Handles / Levers & Catches

It can be confusing trying to find the correct handle for your machine as there are so many on the market, A S Catering Supplies are the commercial catering spares experts and can help you find the handle that fits your piece of equipment

Handles / Levers & Catches Parts
Grill Pan Handle Black Plastic FALCON 1092
Oven Door Handle Button Spring Lainox FG101M
Meat Slicer Device - Omega
R/H Outer casing - Dynamic MX2000 Blender
Grill Handle - Falcon Grill G1518 G1528
Lift Cover Handle - Falcon G350/12
Handwheel c/w Handle - Falcon G1994 G2994 Bratt Pan
SUPERSEDED Door Latch Keeper - Falcon E41032C Steamer
SUPERSEDED TRS Locking Lever - Crypto TRS102
Black Handle Knob - Fields & Pimblett FPP044
Oven Door Handle Assy - Montague Grizzly
Door Handle - Electrolux T1000 Tumble drier
Handle - Electrolux IC44832FLF Ironer
SUPERSEDED Door Handle - Elcold EL61/51 Freezer
Hand Grip - Avery Berkel BSPGL04011300 Slicer
Door Striker - Burlodge BROG-20 Oven
Swan Water Boiler Lid Handle
SUPERSEDED Locking Lever - Crypto Peerless TRS
TRS White Plastic Switch Operating Cam
Handle for Hopper Arm - Crypto TRS130 - Processor
Lid Handle - Derby C40T Chest Freezer
Hood Bracket Suport - Comenda DP860
Handle Collar 22X31.5 MM - Comenda LC900 Dishwasher
Door Handle - Vestfrost KF315G
Handle - Vestfrost SZ464C SZ362C SZ248C Freezer
SUPERSEDED Door Handle - Vestfrost Freezer HFG96G,
Rectangular Style Door Handle INFRICO ZX1
Door Handle Assembly - Angelo Po FCV4EDS
Handle & Cam Assy - Speed Queen Tumble Drier
Door Handle - Bartlett Harmony E22E/6 Oven
OBSOLETE Handle - Bartlett
Door Handle - Blue Seal E32 Turbo Fan Oven
Door Handle - Interlevin BB1H Bottle Cooler
L/H Door Handle / Latch - Convotherm OD10.10P Oven
Right Door Handle - Convotherm OD10.10 Combi Oven
SUPERSEDED Door Latch Hoonved SP50
TRS Locking Lever
SUPERSEDED Door Handle Assy - Crypto Peerless CD4 CD8 Potato Peeler
Handle Assy - Zanussi Potato Peeler 601070
Door Lever Stop - Crypto Peerless C58F C28F
Wheel Hand & Shaft Assy - Groen FPC-4
White Plastic Door Handle - Mondial Elite
Grey Handle (26cm) - Mondial Elite KICPR40 KICPR40 KNX40
Handle Cup Style INFRICO Fridge ZX1 ZX10
Corner Door Handle - Autonumis JF0692 JG06163
Handle - Barlett C11E C11E/6 C11E16 Kettle
Handle - Bakbar 82 E84L E83L Pie Warmer
Door Handle - Caravell BCH901 5V
Handle - Bizerba SE12 Slicer
Handle- Giorik CPG3N Pasta Boiler Tap Handle
Black Oven Door Handle - Cannon Cambridge
LH Door Handle - Gamko STEKNG1422
RH Handle - Gamko ECO22GVST
Handle - Gamko Bottle Cooler MC20-150
D-Shaped Door Handle - Infrico Salad Bar
Top Lid Handle - Infrico ME1003EN Fridge
Black Press Handle - Stresa 300HD Meat Slicer
Metal Door handle (bolted) - Iarp Fridge
Left side handle - Dynamic Junior Combi Blender
Right side handle - Dynamic Junior Combi
Handle for Lid - Falcon - Fryer - G2860
Handle - Sanyo Microwave Door Handle
Push Handle - Hobart - Slicer - SL350
Bowl Arm Lift - Hobart A200 Mixer
Speed Lever & Cover Assy - Electrolux
Boiling Pan Handle Stem- Groen AH 1-40
Handle K58 Inc Strike&Release - Foster
Handle K56 +Strike&Release - Foster
Inner Release Handle 921 - Foster
Door Handle - Victoria Baking Potato Oven
Door Handle - Rational CM101 SCC201 SCC101 Oven
Pivot Veg Pusher Guide - Robot Coupe CL5
Metal Spacer for Handle - Rollergrill SGM60
Handle - Roller Grill SGM60 Salamander
Red Casing (Handle) - Sammic TR250 Stick
Door Handle - Stott Benham Oven
600 / 800 Stott Benham Grill Handles
Door Handle Back Plate - GSR5 6B NG
Handle door black c/w inserts - Stott Benham
Handle - Sanyo Door Handle
Door Handle - Sanyo Microwave
Handle - Sanyo Microwave Door Handle
Tap Lever - Ugolini HT11-20 Juice Dispenser
Door Handle Assembly (with catch) -
SUPERSEDED Internal Latch - Unox XV303G Combi Oven
Handle End Pin - Unox XB603 XG813G Combi Oven
Bar (handle) - Victor Hot Cupboard
Handle Bracket - Victor Hot Cupboard
Door Catch & Handle - Weald WM42H Fridge
Lever Handle - Williams GP1/4 Coldroom GP
Press Arm Handle - Electrolux S250 Slicer
Handle Support/Knob Block - Electrolux Potato
Handle / Locking Knob - Electrolux Potato
Door handle and screws - Zanussi ZVC-17
Knob - Electrolux W3240H Washing Machine
Handle - Zanussi
Locking Lever - Electrolux TRS
Handle - Zanussi
Handle - Tefcold FS1380 Drinks Cooler
Handle for Tap - Zanussi/Electrolux
SUPERSEDED Oven handle - Zanussi
Hinge Assembly - Electrolux Dito TRS
Lever - Zanussi Electrolux
Handle - Electrolux 295028 Bratt Pan
Handle Housing - Zanussi Electrolux
Door Handle Complete - Winterhalter GS29
Handle - Victor HND70140N Hot Cupboard
Door handle - Tefcold SC1375 Fridge
Red Tap Handle 'Pull' Ugolini Slush (Twin)
Push Bar Tap - Ugolini Juice Dispenser
Handle - Stotts Hot Cupboard MCE49
Handle- Stott Benham Hot Cupboard Handle
Lid / Door Handle - Stott Benham GSR5 6BNG
Control Knob - Stott Benham ETP2.12.13
Handle - Stott Benham Hot Cupboard 81808
Handle - Robot Coupe CL401 Food processor
SUPERSEDED Door Handle - Rational SCC61G Oven
Door Handle - Rational CM201G SCC202G SCC201 Oven
Door Lock/Handle - Rational CD11 CD6 CD101 Oven
Lid Stay - Victorian Potato Oven QV
U Shaped Handle - Parry 300SL Slicer
Door Handle - Parry 9214 1888 1894 Plate Warmer
Door Handle - Osbourne Fridge 2900 2500
SUPERSEDED Handle - Osborne 4300
SUPERSEDED Door Handle - Osborne Bottle Cooler
Door Handle Kit - Electrolux AR170ES Combi
RC50P Handle Moulding Hotpoint
RC50P Hotpoint Handle Fascia
Lever - Panasonic Microwave
Lever - Sharp R22DV microwave
Handle Terminal -Unox XF090P
Door Handle & Catch - Moorwood Vulcan Steamer
Door Handle & Catch - Moorwood Vulcan ML60S
Handle/End Moulding - Moorwood Vulcan Oven 90
Lever/Handle - Jackson JJ3 Water Boiler
SUPERSEDED Handle - Moffat Hot Cupboard E84L
SUPERSEDED Door Handle - Liebherr GS3113 Upright Freezer
Door handle - Lincat V6FD Oven
Handle L Shape Plastic - Tefcold FS1380
SUPERSEDED Door Handle - Tefcold FS1380
Door Handle - Iarp Stok140 PNE STOK14BTC Fridge
Door handle - Framec 031 RevisionO Freezer
SUPERSEDED Handle - Tefcold Chest Freezer CF500S
Door Handle - Tefcold GM500 Freezer
Door Handle (old shape) - Criocabin MGM10709F
Lever - Icematic N25 Ice Machine
Door Handle Assembly- Hobart E6414
Handle Type Hopper Clamp Hobart Potato Peeler
Door Catch - Fermod FREMEGURT- 921EP1000
Door Handle Kit - Hoover Nextra 6 Washing
Roller Rolling Handle - Hoonved CAP7
Wire Rolling Handle - Hoonved Dishwasher CAP7
Lever - Hoonved C60E dishwasher
Left Hand Handle End- Garland
Oven handle end cap (R/H) - Garland
Green Cap to suit Fermod 621/921 Foster
Strike to Suit Fermod 921
SUPERSEDED Handle 921 inc Internal Release - Foster
47mm Strike for Fermod 921
Handle - Picto Frialator
Door Handle- Fermod 520 Fastener Single Point
Washer - Door Handle - Foinox Oven
SUPERSEDED Central Locking Mech. - Door Handle - Foinox
Chromium Plated Door Handle
SUPERSEDED Handle (Meat Pusher Knob) - Comercia Slicer
Brander Lifting Knob - Falcon G350/9 EN203
Dust Cover Handle - Falcon G350/12 CE Fryer
Door Handle - Falcon G350/12 E350/36 E350/37
Locking pin for Handwheel - Falcon G2965 E1962 G1962
Door Handle Bracket - Falcon G1838 Fryer
