear Right Hand Burner) - Iberital
Valve- Robertshaw FMEA Mercury FFD valve
Gas Tap Insert - Garland Grill G80/24
Hi Lo Valve LPG G280 - Garland
Gas Tap - Garland G283 Oven
Basco H91DS-12 Main Gas Solenoid Valve - Garland FM30GM
Gas Valve - Frymaster FM235SD Fryer
Gas Valve (NG) - Frymaster 47
Gas Valve- Garland Frymaster MJ35ST Gas Valve
Gas Valve Garland
Gas Valve - Garland FFD Gas Valve 1/2" Garland
Valve - Garland Hi-Low Gas Valve NG
High/Low Gas Valve + 90° Elbow - Garland
G34 Conversion Kit LPG to Nat Gas
Gum Valve - Garland G8-36B Griddle
Minisit Gas Valve LPG - Hobart HGF66 Fryer
LPG Valve - Hobart Wolf Propane Gas Fryer
Ferrule - Wolf SCB47CE-6 25CE7 Griddle
Gas Valve Wolf Griddle SCB 25CE7
Gas Valve -Elite CIFS40 L/H Gas Valve with Pilot
Gas Valve Elite BBQ Ceba 223
Valve- Imperial Griddle Gas Valve L/H No Pilot
SUPERSEDED **** Imperial Fryer CIFS-40 Gas Valve Honeywell
Natural Gas R/H Gas Tap for hotplate
SUPERSEDED Gas Valve Left Hand Elite Fryer CEBA2223 - Imperial
Gas Valve - Speed Queen Gas Tumble Dryer
Gas Control Valve - Lincat GS7 GS7N Griddle
Gas Valve - Lincat SLR9 Ovens Boiling Tops
Gas Tap - Lincat OG710NP Fryer/Oven
Gas tap - Lincat OB7402N Chargrill
Gas Governor - 1/2" Gas pressure regulator /
Gas Tap - Moorwood Vulcan M Line 6 Burner
Oven Burner Valve - Moorwood Vulcan 36L
Minisit - Moffat Hot Plate - HB H1316x8.9
Gas Valve - Moorwood Vulcan Range Master
M10 Gas Tap - Moorwood Vulcan Gemini MkI
SUPERSEDED Oven Thermostat 0.710.652 Mayfair Mk2
Main Gas Valve - Moorwood Vulcan ML 60S-FP-NG
Burner Gas Tap - Moorwood Vulcan Oven (open top)
Unitrol Gas Valve (NG) -Moorwood Vulcan ML60F
Unitrol Gas Valve Commodore 2000 HD 30F-NG
Gas Valve (with FFD) - Moorwood Vulcan MV1FTT 60NG
Pilot Gas Control Valve- Moorwood Vulcan HD1000 range oven
Gas Tap- Moorwood Vulcan - Gas Tap (HD100)
Valve- Emmepi 1/2 Sit Thermo-Valve - Minisit
Gas Control Tap FSD - Fields & Pimblett Oven
SUPERSEDED Gas Tap / Valve for Blue Seal G50D
Main Gas Valve- Pitco Frialator 35C+S - Main Gas Valve (NG)
Unitrol Gas Valve Natural Gas - Pitco Fryer C
Eurosit 630 Gas Valve - Angelo Po - Oven - 191FAGCPMO
Gas Valve 23/V With Pilot Flame Fagor Bratt Pan
Hot Gas Valve - Iceomatic - Ice Machine - ICE0325HT
Ugello - Erre CT9200F- Cooker
Valve Support Blanking Screw- Eloma Combi Steamer
Gas Thermostat - Olis 74FTG Fryer
Main NG Gas Valve Anets SLG100S Fryer
NG Gas Tap - Archway Griddle
Single Gas Valve Assy - Alliance LG37AWM3080 Tumble Dryer
Thermostatic Gas Valve - Blue Seal GP514-LS Griddle
Gas Valve - Hobart IRB36E Salamander Grill
Gas Valve - Victor - Hot Cupboard - PEER 12
O/T Control Valve Post F500000 - Falcon G3101
LPG Gas Valve - Garland Frymaster 35 Fryer
Hob Gas Tap - Buffalo Cooker
Pressue Reducing Valve- Eloma Combi Steamer
Solenoid Valve- Eloma Combi Steamer
SIT Oven Control Valve - Garland GF36/6R Oven
Gas Valve CAL3200 With Pilot Flame Fagor Boiling Pan
