Lamp Reflectors / Shades & Fittings

Food grade heat lamp reflectors which are used on many Carvery Units and heated display units in the commercial kitchen can often be supplied from stock by A S Catering Supplies. Reflectors and shades are used in many aspects of the commercial food trade.

Lamp Reflectors / Shades & Fittings Parts
Lamp Screen - Electrolux
G1848 Fryer Green Neon Indicator
Roof Liner - Panasonic NE2640
Green Lens Cover - Comenda LC900 LC700 LC1200 LC700BT Dishwasher
SUPERSEDED Oven Light Complete Set - Convotherm Oven
Lampholder - Blue Seal E83
Lamp Holder Kit *does not include bulb*
Glass Lens Cover - Inomak Hot Cupboard XWH14 XWH11 XWH19
Amber on/off neon - Cuppone pizza oven
Aluminium Reflector - 300wt Lamp
Heat Refelctor / Radiator -Zanussi Electrolux
Heat Lamp Holder
Glass light cover - Cupone G9
Lighting Panel - Hobart HX30RT Dishwasher
Amber Neon Lens - Comenda C115BT LC700 LC900
Oven Lamp Assembly - Convostar Oven
Light housing - Autonumis JSC1001 Fridge
Oven Cavity Lamp Holder - Bartlett E18E E186
Chrome / Silver Heat Shade
Heat Lamp - 120mm Long 300wt Moffat VGN299
Green neon - Cuppone pizza oven
SUPERSEDED Heat Lamp Reflector - Victor Hot Cupboard
Cover for light - Frilixia MARAO
Lamp Film - Panasonic NE1856 Microwave
SUPERSEDED Lamp Holder - Victor SCEP16 Hotcupboard
Light Tube Cover - Norcool S88 Fridge Light Tube Cover / Defuser
Light Diffuser - Framec 0000017440000
Lamp Holder & Bulb - Unox XF085 Oven
Pilot Lamp 28v - Hobart Stills
End Cap - Lincat RFR75B-A001 Display Fridge
Lamp Holder - Colged Beta 50 Dishwasher
Ballast - Arneg Trent 4.1200 Chiller
Lamp Socket - U-Bert DHT-51 Hot Food Counter
SUPERSEDED Lens Nipple - Cuppone Pizza Oven
Light Cover for Autonumis U/R Fridge
Lamp holder - Moffat VGEN2GG Oven
Light diffuser - Framec 0000016091300 J9
Copper Lamp Shade - Caterlux Orion/3 Hot Cupboard
Lamp Holder - Tefcold SLDG725 Lamp Holder
Reflector for Interior Light- Rational CD61
Tube holder - Frilixa Canedo
Tube starter holder - Frilixa Canedo
Lamp Holder - Lincat GBM3 Bain Marie
Light Socket - Valera SCU1375 Fridge
Starter - Valera SCU1375 Fridge
Starter - Caravell CBS901BK Bottle Cooler
Starter Holder - Caravell CBS901BK
Ballast - Caravell CBS901BK Bottle Cooler
Cover for Lights - Caravell CPD945R Plastic Covers for lights
Assembly Kit- Bartlett Lamp Assembly Kit
Light Cover Caravell 21-801-477-10-2804
Starter Caravel 21-801-477-10-2804 Fridge
Ballast unit - Gamko MAXI 25/5005sc Bottle
Socket Caravel 21-801-477-10-2804 Fridge
Light End Fitting - Caravel CBC800S Fridge
Diffuser - Osbourne SC1700 Bottle cooler
Light Tube End Cap - Caravell CFK600H Fridge
Interior Light Reflector - Rational SCC61E
Halogen Lamp Holder - Eloma Joker - B6-23
Internal Light Cover Framec 0000017510000
Diffuser - Foster Fridge - PROG500H
Light Covers Cuppone KBASE72/2 Oven
Light Box Plastic - Polar CB925 Fridge