Folding Handle - Falcon G2994 G1962 Bratt Pan
Door Handle - Falcon E1112 Oven
Door Handle - Falcon Steamer E5478
Oven Door Handle - Falcon G6478
Door Handle Bar - Falcon G5478 Steamer
SUPERSEDED Door Handle - Falcon Dominator G2107 01
SUPERSEDED Handle cover - Eloma Multimax B10-11
SUPERSEDED Blue Handle - Eloma Multimax B10-11
Meat Handle Grip - Derick Wright Slicer 300AM
Black Knob - meat slicer part
Door Handle - Lainox ME106X Steamer
Door Handle Catch Spring - Lainox FG101M LXTYPCG211M Oven
Handle Pin - Lainox FG101
Handle End Plug- Dawson / Comenda Handle End Plug
Pan Tilt Handle - Mareno BR9-8GF Bratt Pan
Plunger Lifts Lid - Crypto TRS Plunger Llifts lid & switch from
Handle - Electrolux S250
Handle (GS300EM CE MARK)- Crypto Peerless
Handle - Crypto Peerless S250 Slicer
SUPERSEDED Convotherm Door Handle
Door Handle Plug - Convotherm Oven
Fixing Kit Door Handle - Convotherm OSG 10.10
Rotating Level lock Complete - Convotherm Oven
Bracket for hand shower - Convotherm OEB12.20
Door Handle - Caravell CBH901SV Fridge
Swan Urn Side handle
SUPERSEDED Handle - Bakbar E32
SUPERSEDED Handle Bracket - Bakbar E32
Handle - Bakbar E83L Oven
Handle Bracket - Blue Seal E31 Oven
SUPERSEDED Black Handle - Bakbar E82 E83L Pie Warmer
Door Handle - Bakbar Oven E32
Rack Handle - Blue Seal G91B Salamander Grill
Plunger Lever Rod - Bravilor Water Boiler
Grill Brander Handle 8mm - Bartlet Yeoman F25G/8
Door Handle Assembly - Bartlett E10G Steamer
Handle Wheel - Barlett Barlett C11E C11E/6
Door Handle - Huebsch LEZ37AWG3018 Tumble
Door handle assembly - Angelo Po 191TPG
SUPERSEDED Handle ITAL Meat Slicer
Handle - Ital Stresa 300 250STD Meat Slicer
Lock + key for Sliding Door - Infrico D921 Fridge
Handle - Vestfrost HF396STS Chest Freezer
Handle - Vestfrost FKG371G
Door Handle - VESTFROST Fridge FKS471
Connection Pillars (2) for Handle -Blizzard
Handle - Blizzard/Inomak CB170 CE2140C CA170 C2140/W
Grey 18cm Handle - Mondial Elite Fridge
SUPERSEDED Handle - Blizzard Freezer BZSL 70
Stainless Steel Handle - Blizzard UCR05 UCF05 Fridge
3 1/2" Inch Lever Waste with Overflow
Spray Valve Handle - T & S Brass
White Oven Door Handle - Cannon Cambridge
Brown Oven Door Handle - Cannon Cambridge
300mm Door Handle & Lock - Foster FCF500LS Chest Freezer
Door handle and strikers - Fermod
Door Lever - Stem and knob - Crypto Peerless
Door Handle - Kenwood Oven
Complete Door Handle-Gram KPS60 Blast Chiller
Handle - Criocabin EF2228BT02 Freezer
SUPERSEDED - Oven Tray Handle - Merrychef EC401 Microwave
Door Handle - Criocabin EB1521BT Freezer Room
Handle - Zanussi Boiling Pan ZPISG214P 2" Tap Handle
Door handle - Bosch WTV74103 GB/04 Tumble
Handle - Colged GL74 Dishwasher
Door Handle Cover - Beko TLA6018W Fridge
Door Handle - Beko TLA6018W Fridge
Handle locking without stike - Fermod 921
SUPERSEDED Grill Shelf Handle - Falcon G1528 Grill
Door Handle (Blue) - Creda C150GI Oven
Left Hand Complete Door- Tefcold CK7210
Roller Strike Offset 19 to 38.1mm
Roller Srike Offset 44.5 to 63.5mm
Inner Handle - Merrychef MD1800 Mircowave
Door Handle -Zanussi Combi Oven FCV/G6L4B
Door Handle - Kromo Excel K50 dishwasher
Locking Door Handle - Vestfrost HF506/G
Pull down bar / handle - Aristarco AP100
Door handle - Leibherr UKS4302 Fridge
Shift handle - Quattro FM20 Food Processor
White Door Handle - Bosch KTR1670GB/45
Grill Handle - Moorwood Vulcan MC60 Grill
Handle - LTH HG20KU Fridge
Handle - Groen TDO
Black Handle - Blizzard BZ-BAR1 BZ-BAR2 BZ-BAR3 Fridge
Drain Valve Handle with Lock- Frymaster
Lever for Drink Dispenser "PULL"
SUPERSEDED Groen EE40 Faucet filling Tap Boiling Pan
Handle - Crypto Peerless TRS Food processor
Handle - Stellex Dolewell Slam Shut Handle
Door Handle - Zanussi FCV101E4 FCS101E2 Oven
Cylinder Locking Body, Heavy Spring -
Door Handle - Merrychef EC401 Combi-Oven
Door Handle - Falcon G2101 G2107 G2167 G2161
Door Handle - Vestfrost CFKS471
SUPERSEDED Hand Wheel - Mareno BR9-12GFM Bratt Pan
Blue Handle For Meat Carriage - Stresa 300Std
Door Handle - Burlodge BROG-20 Oven
Handle - Elcold HFL390 HFL45 Chest Freezer
Door Handle - Electrolux W355H Washing Machine
Door Handle - Moffat CR10 2GG VG2GG-SS Hot Trolley
Athermic handle - Electrolux Boiling pan
SUPERSEDED Bowl Lift Connector - Hobart N50 Mixer
Handle kit - Crio Cabin EF2224TN02 Cold room
Lever - Lower - Hobart
Handle- Victor SOR100F32 White Door Handle
Speed Lever Assy - Dito Sama MC40 Mixer
Door Handle Assembly - Lainox VG102D ME101M Oven
Lever for Basket Transport - Comenda
Oven Door Handle Latch Mountin Distach 133mm
Handle- Dawson / Comenda Hood
Handle- Mareno BR9-12EIM Brattt Pan - Hood Handle
Door handle - Scanfrost FC1382 Fridge
Grip panel - Miele PW6055+ Washing machine
Complete Handle - Electrolux W3400H Washing
Door handle - Siemens WIM5 Washing machine
Handle c/w fixing - Hatco HDW3N Warming
Grill handle - Electrolux GMG480 Grill
Grill Handle Heat Protection Disc- Electrolux
New Style Striker - Burlodge YOG.000 Trolley
Handle - Winterhalter GS501 Dishwasher
New Style Chrome Handle - Burlodge YOG.000 Trolley
SUPERSEDED Gripper Handle for Mirra Meat Slicer 250STD
SUPERSEDED Grab Handle for Mirra Meat Slicer 250STD
Grid Handle & Set - Falcon Grill- G2502
White Handle/Lock - Elcold EL71SS EL45 EL51LT
Bowl Lifting Arm - Hobart A200N
Meat press - Stresa 300HD Slicer
SUPERSEDED Handle - Victor JPS6 Hot Cupboard
Handle- Hotpoint WT940P Washing Machine Handle
Door Handle - Lincat OG7001/P Oven
Door handle - Kuppersbusch CPE110 Oven
Handle End Cap - Unox XF090P XF085
Handle For Electric Cooker - MBM
Auto Latch for Overlapping Doors - Fermod
Door Handle - Tecnomac T30 Blast Chiller
Handle Insert- Scotsman Handle Insert 280mm for 60W E70
Handle - Scotsman Door Handle for 60W & E70
Handle - Domina Electric Oven - E4F9Q
Lockable Auto One Point Fastener- Fermod 621/E
Door handle - Hobart AMXX1300-30 Dishwasher
Door Handle - Hotpoint RLA175 Fridge
Screw- Hotpoint RLA175 Fridge Door Handle Screw
Crumb Tray Handle - Dualit 6SLGB Toaster
Door handle - Sanyo EM-S1000UK2 Microwave
Main Handle - Buffalo L554 Panini Grill
Washer - Hotpoint RLA175 Fridge Door Handle Washer
Outer handle - Merrychef MD1800 Microwave
Lockable Fridge Fastener Single- Fermod 920 / 921
Lid handle - Falcon G3078 Kettle
Closer Door Catch - Adler Dishwasher CF50
Handle - Encore Spray Gun
Handle - Whirlpool Chest Freezer WCN500B Handle
Handle for Leventi Bakermat Mastermind Oven
Handle Support- Zanussi 20GN1/1 Oven
Meat Press Hobart Meat Slicer GLE300
Door handle - White Knight 031237215190/23
Meat Pusher Handle-
Lockable Door Handle - Tecnomac Blast Chiller
Handle - Whirlpool Chest Freezer AFG522
Hinge Pin - Crypto Peerless TRS Food Processor Hinge Pin
Handle - Hotpoint FZS150P RLS150P Freezer
Door Handle - Cornelius Statesman 241359004
Door Handle - Lincat C6H75B Pie Warmer
White Handle - Derby Esta F48S F51C F58 Chest Freezer
Door Handle - Newscan DSP4 DSP40 Dishwasher
Shift handle - Quattro FM20 Mixer
Button - Instanta I Button Connector for DB2000
Guide handle - Electrolux WT65 Dishwasher
Roller handle - Electrolux WT65 Dishwasher
SUPERSEDED Door Handle - Mondial Elite KICNX40
Main Switch Handle - Gaggia Spagna GA20