Hob Burner Valve - Lincat Oven
Elbow For Gas Valve 90° - Falcon G2860 Fryer
Gas Valve - Baron 9PCF/G800 Oven
Gas Tap - Mareno NS7FG8S Cooker
Gas Tap Garland
SUPERSEDED Gas Valve Mareno Grill
Valved Gas Tap Electrolux/Zanussi
Gas Valve w/ Handle - Blodgett 1048C Oven
VR8304M 2105 Gas Valve Middleby Marshall Oven
Minisit 0710654 - Gas Valve Electrolux/Zanussi
Gas Tap - Bonnet SAL53G SMB Salamander Grill
Door Seal - Angelo Po Fridge
Gas Valve - Silko DG72128 DG74228 Pasta Cooker
1" Gas Solenoid Valve - Honeywell
Gas Valve - Caterlux LPG Gas Valve for Bain Marie
Dehumidification / Evaporation Valve - Convotherm Oven
Gas Valve - JLA T30
Regulator Gas Valve LPG - Pitco SG14T SG14RS Fryer
Gas Tap MBM Minima Pot Stove
Top Burner Nat Gas Valve Garland Oven
Gas Control Valve c/w FFD - Falcon
Gas Thermostat - 660 Babysit 30-110 °C
Gas Tap - Moorwood Vulcan Masterchef Oven
Modulating Gas Valve - Middleby Marshall PS740 PS640 BG2136 Oven
Saddle Mount - Imperial Oven
LH Burner Gas Valve - Tri-Star TR6 6-Burner Range
RH Burner Gas Valve - Tri-Star TR6 6-Burner Range
Thermostatic Gas Valve - Thor GL165-N GL165-P GL166-N GL166-P Fryer
Gas Valve (LPG) - Pitco SG14S Fryer
Strut-Gas 300N - Henny Penny
R/H Gas Valve - Rational CMP101G Oven
Steamer Gas Valve - Rational CMP101G Oven
Elbow for Gas Valve 90° - Falcon G2830/2865 Fryer
Thermostatic Valve - Vulcan Hart
Gas Valve 24v NG - Pitco Fryalator Fryer
1/2" Maxitrol Gas Regulator
Gas Valve - Anets SLG40 Fryer
Top Burner Valve- Rankin - 2123-E
SUPERSEDED Gas Valve - Buffalo - Oven - 90NG
Hot Gas Valve - Scotsman ACM45ASE0600 Ice Machine
Gas Valve - Angelo Po - Oven - FM611G1-CPM01
Hob Control Valve - Blue Seal
Gas Valve - Middleby Marshall - Oven - BG21362BUC00
Tap - Rollergrill RGB-30 Rotisserie
Valve - Sit Gas Valve D3 0440007
Gas Tap - MKN - 2063405S
Gas Tap - MKN - 2063405S
Gas Valve c/w Knob - Falcon G350/7 Griddle
NG Gas Valve - Frymaster PMJ135SD Fryer
Gas Valve - Electrolux
Gas Thermostat - Zanussi
Gas Tap - MKN
Valve Assembly - Groen
Burner Valve - Garland Range
820 Nova Gas Valve (0820010) - Electrolux Fryer and Oven
Gas Tap - Diamond - G6S
Gas Thermostat Valve - Lotus - Bain Marie - BM4G
NG Governor - Moorwood Vulcan MV10GP90-2T-NG Oven
Gas Valve - Pitco SG14 Fryer
Hot Gas Valve Coil 220v - Maidaid Halcyon 45A(IT-UK) Ice Machine
Gas Valve - Montague Grizzly - G164NL
One Way Multigas Tap - Cannon - Oven - C50GCS
Gas Valve C/W Ignition Lead - Parry Salamander Grill
Eurosit 630 Gas Valve - 0630205 - AGA - AG4M210
Sit Nova 826 Control Valve - Beech Oven - W01800W/G
Gas Valve - Ubert D-46348 - Griddle Plate
FFD Valve - Garland GD-36RBFF
Gas Valve - Cissell Tumble Dryer
Hotplate Gas Tap - Buffalo
Minisit Valve 120°-200°C
630 Eurosit Valve - 0630330 - Temp. Range 60-300 °C
Safety Valve c/w Fittings - Garland TG3 Convection Oven
Thermostatic Valve - Gram Snowflake SKF40-OPE5 Blast Chiller