Light Cover - Polar CB925 Fridge
Lamp Holder - Victor O2LU Hot Cabinet
Lamp Holder - Foinox JO-0211GB1 Oven
Perspex Lamp Cover Jordao LCAMI127C
Glass Bulb Cover - Blue Seal G32D4 Oven
Starter/Ballast Gamko MXB20250GG070 Fridge
Lamp spring connector - 3mm Ø fixing hole
Light Film - Sanyo EMC1900 Microwave
Lamp Glass Cover - Cuppone B/5115 Pizza Oven
Light Cover - Vulcan Hart VC44ED Oven
Lamp holder - Valentine Fryer BB55D
Ceramic lamp holder - BKI DG7-E Rotisary oven
Lamp Assembly - Blue Seal E31D4 Oven
SUPERSEDED - Lamp Holder - Moffat Bain Marie
Tube holder - Tefcold FS1380
Adaptor for Lamp Cover - Moretti PD60/60MF
73mm Light Cover - Moretti PD60/60MF Pizza Oven
Light Tube End Cap - Osbourne 2650 1800 Fridge
Light Starter - Osbourne 2650 Fridge
Light Ballast - Osbourne 2650 Fridge
Light Tube Protector Frilixia MARAO2.0M Multideck
Light diffuser - Autonumis JS Bottle cooler
Lighting gantry assembly - Apollo 3
Glass lamp cover - Newscan Pizza Oven
Lamp shade & holder - Parry C4LU Table-top Gantry
Obsolete Light Cover - Caravell CBC800S Fridge
Cover for lamp - Vestfrost Fridge CKS315
Light Diffuser - Norcool Bottle Cooler Supa
20W Choke - Framec EXPO500 Freezer
20w 12v Lamp Socket - Lainox Oven
Universal starter - Framec EXPO500 Freezer
40W Choke - Framec EXPO500 Freezer
Lamp Glass - Lainox ME101D ME061M ME061D
Lamp Cover 37mm x 103mm - Lainox
Lamp Holder - Moretti - Pizza Oven PD105.105
Lamp Holder - True GMD-45
Lamp Holder - True GMD-45
Display Light Cover - Caravell CM50 Freezer
Indicator light lens cap (Green) - Cuppone
Indicator light lens cap (Amber) - Cuppone
Lamp Holder - Fruilinox Fridge AF7251P
Internal light cover - True T23 Fridge
Internal light cover - True T23 Fridge
Bronze Lamp Shade - Gantry
Lamp Socket - Inoxtrend Bread Oven
Lamp Housing Box w/ Lens - Polar U635 Freezer
Lamp Holder Assembly - Angelo Po
Lamp Glass - Angelo Po
Glass Pane for interior Light - Rational CM61 Oven
Lamp Cover - Bakers Pride EP-2-2-8828 Pizza
Lamp Holder - Proline PF156GWA
Lamp Cover - Proline PF156GWA
Light Ballast - Interlevin SC1H Bottle Cooler
Light Cover - Vulcan Hart VC4ED Oven
Glass for Lamp Holder (Square) - Sveba Dahlen
Lamp; 250v Fixture - Lang ECSF-ES Range
53mm Lamp Lens Glass - Eloma B6-23 Combi Oven
Tube Cover - Gamko MXC20250GG310
Starter Connector - Gamko MXC20250GG310
320mm Light Strip - Tefcold BA25H/ALU UF50G Cooler
Lamp Cover Tefcold NF2500 Fridge
Lamp Cover Tefcold NF5000G Fridge
Rubber gasket for lights - Eloma Joker B 6-23
Lamp cover - Eloma Joker B 6-23 Combi Oven
Lamp Holder - True GDM-35 Fridge
Lamp Holder Sleeve - True GDM-35 Fridge
Oven Lamp Holder - Falcon E1102 G2101C G1102 G7004
Light Cover - Fagor AFP-701CL+R Fridge
Light Ballast - Norpe SAGA-90-M-STS
Halogen Lamp Housing - Houno Steamer
Internal Light Cover - Framec 0000017610000
Lamp Cover - Italforni TKD1I Pizza Oven