Filter Holder Handle - Gaggia Spagna GA20
SUPERSEDED Handle - Vestfrost CFKS471 fridge
Black Switch Handle - Brasilia BF15 Coffee
Handle With Stricker Plate - Grundy Panfile
Meat Grip/Press - Stresa 250S Slicer & Mirra 250CE
Black Plastic Handle - Lainox ME101M Cooker
Handle - Scanfrost Fridge CDL501 CSF401
Black Converter Handle - Brasilia BF15 Coffee
SUPERSEDED Speed Change Lever - Crypto Mixer EM20
Handle Back Plate - Vestfrost Freezer
Bartlett F35G911B Handle Complete
Spring Handle - Houno KPE1.10 Steam Oven
Handle - Mach TE511041400 Dishwasher
Door Handle - MKN HD6.X HD20.X
Handle - Caravell CBS901BK MV250S Bottle Cooler
Hand Wheel - Electrolux HVRG821UK Bratt Pan
Door Latch Assembly - Porkka MO940CG41W Cold room
Black Handle - Caravel CBH1351SV Bottle Cooler
Change Lever - Hoshizaki - IM-130WME IM-240XWME-23
Handles (set of two) - True - T19F
Handle - Electrolux Elco 900 Fryer
Door Handle - Foster PREM1/2H
Handle and Stud Metcalfe Globus Slicer 300
Door Handle - Coolzone CZ290 Fridge
Handle Cover - Coolzone CZ290 Fridge
Tilting Wheel Handle - Falcon E1962 Bratt Pan
Door Handle - Leventi Bakermat Oven
Cover Plug - Coolzone CZ290 Fridge
Handle - Vestfrost CSFS291 Freezer
Bearing Neck - Electrolux TRS Veg Prep
Handle Offset Mag Latch Altoshaam 1200-UP/SR
Door Handle - Tefcold Chiller TFW160S
Handle for Hood - Silanos Dishwasher -DC1300A
Superceeded R/H Handle complete - Houno K1.10 CP1.06
Door Handle Kit - True T23 T19SZ TSSU72-48 Fridge
3-Screw Fixing Door Handle - Hotpoint RL175P
Handle bearing - Merrychef MD1800 Microwave
Inner handle - Merrychef MD1800 Microwave
Hand Wheel - Zanussi 295028 Bratt Pan
Plastic Door Handle - DIHR Tekno 600 Dishwasher
Tilting Handle - Metos Viking CS Tilting
Handwheel c/w shaft - Groen DL20 Kettle
3 1/2" Lever Waste with Overflow Connection
Handle (with lock & key) - Scanfrost CM60
Crumb Tray Handle - Dualit DCT2T Toaster
Handle - Coreco Fridge - MFB225C
Meat Press Handle - Ital/Sirman PLD300OP Canova Slicer
Handle - Whirlpool WCN17-8 Freezer
Handle - Blodgett COS-101B Combi Oven
Door Handle - Frigidaire FVE3199B FVE3196, Proline UF210B
Push handle - Ugolini HT10 HT11 HT20 Drinks
Handle door lock complete - Eloma Multimax
Door Lever - Inoxtrend IPX1 A1SDA-4EMAB Oven
Handle Fimar PPN10 Potato Peeler
Shield for Handle - Bartlett F20G6 Grill
Door Handle - Fagor Combi Oven
Lever Complete Mecnosud DL40 Dough Roller
Handle - Electrolux Kettle
Door Handle - Electrolux GN2/1 Steam Oven
Handle For Hood Ambach ESI-60 Grill
Door Handle - MBM FEP080 Oven
Door Handle Graphite / Silver - Hotpoint -
Grey handle - Vestfrost SZ362CSTS Freezer
Handle inlay (covers screw holes) - Vestfrost
Handle bearing kit - Hobart AUXX1300 AMX900
Door Handle Lec TUN6018W Fridge
Handle Derby F30U Fridge
Speed Handle & Shaft - Buffalo - Mixer -
Handle Block Cover & Block - Buffalo - Mixer
Safety Switch/Button - Dynamic MX91 K472 Mixer
SUPERSEDED Half Handle - label side Dynamic MX91 Mixer
SUPERSEDED Upper Half Handle - Button side - Dynamic MX91 Blender
New Style Handle - Bravilor HM520
Handle 150mm - CB ECV3110 Hot Cupboard
Thermostat Knob - CB ECV3110 Hot Cupboard
Handwheel - Hobart HEBR17 Bratt Pan
Door handle wedge - Speed Queen SDE107WG3018
Meat Pusher Handle - Berkel - Meat Slicer -
Meat Pusher Handle Extension - Berkel Slicer
Door Handle King Edward Oven
Door Handle Eurofours RP04T10D2 Oven
Door Handle - Jordao Vision 1400C/GP
Handle - Falcon G1994 Bratt Pan
Door handle - Grundy - Hot Cupboard -
Door Handles - MPS - Fridge - CF2140C
Hood Handle - Mach 120NMS Dishwasher
Handle For Spray Gun Aquajet Pre Rinse Unit
Pair of Aquajet Levers
3 1/2" Inch Lever Waste without Overflow
Door handle - Hoover HLA335K Fridge
Handle Derby F51 Chest Freezer
Manual Tilt Hand Wheel Blue Seal G580-8
Handle Assy (c/w Lock) - Caravell/Scanfrost CM50 Chest Freezer
Handle - Electrolux AOS101EAK1 Oven
Handle - Maestrowave Combi 4
Push Bar Handle Victor BL100H2Z Hot Cupboard
Handwheel 160mm - Baron 900 Series Bratt Pan
Door Handle Staycold HD690-G Fridge
Lifting Handle - Quattro FM07 Mixer
Left Plug for Handle - Comenda AC151
Right Plug for Handle - Comenda AC151
Non Locking Door Latch - Coulston Hostess
Locking door handle - Coulston Hostess H35819 H35397 Trolley
Door Handle - Scanfrost MV250P
Door Handle Norcool S76SL
Door Handle Insert Newscan MD4X4 Oven
Door Handle Newscan MD4X4 Oven
Inner Release Handle - Williams G-P Coldroom
Bowl Lift Handle Knob Quattro FM20 Mixer
Door handle - Adande Varicool
Plastic Lid Handle - Moorwood Vulcan FST60-NG
Door Handle - Eloma T20/11 Steamer
Handle - Electrolux W3600X Washing Machine
Handle - Samsung CM1049 Microwave
Shift Selector Quattor FM20 Mixer
Handle 6mm Thread 132mm Long - Fimar AFH300 Slicer
Door Handle - Fagor HMI6/11 HMI10/11 Oven
Bracket For Handle Lock Elcold EL45SS
Door Handle - LEC Fridge BC12007K
Lever - IGF L40 Dough Roller
Front & Back Handle Grip Red - Vulcan
Door Handle - Polar - Fridge - CB925
Handle Assembly - Vulcan
White Door Handle - Samsung Washing Machine
Tilting Handle - Bonnet 1B906SA41BME4 Tilting
Resistance Lifting Handle - Baron 7FRIE815
Push Handle - Ugolini Juice Machine
Door Handle - Maidaid D35 Dishwasher
Blue Door Handle - Classic H750 Dishwasher
Handle - Taylor C706 Ice Cream Machine
Door Handle - AltoShaam Food Warmer
Push Handle Complete Assembly - Santos Juice
Door Handle - Henny Penny HC-900M Food Warmer
Half Handle Button Side - Dynamic MX91 Blender
Locking Device - 2 Step Handle
Lever - Moretti-Forni AHC18B Pizza oven
Grip - Moretti-Forni AHC18B Pizza oven
Handle - Arevalo AGP-2-SR Double door fridge
Handle - Stressa 300HD Slicer
Basket Handle Henny Penny 520C Fryer
Door Handle Kit - Unox XV303G XB603 Oven
SUPERSEDED Metal Door Handle - Samsung CM1069 Microwave
Door Handle - Electrolux ECF-E101/1 Oven
Door Handle - Rational CD201 CD202 CPC201
Handle kit - Stott Benham 221038 Twin fryer
Handwheel - Silko
SUPERSEDED Moorwood Vulcan - Door Handle assy complete
SUPERSEDED Moorwood Vulcan - Door Handle extrusion
Tap Lever - Polar - Juice Dispenser - CF761
Lock, Handle & Keys - Foster - Freezer
Crank Handle - Vulcan Hart VE30 Braising Pan
Handle - Moretti Forni PO6060 Pizza Oven
Handle - OMAS OMT250 Bandsaw
Door Handle 265mm x 30mm - Zanussi
Handle Set Misa Cold Room
Handle Kit- Blodgett Oven Pull Down Door Handle Kit
Handle- Blodgett Oven Pull Down Door Handle 22"
Handle - Gram EL61 EL53 Freezer
Complete meat pusher assy - Omega BF350E
Handle Shaft - Unox Oven
Fastner W/Lock - Fermod 620/621 Cold Room
Handle and Lock - Desmon Mini Cold Room - GUR-M07-10
Door Handle Bracket - Blue Seal Turbofan E32M
Door Handle Falcon G3107 Oven
SUPERSEDED Emergency Door Release Porkka 9470055LM930
SUPERSEDED Door handle latch - Porkka Cold Room
Full Bowl Lift Assembly - Quattro FM30 - Mixer
Door Handle Bracket - Porkka C1230 Cold Room
SUPERSEDED Handle - Gram EL45 Freezer
Black handle - Quattro FM30 Mixer
L/H Handle - Gamko MXC20250GG070 Bottle
RH Handle - Gamko MXC20250GG070 MG/300RG Bottle
Plastic Insert Lock Angelo Po FCV101DS Oven
Fixing kit for handle - Blizzard BZ-BAR1
Door Handle - Electrolux Combi Oven
Control Lever - Dynamic MX91 Stick Blender
