Microwave Misc

A S Catering Supplies Ltd can supply commercial microwave spares often from stock. Microwave spares that we supply include turntables, plates, ceramic base plates, stirrer covers, roof liners, touch pads, magnetrons and motors

Microwave Misc Parts
Light Socket - Amana RS591SS Microwave
Diode - Amana RS591SS Microwave
Window Outer - Amana RS591SS Microwave
Transformer - Amana RS591SS Microwave
Door Linner - Amana RS591SS Microwave Oven
Sub-12544812 - Amana RS591SS Microwave
Thermal Fuse - Amana RS591SS Microwave
Grease Shield - Amana RS591SS Microwave
NLA - touch panel assy - Amana Microwave
Fuse (10amp) - Amana RS591SS Microwave
Diode - Amana RS591SS Microwave
Antenna Cradle - Amana RS591SS Microwave
Sub (Motor Blower) - Amana RS5SS Microwave
Antenna Assy - Amana RS59155 Microwave
Board - Amana RS591SS Microwave
Temperature Probe Jack K - Amana RS591SS
Thermal Cut-out - Amana RS591SS Microwave
Wave Guide Assy / Stirrer Blade - Amana
Ceramic Base Plate - Marren Microwave
Ceramic Plate - Amana UCA1400 Microwave
Tuning stub kit - Amana Menumaster UCA1400
Shaft - Stirrer - Amana - Microwave -
Stirrer Kit - Amana UCA2000NT Microwave
Antenna Kit with Rivets - Amana Microwave
Lower Hinge- Buffalo GK642- Microwave
Buffalo CF765 Microwave
Waveguide Cover - KOM-9P1 - Microwave
Fan Blade - KOM-9P1 - Microwave
Touch Pad - Electrolux MW1800 Microwave
SUPERSEDED Roof Liner - Electrolux MW1800 Microwave
Tension Pin - IMC 526 Waste disposal
Duct Attachment - Imesa ES7PEE Dryer
Teflon Sheet - Merrychef E3 Microwave
Potentiometer - Mealstream RD501 MC1800
Latch- Menumaster DFS18E - Microwave
Triac - Menumaster UC18E Microwave
Top Antenna Assembly Menumaster MDC182
Lower Antenna Assembly Menumaster MDC182
Menukey Assembly - Merrychef - Microwave -
Roof Liner Holding Clips - Microwave
Partition Plate Kit - Merrychef Mealstream EC401 Microwave
Interlock Assembly - Merrychef Menumaster
Escutcheon - Panasonic NE1580 Microwave
Ceramic Insulated Tray - Panasonic NEC1275 Microwave
SUPERSEDED Protector Diode - Panasonic NE1856 Microwav
Spacer - Panasonic NE1856 Microwave
Antenna Motor (upper) - Panasonic NE1856
Diode - Panasonic NE1856 Microwave
Inrush Resistor - Panasonic Microwave
Hook Spacer - Panasonic Microwave
Ceramic Tray - Panasonic NEC1275 Microwave
Waveguide Cover - Samsung CM1069 Microwave
Diode for Samsung CM1929 Microwave
***OBSOLETE***Spring Key - Samsung CM1069 Microwave
Diode Harness - Sanyo EMC1901 Microwave
Antenna with Bearing - Sanyo EMC1800 EMC1900
75ml Sealant for Base Plate - Sanyo EMC1901 Microwave
Antenna Shaft - Sharp Microwave
High Voltage Rectifier - Sharp MW1600
Coupling - Sharp R1330S microwave
SUPERSEDED Stirrer Cover - Sharp R-24AT Microwave
Turntable Drive Coupling - Siemens HF15M552B Microwave