Internal Lamp Cover - Caravell CM50 Chest Freezer
Halogen Lamp Holder - Salva EM-20 Oven
Cover for Lamp - Infrico ZS3 NZ3 Bottle Cooler
Starter - Infrico ZS3 Z1 Z3 ZX20 ZX10 Bottle Cooler
Lamp Tube Holder - Infrico ZS3 Z1 Z2 Z3 ZX10 Bottle Cooler
Choke for Lamp - Infrico Z1 Z3 ZX3 Bottle Cooler
End Cover for Lamp - Infrico ZS3 ZX2 ZX10 Bottle Cooler
LAMP HOLDER Winterhalter Dishwasher
Tube - Framec Expo1100NV Freezer
Light Cover - Tefcold FSC1000S Chiller 990x240mm
Lamp Film - Panasonic NE1880 Microwave
Lamp Cover - Polar CC601 Chiller
Lamp Cover - Jordao 126/07 Chiller
Orange Light Lens Thermometer - Colged Dishwasher
Light Fittings (pack of 2) - Prince Castle
Glass Lens - Convotherm OD10.10 Oven
Light Diffuser - Framec Freezer
Chrome lamp Heat Shades c/w 1 meter lead
Copper Shade Ceramic Lamp Holder
Lamp Holder Clip Fitting 500w 219mm
SUPERSEDED Starter - Executor EX30Y Fly Killer
Lamp Screen - Sharp R23AT Microwave
Pilot Lamp Red Vestfrost SZ101C
Lens - Vulcan Hart - Oven - VC4ED
Tube Cover - Interlevin PD20H Fridge
Ballast - Electrolux
Lamp Holder - Sveba Dahlen E14
Lamp Socket - Lainox
Lamp Socket - Cuppone G933 Pizza Oven
Ceramic Lamp Holder - Henny Penny - Display Warmer - HCS-5
Light Diffuser - Gram KG200RUH3W KG200RUG3W Fridge
Internal Light Cover - Tefcold TM50G/BLACK
Choke/Ballast For Lamp - Infrico ZX10 Fridge
Lamp Socket for Halogen Lamp - Fagor AG-201 Oven
LED Holder - Scotsman MV1006 Ice Machine
Lamp Holder - Electrolux
Lampholder - Salva
Lamp Holder 12v 20w Socket G4 - Sveba Dahlen P600 Pizza Oven
LED Light Transformer - Interlevin LGF7500- Fridge
Diffuser - Norpe ECL-190A H72704S Fridge
Amber Indicator Lamp
Light Frame Assy - Mafirol 960PQ-VCR VEROS1420 Fridge
Light Cover - Coolpoint - Fridge - CX-404
RH Lamp Holder - Mondial Elite BEVPR40
Lamp Globe - Lang
Light Diffuser - Framec EXPOJ1100 Freezer
Lamp Glass Holder - Salva Deck Oven
Replacement 8W Fluorescent Tube- Eazyzap- Fly Killers
Lamp Receptacle for Lamp E14 25w 230v- Foinox - Oven
Bulb Cover Fixing - Mafirol 960PQ-VCR VEROS1420 Fridge
Light Cover/Diffuser - Whirlpool WCN500B Freezer
Control Panel Decal - Falcon - Oven - E7202S
Light Cover - Interlevin SC380 Fridge
Lamp Cover Film - Merrychef MD1800 Microwave
Lamp Fitting - Alto-Shaam TY-48 Counter Top Heated Display
Lamp Cover - Hobart CSDUC0612LAEKK Oven
Shade for Fluorescent Tube - Gram KG181UG13 Fridge
Gasket for Oven Lamp - Fagor AG-201 Oven
Lamp Anchoring Plate - Fagor AG-201 Oven
Quartz Lamp Guard - Victor
Light Ballast - Osborne 1700 Fridge
Green Lamp - Blizzard BZ-F240 Fridge
Push On Lamp Holder - IMC B50/100 Fridge
Light Cover - Osborne 1800 Fridge
Oven Lamp Glass - Cuppone G933 Pizza Oven
Lamp Holder - Counterline Bain Marie
Lamp Holder - Counterline Bain Marie
Lamp Holder - Counterline Bain Marie
Internal Bulb Holder - Hobart COMBI-PRO101G Oven
Heat Lamp Holder - Fri-Jado HD4