Red Push Handle - Ugolini Drinks Dispenser
Lid Handle - Falcon Kestrel K117 fryer
Lever door handle (black) - Leventi Bakermat Mastermind 3.1 MMD16PL Oven
Handle Assembly Lincat LCG2 Grill
Door Handle - Whirlpool G2P61F/SS Oven
Handle - T&S Brass Pre-rinse Unit
Handle Plate Angelo Po FCV101 Oven
Crank handle - Groen D40 Kettle
Hand wheel c/w assy - Groen D/DL-40 Kettle
Handle - Frigidaire FVE3199B Fridge
Handle Angelo Po FCV101 Oven
Handle Indesit KP9508E/G Oven
SUPERSEDED Door handle Assembly - MPS Freezer
Handle Incold Walk In Chiller
Handle - Caravell - Fridge - 801-577-10-2804
Door handle - Tefcold fridge
Remnant Holder - Bizerba SE8 Meat Slicer
Door Handle Cover - Eloma GET10-11 B10-11 Oven
SUPERSEDED Door Handle - Tefcold BA20H Bottle Cooler
Handles Hot/Cold Perlick
Door Handle - Miele KF7542SN Fridge
Handle door lock assy - Kenwood KDW60X10
Handle Strike (Chrome Flush) K58 - Williams
Handle Whirlpool AFG07511G Chest Freezer
S/S Door Handle - Tefcold Undercounter Fridge
Blue handle for spray valve assembly
Half Handle (Label-Side) - Dynamic MX91
Lid Handle - Mareno
Door handle kit c/w handle insert & fitting
Meat Pusher Handle - Hobart
Handle - Hoshizaki IM-240M2E Ice Machine
Ball Handle - Angelo Po 191P12E
Door Handle - Bosch E-NRGTA37902/02 Freezer
Tap Lever - Classic Gastrotop Pre Rinse Unit
Tap Markers- Classic Gastrotop Pre Rinse Unit
Blue Door Handle Omniwash N500 Dishwasher
Door Handle (Silver) - Blizzard - B2BARLS3
Handle - Dexion Oven
Door Catch Burlodge BLM52 Oven
Door handle - LEC BC9097ST Fridge
Handle Strip - Siemens KT16RP42GB-02 Fridge
Meat Gripper - Berkel BSPGM04011000 Slicer
Black Handle - Bezzera
Lever Handle T&S Brass
Handle - King Edward VISTA60
Handle (white metal) - Vestfrost - Fridge -
Handle - Electrolux - Microwave - MW1800
Handle - Angelo Po
Handle - Angelo Po
Grip Handle FAC F250ES Slicer
Door Handle - ISA Tornado100RVTB/TBP Freezer
Obsolete Lever Casadio Theo64 Coffee Grinder
Handle Cover Liebherr 20/789 Fridge
Handle Liebherr 20/789 Fridge
Handle Screw Liebherr 20/789 Fridge
Door Wheel Stop - Tecfrigo Monterrey
Handle - Angelo Po Bratt Pan
Handle End RH Maidaid D350 Dishwasher
Lever Arm Repair Kit - T&S
Door handle - Polaris KTN40 Fridge
Handle End LH - Maidaid D350 Dishwasher
Handle - Angelo Po 191BR2E Bratt Pan
Door Handle Delfield RP12240R-RIPTM Fridge
Door handle - Leventi Bakermat Basic Oven
Door handle - Maestrowave MW1200 Microwave
Handle cushion - Maestrowave MW1200 Microwave
Handle lever - Maestrowave MW1200 Microwave
Door Handle - JLA
Handle Assembly - Jet Spray Milk Dispenser
Door Handle Infrico NZ3 Bottle Cooler
Door Handle - Krefft KGG20.11 Oven
Door Handle - Krefft KGG20.11 Oven
SUPERSEDED Handle - Osbourne - Bottle Cooler - 1800
Door handle, bolt and bush - Metcalfe -
Blue Plastic Door Handle (recessed) - Iarp -
Door Handle - Jordao Fridge
Door Handle - King Edward CL/COM
SUPERSEDED Door Handle - Eloma B6/11
Handle Protection Rollergrill DW110 Hotplate
Meat Press Knob - Newscan - Slicer - FS250CE
Handle - Winston HBB0D2
Clamp Handle - Hobart - Potato Peeler -
Black Plastic Lever - Cosmetal River 15
Door Handle - JLA
Door Handle - Lainox SEC202 Oven
SUPERSEDED Door handle - Lec - Fridge - BCH901SV
Handle- Falcon Gas Grill Grid Handle & Disc
Lever - Carpigiani LABO/812E Ice Cream
Door Handle Assembly - Houno B5 Oven
Handle - Caravell 402-020 Fridge
Handle Omas VS25C Slicer
Door Handle - Metos CM101E
Door Handle Ilsa AE070001 Fridge
OBSOLETE Lid Handle - Whirlpool WCN17-8 Chest Freezer
Handle Porkka CLM-GNS1-CH Fridge
Handle - Whirlpool WCN500B Freezer
Cold Well Lid Handle - True TPP-60 Fridge
Handle - Falcon G2532 Salamander Grill
Door Handle - Kuppersbusch CPE106
Universal Fridge Straight Handle Non Locking
Universal Fridge Straight Handle Non Locking
Spigot Handle - Sani Serve A4011E Ice Cream
Lockable Handle - Burlodge Multigen II Hot
Plastic Door Handle - Tefcold HDG1400 Fridge
Metal door handle - Tefcold HDG1400
Handle - Hoshizaki - Ice Machine -
Handle - Hoshizaki - Ice Machine - IM-65LE
Handle for Basket - Pantheon - Fryer - PF11
Door Handle (Black) - Leventi CombiMasterMind
Grey Timer Handle/Knob - Robot Coupe G3500 Ice Cream Machine
Door Handle - Eurofours - 3P110AL133
Door Handle Complete Beha Hedo CH-802 Freezer
Handle - Tefcold BA28 BA20H BA5H Fridge
Handle - Eurofours - 3P110A10-1
Handle 655mm - Dexion
Door Handle - Gram KPS60CF Blast Chiller
Strike Fastener 61/77 Offset for 520-521
Complete Door Handle - Unox XBC804 Oven
Inner Door Fastener Carvael Cold Room
Cam for Door Handle - Rational CM201 CC201
SUPERSEDED Automatic Latch - Small Door - Fermod 570
Grey Handle 13.5cm - Infrico NZS1 NZ2 Fridge
Insert - Foster FCF500L Chest Freezer
Lock - Foster FCF500L Chest Freezer
Ext Handle Assembly Complete - Fermod 3530
Unlocking Device - Fermod - Fridge 0920/0921
Handle Inlay Vestfrost SZ464C Chest Freezer
Door Handle - Convotherm OES6.10 Mini Oven
Complete Handle - Garbin 44PX-UMI Oven
Handle - Buffalo U626 Slicer
Pusher Assembly - Buffalo - Slicer - CD278
Handle - Imperia R220 Pasta Machine
Door Handle - Angelo Po
Handle Pull type small - Williams TW15 Fridge
Granite Grab Handle - Hotpoint RLS175 Fridge
Hand Wheel - MKN Bratt Pan
Handle for Tray - Merrychef EIKON E3 Microwave
Handle Kit - ISA Tornado 50RUTB Freezer
Pin Handle - Hobart H600 Mixer
Black Moulded Handle - Hobart H600 Mixer
Handle - Liebherr CUP2221 Fridge/Freezer
End Cap for Handle - Kronus K50 Dishwasher
Grill Plate Handle - Stott Benham Supergrill 800 Grill
Plastic Insert Door Handle - Friginox FRISTAR+ ASP652 Fridge
Handle Catch - Angelo Po - FX201E3
Door Handle - Gram KP500CXH
Handle Kit - SaniServ 407 Ice Cream Machine
Black Lever (for swan neck tap) - Cosmetal River25 Water Cooler
Door Handle - Foster Coldroom
Lid Handle - Fosters FCF500LX Chest Freezer
Door Handle - Beko TZDA629FW Chiller
Handle - Whirlpool AFG378/G Chest Freezer
Handle - Whirlpool ASG379/G Chest Freezer
Main Handle - Sammic SC1100 Dishwasher
Handle - Olis FCM10E-25 Oven
Chrome Door Handle - Tom Chandley - T1060X40S
Lid Handle - Imperial Fryer - CIFS40
Handle - Unifrigor - Fridge - AFS031T.E.IN
Handle with Lock - Metos MMF600 Fridge
S/S Door Handle (fixes from rear) - Tefcold UR400S Fridge
Handle - Charvet Chargrill
Single Point Fastener No Lock - Fermod - Fridge - 430
Single Point Fastener Locking - Fermod - Fridge - 431
Door handles for terminal (Silver) - Bertos G9F4+FG Oven
Handle - Santos Type 37 Blender
Grey Handle 250mm - MPS ECB29HP13 Freezer
Lever for Microswitch - Eloma C-623 Oven
Door Handle - Labcold RLWF0510 Chiller
Hose Grip - Encore CHG Pre Rinse Unit
Chrome Handle - Porkka Walk In Fridge - 7470051KONEL1
Grey Door Handle - Prodis HR600SS Chiller
Handle - Serrco SGD-150HR Chiller
Handle - Moffat D3MD MD12 Chiller
Handle Backplate - Moffat D3MD MD12 Chiller
Handle Ends Kit - Unox XF090P Oven
Handle - Electrolux Combi Oven
***OBSOLETE*****Handle - Whirlpool AFG522-C/U Freezer
Handle - Hotpoint RCNAA33P Chest Freezer
Handle - Electrolux QCF/E2 Oven
Handle - Winterhalter - UC-M
KIT HANDLE Winterhalter
DOOR HANDLE Winterhalter Dishwasher
ROCKER LEVER PLATE SECT Winterhalter Dishwasher
DOOR HANDLE GS12/34 Winterhalter Dishwasher