Gas Valve- Lotus FTLRT76-GS - Oven
Gas Control Valve - Blue Seal
Gas Tap - Fagor FTG-7100 Griddle
SUPERSEDED Gas Tap - RollerGrill
Gas Valve for Small Burner - Moorwood Vulcan - Oven - MV1RGP90
SUPERSEDED Control Valve - NG - Falcon G3925 Chargrill
Mode and Timer Knob - Blodgett Solid State
Ignition Module - Blodgett Solid State
LPG Jet- Bonnet BCB900 Chargrill
Safety Valve Pop up - BBQ King - Oven
Gas Valve Assembly - Speed Queen SDG809WF3060 Dryer
Gas Thermostat PEL type 25ST 120-320°C gas inlet M16x1.5
SUPERSEDED Gas Tap/ Open Burner- Electrolux MCF/G9- Cooker
Sit Valve C/W Fittings - Falcon G3860 Fryer
Solid Top Gas Valve - Lincat 7005/M Oven
Hob Gas Valve- Parry T6BO- Oven
Gas Tap Knob- Stott Benham Supergrill 600 - Grill
Gas Tap- Stott Benham Supergrill 600 - Grill
Main Gas Valve - Blodgett BG3240 Pizza Oven
Gas Tap - Ambach
Hot Gas Valve - Scotsman M15A Ice Machine
Gas Jet - Lavamac - Armstrong
Gas Valve - Fagor FG7-102C
Gas Valve - Imperial - IHR-4
Gas Tap/FFD- Moorwood Salamnder - Grill
Copreci CAL-3200 Gas Control Valve - Falcon G3532 - Oven
Expansion Valve - Friulinox FRC RCRC20T
Gas Valve- Caterlux LPG Gas Valve for Hot Cupboard
Novasit Gas Valve - Fagor - SBG9-15IM
NG Gas Tap - Archway Griddle 2BG/NG
Seal - Fimar PPF25235M Potato Peeler
Thermostatic Tap - Colged/Dexion/Elettrobar/Gico/Mareno
Regulator - Falcon Oven G2107OT
Gas Valve - Anets - Fryer
Gas Valve (NG) - Blodgett Zephaire GL
Gas Valve - Giga/Modular/Lotus/Rollergrill/Silko
Thermostatic Tap - Colged/Dexion/Elettrobar/Hobart/MBM
Pressure valve, without heating element - Fermod
Hinge, double spring, composite with 90 deg stop - Fermod
Hinge - Fermod
Hinge - Fermod
Composite hinge, adjustable, flush - Fermod
Hot Gas Valve - Iceomatic - Ice Machine - ICE0325HT
Valve - Williams WBC10R1R1 - Chiller
Eurosit 110-190c Thermostatic Gas Valve - Mareno Fryer
1/2" Gas Govenor- Stott Benham Supergrill 800- Grill
1/2" Gas Govenor- Stott Benham Supergrill 800- Grill
LPG Gas Valve - Frymaster MJ45ESD
Solenoid Valve- Imperial CICVG1 - Cooker
Pilot Jet - Erre CT9200F- Cooker
Gas Jet - Erre CT9200F- Cooker
Gas Jet - Erre CT9200F- Cooker
By Pass - Erre CT9200F- Cooker
Water Inlet Valve- Hoshizaki IM-2470DNE-23 - Ice Machine
Gas Tap - Parry - BMF1/1G
Control Valve - Falcon G9500 Griddle
Control Valve - Falcon Dominator G1107
Electronic 4 Track Valve - Girbau Washing Machine
Electronic 3 Track Valve - Girbau LS-312 Washing Machine
Hot Gas Valve 230v - Manitowoc - Ice Machine - ECS023AG QM030
Hob Gas Tap - Buffalo Cooker
SUPERSEDED Gas Valve - Fagor CGB7-61BPR Oven
CPMM18700 Gas Tap 1.15 - Fagor CGB7-61BPR Oven
Thermostatic Gas Tap - Roller Grill 400CFG Crepe Machine
VR4605P Gas Valve 230V - OEM - Pizza Oven
Flame Failure Valve Assembly - Garland
Thermostat Control Valve - Falcon - G3641
Hot Gas Coil - Whirlpool K40 - Ice Machine
Hot Gas Valve Only - Whirlpool K40 - Ice Machine