Pressure Gauges & Regulators

Finding the correct pressure gauge can sometimes be difficult and time consuming. Phone A S Catering Supplies on 01425 632800 who can quickly and easily source the correct pressure guage to get your machine working again.

Pressure Gauges & Regulators Parts
Pressure Switch - Alliance - LWZ17NWB3069
Pressure Gauge - Angelo Po
Pressure Gauge 60mm dia - Angelo Po
Gasket Ring Animo WKT-D 20N VA
Gauge Glass Tule Under - Animo WKT-D 20N VA Water Boiler
Gauge Glass Protection - Animo WKT-D 20N VA Water Boiler
Gauge Glass L=317mm Animo WKT-D 20N VA Water Boiler
Gauge Glass Tule Top - Animo WKT-D 20N VA Water Boiler
Pressure Switch 123/75 - Aristarco Dishwasher
Pressure Switch - Asber LAB1200 Dishwasher
Vacuum Valve/Cock - Bartlett C11E C11E C116 C11E16 CH4
2 Scales Pressure Gauge - Brasilia BF15
Pressure Gauge Boiler Pump - Brasilia BF15
Gauge Assembly - Cecilware Water Boiler
Pressure Gauge - Garland / Cleveland KET-20-T
SUPERSEDED Vacuum Valve - Comenda LDC215 dishwasher
Pressure Gauge 120°C - Comenda C155BT C95
SUPERSEDED Pressure Regulating Valve Convotherm Oven
Oil Pressure Control -Danfoss Oil Pressure Control - MP 55
Manometer - Electrolux Boiling Pan
Pressure Satellite - Electrolux IC44832FLF
Pressure Meter - Electrolux W5250N Washing Machine
Pressure Gauge - Electrolux Boiling Pan
Pressure Meter - Electrolux
Manometer - Electrolux - Fridge - 300L
Boiler-Pump Pressure Gauge ø 63mm - Fiorenzato CS LIDO2GE Coffee Machine
Boiler Pump Pressure Gauge - Gaggia Spagna
Steam Tap - Garland Steam Trap 1/2"
Pressure Transmitter Sheath - Girbau
Pressure Transmitter Intake Body - Girbau
Liquid Level Control - Grindmaster
Pressure Gauge - Groen TDB7-40 Soup Boiler
Pressure Guage - Groen Steamer 30-60 PSI
Pressure Glass Henny Penny PFG600 Fryer
Pressure Gauge Henny Penny PFG600 Fryer
Manometr/Booster pressure gauge- Hobart CX-SB
Manometre - Hobart 205G 305G Steamer
Gauge - Water Pressure - Hobart Dishwasher
Pressure Gauge - Hobart Stills
Pressure Gauge - Hobart - Oven
Pressure Switch - Hoonved EDI4 Dishwasher
Pressure Control - Hoonved 60BTPD Dishwasher
Pressure Control - Inoxtrend
Pressure Control - Inoxtrend
Pressure Switch - Mach 75MS Dishwasher
Wash Tank Pressure Switch - Maidaid - C1035WS
Level switch - Meiko DVAT.2 Dishwasher
Flowmeter - Metos
Manometer - Metos
Pressure Switch - Metos 1103P Dishwasher
Flow Meter - Miele G7883CD Dishwasher
Manometer 63mm-1+1.5 BAR - MKN Tilting Pan
Pressure Regulator - MKN Oven
Thermostat 34-114°c - MKN Tilting Pan
Manometer Water Pressure Gauge - Moorwood Vulcan
Pressure Switch - Nelson SC-45A-11 Dishwasher
Pressure Gauge 40mm - Olis
Control Panel - Primus Tumble Dryer
Pressure Switch - Project T120 Dishwasher
Head Pressure Control Valve - Scotsman Ice Machine
Boiler Level Control - Silanos DC070 Dishwasher
Pressure Gauge - Silko
Pressure Control - Sowebo R824XCQPS Dishwasher
Pressure Switch - Stotts ETK6-04-13 Kettle Pressure Switch
SUPERSEDED Bain Marie Heat Lamp Power Regulator
Pressure Reducer 2.0 - Unox XVC705P Oven
Pressure Gauge - Vulcan Steam Kettle
Pressure Gauge - Vulcan Electric Kettle
Pressure Gauge - Winston - Fryer - PF56C19SZ
Pressure Valve - Zanotti - Fridge - BGM11702F