DOOR HANDLE TUBE GS81 Winterhalter Dishwasher
HANDLE/DRIP TRAY-GS24 NEW Winterhalter Dishwasher
RELEASING LEVER Winterhalter Dishwasher
RELEASING LEVER Winterhalter Dishwasher
DOOR HANDLE R/H Winterhalter Dishwasher
DOOR HANDLE GS41 Winterhalter Dishwasher
TWIN LEVER Winterhalter Dishwasher
LEVER Winterhalter Dishwasher
HANDLE CLOSING Winterhalter Dishwasher
DOOR HANDLE COMPLETE Winterhalter Dishwasher
DETERGENT DOOR HANDLE Winterhalter Dishwasher
LEVER Winterhalter Dishwasher
DOOR HANDLE GS71CNR LEFT Winterhalter Dishwasher
DOOR HANDLE GS71CNR RIGHT Winterhalter Dishwasher
LH HANDLE GS72 Winterhalter Dishwasher
DOOR LEVER COMP Winterhalter Dishwasher
DOOR HANDLE FRONT BAR Winterhalter Dishwasher
DOOR HANDLE FIXING 41/4 Winterhalter Dishwasher
HOOD HANDLE GS72 Winterhalter Dishwasher
LEVER GS72 HOOD Winterhalter Dishwasher
GS41/4 DOOR HANDLE COMP Winterhalter Dishwasher
DOOR LEVER RIGHT Winterhalter Dishwasher
LEFT HAND HANDLE 41/4CNR Winterhalter Dishwasher
GS71/1 DOOR LEVER Winterhalter Dishwasher
BOTTOM DOOR LEVER Winterhalter Dishwasher
DOOR LEVER TOP Winterhalter Dishwasher
DOOR HANDLE GS502 Winterhalter Dishwasher
DOOR HANDLE END CAP Winterhalter Dishwasher
LEVER Winterhalter Dishwasher
ROLLER SET DOOR LEVER Winterhalter Dishwasher
REVERSING LEVER Winterhalter Dishwasher
FILTER HANDLE Winterhalter Dishwasher
HOOD LEVER Winterhalter Dishwasher
DOOR HANDLE Winterhalter Dishwasher
DOOR LEVER ROLLER Winterhalter Dishwasher
DOOR HANDLE GS202 Winterhalter Dishwasher
LEVER STOP Winterhalter Dishwasher
DOOR HANDLE Winterhalter Dishwasher
LEVER Winterhalter Dishwasher
TWIN LEVER Winterhalter Dishwasher
LEVER Winterhalter Dishwasher
NOTCH LEVER Winterhalter Dishwasher
HANDLE - WKT1000 Winterhalter Dishwasher
Switch Lever - Winterhalter Dishwasher
Switch Lever - Winterhalter Dishwasher
ROCKER LEVER Winterhalter Dishwasher
Hood Handle / Bar - Proton W1400S Dishwasher
Door/Drawer Handle - Sadia RS10150U-YO-RM&S Chiller
Door Handle - Caravell BF030 Blast Chiller
Door Handle - Hotpoint RL175P Fridge
Handle - Electrolux
Bowl Handle (Pair) - Crypto - Food Processor - K55
Handle - Nelson - Dishwasher
Door Cover Handle - Electrolux FCZ061EBA
Handle (polished chrome with cylinder lock) - Kason - Fridge -
Handle (polished chrome) - Kason - Fridge - 58-1-54
Handle - Taylor 152 150 Freezer
Lockable Handle - Fermod Brevete
Bearing Block for Hinge - Liebherr Freezer
56 Chrome Latch Lock - Kason
Handle - Electrolux/AEG ECN5147 Domestic Chest Freezer
Handle - IMC Potato Peeler
Top Door Handle - King Edward VISTA60 Potato Oven
Semi-Circular Handle - Enodis 900 Self Serve - AB1CHSC0900GB
SUPERSEDED Handle for Lid - Zanussi MFR/G2D14 Fryer
Door Handle (Metal Cup) - Interlevin - Fridge - BB2H
Handle Assembly - Zanussi Vegetable Peeler - CD4-04
Handle Complete Assembly - Encore CHG W19
Outlet Tap Headwork c/w Handle - Ultima Water Heater
Non-Locking Fastener - Fermod
Locking Fastener - Fermod
Handle - Panasonic NE1856 Microwave
Handle Piece - Panasonic NE1856 Microwave
Matt-Silver Handle - Norpe F74102S/UCHGD-220-250-FF Freezer
Drain Handle - Blakeslee
Lockwasher - Alliance Washing Machine - FRE540
Screw (M4x8MM) - Alliance Washing Machine - FRE540
Plastic Door Handle Stop - Alliance Washing Machine - FRE540
Handle (new style) - OEM - Oven - 4DS
Handle Centre Piece - Gamko - MAXI25/500G
Handle End Piece - Gamko MAXI25/500G
Handle Lincat GM3 Hot Cupboard
Cheese Grater Lever Sirman GPMICROFRA Slicer
Gasket Door Ring - Huebsch HT050EQT Tumble Dryer
Handle - Blizzard HG400WH Fridge
White Handle - LEC L6046W T6076W Fridge
Lever Handle Kit - T&S Brass
Hand Wheel 200mm hole 20mm
Door Handle - Lainox REV071M Oven
S/S Handle - Crathco D256-3 Drinks Dispenser
Handle 28x90mm - Fimar TV3000
Handle & Caps Assembly (Grey) - Huebsch HT050EQT
Door Handle - Sharp R-21ATP Microwave
40cm Handle (for RH Oven) - Burco 444441808
Handle For Night Blind Caravel Display Fridge
Handle, Window - Blodgett BG2136 Conveyor Oven
Bracket RT Window Handle - Blodgett BG2136 Conveyor Oven
Roller Strike Offset 3.2 to 6.4mm -
Door Handle (outer handle only) - Merrychef
Handle/Hand Grip for drain/draw off tap
Door Handle - Foinox MM10EB Oven
Handle/Knob - Ital CG1 Contact grill
Automatic Door Fastener with offset handle -
Handle - Foinox AEM Combi Oven
Screw End Cap for Door Handle - Garland
Right Hand Handle End- Garland
Oven handle end cap (L/H) - Garland
Oven Door Handle Kit - Garland 45.40R
Handle - IMC VC14 Potato Peeler
Door Handle IMC VC14T
Recess pull door handle - Silverwing 2D2SP
SUPERSEDED - Handle Assembly - Jetspray J15 Refrigerated
White Door Handle - LTH HG20KU Fridge
Handle - Criocabin BGM32010F
Basket Handle - Elcold EL30SLE EL30LE Freezer
Door Handle (Short) - Tefcold FS1380 Fridge
Handle - Tefcold SDU1375 Standup Fridge
SUPERSEDED Lainox ME11OX Handle Prong
Lid Knob - Lincat - for models LCM - LCM2
Tap handle - Jackson G220R3 Water Boiler
Lid Handle - Moorwood Vulcan CA-300G
Door Handle - Moorwood Vulcan FCV101 Steamer
Door Handle - Moorwood Vulcan 90MC4R-NG MC90MC4R-LP
Black Plastic Handle - Moorwood Vulcan M-Line
Oven Door Handle Classic Mark 2 Gemini Elite
R/H Handle Assy - Dynamic MX91 Blender
Handle Assy (Left) - Dynamic MX91 Blender
Grey palstic cover for handle
Handle Shaft - Stresa 250 Std Slicer
SUPERSEDED Handle - Stresa 250 Std Slicer
Press Handle - Stresa 300HD300S250HD Slicer
Lever - Panasonic Microwave
Handle Piece L/H - Panasonic Microwave
Pusher Handle - Excel 250S Slicer
Handle Insert - Microwave
Door Handle - Parry 4002 Pizza Oven
Black Handle - Parry CPC Pie Warmer
Spring For Internal Handle Fermod 430 431 Handle
Handle - Whirlpool - Freezer - WCN17-B
Handle Door Compl. Light Grey - Electrolux
External Cold Room Handle - Carter Walk In Cold Room
Internal Cold Room Handle - Carter Walk In Cold Room
Door Handle Ipso
Handle - Lotus FDE-1068 Oven
Handle - Taylor 717
Shifter Handle Assembly - Hobart A200B1HE Mixer
Handle Screw - Liebherr UKS4302 Fridge
Door Handle - Liebherr UKS4302 Fridge
Handle - Electrolux - Steam Oven - AOS201GTW1
Door Lock & Handle - Hotpoint Freezer - RCA53P
Lid Handle - Fagor FI-80B BTUK Dishwasher
Handle - Blizzard GD1000 GD350 Fridge
Front Guard Rail - Burlodge Multigen2
Rear Guard Rail - Burlodge Multigen2
Handle - Avamore 14DB Potato Rumbler
Handle - Avery Berkel Slicer
27/43 Offset, HP, for use with 520-521 Fastener - Fermod
Handle Clip - Victor BM20MS Hot Cupboard
Handle - Coolpoint - Fridge - CX-404
Handle - Tefcold BA10H Fridge
Door Handle R/H Inward Facing - Sveba Dahlen - Pizza Oven - DC32P
Slice Thickness Grooved Cam - Bizerba - Slicer - SE12
Door Handle & Catch - Lainox - KMG101S
Upper Moulded Handle - Liebherr - Fridge - GTS2626
Drawer Handle - Adande VCS Chiller
44/60 Offset, HP, for use with 520/521 Fastener - Fermod
44/60 Offset, for use with 520/521 Fastener - Fermod
Handle - Infrico VIP1490T VIP1330B1/3T Fridge
Handle - Porkka Cold Room - MK4
Handle - Cleveland KDT-6-T Twin Tilting Kettle
Lid Handle - Husky F400-SD-UK-HT
White Door Handle - Beko TLD673APW Fridge
Plastic Handle & Grafix Strip - DC Products DC50A-700A Dishwasher
External Coldroom Handle (5000 Handle)
