Grill Bricks / Plaques & Lava Rocks

Many commercial kitchens use grill bricks, they are easy to replace. Grill bricks are also known as ceramic radiants, heat bricks, refractory tiles or grill plaques. These are all replacement parts to the gas grill burner assembly. A S Catering Supplies can help you to identify the grill bricks you require.

Grill Bricks / Plaques & Lava Rocks Parts
Lava Rock Tray - Ambach S-8GLG/80 Chargrill
Briquette Box - Angelo Po
Refractory Tile - Angelo Po 60SM Salamander Grill
Box Of Lava Rocks Archway Grill
Bag Of Lava Rocks Archway Grill
Lava Rock (5 kilos)
Lava Rock 9kg bag
3kg bag - BBQ Lava rocks
Lava Rock 9kg Bag
Lava Rock Briquette - Charvet Chargrill
Grill Top - Cinders Caterer BBQ
Ribbed Cast Iron Griddle - Electrolux
5kg Lava Rock - Zanussi Chargrill
Lava rock grid - Electrolux ZGG800 Griddle
Briquette Pack - Ember-Glo Broiler
Burner Plaques Set - Falcon G1532 Grill Pre C
SUPERSEDED Gas Burner Grill Brick - Falcon G1521 G1532 Grill
Grill brick - Falcon G1522 Griddle
Set of 6 Grill Bricks - Falcon G9532 Grill
Lava Rocks- Falcon Chargrill Lava Rocks / BBQ Bricks (1.65kg)
SUPERSEDED Grill Brick - Falcon G1512 Steakhouse Grill
Obsolete Grill Burner Brick - Falcon G1532 G350/19
SUPERSEDED End brick support - Falcon G1522 Griddle
Grill Brick 7 1/4" X 4 3/4" - Falcon G1527
SUPERSEDED Ceramic Grill Brick 6 x 11 Pimples - Falcon
Gas Burner Brick (set of 12) - Falcon G9522 G2522 Grill
Grill Bricks - (Pack of 8) Falcon Grill G2512
SUPERSEDED Single Grill Brick - Falcon G1502 Grill
Set of 12 Grill Bricks - Falcon G1522 Grill
End Plaque Support Bar - Falcon G9532 - Grill
Set of 8 Grill Bricks - Falcon G1512 Grill
Cast Iron Grill Plate Fimar B/80 Grill
Lava rock 5kg - Fimar B115 Grill
Ceramic radiant - Garland ST283 Griddle
Chargrill Lava Rock Briquettes (20lb) Garland ST280-30
Lava Rock Briquettes (84pcs) - Garland ST280-18 Chargrill
Griddle Wire Mesh - Imperial CIR/6RG24 Grill
Black Lava Rocks Imperial Elite Chargrill
Lava Rock - Lincat Chargrill Lava Rock 3kg Bag
Cast Iron Grill Brick - Magikitch'n Grill
Chargill Support - Mareno GL7/8G Chargrill
Ceramic Grill Plaques MONARCH Grill FPMG 700
Ceramic- Montague Grizzly Grill - Single Ceramic
Pizza Stone- Moretti Pizza Stone for Pizza Oven RHC
Lava Rock (4kg) - Olis - Chargrill - 74/02PLG
Coals for Rankin Deluxe
Coal Holder Rankin Deluxe 3223
Plaque Assembly - Stott Benham Multi Grill GMG