Bulb Holder - Zanolli Pizza Oven
Light Diffuser - Zanolli Pizza Oven
Thermostat - Zanolli Pizza Oven
Lamp Holder - Parry KENTUCKY HOT GN3 Pie Warmer
ObsoleteLamp Holder 118mm - Suitable for Lamps with R7S ends
Upper Light Diffuser/Plastic Light Tube Cover - Jordao MPSL2 090 L.ACT Fridge
Snap Fit Starter Holder - IMC B50/100 Fridge
Electrical Ballast 60w - Olis CV6ES2 Oven
LH Lamp Holder - Mondial Elite BEVPR40
Complete Light Housing - Autonumis - Bottle Cooler - JF
Lamp Glass - Fagor
Light Holder (Loom & Housing) - Autonumis JG1001 Fridge
Lamp Cover - Sterling Pro SP2BC-BK/HG Bottle Cooler
Light Diffuser - Derby F51U
Ballast - Osborne 2500 Fridge
Reflector for 2238A lamp - Moffat
Light Fitting - Norpe SAGA135MRST
Choke Ballast - Framec
Lamp Cover Diffuser - Framec EXPO500NV EXPO430NV
Lamp Cap - Electrolux
Light Tube Protector - Frilixia MARAO 1.5m
Lamp Cover - IMC M90 lamp Cover
Lamp Fitting End Cap - IMC M90
Light Diffuser - Elcold - Fridge - EL61
Plastic Light Cover- Jordao Vitrina Passion 200 - Display Chiller
Plastic Light Cover - Vitrina Passion 200 - Chiller Serveover
Lamp Contact - Lainox Oven
Red Glass - Electrolux Tumble Dryer
Light Diffuser - Jordao Fridge
Bulb Holder - Lang Range
Bulb Holder - Lang Range
Aluminium Heat Shade Brass - Buffalo
Orange Light Lens - Berto's - Oven
Green Light Lens - Berto's - Oven
Lamp Holder - Carpigiani
Light Fitting- Autonumis PC- Fridge
Light Fitting- Autonumis PG- Fridge
Water Level Probe Holder - Manitowoc Ice Machine
Lamp - Beha Hedo CT2045 - Oven
Halogen Lamp 42w - Burco - Pie Warmer - 444441030
Screw on Lighting Board - Atosa - Freezer - YCF9409
Reflector Lamp - Vestfrost CFKS471 Fridge
PCB Strip- Tefcold UR200G - Fridge
Oven Glass Lamp Cover - GAM Pizza Oven
Light Diffuser - Gamko MG500SD
Lamp 118mm
Lamp Holder 118mm
Choke 13w BAC113/24-SP - Weald WM32H
3 pin Cable for Light- Husky C2H-HY- Chiller
3 Pin Led Light - Husky C2H-HY- Chiller
Light Fitting - PolarCB929B - Fridge
Light Fitting - PolarCB929B - Fridge
Top Lamp Holder - True - Fridge - T-49G
Bottom Lamp Holder - True - Fridge - T-49G
Holder for Pilot Light - Metos
Lamp Cover - Mondial - Fridge - EXPO500PT
Fluorescent Starter - Buffalo - Fly Killer
Light Assembly - Bakers Pride 2028 - Grill
IDL Cord- True GBN49 - Fridge
Oven Lamp Access Cover Assembly - Crypto - Microwave - MW1710
Tube Holder - Tefcold - Fridge - NF2500G
Frame with Glass and Gaskets - Rational CM61 - Oven
Choke - Weald SP2-5D - Fridge
Light - Weald SP2-5D - Fridge
Inner Light Lampcover - Hoover HL54WE Fridge/Freezer
Led Lamp - Polar CB931B - Fridge
G9 Bulb - Buffalo GD279 - Oven
Lamp Cover- Lec 444448730 - Fridge
Bulb Clamp - Wells SS-10ULTD
Halogen Lamp Housing - Burlodge
Clear Pilot Lamp - Electrolux
Light Tube - Framec Top 6 - Ice Cream Freezer
Internal Lamp Holder (Cover) inc. Bulb - Blizzard BCO1 Oven
Lights - Foster FDC1500 - Chiller