Door Handle - Delfield - Fridge - RD101000U-R
Door Handle - Autonumis JG07505 Bottle Cooler
Handle for Valve - MKN 2020402S Pasta Cooker
Black Handle - Ugolini
LH Handle Assembly - Buffalo DM902 GJ456 Panini Grill
Handwheel - Spar SP60HI Mixer
Safety Push Handle - Irinox HC402/300
Locking Handle 621 with Key Lock - Fermod
Handle - Angelo Po
Handle - Moffat Bakbar E84 Pie Warmer
Lever Locking (right) Bent Tab - Rondo
Lever Locking (left) Bent Tab - Rondo
End Cap for Handle - Burco 444441808
Crank 200 with Hole- Angelo Po 291BR2G-GPMO- Bratt Pan
Handle Bar - Panasonic NE1540 Microwave
Key Latch for Door - Samsung - CM1089
Handle End L/H - Maidaid C500DP Dishwasher
SUPERSEDED Curved Handle - Blizzard BZ-SL50
Handle Kit - Vulcan - Oven
Door Handle - Falcon G350/2 Oven
Filter Holder Bakelite Knob - Elektra Coffee Machine
Pull Handle - Foster - Fridge - HA.30.U
Safety Guard - Avery Berkel RPM301CE Slicer
Hand Wheel 130mm - Hobart BMGMBP Bratt Pan
Support for Door Handle - Fagor
Handle - Genfrost CF1800S - Chest Freezer
Chrome Handle - Blizzard BAR2SS Chiller
Handle - Primus F40- Washing Machine
Door Lever - Primus F40- Washing Machine
Door Handle - LEC CRS200ST
Lifting Strap - Lincat Silverlink 600 AS3 Salamander Grill
Hinge, Composite - Fermod
Handle - Coolpoint CX201 - Bottle Cooler
Handle Assembly - Bonnet B-FM10:1011SIG.LA- Oven
Hood Handle - Electrolux Washtec50 Dishwasher
Hood Handle Guide - Maidaid D1000 Dishwasher
Door Catch Kit - Lainox
Handle - Universo PLX80M Chargrill
Door Handle (Lockable) - Fermod 431
Handle for Sliding Door - Burco - BCPC60
Grill Brander Handle 10mm - Bartlet Yeoman F25G/8
Shaft Pin Handle - Angelo Po FCV4EM Oven
Door Handle - Beko WMB61221W Washing Machine
Moulded Handle 154mm - Liebherr - KSPV4260
Night Blind Handle (option 5) - Arneg - ALVAMAXISL3750LF
SUPERSEDED Door Handle (R/H Hinged) - Eloma Multimax 6-11 O
Lever - Kronus P30A Dough Roller
Ball Handle - Kronus P30A Dough Roller
Door Handle - Sowebo 824XDCVDD Dishwasher
Lid Handle - Tefcold CF500 CF400S Fridge/Freezer
Handle - Imesa Washing Machine
SUPERSEDED Door Handle - Prodis HR600SS Chiller
Handle - Stott Benham Supergrill 800
Door Strike with Roller- Lotus
Centre Plate Handle - Avery Berkel RM-M301CE Slicer
Door Handle ONLY - Moffat
Bowl Lifting Handle - Quattro FM40 Mixer
Door Handle Polar CB931B Fridge
Trigger Handle - Wolf - RB36
Internal Unlocking Device - Universal Cold Room
Door Handle MKN Oven
Complete Grip - Electrolux
Universal Coldroom Complete Handle
Fridge Handle - Beko TL577APW
Handle - Blue Seal Turbo Fan E32-8 E32 Oven
Handle to suit L/H hinged door
Inner Door Handle - Labcold - LULT2285
Wrist Blade Handle c/w 2 Coloured Screws
Plastic Handle- IMC BK90 - Bottle Cooler
Hinge- Gram CF61S- Fridge
Carriage Handle - FAC F300E Slicer
Fastener 2- point, enamelled- Fermod
Chrome Locking Latch - Walk In Cold Room
Chrome Flush Roller Strike - Walk In Cold Room
Chrome Pull Handles - Weald MR90HS/S Chiller
Door Handle - Liebherr FKV4310 Chiller
Blue Handle - IMC
Lever - Electrolux
Door Handle - Interlevin - SC381
Handle - Omas TS12E Slicer
Centre Cover for Handle - Gamko MAXI25/5006
Handle- Tefcold SDU1375- Fridge
Fastener 2- point, lockable, enamelled- Fermod
Lever Arm for Microswitch - Meiko FV402.G Dishwasher
27/43 Offset, for use with 520-521 Fastener - Fermod
Hinge, Enamelled - Fermod
Handle 14mm - Arneg Coldroom
Handle - Electrolux EDOP120V11C Counter Fridge
Door Handle - Caterlux
Cam B - Hoshizaki Ice Machine
Handle - IMC M90 Bottle Cooler
Complete Handle - Bizerba - GLMI
Eccentric Lever - Bizerba - GLMI
Handle - Bizerba - GLP
Handle - Eloma - Oven - WU14
Door Handle - Sharp MW1210 Microwave
Handle - Electrolux
Door Handle - IMI Cornelius Zenith900 24-1-340046 Chiller
Handle - Electrolux ZRT183W1 Domestic Fridge
Meat Pusher Handle Avery Berkel RF-M301CE Slicer
Black Plastic Recessed Handle - Williams TW15R1
Door Handle - Interlevin - SC381
Half Lower Handle & Label - Dynamic - Stick Blender - JUNIOR STD
Door Handle - Rational CM101E CD61 CD101E Oven
61/77 Offset, HP, for use with 520/521 Fastener - Fermod
External Non-Locking Handle - Universal Coldroom
Handle - Interlevin - SC1H
Handle - Rowlett Rutland - Hotplate Unit - R201
Tray Handle - Sammic Meat Slicer
Night Blind Handle - Zoin DC10TL-VA Fridge
Small Front Handle - Buffalo L501 L518 L519 L537 L553 L554
Door Handle Cover - Beko - Fridge - TLDA628W
Door Handle (long) - Tefcold FS3180 Fridge
Door Handle - Rational Oven
Handle Support (short) - IMC BM70
Handle Support (long)- IMC BM70
Door Handle - IMC BM70
Door Handle - IMC V90
Handle Set - Sammic M16 Potato Peeler
Safety Thermostat - Silko
Door Handle - Blizzard - LS200SS
Half Upper Handle - Dynamic - Mixer - MDH200
Half Lower Handle - Dynamic - Mixer - MDH200
920 Fastener Single Point without Strike - FERMOD
Door Handle (160mm holes) - Tefcold - FS1380
Handle J7 Plexiglass- Mondial
Handle for Hood - Hobart CHH50 Dishwasher
Half Upper Handle - Dynamic - Stick Blender - JUNIOR STD
Door Handle Guide - Fagor HMI6/11 HMI10/11 Oven
Lever - Bravilor HWA20
Door Handle R/H Outward Facing - Sveba Dahlen - Pizza Oven - DC32P
Handle - Crathco D-25
Stainless Bar Handle - Autonumis JF805 Bottle Cooler
Hand Wheel Assy - Groen BPM-40E Bratt Pan
Black Door Handle Kit (Pair) - Belling 623BL Oven
Door Handle & Frame - Menumaster UMLD510D Microwave
Meat Press - Sirman PLD300 Slicer
Interlocking Device/Handle - Rieber BANKETTWAGEN 1-TURIG 1X2/1 SICKENABSTAND70
Door Handle (wheelbase 365mm) - Polaris - DN2047041100
Door Handle - Unifrigor GCH24004DXG Bottle Cooler
Grey Door Handle - Omniwash - ED500/13
RH Handle Assembly - Buffalo DM902 GJ456 Panini Grill
Locking Lever Plastic - Maxiwash MWFS125P/E Washing Machine
Full Length Handle - Tefcold SD1380 Fridge
Handle Shaft - Moretti Forni AHC/18B Pizza Oven
Door Handle - Silver (230mm) - Norpe/Husky - NRLB2
Handle- MTH External Sliding Handle
Door Handle - Hobart - Oven - CPLUS101GLAKK
Handle - Electrolux Dishwasher
Faucet Handle - Ugolini Minigel Ice Cream
S/S Handle - Polar CE217 CE218 Fridge
Pusher Handle - Avery Berkel BSPGL04011300 Slicer
White Door Handle - Tefcold / Prodis HR600 HR400 Fridge
Door Handle - Blizzard BAR10 BAR20 Chiller
Handle Assembly - Roller Grill MAJESTIC VCL Panini Grill
Door Handle - Foster - EPREM 110HG - Fridge
Metal Door Handle - Zanussi 241100 Oven
Handle Complete with Door Catch - Eurofours 04TR8475 Oven
Left Lever - Cosmetal Avant Water Fountain
Right Lever - Cosmetal Avant Water Cooler
Meat Pusher - Avery Berkel - Slicer - RP-M351CE
Handle- Fermod 5099
Drawer Handle - Genfrost GEN4100H
White Handle - Arneg BREMA-5 4P AL 205/312 SE 23050 Fridge
Door Handle - Franke - Oven - FC1/1SE
PVC Insulating Cap - Franke - Oven - FC1/1SE
Door Handle - Eloma MultimaxB10-11 Oven
Handle - Alto-Shaam 1000BQ296
Black Section of Handle - Rosinox GRREV15GRCM Grill
Door Handle Assembly - MKN
Meat Pusher Handle - Hobart Slicer
Door Handle Table Top - Convotherm
Door Handle c/w Lock - Convotherm
Door Handle - Ozti OBA70180 OBA14218 Hot Cupboard
Handle for Handwheel - Falcon - Bratt Pan - E2994
Handle Strap - Roller Grill
Oven Door Handle - Giorik ME52 Combi Oven
Door Handle - Moffat - Bain Marie - 3FBM2010FF2
RH End Cap (door handle) - Maidaid Dishwasher
Black Handle - Framec - Fridge - 37200002
Handle - Unifrigor - Fridge - GCH2400 4DXGIN
Speed Lever (Black) - Kitchen Aid 5KPM5 Mixer
Speed Lever (Grey) - Kitchen Aid 5KPM5 Mixer
Door Knob - Hobart CSMUC1012LAE-KK Steam Oven
Support for Door Handle - IMC M90SD- Botttle Cooler
Handle- Duke AHP0618 - Oven
Door Handle - Alto-Shaam
Inner Door Handle Cover - MKN CSE11300460 Oven
Door Handle - Leventi Oven
Door Handle 510mm - DC Series DC070 Dishwasher
Door Handle Assembly - Liebherr UGK5750
Door Handles (set of 3) - True TSSU-72-18
Handle Cover - Liebherr UGK5750
S/Steel Handle - True TSSU72-18 Fridge
Handle - Gamko - Fridge - MG/315G
Lower Half Handle (Label Side) - Dynamic Junior MX020 Stick Blender
Upper Half Handle (L/H) - Dynamic Junior MX020 Stick Blender
Lower Handle Part- Miele GT316ES- Chest Freezer
Top Handle Cover - Miele GT316ES- Chest Freezer
Handle Complete with Sleeving - Rowlett Rutland - Plate Warmer
Handle - Electrolux QPI/G15 Boiling Pan
Handle Assy - Electrolux QPI/G15 Boiling Pan
Lockable Door Handle - Moffat Regen VG2GG
Plastic Handle- DC DC070- Dishwasher
Handle - Williams
Edgemount Latch and Strike - Kason - Universal Coldroom
Handle - Hobart - Salamander - SE60/4
Twist Handle - Elro Werke - Tilting Braising Pan
Universal External Sliding Handle - Coldroom
Handle - Mareno - Bratt Pan - BR7-8
Handle Cover - Siemans Chest Freezer - GT26S05/02
Handle - Siemans Chest Freezer - GT26S05/02
Lever Assembly - Hobart Dishwasher
Grey Handle - Derby Esta F48S F51C Chest Freezer
Grip - Electrolux
Handle End Caps- Unox XFT195- Oven
Handle - Electrolux
SUPERSEDED Handle Assembly - Jet Spray - JT20
Stainless Steel Handle - Gamko MXC20250GG070 Bottle Cooler
Outer Door Bezel - Alliance - NT1LXFSP401UW10
Auto Timer Lever - Maidaid Halcyon Dishwasher
Door Handle - Foster
Meat Pusher - Hobart SL250-10 Slicer
Black Turning Handle - Expobar MI-C-1GR (MINI CONTROL 1 GR) Coffee Machine
Chrome Door Handle - Burlodge - Multigen III
Meat Grip & Handle Assembly - Chefquip CQS250 Slicer
Grey External Handle - Cold Room
Latch Assembly - Cold Room
Bracket (handle to door) - Cold Room
Inner Release Handle (80mm) - Cold Room
Guard for Inner Release - Cold Room
Handle 921/E Composite - Williams Coldroom
Door Handle - Eloma MT10-11 Oven
Handle - Labcold RLDF0510
Knob (Door Handle) - Girbau HS4012
Knob (Door Handle) - Girbau HS4022
Door Handle - Tefcold - FSC1450/WISEMAN
Catch - Olis - CVM6E
Handle Rail - Olis - CVM6E
Handle - Zanussi - Boiling Pan - TOPC300H
Door Handle - IPSO KPE Washing Machine
Handle - Metcalfe Euro250/567/K9 Slicer
Door Handle Pivot Type- Hobart CSD2013G- Combi Oven
Bowl Latch Assembly - Metcalfe - SP100
Latch Assembly Auto c/p Cranked Handle - Victor Hot Cupboard
Handle - Amazon Washing Machine - SC65
Complete Door Handle -Irinox HC202/150L- Chiller
Handle Dispense Door - Carpigiani Ice Cream Machine
Door Handle Complete - Eurofours - Oven - TENSION8/10W2
Handle / Catch - Altoshaam - Oven - 1000TH111
Internal Handle (8530) - Fermod
Black Handle - Mirra 250CAF Slicer
White Handle - Liebherr Megacooler- Chiller
Hood Handle - Meiko Dishwasher
Door Handle - Miele
Handle - Prodis - Freezer - ARCTIC550W
Door Handle - Coolpoint HX101
Handle- E & R Moffat VCHT3 - Hot Cupboard
HANDLE BLACK 130mm MK11 - Blizzard
White Handle - AEG - Fridge
Handle - Prodis - Fridge - NT2ST
Door Handle x1 - Parry P6BO - Oven
Handle - Parry Combi Oven
Short Handle - Buffalo CD400 Meat Mincer
Handle - Prodis HR400 Fridge
Handles for Counter Doors- Precision MCU323SS- Chiller
Handle - Polar - Fridge - CF759
Handle (Drain Tap) - Charvet
Complete Locking Handle - MT Cold Storage
Handle - Avery Berkel RPM301CE Slicer
Locking Handle Complete - Hallde
Faucet Push Handle- Ugolini 12/2 AA - Juice Machine
Pusher Handle - Mainca Slicer
Handle - Electrolux W555H
Hopper Handle- FAC F300E Slicer
Plug Tap Handle - Ambach
Control Valve Handle - Falcon - Oven - G1659
Door Handle - Liebherr - Fridge - CN3666
Handle - Mono Oven - FG158T-B52
Catch for Handle - Vestfrost - SZ464C
Handle - LEC 44444372 Fridge
Lift Handle - Quattro FM20- Mixer
Handle Hinge- Liebherr 4210- Chiller
Door Handle - Jordao V VST VS VDA
Handle Bracket - Italforni TKD21 Pizza Oven
Carriage Handle - Avery Berkel - Slicer - RM-M301CE
Bowl Handle Assembly - Robot Coupe R2A Mixer
Handle Clip (x2 req'd per handle) - Victor
Handle Assembly - Roller Grill Majestic L Grill
Handle - Leventi - MM1.10 Combi Slim
Handle Assembly - Lainox HME101P Oven
RH-LH Catch with Lock - Fagor
Handle - Leventi LKS Oven
Door Handle - DC G300E Dishwasher
Black Door Handle - Moffat 3FHCM Hot Cupboard
Door Handle Plastic Insert- Lainox HME101P- Oven
Handle & Lock Kit - Foster - FCF500LS
Door Handle Walk In
Handle - Intercold - Fridge - E535D01-067
Handle - Falcon - E3478
Internal & External Handle Kit
Shim Kit 60-80mm
Shim Kit 81-100mm
Shim Kit 101-120mm
Cover Handle - Ambach
Chrome Strike- Luve SHA41 E50 - Walk in Fridge
Frost Free Inside Release Handle- Luve SHA41 E50 - Walk in Fridge
Bowl Lift Arm - Quattro FM20 Mixer
Door Handle - Artica HEA598 Bottle Cooler
Door Release Lever - Crypto / Electrolux - Microwave - MW1710
Door Handle - Crypto / Electrolux - Microwave - MW1710
Locking Internal Handle
Handle - Brasilia Coffee Machine
Black Lever (for swan neck tap) - Cosmetal River 30 Water Cooler
921 Replacement Barrel & Keys
Seal for handle for Sliding Door - Burco - BCPC60
Lever Grip Handle - Maestrowave Panini Grill
Door handle, bolt and bush - Metcalfe -
Surface mount Door Handle - MPS - Fridge - CA170
Handwheel 200mm - Öztiryakiler Bratt Pan
Door Handle - Lowe - Fridge - SD75/190SH
Handle / Knob - Electrolux - W555H
Aluminium Handle for Round Door - Maxiwash Washing Machine
Door Catch - Houno K1.10 Oven
Fasteer 2- point, enamelled- Fermod
Hinge, Composite - Fermod
Chromed Handle - Angelo Po Oven
Door Handle L/H Inward Facing - Sveba Dahlen - Pizza Oven - DC32P
Door Handle Knob - Sveba Dahlen - Pizza Oven - DC32P
Handle- Buffalo L530-B-02
Handle for Filter Holder - Elektra
Handle - Bosch - Fridge
Meat Press - CANOVA300 HD - Meat Presser
U Shaped Handle - Parry - 500SL - Slicer
Hand Wheel - Offcar Bratt Pan
Handle non locking without strike - Fermod - 920 - Fridge
Handwheel TG22 M94x2mm (Inox) - MBM - Slicer - FTS117
Handwheel TG22 M94x2mm (Alu) - MBM - Slicer - FTS117
Roll Pin Door Handle 118mm - Lainox
Door Handle Hook - Lainox
Tap Head for Door Handle - Lainox
Oven Door Handle 185mm - Lainox
Perforated Pizza Oven Paddle 36cm x 36cm
Handle Bar - Unox - XF133
Hinge, composite, high performance - Fermod
Handle & Lock - Artica - Fridge - ALASKA SLIM 120
Meat Press Spacer - Stresa 300S 250STD Slicer
Meat Press Handle - Stresa 300S 250STD Slicer
Meat Press - Stresa 300S 250STD Slicer
Meat Press Spacer - Stresa 300S 250STD Slicer
Handle Kit - Unox XVC605 Oven
Hinge, Rising, Enamelled - Fermod
Hinge, Spring, Enamelled - Fermod
Shim for 470/471 - Fermod
Hinge, Composite, High Performance - Fermod
Hinge, Rising, Composite - Fermod
Hinge, Rising, Composite, High Performance - Fermod
Hinge, Rising, Adjustable, Composite - Fermod
Hinge, Rising, Adjustable, Composite - Fermod
Handle - Epta - Display - LEOCS37
Loop Handle - Epta - Display - LEOCS37
Shim for 1370/1371 - Fermod
Hinge, Rising, Composite - Fermod
Hinge, rising composite, high performance 40mm1 47mm and 55mm - Fermod
Hinge, rising composite, high performance - Fermod
Internal Handle with buttfor rebated doors - Fermod
Internal Handle with buttfor overlapping doors - Fermod
Pressure valve, with heating elmeent, wall/ceiling type - Fermod
Hinge, Rising, Adjustable, Composite, High Performance - Fermod
Shim for 473 - Fermod
Hinge, Rising, Adjustable, Composite, High Performance - Fermod
480 Hinge, Composite - Fermod
Shim for 480/481 - Fermod
Hinge, Composite, High Performance - Fermod
Hinge, Rising, Composite - Fermod
Hinge, Rising, Composite, High Performance - Fermod
Fasterner Single Point without Strike - Fermod
For use with 620-621 Fastner - Fermod
For use with 620-621 Fastner - Fermod
For use with 620-621 Fastner - Fermod
Shim for 520-521 Strikes - Fermod
Fasterner Single Point without Strike, High Performance - Fermod
Fasterner Single Point without Strike, Lockable - Fermod
Fasterner Single Point without Strike, Lockable, High Performance - Fermod
Hinge, CP - Fermod
Hinge, Enamelled - Fermod
Hinge, Rising, Enamelled - Fermod
Latch, Matt/CP/ Black Handle - Fermod
Latch, Matt/CP/ Metal Handle - Fermod
Latch, Matt/CP/ Lockable Metal Handle - Fermod
Fastner- Single Point, Enamelled - Fermod
Fastner- Single Point, Lockable, Enamelled - Fermod
Latch with Adjustable Strike, CP - Fermod
Latch with Adjustable Strike, CP - Fermod
61/77 Offset, for use with 520/521 Fastener - Fermod
78/94 Offset, HP, for use with 520/521 Fastener - Fermod
78/94 Offset, for use with 520/521 Fastener - Fermod
95/111 Offset, HP, for use with 520/521 Fastener - Fermod
95/111 Offset, for use with 520/521 Fastener - Fermod
Hinge, COP - Fermod
Hinge, CP - Fermod
Hinge, Enamelled - Fermod
Hinge, Enamelled - Fermod
Hinge, Rising, Enamelled - Fermod
Hinge, Enamelled - Fermod
Hinge, Enamelled - Fermod
Hinge, Rising, Enamelled - Fermod
Hinge, Enamelled - Fermod
Hinge, Rising, Enamelled - Fermod
Latch- Fermod
Latch with Adjustable Strike, CP - Fermod
Latch- Fermod
Latch- Fermod
Hand Wheel - Ozti
Handle - Hatco -Toaster - TPT230-4
Pressure valve, without heating elmeent, wall - Fermod
Pressure valve, thermoswitch & heating elment, wall type - Fermod
Pressure valve, thermoswitch & heating elment, ceiling type - Fermod
Pressure valve, without heating element - Fermod
Latch- Fermod
Latch- Fermod
Latch- Fermod
Latch- Fermod
Latch- Fermod
Latch- Fermod
Fastener, single point without strike- Fermod
Shim for 920/921 - Fermod
Fastener, single point without strike, high performance- Fermod
Fastener, single point without strike, lockable, high performance - Fermod
Door Handle - Baron - Fridge - P140BTEVI
J Type Side Handle - Interlevin - PD30H
LH End Peice - Panasonic NE1540 Microwave
Hand Wheel - Blue Seal
Handle Assembly - Merrychef EIKON E2S
Handwheel - Electrolux / Dito Slicer - 601145
Door Handle - Pentland KBC Range
Handle End Cap c/w screws - Blue Seal G50C Oven
Door Handle - Blue Seal G50C Oven
Sliding Door Handle - Lincat - Pizza Oven - WEE/FG0049TZ
Water Valve Handle - Blue Seal - Bratt Pan - E580-12E
Push Handle Green - Ugolini Juice Dispenser
Green Faucet Cover - Ugolini Juice Dispenser
Handle - Husky C2H-900-BN-UK-HU- Chiller
Handle - Angelo Po FCV4EM Oven
Door Handle Assembly - Lainox HME061P Oven
Locking Handle Heavy Spring Chrome
Locking Handle Light Spring Chrome
Adjusting Lever- Rondo SSO6407
Horizontal Lever- Rondo SSO6407
Potato Peeler Cover Handle 210mm - Fimar - PPN25
Complete Door Handle
Stainles Stell Bar Handle - Autonumis PE808 - Fridge
Faucet Handle For Giant - Ugolini Giant Ice Drink Machine
External Handle Strike
External Handle
Handle - La Pavoni - PUB1M
Handle Counter - Inomak PN999 Fridge
Handle End - Blizzard - Fridge - BC01
Handle - Blizzard - Fridge - BC01
Door Handle - Osborne NOOC150 - Fridge
Raising Handle - Kingfisher CATERBAKE240 - Mixer
Handle Kit - Unox XVC704 Oven
Lower Moulded Handle - Liebherr - Fridge - GTS2626
Handle Assembly - Dito Sama - Food Processor - TRK45VV
L/H Door Handle outward facing - Sveba Dahlen - Pizza Oven - DC32P
Handle - Beko CFAP500
Long Silver Handle - True - Fridge - T-49G
Pusher Plate Assembly - Avery Berkel - RFM301 CE
Door Handle - LEC Fridge
Grey Door Handle (front fixing) - Tefcold UR400S Fridge
Door Handle - Liebherr
Handle / Knob - Gico - Pasta Boiler - 8CP9N755A
Door Catch - Blodgett
Hopper Clamp Handle Top Hat - FAC F250E- Slicer
Door Handle - Lainox LX201M - Oven
Door Handle - Rational SCCEW202 Oven
Door Handle (Blue Push Button) - Imesa Washing Machine
Internal Door Mechanism Opening - Foster Cold-Room
External Cold-Room Handle & Internal Push Button Release
Black Steam Tap Handle - La Cimbali M24 Coffee Machine
Plastic Guard Handle - Buffalo Slicer - CD278
Handle - Tefcold SLDG700
Internal Release Handle - Walk in freezer
Door Handle - Giorik - KP101W
Door Catch - Giorik - KP101W
Handle - Foster FCF505 Freezer
521 Complete Locking Handle - Cold Room
Handle For End Device - Metcalfe GL250 Slicer
Spacer For End Device Handle - Metcalfe GL250 Slicer
Handle Lid Front Assembly - Carpigiani - Ice Cream Machine - 131/BAR
Insert For End Device Handle - Metcalfe GL250 Slicer
Stud, Threaded, For End Device Handle - Metcalfe GL250 Slicer
Handle Black - Husky C2H900-HY - Fridge
Blue Handle - DVA Water Softner
Door Handle - Liebherr - Fridge - UGK6400
External Handle - Fridge
Handle - Polar CM530 Chest Freezer
Black Oven Door Handle - Cannon Cambridge
Handle - Gamko - Fridge - STEKNRG1422
Complete Door Handle (Cold-Room) 90mm thickness
Handle - Capital - Chest Freezer - MIDAS MK2
520 Latch (61/77mm)
17mm Shim
520 Latch (44/60mm)
Handle Ball - Primus
Lower Part of Handle - Primus
Assembly Handle Lid Front White - Carpigiani Ice Cream Machine
Handle Dispense - Carpigiani Ice Cream Machine
Door Handle - Prodis XD-700 Display Cooler
Long Black Handle - Tefcold - Fridge - UFSC370SD
3/4" strike 1 1/2" offset
3/4" strike 2 1/2" offset
Lock Handle - Electrolux
Closer - Coldroom
Oven Lamp Cover - Moretti Forni PM60/60- Pizza Oven
Grip - Moretti Forni PM60/60- Pizza Oven
Handle Shaft - Moretti Forni PM60/60- Pizza Oven
Adaptor for Lamp Cover - Moretti Forni PM60/60- Pizza Oven
Handle Lever - Sharp - R21ATP Microwave
Knob (long arm) - Sammic - Slicer - GCP-300
Brown Handle - Husky - Fridge - C2-900-HY
Gear Handle - Quattro - FM20
Handle Trim - Prodis - Freezer - ARCTIC550SS
Bowl Lift Arm - Spar - Mixer
Lever - Fimar TV3000
Main Handle - Imperia R220 Pasta Machine
512 Lockable Fastener Single Point - Fermod
44/60 Offset for 520-521 Fastener - Fermod
White Oven Door Handle - Indesit KD3E1W/G Cooker
Chrome Handle - Coldroom
Spring Clip Door Hnadle - Eloma Oven
Isolating Disk - Eloma Oven
Ball Grip - Electrolux
Release Handle for 58 Latches - Walk In Coldroom
Lift Handle - Quattro - FM30
Handle - Bravilor RLX231
Door Handle - Houno Oven
Latch - Coldroom
Handle - Victorian Baking QV- Oven
Catch & Kit - Lainox - KMG101S
Handle - Trimco ZURICH
Handle Assy - IMC